Ubisoft Files New Trademark For Catz and Dogz

Ubisoft has filed two trademarks for Catz and Dogz, according to a stealthy spot by NeoGaf members. The trademark was filed on February 27 and signed by Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot, but what it exactly pertains to, and which game platforms it may arrive on, is currently unknown.

Back in the mid-90s, Catz and Dogz was released for the PC, and has amassed a number of sequels over the years. Consoles soon started to draw from the craze and Petz: Catz 2 and Dogz 2 was released for the Wii in 2007. The most recent Catz and Dogz game, however, was released in 2008, with Petz Fantasy 3D branching out of the cats and dogs category for the 3DS in 2011. Whether Ubisoft’s next venture with the franchise will hit Nintendo consoles in the future, or if it will remain on the PC, is still shrouded in mystery.


  1. no wounder my friends stop caring for. this game is for wii u fanboys and nintendrones who wanted nintendogs benny.

  2. Lol do we really need these games on nintendo everyone get 3ds its way better than lame wiiu I really hope nintendo start makeing some bad ass games and show them off at e3 if they dont nintendo wiiu will be done

  3. Nintendo dosent seem to get it people want cool games not gay games like this wiuu needs a new resident evil a new silent hill games like that would sell like crazy you guys remember resident evil darkside chronicles that on rails game where you play as leon and krauser they need to re make that but make it not a on rail shooter and put it on wiuu that game would sell

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