You Can Now Play HTML5 games In Wii U Browser Thanks To PlayBoxie


PlayBoxie has announced that its services are now available via the Wii U web browser. The application allows you to play a variety of free HTML 5 games on your Wii U GamePad or your TV via the web browser. There’s a number of games you can play including Cut The Rope and Pac Man. So if you’re looking to put your Wii U web browser to the test, why not check it out.

Thanks, Connor


      1. I’m pretty damn sure the PS4 browser doesn’t require any form of additional expenses such as PlayStation Plus.

      2. Yea I meant that if you want a similar experience on xboxone you need to buy a tablet. I’m pretty sure web browsing is free on all 3.

  1. Awesome. Nintendo should take note and continue to expand on it’s browsers capabilities. It is indeed quite good.

    1. I’m assuming that’s sarcasm but I have to mention that this service is doing something wonky to all the games. Even if you pick Windows as your operating system, something appear to be resized and look very blurry and the sound cuts out.

      Also, browser games aren’t necessarily easy to run. JavaScript is very low performance, garbage-collection language that requires Just-in-Time compilation to run, so JavaScript heavy things like games could very well be difficult to run especially if the browser doesn’t have GPU accelerated rendering.

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