Super Mario 3D World Director Explains How He Was Inspired By Miyamoto’s Teaching

Koichi Hayashida, the director behind Super Mario 3D World, has spoken to Famitsu about how the critically acclaimed game was inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s teaching. Hayashida says that he used a collection of Shigeru Miyamoto’s quotes to help him when developing Mario’s latest adventure.

“It definitely makes it easier to find out what parts will be essential to the game’s development,”

“Personally, I think that there’s a huge gap between the Super Famicom’s Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64. I don’t think it was just a plain evolution, but rather, an evolution of the direction in which things were going.”

“During the Nintendo 64 era, if there was a hardware with the Nintendo 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D technology, and if Shigeru Miyamoto were to direct that game, ‘what kind of Super Mario would he have made?’ was the theme behind the making of Super Mario 3D Land.”

“I believe that Super Mario 64 was able to be what it was thanks to its effective use of the Nintendo 64’s characteristics,” he continues. “So I figured that with the Nintendo 3DS and its characteristics of easily grasping depth perception—a Mario game that uses 3D stereoscopic vision to give us a good representation of ‘space’ would be perfect.”

“They say that ‘ideas are something that can solve multiple problems,’ but they also say that ‘ideas are about finding answers’,” says Hayashida. “For example, Super Mario 3D World has a shadow picture-like stage, where you see the shape of a star in a shadow, and as you look for it while thinking ‘huh? where is it?’ you advance forward and find it.”

“You see it on the wall, but the moment you think three-dimensionally, you think ‘I see!’. I believe that such ideas are very important. Ideas like that weren’t originally put into words, at least not until I put ‘Miyamoto’s Teachings’ together, and now they’re part of the criterion used for proposals from everyone, including myself.”

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  1. And this is why our empire’s future is established as solid and evolutionary whilt the rest of the pathetic forces around us will crumble and fall…

  2. I would change the title to “Super Mario 3D World” rather than “Super Mario World”. I thought this was referring to the SNES title and was rather confused at first.

  3. I got excited when the official mynintendonews tweet said Super Mario World. Total letdown that it was Super Mario 3D World (much like the game itself).

    1. it was sold more because it was bundled in Japan, only reason why it dominated this week…oh wait, you’re talking about that small 2 day sold more spike, right? Yeah, and from what I hear on youtube…its not great at all.

  4. The problem with Mario games is that they are playing with the same elements (anything from the New Super Mario Bros. series) with only marginal updates with each game: playing with Tanooki suits, Cat suit, etc.
    They should sequelize the old Mario games much like the recent A Link Between Worlds was a sequel to A Link to The Past. This was thoroughly an enjoyable trip down memory lane but also bringing in new elements to the fore. Although I want to see it for the Wii-U instead of the 3DS because, they really need to support the Wii-U.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but I want to revisit, Dinosaur/Yoshi island with a new villain maybe, no Bowser please or at the very least, bring on the Koopalings.
    Or how about a revival of Wart and a return to Sub-con..
    Or a Galaxy 3 with Tatanga as the villain, he was a space alien was he not? Bowser had no business being in Galaxy 1 and 2.

    Although, they will likely continue with the “Bowser is popular with fans” mindset that they issue when someone brings up these types of ideas.

  5. Online cooperative and online competitive Super Mario game is the only way Super Mario will ever be #1 ever again.

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