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GameSpot Believes Nintendo Plans to Quietly Kill The Wii U With Quality Of Life Platform

GameSpot writer Tom  Mc Shea has written a controversial article titled “Nintendo’s Plan To Quietly Kill Wii U”. Mc Shea believes that Nintendo is planning to quietly phase out the Wii U and concentrate their efforts on the mysterious Quality of Life platform. However, this goes against what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said in the past. As he previously explained that the platform will be entirely separate from their gaming ventures. You can read the article, here.

“The Wii U is performing dismally at retail. It’s the depressing reality in which we live, and one that has caused us to think up ways to improve the console’s fate. What if Nintendo no longer bundled it with the expensive GamePad? Or partnered with outside studios willing to create exclusive games for the Wii U? Then maybe the system wouldn’t lag so far behind its competitors. Though such moves might help Nintendo in the short term, they would be mere Band-Aids on an open wound. The Wii U is in a dire situation. I believe Nintendo has reconciled itself to that fact, and has already planned a way to bail from this sinking ship.”

“Enter the “quality of life” (QOL) platform. No one knows what to make of Nintendo’s proposed QOL initiative, partly because we know almost nothing about it. Nintendo wants to improve people’s lives in some indeterminate way–using non-wearable technology–and is going to introduce this nebulous product some time next year. According to CEO Satoru Iwata, whatever the QOL platform is, it will be entirely separate from their gaming ventures. Iwata said, “When we use ‘health’ as a keyword, some may inevitably think about ‘Wii Fit.’ However, we are considering themes that we have not incorporated to games for our existing platforms.” But what if Nintendo has much grander plans for this mysterious device than they’re letting on? This could be Nintendo’s next big idea. An idea much more in-demand than their ill-advised tablet controller, and one that could propel the company to the same heights it enjoyed during the peak years of the Wii.”

142 thoughts on “GameSpot Believes Nintendo Plans to Quietly Kill The Wii U With Quality Of Life Platform”

  1. Tom is correct, but nobody will believe him until it happens.

    Until such time, let’s have some Nintendrama!

      1. Then let all the happy jackasses like Michael Patcher dance happily like retards beliving they’re always right and smart.

        But that’s a very, very long shot. Not when theirs big titles coming Wii U is gonna suddenly decide to drop dead the next morning and then potentially go down the Sega route. Not gonna happen. If it did, it would’ve happened during the GameCube since it sold poorly, more poorly than Wii U itself.

        Gamespot is full of shit and always biased against Nintendo. They’re one of those group of trolls who blindly hate something to feel fucking pretty about being or acting like adults playing dragged-to-death realistic games that have little to no fucking creativity left. So if I were smart, I wouldn’t believe any bullshit they say or think because its all invalid, short sighted, contradicting hate over a company that actually have a soul for its own consumers because they know what’s at stake if they somehow betray their trust…I’m looking at EA, Capcom, Microsoft and others for that shit.

        1. >So if I were smart, I wouldn’t believe any bullshit they say or think because its all invalid,
          >Gives Zelda GOTY Last year

          This just in, Stranga believes Zelda should not have gotten GOTY

        2. Who actually uses Gamespot? I haven’t even heard anything from the boring site in six or eight years? I love how you said Patcher when I think it’s Pachter, which I use to not care how it was spelled and hated that bastard but you’re still right about saying Patcher cause he’s an old ugly dumbass who should stick to being a pedophile and stop chasing for the younger guys who play video games. Only problem with Wii U right now is that there isn’t much to play on it, be the end of May already!

    1. I’m putting this comment for everyone(including the idiots to see).

      Try to imagine that you are in trouble with your mom/boss and instead of facing the consequences and trying to fix the situation, you hit the big, red button that reads self-destruct that would blow up the entire house/company.

      Once you think about it, that’s exactly what would happen if Nintendo was stupid enough to do this move.

      It also allows you to put a big BS sign on Tom and close his mouth with a rough, shit-flavored tape.

      The end. No further comments from regarding this topic. Next article!

    2. Tsc Tsc…. this is tottally nonsense. Nintendo knows very well, as everyone should know by now, that the videogame console business is shrinking and will dissapear in some years, they´re just trying to find new business models to work on, like they have been doing for more than 100 years. Still, they won´t ignore the game market with their huge IPs and will continue to support consoles as long as there´s an audience for them

      Gamespot must be really in desperate need of clicks – this is what every videogame website do when they´re losing attention and audience: publish a controversial article about Nintendo problems – as if Sony (Vita, anyone?) and MS (XboxOne sales) were not facing problems too in their videogame divisions and as if many studios and developers were not closing doors in the last 3 years.

  2. Tom sure is a dumb shit. Inaccurate controls on skyward sword my FUCKING ASS! The game worked flawlessly for me. How can I even take this guy seriously?

    1. Its because they’re so stupidly hateful against Nintendo for the usual BS like “Ninty is for babies” “Mario, Zelda, Metroid are rehashes” and shit.

      They can’t stand touching their products for more than 2 seconds without spurring out their urge to talk dumb shit without experiencing their stuff thoroughly first hand.

        1. Call of duty:
          Target audience: 18+
          actual audience: from 8 to 12 years old (my cousins for example play cod and they are this old)
          Supermario/ pokemon/ kirby etc…
          Target audience: E for EVERYONE
          actual audience: some casual kids and tons of 17,18, 18+ hardcore gamers.

          I own a xbox360 and i love it BUT ninty consoles are always better and have more hardcore games cal of duty is way easier than DKCR on wii for example.

          1. Thank you! Well said from the furry with the curry! This is actual proof of observation that no one tends to write down for Microsoft and Sony. You forgot GTA V though. I see a lot of kids on it.

    2. To be fair, my friends and I had some trouble with the controls. Normally ot wasn’t big deal. But the electric bokoblins and the final boss made it absolutely unenjoyable. And even games like MP3, CoD, and SMG worked fine. Sword play with motion controls sounds great. I just wish it was like it was in wii sports resort: accurate.

    3. Played through every Zelda game and love most of them, but Skyward Sword had some control issues. If it weren’t for rediscovering bugs and crafting items every two seconds, it’d be my biggest complaint.

  3. The same person who give SS a 7.5 and the same wedsite that gives DK:TF a 6 is saying something bad about Nintendo ?

    I am surprised !

  4. You can not quietly kill off the Wii U. At this stage anything happening with the Wii U is anything but quiet. If they tried to even consider the possibility of cancelling production, the web would be a buzzin. Not to mention their stock would crumble.

    1. Exactly. If this were the case, Nintendo would’ve fall a long time ago with GameCube.

      All this Anti-Nintendo “they’re doomed, they suck, they’re for babies” is getting on my fucking nerves to no end.

  5. I don’t think they would work so hard to get mk8 out there and bayo 2 and the other big titles in the works. I don’t think they would release those only to pull the plug. that would be a wast of time and money. so some1 is smoking some good grass and not sharing. I believe they will show off the next Zelda game at e3 and I bet they been working on it b4 the wii u was ever launched Nintendo does keeps secrets even though at times it hurts them to do so.

  6. “However, this goes against what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said in the past. As he previously explained that the platform will be entirely separate from their gaming ventures.”

    This says it all. Tom is either a dumbass or fishing for clicks from dumbasses. Either way I use Tom’s bitter tears as my bidet.

    1. If you ever do, go to Humble Bundle. It’s a great place to get quality Nintendo-style games and gameplay.

      Oh yeah, and Skullgirls on Steam.

      With that said, Nintendo isn’t stupid, they’re not gonna shut down production of their Wii U because they don’t want to be like SEGA.

    2. how do u feel about this?
      xbox won this months battle………..570, 000 titanfall preorders!
      at least 3ds should do quite well anyway from Yoshi.

      1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo Omg numbers, uughh you beat me, let me go play my Wii U full of games and my Ps4 full of games. Oh wait, I think my cousin has an X-box one so I can play his games too. But anyways, of course I care about your numbers regarding how many people pledged to give a shit about a piece of plastic. (sarcasm for the idiots)


      by the way that isn’t happening. ninty said lots of times theier main bussines is consoles which is true……they are just expanding and hiring and hiring and expanding into apps and another market.

      = GOOD.

      1. anyone who is getting manipulated by the article, did not read the article. This further proofs that the general population only reads headlines before writing a stupid ass comment.

  7. I sincerely doubt it. As much as I now think some aspects of the Wii U were a mistake (that expensive Gamepad for one), I think Nintendo is going to stick with the Wii U until they’re ready to launch a new console other than this QoL thing. And why would the cancel the Wii U with their big console moving titles, Mario Kart and Smash Bros., coming out in the near future? Heck, Mario Kart 8 is coming out in less than 3 months.

  8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    But our empire will probably just try to invade new areas for the unaware masses…

    1. u must be late.remember, the blue ocean? im guessing that’s on mars……OH SNAP THATS EPIC lol. anyway no its a new market.

  9. If that happens, im off games for GOOD!!

    Im #Ninty4Lyfe anywayz so if they stop, ill have to. Dont see a reason to get a ps4, maybe for Second Son, screw Xbox1, my laptop cant handle Steam very well

    Maybe get a ps3 or sumthin :/

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      We will create the Nintendo Renegade Counter Forces and restore our empire if it falls…

      Which won’t happen anytime soon…

      1. it will happen…….at the end of the world……..when all happens again and yeah.

        commander……..ur not feeling well ur under a spell.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Just something to be prepared for if the unlikely becomes “likely”…

          Fear not, whatever happens, I’ll never go over to the Xbots or Sonyans, I’d rather destroy them with the superior might of the PC Master Race under the name of the holy N…

          But thankfully our empire wil llive on for at least 81 cycles…

        2. It will happen again, at the end of the world, doomsday…the day nintendo releases a new console that struggles at launch and after a year. Oh I dread that day!

          1. *cough*Virtual Boy*cough*

            Just kidding, I don’t count that. I personally have played EVERY Nintendo console (other than the Virtual Boy and CD-i, but I don’t count those) and I think every one is good. Wii U is “failing” because of the idiots who depend on graphics, not gameplay.

  10. At this stage anything happening with the Wii U is anything but quiet. If they tried to even consider the possibility of cancelling production, the web would be a buzzin. Not to mention their stock would crumble.

  11. At this staage anything haappening with the Wii U is aanything but quiet. If they trried to even conssider the posssibility of canccelling prodduction, the webb would be a buzzin. Nott too mention their stock would crrumble.

  12. At this staage anything haappening with the Wii U is aanything but quiet. If they trried to even conssider the posssibility of canccelling prodduction, the webb would be a buzzin. Nott too mention their stock would crrumble.

  13. This would be the one of the worst decisions Nintendo could make at this juncture. If Tom Mcshea had any validity to his theory (he doesn’t), then Nintendo would lose consumer confidence by abandoning a 6 million base system, lose stocks due to lack of confidence from investors, and make the future of new platforms bleak. Even if they are losing money with the Wii U currently, they would lose more in the long run if they abandon it.

  14. MichaelAL2ewis52361

    At this staage anything haappening with the Wii U is aanything but quiet. If they trried to even conssider the posssibility of canccelling prodduction, the webb would be a buzzin. Nott too mention their stock would crrumble.

  15. Gamestop admits they are going from the Gaming Market to Pottery
    WiiU will not be quietly killed, specially since at least 4 games(big) are on the dev and are close to release

  16. Dailyexposer once again returns

    Not gonna happen, QOL has nothing to do with Nintendo gaming platforms its just Nintendo´s way to expand. WiiU will be here till the next homeconsole which i believe will have multimedia features and supports connectivity with QOL, is here. Nintendo isnt Sega for gods sake.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


      The Segans just like the ape Hitler got too confident in their pathetic ways…

      1. Dailyexposer once again returns

        I think Dreamcast was good system and i would like to have em back but their business management was/is just plain stupid. Even the decision to go 3rd party and sell themselfs for pachinko company hasnt been that fruity for em.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I think Dreamcast was their best idea since the Genesis…

          Too bad it came several years to late…

          Thought wise that is…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I mean competitive wise…

              If it came out instead of the Saturn, I believe the world would be very different today…

  17. Again nintendo is not. They to much invested, they can’t kill off the system like the virtual boy because its a define system. Nintendo can’t and won’t. That plan won’t be in action for a few more years. God the gaming media is becoming such a big freakin joke.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Then I can imagine it fusing both regular console gaming with a Tron like gaming experience aka QOL…

      Then even the Xbots will be converted into our holy machinery of radical fun proportions!

  18. Coming from the guy who said Skyward Sword had inaccurate controls, yeah sure I’ll believe what he says. Just kidding, he’s an idiot.

      1. Sasori, just get the fuck out of here, we know this is your fun of the day every single day, but if you hate Nintendo leave! But I guess you love Nintendo, you have even a Wii U and you just come here to have your fun! HAHAHA! XD

  19. The Wii-U paradox:

    There are no 3rd-party games because the systems not selling.
    Systems not selling because there are no 3rd-party games.

    Nintendo needs to release more games and focus less on the 3ds for a change

  20. WiiU isnt going down before getting a Pokemon game or two, an Epic Zelda, New IP (s) (Miyamoto), Animal Crossing, all the nice titles already announced, a new 3D Mario and other stuff, which will basically kill off the Reason to purchase a Xbox…

  21. I’m sick of seeing these kind of topics! I will admit the Wii U sucks right now and there are many things Nintendo could do to improve their situation but we all know they won’t…

    That’s not the point. They have 2 of their biggest games coming out later (namely Smash Bros. 4 and Mario Kart 8) this year along with others. Also Nintendo already acknowledged the Wii U is in trouble and were making sure a steady stream of quality games are released from here on. They like to hold back big games they’re working on until a few months before release and I imagine we’ll see at least 3 new titles (probably 4) this E3 (or June Nintendo Direct).

    Once the Wii U has a somewhat strong line-up of games, many Nintendo fans that have been holding back will hop on board. Nintendo has a strong line of IPs and they could turn this situation around (maybe not completely) in a year or two.

    Unfortunately the Wii U currently lacks a decent library of games for the amount of time it’s been out, but they clearly still support the console. unlike the Virtual Boy (an unfinished device) that saw less than 20 games (I believe). They wanted the Virtual Boy to die off so they could support the N64 (currently known at the time as the Ultra 64) instead.

  22. Skyward sword controls were crappy and unresponsive, and the aiming terrible, even the Wii version of Twilight princess was far better,Skyward Sword sacked,baby graphics with baby controls.

    And yeah this dude is absolutely right about NINTENDO killing the Wii U with that gym for babies it’s trying to me

      1. Alas, he masturbates to the likes of that crappy forced gimmick Kinect for the entire NSA to watch.

        Yup. He must be one of those desparate rejects.

  23. IDIOTS!
    logic of all anti ninty sites ( and thers far too many of em!)
    >company expands busisnness= DOOOMED
    >company (cough sony cough) shrinks in buissnes = nothing.

  24. The QOL has been stated that it will be a separate device from a gaming console, therefore, if it was to kill the Wii U, it would mean that they are leaving the gaming business, which they won’t do. Besides, it’s not completely Nintendo’s fault that the Wii U isn’t selling (though they need to market it better), it’s both the audience and the third party developers.

    The third-party developers jumped ship on Wii U because it isn’t simple and unoriginal like the Xbox One and PS4, therefore, they would have to spend only slightly more money to port their games to the Wii U than Xbox/PS. In other words, they care more about making money than their audience, which is proven by the amount of sequels and rehashes they put out multiple times per year. Square Enix is now making a “Tomb Raider Definitive Edition”? You’ve got to be joking; that released less than a year ago, and they’re already making a remake which looks only slightly better than the original, and they also keep on releasing Final Fantasy games, which is really getting old. Thank god for Bravely Default as a new IP. Ubisoft and EA are no better: Assassin’s Creed (while fun) has now had 6 games, with a seventh (I believe) coming this year, but they’re finally making something new: Watch Dogs. EA keeps on releasing sports games, which I don’t know if anyone even cares about anymore, as well as half-made games either riddled with glitches or releasing the rest of the game with paid DLC, or both.

      1. Whoopst, you are totally right. My mistake for speed reading.
        Still, my question would not change very much. This whole quote seems very biased and, as many have pointed out, not based on actual facts.

  25. I’m pretty sure this “Quality of Life” thing is not a platform. I don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that.

  26. why do people think that nintendo admitted that wii u is a failure? they never admitted that, they said that wii u is failing, not a failure, learn the difference, just like a flu is not the same as a common cold. tell me one legit reason why there is so much hate for nintendo? is it because smash bros wont come to ps4 or x-bone? mario 3d world wont come to smartphones? nintendo has the best 1st party games than sony and microsoft combined? you hate nintendo because everyone else does? nintendo is a threat to sony and microsoft? both microsoft and sony combined are losing money faster than nintendo? are too lazy to get a 3ds and wii u for mario and want mario 3d world/land on your phone for $0.99? want nintendo to go the candy crush, flappy bird and angry birds route even though those are not games and will never be one? i can go on to prove a point. i hate kinect 2.0 and how microsoft runs their business like rushing the xb360 and ending up with the red ring of death

  27. This is the same guy, who reviewed the skyward sword. Who is seemly, too lazy to setting up the Wii right or simply being careless to the console.
    I think this guy, took the idea from the latest episode of ‘Game theory,’ from Youtube.

  28. You people need to get your head out of the clouds and come back down to reality. Look I hate watching Nintendo getting slaughtered. I really do… Because I have always loved them. I grew up a Nintendo fan, and they will always be my favorite of the 3 (but I like Sony and Microsoft as well). However, to try and justify Nintendo’s wrongs won’t do anything. The reason Nintendo is in the situation they are in is their fault and ONLY their fault. You wanna blame customers? They’re confused as to whether or not Wii U is a new system or just a 300 dollar peripheral. You wanna blame 3rd parties? They’re playing it smart. Who wants to put time and money into a game and have it not even sale? Nintendo played it safe and tried to have lightning strike twice by using a similar strategy they did with Wii, but it just fell apart. The only hope Nintendo has left is Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Don’t be ignorant; if those two fail, Wii U fails. It doesn’t matter how good or great Zelda is, its a proven fact by sales that it just doesn’t garner the buys that Mario, Smash and Kart does. If anything, it may give it a temporary boost for a month or two, then its impact will be over. Smash and Kart both have to have long term effects on sells, otherwise its over. Mario 3D World failed. Donkey Kong failed. Zelda WW HD failed. All those are games that should have moved units. If Smash and Kart bomb, Nintendo would be wise to read GameSpot’s article and just quietly forget about Wii U. If they were smart they would create Zelda on the successor to Wii U. Otherwise they’d just be waisting money.

  29. Such click bait. Such wow.
    You even said, in your very own words, that your hypothesis goes against anything that Nintendo has said. And yet, here it is written here for all to read.

    Your company is terrible.

  30. I doubt the Quality of Life platform is going to be anything like the DS. Nintendo’s “3rd Pillar”, right? Yeah, the fact that it could actually do what the Game Boy did but better (and I ain’t talking about backwards compatibility), really meant gamers only had to get over a few minor hurdles to accept the DS (the biggest was prolly releasing so early in the GBA’s life-cycle). But boom, just like the Game Boy was inspired by Game & Watch, so too was the DS by, well, the dual-screened Game & Watch handhelds.

    But, uh, the Quality of Life platform doesn’t exactly sound like it has anything to do with gaming; nothing substantial, anyway. Then again, I look at the Wii U and see a console equivalent to the DS or DSi, but with what should’ve been even fewer hurdles. But nooooo, the industry and a large influx of poseurs, uh, certain “gamers” and graphic whores seem to really be threatened by the Wii U, and Ninty in general. Seems the industry has changed into some horrid monster. ‘Course, 3rd parties seem to be suffering, too, otherwise they’d be less inclined to multi-plat the crap outta every title and actually cater to Nintendo’s fan-base again (the exclusive and elusive Red Steel 3, even a multi-plat like Prince of Persia would do wonders). Even the GameCube got better support, both multi-plat and exclusives than the Wii U. Hel, the original Wii saw great niche exclusives, a lot of hardcore games. But, you know, most people only see what’s directly in front of them, make a snap judgement believing they’ve really cogitated on a console, then take a dump on it every chance they get. I think a lot of younger gamers were fed a bunch of junk, and now that they’re a bit older, are spoiled rotten, and feel that if it isn’t photo-realistic or M rated, it’s for babies. How…pitiful. They remind me of the sitcom dad, or the frat-boy who crushes beer cans on his forehead. I bet if Nintendo had been as popular as the PS and PS2 yet remained the same Nintendo, mindsets would be a lot more mature. Don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions to the rule, and if you’re the exception, then I ain’t talking about you.

    But so far, the only one to save the industry? Yep, looks to be Nintendo. Is the good guy always invincible in the beginning? Makes for a better story if they’re initially unpopular, too, don’t it? Perhaps we’re merely in the second act, where things are darkest. Toward the end, a big crash, then at the beginning of the third act, who should rise up and bear the torch of truth and pure gaming? Yep, Nintendo, and indies. Not saying they’re infallible, but when they seem to be the only company (plus indies) who seem to actually care about gaming, they’re really the better examples, not necessarily the best. Then again, some probably like the way gaming has headed, so. whatever. If Ninty really can’t make a console work anymore, they should not make a multimedia box and instead stop. If their handheld sector somehow doesn’t cut it anymore, again, stop. Either venture out into something else, or commit company seppuku. I’d much rather see Nintendo renew trademarks and copyrights for the next 100 years and let all their IPs sleep peacefully than have them marred and maimed on other platforms. ‘Course, their stops likely won’t even be possible until I’m old and gray.

    “In any event, it’s too soon to light memorial candles for the company’s flagship console (and the “Wii” brand in general), or to glean something as definitive as “flop” from the economic tea leaves, anymore than Microsoft’s abysmal original Xbox sales, right up to the end, heralded the demise of the Xbox platform.”

  31. QoL will be a 3rd pillar. It is not a replacement to core gaming.

    “Core gamers” should be happy, they are moving out the Wii sports/fit/Casual series games from their “classic” platforms into a new platform.

  32. Nintendo needs a action/platformer/RPG that uses statutes of Nintendo characters Using NFC tech and they will sell Wii U like candy.

  33. This is so not true. The Quality of Life stuff that Nintendo is talking about has NOTHING to do with video games so how could they quietly kill off the Wii U with a non-gaming related product line? They would have to kill the Wii U off with a new console.

  34. Wait a minute! What the heck is this “quality of life” platform? Why have I never heard anything about this until I read this article? Was it mentioned in a Nintendo Direct? I haven’t been watching the Nintendo Directs lately. I just go here to find out all of the latest Nintendo news.

    1. It’s a separate market that Nintendo is entering that focuses on health. Nintendo’s new technology will not be connected to any of their prior consoles and is “wearless” technology. It will be some time before we get any info on this new market and it’s products from Nintendo. There’s an article on this site providing more details, but I don’t have the link, so you’ll have to find it yourself.

  35. Whether this guy is correct or not will depend on how stellar Nintendo’s E3 presentation is this year. If it’s anything like last year, yeah he might be on to something.

  36. Nintendo will make 6 million people very unhappy not to mention probably lose a lot of business from old fans if the shut down the Wii U. Nintendo wouldn’t go as low as cancelling the Wii U just to get out of a crisis. Besides Nintendo has millions of dollars that they can fall back on even if the Wii U does fail. I have faith Nintendo won’t turn their backs on us, and instead simply surprise us without warning.

  37. Nobody reads Gamespot anymore, That site has been done for years. Guaranteed this guy is paid to write this by MS, Sony, Apple or, more likely, by a marketing firm representing one of those companies. I guess Ars, Wired and all the other sites they used to pay to attack Nintendo were busy?

  38. If Nintendo did something like that, then they would put themselves into a situation exactly like Sega. They have to support the Wii U for at least 5 years, otherwise, it’s the Sega doom all over again.

  39. retro gaminng junkie

    Lol, they give a 6 to DKTF and Tom says it is ann excellent game in the article. Really, Gamespot is a joke. Only vanOrd knows what he is doing there.

  40. We can all agree on one thing here:

    A game isn’t terrible just because it’s not on the Wii U.

    In other words, it’s not the end of the world if they quit on the Wii U. All of their games they originally planned for the Wii U can simply move to whatever “health platform” they intended (come on, you know Nintendo’s just saying that as a marketing gimmick, they’re not going to actually strictly follow “health platform” to the letter). More importantly, Nintendo will just make new games for this “health platform” that will likely have the same unique greatness (and I emphasize “unique,” suggesting that nothing else on the other systems are really like it) as previous works. Why should we fret just because those prospective games won’t be on the Wii U? Isn’t Nintendo supposed to be all about the games? That means that Nintendo’s games will always be good, irrespective of their platforms. That means that if it came down to the Nintendo games we play vs. the Nintendo consoles we play, it should come to no surprise that we’d pick the Nintendo games. Isn’t the fact that, if we wanted to play older Nintendo games, we’d use emulators for that purpose? Yeah, the consoles that the games appeared on would form a part of that game’s essence, but as Nintendo and the other companies have demonstrated, those games can very easily outlive the consoles they were born on, like the entire Virtual Console, or Sony’s HD collections. There is no reason to get hung up on the ideal that games should stick to their native environments. Ultimately what matters are the games we play, and what consoles we feel comfortable playing with.

  41. I am a bit worry about that guy cause, QOL is not a video game platform it’s just another market nintendo wants to go to. I though Nintendo want to wider the scope of the company and not just focus on one big competitive market. if QOL is what I think it’s then killing the Wii U is not an abolsute silly business decision. Also I know the Wii U did not sale great and the other managed to catch up very fast but now I don’t think worldwide Xbox 1 or PS4 sell way more than Wii U does. Cause if that the case MS and sony should also give up on their console as well.

  42. Ok, Nintendo isn’t slowly killing the Wii U, this is a guy’s opinion to get views and other Nintendo sites to talk about it.

    And who takes this guy seriously? We are talking about Tom Mc Shea, the troll that gave Skyward Sword a 7/10 when everyone else was giving it 10s and on YouTube it was proved the controls were perfect.

    And this is from GameSpot, a gaming site no one visits anymore and only go when they hear about outrageous review scores or articles like this one.

    This is just his opinion, he doesn’t work for Nintendo to know they are doing this, and to get clicks and people to read his article.

    Maybe they will kill it next year or not, or they have tons of huge games coming to revive it, who knows?

    But I can say both things and they are just opinions, not like this guy, who thinks he’s always right and even defended his shitty Skyward Sword review, which was bad journalism all over the place!

    This is troll bait, and it’s Wii U’s lack of games that is killing the Wii U.

    Nintendo can revive it like they revived the 3DS or just make it the new GameCube.

  43. Oh, btw, “As he previously explained that the platform will be entirely separate from their gaming ventures.”, this just proves how QOL is not killing the Wii U slowly or is going to whatever.

    Just proves this guy is wrong, he doesn’t check facts, and only writes articles to troll.

  44. Guys, what did you expect? this is the same guy that gave The Last of Us 8/10, so of course he is going to spew crap on the internet.

    Click baits! click baits everywhere!!

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  46. This guy is an idiot, opinion or not. Apparently he is ignoring the fact Sega is a shell of it’s former self & is now mostly 3rd party simply because they killed off one console (Sega Saturn) for another (Sega Dreamcast) too damn soon.

  47. So, Nintendo starts all this crap by announcing a new console (Wii u), in which they say “we hope to call hardcore gamers back into our new console.”
    Then, some some dummies (including me), start to see some potential on the Wii U, (well, maybe Nintendo is prepared this time, since the new ps4 and Xbox Will probably launch in the end of this year, maybe I should get a Wii U, play some last gen games and then I will already be prepared for next gen), so we ended buying the Wii U, thinking that Nintendo would “pull a Microsoft” out of their pockets and that the Wii U would be a long lasting console like the Xbox 360 was.
    So, I bought the damn console, it actually made me confident because it even had better graphics than the others (at the tie).
    When the Ps4 was finally out, I started seeing all these 3rd party games being dropped out of Wii U, and a bunch of devs saying that the Wii U wasn’t powerful enough… After that, everything just went downhill, (I fd-up) , all the games I could be playing “down the drain” and then I see some people saying, ” we didn’t even wanted that”…
    I said to my self “that’s it, no more Nintendo home consoles ever”, now I managed to build a pc, and that’s the only way I have to play the games I missed…
    And now you ask, what about Mario and super smash?… Well 3DS does all that, if they at least were Wii U exclusives, but not even that!…
    What a waste of money.

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