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Retro City Rampage: DX Highlights What’s New For Nintendo 3DS

Vblank Entertainment has released a new trailer for Retro City Rampage: DX, the Nintendo 3DS version of Retro City Rampage. The video gives an overview of what’s new in the 3DS game. Every mission has been remastered and arcade challenges have been tweaked for the handheld. Additionally, players can select weapons via the touch screen, which also displays a mini map during gameplay, making it easier to locate waypoints and enemies. It was announced yesterday that Retro City Rampage: DX launches today, February 6th, on the Nintendo eShop.


      1. Of course. It would be foolish for Nintendo to do otherwise. Though keep in mind that it won’t have all that added content as the 3DS version. I suggest you research it first.

      2. True but it won’t, as the developer did not profit from releasing it back then do to Nintendo’s policy back in the day. It’s better now though.

  1. Nintendo has got a new policy where indies make money on the eshop now. He should consider a wii u version. I’d buy the shit out of that game. And I own then already for the ps3.

  2. I’m surprised it seems most people aren’t familiar with this game! This game is so full of awesome video game references (like Rygar and Skate or Die) + 80s/90s references, not to mention a great chiptune soundtrack.. Brian Provinciano poured his Heart into this game for years before it finally came out, and the fact I can take it with me on my 3DS now is just icing on the cake. Already got it on console, getting again on portable – 10$ is a steal

  3. No doubt, it is an amazing game and anyone who cares about even just a piece of what it is needs to own it.

  4. I dont see it on the 3DS eshop yet. So… sometime later today? The suspense is killing me. I’m gonna have to start chopping some balls off if I dont see this game soon.

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