Shin’en’s Second Wii U game Announcement Coming In A Few Days

Nintendo centric developer Shin’en have revealed on Twitter that their second Wii U game announcement will be coming in a few days. The company wouldn’t give any hints as to what the new game might be, but it doesn’t sound like we will have to wait too long to find out.

@ShinenGames Is it looking likely we’ll see your 2nd Wii U game announcement this month?

@GoldMetalSonic Just in a few days


    1. Is this what you all say nowadays?”kiddie,kiddie,kiddie game” Wtf. Yeah it better not be some mediocre childrens game like Knack which tries to look like some lame pixar movie. Suck my blue balls biatch!


  1. Please have this be part of a Direct.
    Makes sense anyway, show first footage of FAST, then say “oh they’re making this too”. Best way to get your game know is with another game with actual footage.
    But we need news on already announced stuff, mainly release dates, but new stuff too…


      1. seriously, even people who like nintendo are already asking you stop with this nonsense.. it’s just annoying and further inflaming the totally ridiculous fanboy war

        just.. stop… is all


      2. On the internet?…


        It’s about games, not Al-Qaida’s assault on the Olympic games…

        Relax human…


      3. We’re on a site for video games & talking about video games, which are basically expensive toys. Let Nintendo Commander have his fun.


  2. I’m more interested in Fast Racing Neo details.

    I think that is likely to be the more interesting of the two games. I expect this second game will be Art Of Balance for the Wii U or something. I wouldn’t expect them to have 2 big games in the works.

    But they said once they’ve announced this new title, then they’ll start releasing information on Fast Racing Neo, so looking forward to that.


    1. -Wii U>>>>>>>>>PS4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A pile of disposable waste>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Xbox Done>>>>>>>>>Puito-


      1. I attack a company, you attacked a person. This is the future of society where products are more important than people u.u
        Fanboys please die


      2. No, its dumbasses like you who should die. The reason why a “fanboy” had “attacked” you was because you provoked then, wether they were on or not. You started it and you got retaliation, don’t act like your innocent.


    1. The first game is “Neo Fast Racing”, the successor of the really good racing game on wii. Its said to have full online-multiplayer mode and other big options. Thus it will cost 20-25 Euro/30 Dollars.


    1. actually the frist screenshot is the “car” you see on their webpage! The creators of shinen said- yes, this car i a real ingame-model! So- their you have your first screenshot. More will be announced the next few weeks.


    1. Nano assault neo is incredibly fun, only a bit short, played the 20 levels over and over for high scores.
      Certainly awesome in off screen multiplayer.
      They also have better graphics than most wii u games.


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