Murdered: Soul Suspect Developer Explains Why The Game Is Skipping Wii U

Although Murdered: Soul Suspect is headed to last-generation consoles as well as newly released systems, the action-adventure title will not be coming to Wii U. Airtight Games chief creative officer Matt Brunner recently explained to GameSpot why the game is skipping Nintendo’s platform. According to Brunner, the title wouldn’t be a good fit for Wii U. Murdered: Soul Suspect will be available in June for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“In all honesty, all the Wii U games I’ve ever played, the only good ones are the ones that are made specifically for [the Wii U],” Brunner said. “And this just doesn’t fit.”


      1. Yeah, and Donkey Kong Country got a 6/10.
        Stop reading critiques or worse, trusting them.

    1. No…what he’s saying is that all games created for the Wii U are made for the Wii U, so they are not willing to create a game for the Wii U to be played on the Wii U!

    2. He is just bullshiting a story to not make it go for the wii u or he’s Basically saying that his game sucks since its not good enough to play on the wii u IDIOT ! (Not you him)

    3. Basically he just wants to be able to port his game to whatever console he wants. He doesn’t want to actually take the time to tailor it to the game console.

  1. That’s strange, because I’m pretty sure that Rayman Legends is definitive on Wii U.

    I’ll still get this game anyway because it looks interesting.

  2. They didn’t need to fully utilize the Ganepad, if that’s what he means by “this just doesn’t fit.” I hope it’s not stupid reason I’m starting to think about…

    1. If it’s not coming to Wii U because it won’t use the gamepad, it is a stupid reason to not port the game!

  3. even when he can try to put the game in the Wii-U, his way of thinking isn’t wrong. Right now Wii-U have their power only in 1º party games. Allmost everyone 3º party game went “just good” or “poorly”, specially when the game was multiplatform. It would be a big risk to waste time and money doing the game to a console that just maybe will give you “just good” profit.

  4. So, basically, he just admitted that they’re lazy and incapable of building games using unique features that are present in the hardware… -_-

  5. Donkey kong didn’t use the gamepad. What does he mean its not a good fit??? All games can be made for Wii U. Its just an advantage for more crearive features but nkt necessary.

  6. I cant support a console tht isnt getting games, ive only ever owned Nintendo consoles, except for the ps2. I wont buy a wii u but i really want one. i wish there was only one console that had all the games on it, call me stupid but a Nintendo/Sony PS4 would be the best entertainment system ever.

    1. That nearly happend that’s how ps1 was born it was meant 2 b a snes playstaion Sony doing the discs and Nintendo doing cartridge there were even concept machines made was a playstation using snes controlers also had a slot for snes games but somthing went wrong with management like who would own the game ips so Nintendo asked Philips for help making a disc drive playstation was born and cdi had terrible zelda games lol should check it out some videos on YouTube it us a interesting watch sorry for going a bit off topic mate lol

      1. Actually, Sony was asking for bit more than that, like actually owning Part of nintendos IP’s. Nintendo basically said no and left Sony with its dick in its palm.

  7. So, in other Words he is saying “I fear my game can not compete against the Nintendo games (because lets face it, only Nintendo made good games and those are exclusive for their console) so I think I have better luck putting my game where it can shine among shit”?

    Sir, that is very insulting to everybody.

  8. PlayStation only existed because of Nintendo in the first place, Sony makes more money when selling other electronic appliances. Like a TV for example, thag way I can play on my Wii U on it. Now theres something I can dig man, ya dig?

  9. Another lazy SOB. It’s that laziness that leads to half assed buggy games I don’t want to play anyways. What an idiot. What he should say is that the only games that were good on the Wii U are the ones where people put effort into it and didn’t just copy and paste. If he could copy and paste his shit work, I’m sure it would be on the Wii U.

  10. It’s not about being lazy, the game was most likely completed or close to being completed without any GamePad features in mind. Trying to come up with features on the fly wouldn’t do anyone good. Depending on the full context of the quote, he may even be referring to the fact that the only games that sell on Wii U are first party titles. Either way, it’s not coming to Wii U . . . and another one bites the dust.

  11. Basically, since the WiiU already has shit software sales, it would cost too much and take too much time to waste resources on the smallest group of players. And even then, people would just complain that it doesn’t use the gamepad to its fullest and that it doesn’t look as pretty as the version on some other platform.

    1. you do realise that multiplat games usually get hardly any advertising, if any at all on the Wii U.

      Wait until the next big multiplat release (watch dogs i think) and see what i mean. Especially in stores, trust me. This is on top of the Wii U version being delayed until it launches on other platforms first…

      Yet devs will say “look at the sales, better not support them!”

    1. Because that’s the dumbest excuse ever. That’s like saying the Witcher 3 can’t come to Wii U because we have Zelda.

    2. @Your Father i have to agree and i think he is one of those who are mad that bayonetta 2 is a wii u exclusive only because the first did poorly in sales despite the game being great and is why sony and microsoft said they wont fund them.

  12. This is why the Wii U should have had the Pro Controller and Wiimote plus Nunchuck included with the Gamepad. The Wii should have had the GameCube controller included with the Wiimote motion controllers. So third party publishers are not forced to use the Wiimote or in case of Wii U the Gsmepad, if they feel forced, they can say, “The game I am making is not a good fit.”

    1. “We won’t make games for Wii U because we don’t want to be forced to use the Gamepad.” Only one problem with this: the Wiimote is still getting made, but with built in motion plus, & the Pro Controllers were made specifically for Wii U, so that is a bullshit excuse to not bring their game to the console. That’s like saying “Oh I’m not going to port my Playstation Move multiplayer game to the Wii because the Wii only comes with one Wiimote.” when they know full well we can buy extra controllers. Even on the Wii U, the Gamepad acts as 1st player while 2nd, 3rd, and 4th players can use either a Wiimote or a Pro controller. If someone is too damn cheap, or too stupid, to go out & buy extra controllers, that’s their problem.

      1. In fact, some games allow you to ignore the Gamepad altogether & just use the wiimote or pro controller.

  13. I seriously hate this system…I’ve never seen such a huge lack of third party support in my entire life.

    I honestly think this was the nicest way he could express that it’s not worth the development costs to put his game on the Wii U…because he would more than likely, NOT make a profit from it. So he just said “oh…yeah, well…we aren’t good enough to be on the Wii U”
    Well played sir..But I know what you mean…and I feel ya. If I was a developer, I wouldn’t waste my time with this system either.

    1. Actually no, it’s basically him saying he can’t get money out of the Wii U. Also, the guys who are Making Project CARS are also developing it for Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One yet they said the Wii U was a dream to work with…. He is making up accuses as what all developers are doing.

      1. “Actually no, it’s basically him saying he can’t get money out of the Wii U”
        Yeah…that’s what I said.

        Why do you think all these developers are making these excuses? Because the Wii U will make them money? No way. That’s why they say this stuff. “We aren’t good enough for the Wii U” They’re just saying it in the nicest way possible.

    2. You know why Nintendo never has a huge lack of third party support because game developers are fanboys and dont wont to support Nintendo they say bulll shit crap like the wiiu cant handle it the engine that the wiiu has is weak they are just fanboys sucking Microsofts and sonys dicks

    3. I kinda agree on the third party part. But, in all honesty, isn’t it the Nintendo fans who caused this? Seriously, 2 % profit for ubisoft in 2013, I think it’s even less for activision. No one buys games when they are released, but beat the developes to shit, when they”re not. Fanboy logic!

      1. That’s because we don’t get the same game. I’m not spending the same amount of money on a game with less features. Also, the 2% of Ubi sales includes all games, even the ones that weren’t released on Wii U. That’s some real logic!

    4. Considering how the Gamecube had tons of great games, only idiots, whiny and/or cheap people, 3rd party fanboys, and/or Nintendo haters avoided that console because of the huge lack of 3rd party games.

  14. In other words,
    “Oh the Wii U isn’t selling well so I can’t make money off it.”

    Well yeah… but if more of you dumb ass developers would take the risk and develop for the Wii U then you wouldn’t have a problem because Wii U sales would be up….

    1. So it’s the developer’s fault when their games don’t sell well? It’s not the fault of the consumer that fails to provide them with support?

      Look at the xbox and playstation sales numbers for games like Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed 4, Arkham Origins and CoD: Ghosts. They sell very well.

      It’s Wii U owners that don’t buy them. Wii U owners are to blame for the lack of third party support, not the developers.

      1. …. You do know Wii U owners count as Consumers… Oh god you are a joke -_-

        Also, I’ve been buying third parties for my Wii U despite the fact I have a PS4…. So yeah it’s pretty much devs fault…

      2. Then you’re blind. Wii U owners (and Nintendo gamers historically) don’t support third party games in any significant way.

        Check the sales numbers, they don’t lie. I also buy third party for the Wii U, including Deus Ex, Arkham City and Origins, Rayman Legends, Injustice, Darksiders 2, Maas Effect 3, Cloudberry Kingdom, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Warriors Orochi

        But, it makes no difference if you, me, and a handful of others are the only ones buying third party. THIS website has reported that Wii U Call of Duty: Ghosts and Splinter Cell barely made up 1% of overall sales, and Assassin’s Creed 4 posted similar numbers.

        It’s not laziness, it’s business. There’s no reason for third parties to develop for the Wii U when it ends up costing more money than they’ll make back on sales.

      3. One problem with a few of those games you mentioned: they were on the other consoles for months before going to Wii U. If I had those games you mentioned on my PS3, I wouldn’t have bothered with getting them on Wii U since the ps3 versions were better. 4 new characters is not a big enough reason for me to buy Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper on Wii U if I have the original on PS3. Why buy Mass Effect 3 for Wii U when I can get the whole trilogy on my PS3 for the same price? Why get Arkham City for Wii U when it’s the same exact game as the PS3 but with Gamepad functionality?

      4. While those are good points for the games you mentioned, they don’t explain why Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Injustice, Arkham Origins, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Director’s Cut sold so poorly, when they were released at the same time as the other console versions.

      5. I’m pretty sure most of those games you just mentioned were missing features. I know Arkham Origins was definitely lacking a feature. Assassin’s Creed 4, which I own on Wii U, was missing DLC which I’d gladly buy. (I love alternate costumes & new stages DLC. I bought every bit of WO3H’s DLC.)

      6. You must be blind to the many games that go to Wii U with many bugs, lack of features, or on other consoles in a bundle for the same price as a single game for Wii U (looking right at you, EA, with Mass Effect 3 for 60 bucks on Wii U while the Mass Effect Trilogy was on other consoles for the same fucking price.) So yes! It is their fault! Make a game with all the features & with as few bugs as possible and then I’ll bother buying their game. Til then, fuck them with a chainsaw. They can take their so called support & shove it!

  15. Why can’t developers just be honest?

    Just say “it’s not worth the time/money when it won’t sell well on the Wii U.” That’s all. The truth hurts, but it’s better than some bullshit excuses pulled out of your ass.

    It’s a miracle any third party develops for the system, when you look at the sales numbers of games like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Arkham Origins, etc. Why bother bringing a game to a system when only a handful of people will buy it?

    1. Exactly!! Unless by some act of God the Wii U has some miracle rebound, there won’t be any third party support. Like..ever. At least not any games that we would actually want.

      1. Our empire doesn’t need a God to perform miracles…

        Leave luck to heaven…

      2. Wii U owners need to step up and actually buy third party games if we want the situation to change. I make a point to try and buy as many as I can.

        It takes more than a million copies sold to make it worth a developer’s time.

      3. You do have a point there I remember when Nintendo fans were bitching about not haven third party games than they got third party games assassins creed 4 splinter cell batman arkham orgins mass effect 3 and not much people were buying thoes games duh people want third party games but they arent buying them when there out most were only buying first party games

      4. Often those fans doesn’t even own Wii U yet because they wait to see if third party problems fixes itself. They don’t see connection between low console sales to low game sales and complain how third parties are biggest problem for Wii U.

      5. I don’t deny that Nintendo has problems on the inside, but the biggest problem is the consumer.

        If Nintendo fans want to change things, they need to shut up and buy a damn Wii U and third party games. Show the company you care with your wallet, not your hypocritical mouth.

      6. Wrong. Third parties do sell, IF they specifically design it for the Wii U, or include something special to that version.

        Zombi U sold around 600-700k, and not bad for a mid-low budget game. Yet, strange why they don’t want to make a sequel since it was the most successful 3rd party game on the wii u as well as the 4th best selling game on the system.

        Rayman Legends, designed originally for Wii U, pushed back for a bullshit simultaneous release 2 weeks before its original release, Wii U version sold the most.

        So technically it may as well be the developer’s fault in this case.

      7. So it’s the developer’s responsibility to alter their game to make Wii U owners buy it? That sorta sounds like…I don’t know…a problem with the consumer.

        You cited TWO examples of third party games that sold well (if you can call 600-700k selling well, which obviously Ubisoft doesn’t), one of which is a platform exclusive.

        Assassin’s Creed 4, CoD: Ghosts/Black Ops II, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Arkham Origins, Injustice, and Deus Ex all sold very well on the other platforms. NONE of those games made it half a million sales on the Wii U.

        Rayman Legends is the exception to the rule on the Wii U, just as Soul Calibur II was the exception on the Gamecube.

        The top 10 selling games on the platform are….shocker…Nintendo games, with the exception of ZombiU. Nintendo fans are responsible for the waning 3rd party support. The games are available on the platform, but Wii U owners aren’t buying them.

      8. Edit: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is also among the top 10 selling Wii U games, so…there are TWO non-Nintendo games on that list.

      9. Wrong again. It is the developer’s fault. If they want to sell it to nintendo fans, then take advantage of the hardware or have something special. Not only that, show that the game is for the Wii U, because only a gamer would read gaming news sites, not a consumer.
        And 600-700k is selling well, why? Did you read “Mid-low budget game” ?
        It’s not AAA standards with a huge budget. So yes it did sell well.
        Rayman Legends is not an exception, don’t try to downplay my argument.
        The only time it is the consumer’s fault is when they find out its on the Wii U, but not buy it. Why, because these days, Wii U versions are hardly ever mentioned, but they are there. Only a gamer would buy it, because they know, consumer doesn’t because they don’t read news.

      10. Rayman IS the exception, because it is the ONLY multiplatform game that sold best on the Wii U. Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Arkham City/Origins both have Wii U-exclusive features, yet they posted comparatively awful sales numbers. If you’re going to claim that ‘gamepad/touchscreen functionality’ is the defining unique feature that will sell 3rd party games (which is the only significant distinguishing factor between Legends on Wii U and the rest of them), then EVERY 3rd party game on the Wii U should be selling better, because they all included touchscreen functionality.

        “And 600-700k is selling well, why? Did you read “Mid-low budget game? It’s not AAA standards with a huge budget. So yes it did sell well.”

        Ubisoft execs might disagree with you…

        There’s no evidence at present that suggests Wii U owners want 3rd party games. Even if 3rd party developers created something unique to the system, it’s unlikely to sell well unless you slap Zelda or Mario in the title. Hell, look at Platinum Games (not exactly 3rd party, but close). I present The Wonderful 101 as evidence that Nintendo fans don’t want non-Nintendo games, and will go as far as to predict that Bayonetta 2 will not sell well on the system.

        The only reason that the top-selling games on the Wii U are unique are because of the IPs themselves. There are platformers and action/adventure games on other systems (and on the Wii U itself) that don’t have Link or Mario, but Nintendo fans don’t want them. They want Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong. It’s the IPs alone that garner sales.

        The sales numbers of the Wii U itself don’t help matters either. That, combined with uninterested Wii U owners make for a very unattractive console in the eyes of 3rd party developers. At the end of the day, the video game industry is just that; an industry. Even if companies like EA and Ubisoft took more risks with the system, they have little evidence to suggest it would be a profitable endeavor.

        Until games that use the Wii U in truly unique ways (Pikmin 3, ZombiU, The Wonderful 101 and Deus Ex are good examples) start selling more copies, there’s no reason for a company that depends on the number of units sold to support itself to pay any attention to the Wii U.

      11. You know what I’m just going to stop, its not going to let you believe what you believe, and I’ll believe in what I believe. It’s not like we’ll be able to convince each other.

        But I will say something about the Zombi U thing. Bullshit article. A sequel was already in works, now it gets canceled for a less than believable reason. Yes it maybe coming for Ubisoft, but I believe there’s something more than a bullshit reason like that.

    1. I think they’re under the impression that they need to make use of the Wii U pad unless people won’t buy it.

  16. Lol these game developers are such fanboys the the real reason why this game isn’t coming to wiiu because they are to lazy and don’t want to put any effort for it people wondering why the wiiu is falling behind because developers dont support the wiiu they only support xboxone ps4 but not Nintendo you know why because there fanboys the wiiu is just as powerful as ps4 xboxone but these developer’s dont support the wiiu god I hate gay fanboys like why isn’t lords of shadow 2 not on wiiu castlevania lords of shadow games can handle the wiiu engine but developers are gay fanboys and wont do it lazy bastards

  17. And he is just stating the obvious, of course our sacred games on our holy machine is too good and complex for his game or any other lesser force…

  18. “The game is skipping Wii U”


    I’m just kidding. They should really just say that they don’t want to work on the Wii U. After all, the PS3’s hardware was a total joke and third parties still ported to it anyway. I can sort of get where they’re coming from with their reason of how the Wii U wouldn’t be a good fit for the game, as it seems the Wii U needs a far more different type of “hardcore” game beyond what everyone thinks is truly “hardcore”. We all wanted more Arkham Origins content, more Mass Effect content, and more dark, mature, and difficult content on the Wii U because we assumed those kinds of titles were what defined “hardcore.” But just as there are many different definitions of, pretty much, EVERYTHING, in this world, so would there be varying definitions of what “hardcore” really is. And for the Wii U, the Airtight games chief is basically saying that Wii U has extremely effective games tailored for the Wii U, and thus have established Wii U’s standard of being “hardcore”: Hardcore FUN. And the majority of Nintendo’s games have the standard of “Hardcore FUN.” What the chief is saying about that, however, is that, as much fun and awesome as Nintendo’s Wii U games are, they’re ironically preventing third parties from being able to compete on the same “Hardcore FUN” standard. If you think about that, a game like Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Super Mario 3D World — is there really a contest here? Soul Suspect doesn’t stand a chance! And if you think about it further, this has been the trend with Nintendo’s consoles for a very long time, where pretty much the entire library of Nintendo’s games for almost every console has outshone respective third-party counterparts. Worst of all, the fanboys will never let everyone forget that. How many times have you heard somebody screaming in your ears lately about how Super Mario Anything has beaten every other game in terms of either sales or reputation? How many times have you seen people’s top ten lists where at least one Mario game has made the top three? Nintendo needs to always put out their best work, because they’re the best, but at the same time, their best is completely unbalancing the playing field. Not everyone can compete at their level of expertise and skill, and I feel like Nintendo can rebalance that field by allowing third parties to actually stand a chance on their systems. The only other third party I know of who made a killing on Nintendo systems was none other than Square-Enix, back when they were Squaresoft.

  19. Spot on Square

    Why bring a Good game on a console that can’t even handle Uncharted 3,God Of War Ascension and Gears of War?

    Weak going be cancelled next year 2015

    X will be delayed to 2015 and be cancelled or be the last Wii U title released

    Winderwaker HD was the 1st and last zelda released for Weak U

    The so called Zelda HD ain’t coming folks

  20. I really wanna see what iwatas response to all of this will be cuz frankly he is doing a shit job with the WiiU in all linds of aspect I wanna see the look on his stupid ass face when he sees all this third party support dwindle when he couldve done something about it starting with more power and better and more resources for hd development what an idiot underestimating the cost and effort of it all oh iwata why you make me this mad ive never see me saying these things but it just fucking urks me you know what to do iwata we all know wjat the wiiu lacks and needs but its up to you to determine its failure or sucess. You could easily dominate with your epic firstparty and having thirdparty support you won the generation but now its always something with nintendo since the n64 days now Iwata is here and he wants all of us to please understand

  21. The real quote:
    “Why this game is not coming to the wii u? Well….Uhmmm…I-I……BEHIND YOU A THREE HEADED MONKEY!” *runs away*

  22. Iwata is a dick double douche bag old hag

    It’s like he deliberately wanted to weak u to be a fantastic failure lol

    Why haven’t you bought 3rd party studio’s Iwata
    Why didn’t you buy Vigil games who are known to be zelda fans,and who also lived in the same area as retro studio’s and Vigil has experience. In hd development

    Why Sega isn’t bought

    Why platinum Games isn’t bought

    Why Konami isn’t bought

    Why Capcom isn’t bought

    Why Mistwalker isn’t bought

    Why Next Level Games isn’t bought

    Why Yoshiki Okamoto hasn’t been hired and have his own studio within Nintendo

    The guy is a Legend and he has a history with Nintendo when he worked on several zelda titles during his stint at Capcom/flagship

    Why Isnt Kieji Inafune recruited?

    Why isn’t NST expanded and work more on Nintendo games for the western market

  23. All I read was he simply isn’t bothered. Ah well another game I won’t be bothered with.

    Wii U is amazing hardware and I am waiting for someone to really take advantage of it.

  24. And Why did The Dumb Atheist NINTENDO GAY BITCH COMMANDER make this statement

    And he is just stating the obvious, of course our sacred games on our holy machine is too good and complex for his game or any other lesser force…”

    When his broke bitch ass doesn’t have a Wii U, and never ever touched or played on one

  25. Lamest excuse ever. The real reason why is because they know third party games don’t sell on Wii U because the Nintendo fanbase is stupid and doesn’t realize it needs to get out of the catch .22 when it comes to third party support. With that being said, third party developers NEED to stop gimping Wii U versions of games.

    1. I have a Wii U with the following games:

      – Super Mario 3D World
      – The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD
      – Pikmin 3
      – The Wonderful 101
      – Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
      – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
      – Sonic Lost World
      – New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U
      – Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

      Out of those only Sonic Transformed is multiplatform. Now, why should I care about multiplatform games if I can buy them cheaper and run them better on my PC than on any next gen console? I honestly don’t see the point. Sony and Microsoft consoles live and die by multiplatform because they don’t have enough quality exclusives to compensate. Nintendo on the other hand has more than enough quality exclusives.

  26. Most of the developers makeing games on xboxone ps4 are mostly fanboys they only care about Microsoft and sony there’s only a few developers that soport ninrendo like ubisoft they gave us rayman assassin’s creed splinter cell and we are getting watch dogs but the rest are fanboys oh I forgot rocksteady they gave us batman and bioware gave us mass effect these are the only developers that help nintendo the rest dont care

  27. Oh please. All you have to use it for is item inventory management and/or map at bare minimum. Plus off-TV play. You shouldn’t feel that not being able to take full advantage of the gamepad is a reason enough for you too not bring the game to Wii U at all. Some of these devs really annoy me.

    1. Awww, you’ve gone and hurt our feelings.. Sob, sob, …

      Thanks for supporting Nintendo with your addition to the comment section.

  28. In all honesty I kind of agree with the quote. Just like the Wii required extra development to utilize the Wiimote, games need to be developed specifically for the Wii U. Games shine the brightest when they take advantage of the hardware.

  29. So, he’s saying his own game sucks because it’s not exclusively for the Wii U.

    I guess Rayman Legends sucks because it wasn’t made for the Wii U only? And Batman? And Assasin’s Creed?

  30. This means that you the PS / Xbox can put all sorts of shit, but Nintendo only go great games! Loool XD Wii U does not want to trash the game!

  31. Never were interested of this game, but I smell bullshit.
    Just come straight and say you do not see it profitable you little pussy.

  32. LMFAO at all you butt hurt Ninty guzzlers!!If you go and actually read the full article you will find out the real reason why it is skipping the gimmick u!!
    He says that the PS4 and Xbone One already have a combined user base of 9 Million in 3 months!!
    The Wii U has ONLY 5.6 in 14 months, he also states that the majority of 3rd party games that have been made for the Wii U have sold like shit and that Nintendo home consoles are for first party games only.
    Developers know that games will sell well on the next gen just like they did with the previous generation and why they are all putting their focus on them.
    The main reason is that to develop for the Wii U takes more time than the next gen, so why would they even bother to waste more time making a game that will sell like crap?
    It is all Nintendo’s fault, if they wanted the Wii U to get heaps of 3rd party then they should have made a more developer friendly console, but they did not so quit crying about it!!

    1. False. It IS developer friendly. And there are plenty of control schemes.
      As YOU said above, it is, and always will be about the install base.

      we got fucked with shitty graphics last Gen, and most of us put up with it. THIS Gen we wanted to be on par with the competition. Whether WiiU is or not. It was launched with the name “Wii” and high level specs look horrible. (better at a closer look)

      Nintendo is not listening to the consumers, so the consumers are not buying their products. Low install base results and 3rd party runs away.

      It has nothing to do with the Gamepad. Your just desperate to use the word “gimmick” in your post.

    1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つSTOP BEING STUPID BITCH ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

  33. Yeah, and maybe that’s because there isn’t a lot of variety, because people like you never bring their games on the Wii U.

  34. So what he is saying is his game is too crappy to sell on the Wii U and I shouldn’t worry about. Ok got your message loud and clear will steer clear of that game.

  35. You cannot say shit until you actually put the game on the console, otherwise, STFU, that’s a lame excuse. Try it first, and if that doesn’t work, then you can bash Nintendo all you want.

  36. Lame excuse. Game developers are hurting Wii U sales by not making games for it.

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