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The Official Nintendo Magazine Has Teased “New Wii U Game” In April Issue

The official Nintendo magazine is preparing to unleash a new announcement regarding an unannounced Wii U game. The publication says that the game isn’t a new entry in the Star Fox or F-Zero franchise. It has been pointed out that due to the publishing deadlines it could be Sonic Boom which was announced on Thursday for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. However, you’re free to speculate as to what you think the new title will be. The Official Nintendo Magazine’s April issue will go on sale on March 12th.

“OOOOOH! New Wii U game! (And no, it isn’t F-Zero or Star Fox),”

156 thoughts on “The Official Nintendo Magazine Has Teased “New Wii U Game” In April Issue”

      1. Remember, this isn’t Capcom, this is Nintendo! It should be something extremely epic like……DK Country Meets New Super Mario Bros. That’s be awesome!

            1. Honestly while it does sounds like an Awesome idea when I think about it, but personally im tired of Mario and his friends. On a diffrent topic, I just beaten LBTW and the Ganon fight was pretty challenging, Epic game btw :)

              1. I’m still waiting for that game, but I’m definitely looking forward to that game. Legend of Zelda definitely has some of the best games around. Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker are still my top 2!

          1. I meant in more of a literal sense. You could actually play as Mario and DK in the game. They would meet up and the gameplay would be a hybrid of the two and use some of the exclusive techniques that they both have as the levels go by

      1. Definitely! We’ve gotten several hints in the past that they’re from the same universe, so it would definitely make sense to have a crossover. That would be an instant day purchase for me!

          1. Since when does any company listen to their fans? I’ve cried to Doritos to bring back those 3D ones and they haven’t even thought about it, those bastards!!

      1. People hyped that up more than Nintendo did, and that’s why they were disappointed. Nintendo said they were showing a previously announced game, not revealing a new game.

    1. They said it’s something Indie. I’m almost 100% sure it will not be Metroid, or any other major 1st party series. Everybody needs to chill. There is a reason they went out of their way to say it’s NOT Star Fox or F-Zero, and that it’s something Indie.

    1. I don’t think so, retro just put up job postings for a HUD specialist. And the only 2 games that would really need that is starfox or metroid. I don’t think it would be so close together to have both or that they would be that far along in development. I think it well be a new game though, or maybe yoshi yarn or x

      1. ~(SF v FZ) ~SF ^ ~FZ

        So following the propositional logic, boolean logic and Morgan’s Law your statement is not valid…

    1. Yeah. It does say unannounced game & Sonic Boom has already been announced. Either way, I’m good. I still have to complete FF7 on PC, play Bravely Default on 3DS, & buy & beat FF8 after beating 7.

      1. FF8 is extremely slow and boring. I replayed FF7 a couple of years ago and still loved every bit, tried twice with 8 afterwards and can’t be arsed to finish it. Too bad, lots if it, the story, characters, world, music and card game are great, it’s the battle system that’s beyond stupid. You’ll ens up drawing magic, watching summoning animations and reading boring dialogs 80% of the playing time.

          1. I enjoyed the UK voice actors for The Last Story. And there is rumors of a prequel to The Last Story? Hm. Sounds interesting.

    1. Its true, it might be a new Metroid Prime. Wait… what happened to “X” from Monolith Soft could it be they will announce that its Xenoblade 2 ? Maybe its too early to say that.

    1. Hopefully Eternal Darkness. I love Metroid but screw Metroid Prime 4! Unlike Eternal Darkness, Metroid’s trademark isn’t in danger of being lost in 3 years if Nintendo doesn’t make a new game in the series.


      1. If they return to the roots of Mario Party 1-2 then I have no problem with it…

        But online needs to be a priority this time…

        1. Agreed! I got rid of Nintendo Land because it lacked online play, nor am I getting Mario Party for 3DS cuz of the lack of online play. I’ll stick with Mario Kart if I want a bunch of Mario characters in one game.

      1. It’s not Metroid, Zelda or Starfox because they are too big to be announced just like that UNLESS a ND is on the way…

        1. Zelda and Metroid will be announced at e3 I guess. Metroid probably but Zelda 100% since aounam said he will reveavl it at e3.

  2. If we get a new fzero or star fox itll be at e3 especially since were just four months away. Nintendo has to go all out at that event especially with the press always bashing the console

    1. yeah I belive they will
      Kirby/KI/starfox/fzero or a few of them + more exclusives +unexpected stuff + SMASH trailers and developer direct and gameplay and demos and 2 -3 HYPE newcomers like ridley or little mac AND THEN ZELDA ANNOUNCEMENT! ( aounam said he will reveal it this year and he wanted to show it last year but didn’t. im guessing November release :D)

  3. maybe LUIGI MANSION 3 WII U???? reggie DID say year of luigi will carry over to this year. maybe he has ONE MORE game :)


      1. Everytime I hopes for something good and exiting, big N gave me cranky Kong and Zelda beat them all… I am tired of this. I don’t expect anything until the E3.

        1. well no sometimes they are good things I mean smash has random reveals too with trailersfor the newcomers and x and bayonetta 2 were shown before e3,

          Zelda is the greatest franchise ever so ofcourse it beats everything else.

    1. OOOH sounds like interesting. also, it will probably be something good. something better than starfox or f zero even maybe,

  4. It will something pointless. Chibi Robo Wii U edition…might be Yoshi Land U but that would be to much to expect.

    1. Well Yoshi Land U has already been announced so it can’t be that.

      It “could” be Chibi Robo related, but I seriously doubt it.

        1. Your argument would be valid if they actually said “New game,” but they didn’t. They said “New announcement” and Yoshi Land U has already been announced. ;) ;) ;)

  5. ““OOOOOH! New Wii U game! (And no, it isn’t F-Zero or Star Fox),””
    Of course it isn’t. Why would it be something someone wants. While the franchises aren’t as popular a breath of fresh air would be nice.

  6. I would for someday to play a mario kart like title that had characters from various Nintendo type games like Samus, Link, Capt Falcon, Fox, Donkey Kong, Mario, Pikmin/ Olimar, Even Megaman if they could Some how possible And the Name Could Be Nintendo All-Stars Racing that would be epic but sadly it wasn’t meant to be

    Maybe it’s Myamoto’s new ip?

    1. No, Miyamoto said his new IP would feature brand new characters in a brand new world. Basically it is all brand new and is not a spin off of any kind.

      Though, I would LOVE to see Nintendo make a Mario and All-Stars Racing game ;) Link on Epona, Kirby on his Super Star, Fox in his Air Wing, Samus in her Ship, Captain Falcon in his Blue Falcon, Wario on his Bike, Olimar in his rocket ship, Chrom and Sumia on the back of a Pegasus, Animal Crossing Villager in a train, Wii Fit Trainer riding on a Wii Balance board like a surf board, Donkey Kong in a mine cart, Diddy Kong with his rocket barrels, Miis in their Pilotwings plane, Pikachu on the back of Latios, Bowser in his clown car, Ness flying around in an endless PK Thunder lol! Then of course Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad can all just be in their normal karts.

      I would play the game to DEATH!

      1. that’s too early, when they were making 3d world they said new galaxy might come in future. soooooo next gen or like next year revealed. but then it would be 3 years before next gen -_-

        1. Nahhh, Nintendo is going to be busting out games non-stop because Wii U is in a hole. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Galaxy 3 in the next year or two and then even a Galaxy 4 before the end of the Wii U’s life.

  7. It’ll probably be something small like an HD re-release of a 3DS title. Probably Kid Icarus Uprising or Luigi’s Mansion since they have online multiplayer.

    1. As small as that “sounds” in reality, it would be HUGE, because both games would be spectacular on the Wii U.

      Especially Kid Icarus Uprising.

    2. nah I actually think its either NEW kid Icarus or NEW luigi mansion. reggie said luigi year will carry over to this year. :)

    1. Yeah, especially with E3 coming up. I am SURE Miyamoto’s new IP will be announced during Nintendo’s fabulous E3 Direct as probably the main focus.

        1. Maybe maybe not. I’m honestly thinking Miyamoto’s new IP might be the bigger news. Especially, because we already know Zelda’s coming and we can expect and surmise stuff about the next Zelda, but we have absolutely no knowledge about Miyamoto’s game aside from it’s “new.”

    1. Or Kid Icarus Uprisng… or even better. Kid Icarus: Uprising 2! Or maybe a Better name would be Kid Icarus: Decent? As Pit delves into the Underworld to once again fight off Medusa and Hades to save Skyworld and Palutena!

      Danana na na Na na na Na na na na na!!!

  8. A brand new look at Platinum’s new Wii U exclusive ( I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that they are working on a new Nintendo game).

    I can hope, alright!

  9. “It’s not Star Fox or Fzero”

    ._. ….they didn’t say it wasn’t Metroid…..
    Hnnnnggggggg please Samus-sama, return to us. Hopefully without a shitty developer and writer….

    1. Yes because Team Ninja are horrible game makers & aren’t responsible for some of the most difficult video games of our generation. And Yoshio Sakamoto did such a horrible job at making the stories for every Metroid game after Super Metroid before Other M, not counting the Prime series.

      1. Yes. Yoshio Sakamoto wrote the story for Super, Fusion, & Zero Mission, too. Just because they made one bad game doesn’t make them a shitty developer.

        1. *shitty developer & writer. (This site lacks an edit button just like Miiverse. Ugh… Oh well. I’ll take what I can get.)

    1. I honestly do not know why Nintendo declared they would not make any more Earthbound games. Especially after the re-release of the first one did so well on the eShop.

      1. I think it’s because they just don’t have any ideas for a new game in the Mother series. Unless people want Nintendo to make a new game for the series & have it be shit because the people just threw random bad ideas together. Since Mother is so story driven, Nintendo can’t just throw out a new game for it just like that without at least having some general idea of where they want the game’s story to go. That might be the same reason they aren’t working on a new Star Fox game.

        1. I’m sure they can think of something. There is no such thing as “running out of ideas.”

          When people say they ran out of ideas it really means they didn’t give themselves enough time to think of any good ones. If they gave it time, they could come up with something great for the Mother franchise.

          1. I know. Which is exactly why they aren’t making another Mother any time soon. When someone comes up with a good idea for Mother that the higher ups think will do well, they’ll make a new game. Till then, just have to wait & hope it doesn’t take 20+ years to make like Kid Icarus Uprising did.

  10. It’s megaman!!! Mark my words!!! For megaman to be in smash bros capcom agreed to make a new megaman platformer exclusively for Nintendo!! Blue bomber 1080-pops and running 60fps!!!

  11. I have a few ideas for what it is
    Something Big like
    -Animal Crossing U
    -Fire Emblem U (About Chrom seeing as Ike got 2 games Chrom should as well)
    -Third Party Exclusive
    -Kid Icarus Uprising 2
    -Ice Climbers U
    -Kirby U
    Maybe a HD version of a 3DS Game/Gamecube Game
    -Super Mario Sunshine HD
    -Fire Emblem Awakening HD
    -Bravely Default HD
    Or maybe something more subtle
    -Mario Sports Game
    -Existing Franchise Spinoff
    -Indie Game

    1. Fire Emblem Awakening is too recent to get an HD remake already; also, it may be difficult to have Chrom star in another FE because of how Awakening ends (specifically regarding marriages since there are so many combinations). We just got Animal Crossing on the 3DS this summer, so we’ll probably have to wait another few years before they even announce a new one. Kirby’s getting a new 3DS game, so he probably won’t be on Wii U until a few months afterward. Yes to a new Metroid, so long as it isn’t done by Team Ninja- we know why. Sakurai said he has no plans to do a sequel to KI Uprising and can’t now because of Smash Bros. I don’t have an opinion on the other suggestions/predictions.

  12. I was hoping it would be one of the two it isn’t going to be (But it’s Nintendo, so I guess I’m not surprised). If it can’t be any of those two, then I hope it’s something cool and interesting that Isn’t Mario, DK, or shovel ware.

    1. I’d disagree with you on the Donkey Kong part but since Tropical Freeze is coming out soon, a new Donkey Kong isn’t really needed.

    1. I remember how mad people were about that. It’s not Nintendo’s fault they got their hopes up & thought it was something huge. It was a reveal at a video game awards ceremony of people dissing them, anyway, so why should they reveal something big there.

  13. “The publication says that the game isn’t a new entry in the Star Fox or F-Zero franchise.”

    Immediate disappointment there. It’s been over 11 years since F-Zero GX and even more time since a really good Star Fox (Adventures, Assault, and Command were decent at best). Seriously, all Nintendo needs to do is announce a new F-Zero and I’ll pre-order it on the spot.

  14. Super Luigi baby U

    Is the unannounced game for you little baby gamers

    Grow some balls and be brave and play real games that true gamers play like KNACK,KILLZONE SHADOW FALL(better than any metroid game)

    The upcoming UNCHARTED 4, and look out for KNACK 2: Knack strikes back

  15. STAR ZERO i’m calling it!
    Nintendo should mix the Star Fox and F-Zero franchises to create a solid new IP instead of leaving them in the dust.

  16. Your mom failed a parent reason why u a Gay Baby that likes baby games……I know everyone here including Sickr and that fag Iceazeama play wii u wearing they diapers


    1. You like imagining grown men & women in diapers, don’t you? Anyway, Knack is for everyone 10 & up. I guess that makes it a baby game if alot of Nintendo’s games are for E(veryone) to T(een.) Of course it is, by the logic of those that call Nintendo games baby games. lol

  17. …. in the end, its a stupid mini game, game. Wii U Music, or wario party…
    i hope there will be a game like last of us or just a great adventure with an epic storytelling.
    but its to early for a game like this for the U

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