Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends Will Blossom On 3DS This Spring For North America

Majesco Entertainment has revealed via press release that Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends will be heading to North America. The gardening simulation game released last September for Japan on the Nintendo 3DS, but will now bloom into new life in North America come April.

Gardening Mama 2 will feature over 100 items to customize and decorate your garden, plus players will be able to grow over 50 different types of plants, including watermelons, hydrangeas and hot peppers. There are also six different animal stores within the title, so you can stock up on garden points by fulfilling each store’s request. Other features included in the game are detailed below.

  • Trade points for items and decorations that let you create a one-of-a-kind, custom garden. Use shop tickets to purchase more flowers, fruits and vegetables to enlarge your garden and make it more productive.
  • Earn rewards such as new varieties of seeds, flower bulbs, and trees from your animal friends so you can expand your garden and they can grow their shops into bigger businesses that attract more customers.
  • New activities with multiple variations star Mama’s friends and family featured throughout the Mama games. Sort, pick, clean, organize, mow, arrange, water, harvest and much more!
  • Keep your garden healthy by protecting your plants from viruses and bugs.
  • Use Spot Pass to receive new garden backgrounds.


    1. I’m happy people like you don’t use they’re brain. So incase I need a brain transplant, I’ll ask for yours.

  1. Gardening Mama – a casual version of Cooking Mama…and that is saying something!

    In all seriousness, with regards to people who will make fun of 3DS having a game like this, who cares? A games console’s library is defined by its good games, and 3DS has many, many of those out and many, many still to come.

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