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UK Retailer GAME To Open Pre-Owned Only Stores

Previously troubled UK video game retailer GAME has announced that it is planning to open pre-owned only stores in the United Kingdom. GAME will initially open two stores that deal with pre-owned games as well as tablets, MP3 players, TVs, sat-navs, smartphones and more. The first cities to feature the new pre-owned outlets are Lincoln and Cambridge. The company says it will target cities that have two GAME outlets.



    1. They’re just trying to stay alive.

      When you can get every game cheaper online than you can from GAME (GAME are never the cheapest), they need to start selling other stuff.

      HMV did it too, with all the tech.

      Last time I was in an HMV it looked more like a branch of PC World/Currys.


  1. I work in a GAME and we make pennies on new games and even consoles. The only way we survive is selling pre owned. Btw you’ll be able trade in your laptops and other bits we don’t currently take to any GAME store, not just these new ones (and I’m assuming we will still beat CEX prices)


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