Gabe Newell Says Super Mario 64 Is His Favorite Non-Valve Game

Gabe Newell has revealed that his favorite non-Valve game is Super Mario 64. Newell, who’s known as the co-founder and managing director of Valve, previously expressed his fondness for the Nintendo 64 classic as well as its director and producer – Shigeru Miyamoto. Super Mario 64 was originally released in 1996 and a remake called Super Mario 64 DS hit the Nintendo DS in 2004.


  1. I’d just like to note, Miyamoto wasn’t just the Producer of Super Mario 64, he was also the Game Director. This was the last Mario game he directed himself. Actually, I know he had a big role in Ocarina of Time, but I don’t believe he was considered “Game Director” of that game, so really, Mario 64 was the last time Miyamoto was the “Director” of ANY video game.


    1. I don’t know, he’s the Miyamoto of amazing games like Portal, Half-Life, DOTA, Team Fortress, and Counter Strike, just to name a few. If my games were as successful as his, I would be proud of them too.


  2. hopefully one day he releases some games on the wiiu or make a valve app and every game that you bought is in the app and all you do is just stream your bought games in the console.


  3. I myself never cared too much for Super Mario 64. I mean, it’s a good game, but it just didn’t feel like a Mario game to me. Never did. And even though Super Mario Sunshine was far from the traditional Mario game, I enjoyed it SO much more than Super Mario 64. All I know is that if I had to list my 5 favorite Mario games, Super Mario 64 would definitely not be on the list.


    1. Even when I played Super Mario 64 for the very first time on a kiosk at Toys R Us (before the N64 released), I wasn’t the least bit impressed with it. And I still can’t quite explain why? Except, when I play it now, those polygons (or lack of polygons) drives me CRAZY.


  4. Wouldn’t blame him. It was a hell of a good game. Played the original, played and beat the remake, played and beat it on the VC. But for some reason it’s not my favorite N64 game. That will probably have to go to banjo kazooie/tooie.


  5. The worst game in the series imo

    Super influental and inportant but the controls feel sluggish (Mario is slow to turn around and he keeps sliding all over the place), the camera though groundbreaking is awful and running around the same, big but empty maps again and again get´s boring fast.


    1. The big freeform-ish maps are probably what I miss most about the Super Mario 64 style. The 3D Marios have been getting more and more linear, and while they’re still good, I prefer the Mario 64 style in that sense.
      Though I would say Super Mario Galaxy would be my favorite overall.


  6. Loved all these game!!! Brings back so many memories from my youth. Now I have my kids playing them and they still are a hit


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