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Super Smash Bros. Combo Attacks Detailed In New Wii U Screenshot

Masahiro Sakurai has given fans of Super Smash Bros. a new gameplay mechanic detail in today’s Miiverse screenshot. The Wii U image showcases Fox and Samus battling on stage, but gone are the days when mashing the ‘A’ button to oblivion and back was the key to defeating an enemy.  Now, a string of combo attacks will slide into a neat finishing move, and was sneakily hinted at within Little Mac’s debut trailer. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“Now consecutive standard attacks will always transition into a finishing move. This is Fox’s finishing kick after his standard combo attack.”


    1. it sounds like if you hit A multiple times….then on the 5th time it will end in a powerful attack but stop your guy from attacking for (just saying) 0.3 secs while the animation finishes. that way you don’t get kirby in a loop of fist punches but instead does a string of cool fast puches with the finish of a harder punch that knocks away the enemy. could be this way to keep the fast pace action but also add in some strategy.

      1. I don’t know if you wanna imply that Nintendo games have great ergonomics and it never feels complicated to remember how to play, which would be right, or that Nintendo games are never hard, which would require you to have never 100%’d any Nintendo game ever.

      2. That doesn’t prove that the combos aren’t easy as hell to remember all because some tourneyfags beat you in a game.

  1. No more infinite Kirby punches, Fox kicks, Metaknight slashes, Pikachu headbutts, etc. I don’t care anyway. I just want to know all the new Final Smash attacks.

    1. Yeahhhh no. It won’t do as great as the previous entries ( well maybe better than Gamecube), but it’ll no doubt be a good game.

      Every game on the Wii U can’t be a “flop” JUST because it’s not gonna sell on the Wii U. You have to take
      into consideration what is actually GOOD on the Wii U and Smash Bros will probably do extremely well considering what console it’s on… thus not a flop.

    2. Flop!? LMFAO!
      THe only that’s going to flop is is your brain when you see the game on the Wii Destory U destroy because your brain is as weak as U are!

    3. And your a dumbass for wanting Sakurai to feel better and have his game flop. I never knew trolls can be so heartless, I pity you.

  2. Wait, Smash Bros might have an actual combo system? Now that’s interesting.

    ”but gone are the days when mashing the ‘A’ button to oblivion and back was the key to defeating an enemy”

    What makes whoever wrote that article convinced that this string of attacks isn’t done by mashing A?

  3. it was only inevitable that they add combo mechanics. Now can we cancel into specials is the question?

  4. Awesome!!! This is a HUGE change to the gameplay mechanic. Some characters are going to feel completely different now…. I wonder if Smash Bros will still feel like Smash Bros when the game finally comes out. They are making so many changes it might not feel like it.

    I hope that’s the case, I am excited!!!

  5. Ehhh… Marth had a combo system but it was with the “B”, so did Roy in Melee, Marth in Brawl also had it… just saying. It’s goos to see different mechanics nevertheless

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