You Can Order An Officially Licensed Wii U Super Mario Kart Racing Wheel From GAME


GAME have revealed that there’s an officially licensed Mario Kart 8 racing wheel coming. The peripheral costs £9.99 and is fairly similar to the racing wheels you could purchase for the original Wii console. The Mario Kart 8 racing wheel launches on May 20th.

  • Get closer to the action than ever before, and feel ever twist and turn of the race, with an authentic arcade experience.
  • Simple and easy to attach your Wii Remote to the wheel accessory.
  • Comes complete artwork from Mario Kart 8 on the wheel.
  • Officially licensed from Nintendo.

Thanks, David, Heroponluigi, and Dekuplushdoll


  1. I wonder if the Wii U pad will function as a steering wheel as well, like it could in Sonic All Stars Racing.

    1. You can usee the Gamepad as a steering wheel to! :) one of the many options for driving in the game

    2. I’ve played it and you can play it with the game pad. Either you can play it on with the thumb stick or motion control.

  2. Eh, might get. I have two wheels already but I know I’ll be using the gamepad or pro controller the most.

      1. Why wouild you? It’s the most revolutionary controller in gaming. Unlike the DualShock409812323980 which is the same trash every iteration.

      2. Because that’s the controller which, y’know, actually does something. Without it, it would be a little tricky to play most of the Wii’s library of games.

        But both of these peripherals are useless, plastic shells. Same with every other attachment they made for the Remote, like tennis rackets and lightsaber beams.

    1. Ummm… And you OBVIOUSLY know that because you MUST have sneaked into Nintendo’s factory and stole this thing, since this haven’t even come out yet? =_=

    2. “Work good?” You said it yourself. It’s a piece of plastic. If it’s not working “good” then the person using it is a moron… you don’t know how to turn a wheel?

  3. I’m buying two or three more pro controller, depending on how many people can play at the same time. It seems like the best controller option!

    1. You still have to press a button to move…. Also, stop being nostalgic. It hurts the industry.

  4. The original one is so much better. I like the artwork, but the way the other one is shaped is so much better. I’ll just use my old ones.

  5. Ummm… why? The tablet would feel more like a steering wheel without the need to take off the Wiimote condom.

  6. I actually liked using the wheel when playing MK Wii. It felt more comfortable for me and I won more races using it than if I just used the Wii Remote by itself. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting this wheel since I still have the previous version. Either way, I’ll probably just use the pro controller or gamepad and ditch the motion controls all together…

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