As Expected, GBA Wii U Virtual Console Games Don’t Support Multiplayer

Nintendo of Japan has confirmed on its official website that Game Boy Advance games on the Wii U Virtual Console won’t support multiplayer. The company says that all the Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games will simply be single player only.

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      1. You’d be able to run two versions of the same game, one on the TV and one in the GamePad, linked. People would be able to play multiplayer without any trouble

      2. That’s like running 2 games at once. Sorry, but I don’t actually think that’s possible, not on any console I’ve ever seen.

        The gamepad is not completely independent of the Wii U, it doesn’t operate in a stand-alone function.

      3. Dude, it’s a fucking GBA game, we’re not talking about Battlefield 4. My iPhone 3GS can run Infinity Blade and you’re saying the Wii U can’t deal with a 2,4 MB game?

      4. Can your iPhone run 2 separate sessions of the game at the same time? No, because it’s not technically possible in the operating system.

      5. But it is possible, my microsoft tablet can run most games side by side with split screen, and they both function as normal.

      6. I think what he means is, the Wii U is powerful enough to run two gameboy advance games at once. Plus there were gameboy advance games that had multiplayer through one cartridge. If one gameboy advance can beam a game to 4 3 other screens, there is no reason to think the Wii U (a considerably more powerful console) could not duplicate two versions of the game at a time.

        The real reason it wouldn’t work is simply because these are emulations of the actual game. The games would have to be complete remakes to support such a feature. This way is more economical for Nintendo, they just have to make emulations of files they have already made rather than remake them entirely.

      7. It’s a fucking 2,4 MB game. Even the Wii U can run that shit. Have you played ZombiU’s multiplayer?

      8. Yes, the Wii U can run 2 sessions independently. Look at Call of Duty. 2 players, one on the tv one on the pad while playing online. no split screen required. They could do it if they wanted to

      9. Windows 8 can. It’s called App snap. Besides, we are paying a lot for these, they could code them to run together. No one said it HAS to run two games at once. They could code so two instances play in the same application.

      10. Yes it can I have two pokemon games on my phone and they can trade with each other and I can blue tooth Kirby games with my friends

      11. Lets just be thankful we’re getting it at all instead of complaining about everything they do, kay?

      12. What is there to be thankful for exactly? Us paying Nintendo for a half ass job? I can fucking pirate the game and play it on just about any modded console… Xbox, xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, etc… Why pay for a half ass job just because the company that is releasing it has a big name?

      13. too bad Nintendo is spending their resources to adding online multiplayer to newer games instead of 20+ year old games,too fucking bad.

      14. yeah, new games like mario bros u, pikmin 3, nintendoland, mario 3d world, dk tropical freeze, those new games, right?please don’t give me “mario kart 8 and ssb4” anwser, that means 2 games, how much resources can two games require

      15. Very much like Ubisoft ATM but nobdy is saying anything or how about COD being lazy with originality and fixing its BS respawn and overpowered guns problems? No? Then why attack one side when many others do the same shit which is irrelevant on this level because we’re talking about old portable games that used a different multiplayer connection method which everyone has completely forgotten.

      16. EXACTLY! Why do we even have this expensive second screen controller if Nintendo isn’t going to take advantage of it on their own games. Sure, it would require some re-coding but not by much, let’s be honest, the Wii U is a hundred times as powerful as the GBA, so don’t tell me it’s a power issue.
        I have yet to see a single full game by Nintendo that made me say “Y’know what, this game would not be possible without the GamePad”
        The closest has been Ubisoft’s ZombiU and I don’t count Nintendoland as it’s a set of mini-games, albeit fun ones, not a fully fleshed out games.

      17. The GamePad is mostly a gimmick and the major idea of it was the ability to play off-screen not the “asymmetrical-gameplay” BS that they promoted…SONY solved this elegantly – a real gamer understands this.

      18. No. Kinect is gimmick and a failed. PSMove was a ripoff gimmick that failed too.

        And how can Sony resolved this problem? Oh right. By ripping Nintendo off..again.

    1. Uhh hello! wat is a game boy advence? can mother play this nintendo game boy advence? or can only i because i am boy and i play games and it is caled a game boy. also it looks kinda retro how is it that advence? is their a game girl advence 4 mother because i love her and want her 2 bee able 2 enjoy advence games with mii because i love her!

      cheers! the ben sanders :)

    1. over priced old games. lol not. i have that can play gba games way better than wiiu and there free. nintendo is the most laziest devs i have seen. EA has way better talent than lazytendo.

      1. lol you nintendrones can nintendo your all you want. as for am going to get a emulator for free.nintendo doesnt desever my money again after how they treated wiiu owners like me. what a lazy company. i hope mk8 sells terrible.

      2. So we should believe u own a wiiu? How did they mistreat the owners? The only main issue they had with the wii u is no freakin games, and god awful marketing. Saying u hope something does bad, so people could lose jobs that aren’t heads? Of course u can get things free through emulators, u can do that with all systems. So if sony or micro sells old ps games and xbox games 10-15$ its stupid of them. Also if system sell it, no one is forcing u to have it. Why do u even own the system it was clear u don’t like anything on the system.

      3. :D

        “How did they mistreat the owners? The only main issue they had with the wii u is no freakin games…” THAT sounds f#ckin hilarious***

      4. Seriously. Why are you here? And answer me you little bitch! If you have 1 ounce of balls you will!, if not, a nacy little dried up vigna stain. You like Nintendo games , correct? You will get the emulator and play them. Proves you like Nintendo!! 8$ is maybe steep, but at 5$ it’s ok

      5. As a fellow wii-u owner, I agree. But fully disagree on mk8. It might be a best gem of this gaming era.

      6. EA..stop right there. EA is the clear opposite of fair and responsible company so don’t even go drop over the waterfall for their sake..although you seem too stupid to do it anyway so be my guest.

        What you morons forget is that Gameboy used a Link Cable for multiplayer which is a far different method than Wifi/ad-hoc and takes time to recode the entire game to use wifi which is a long shot process. Be glad you get the games at all.

      7. I bet you don’t complain about the cost of the PSOne and PS2 classics on PSN.

  1. as usual nintendo to lazy to put effort in anything. no wounder sm3dw was such a $60 ripoff. i done buying these barebone nintendo. they cant try just to add co op online multiplayer in a 2013 game.

      1. i did complete sm3dw.the game was a joke and such boring level desgin.

      2. “Such boring level design”
        Wow what are these other masterpieces you are playing?

      3. This retard probably only saw that reveal trailer from E3 and said “fuck it”. I get it. I was skeptic also but in time when more was revealed, I was astounded with the changes and additions.

        This asswipe is beyond single minded that you can clearly tell he never played a damn Nintendo game in his life and saying they’re exactly like everyone else but I don’t care because they’re Nintendo; company for babies and I hate them for that reason, which is inconsistent to his criticism.

      4. I call bullshit; you surely didn’t get to Champion’s Road, let alone complete it, if you think the level design is boring, and if you really did get there, I imagine you couldn’t finish the stage without the White Tanooki suit.

    1. LoL barebone? There is so much content in 3D World. Guess what the best thing about it is? You dont need dlc to get the most out of it. You unlock it through playing, that is a lost art these days with money hungry devs shipping games half done

      1. Cute! Look, it said “Pull the plug” again! Lol. Wait! If we keep watching, they’ll say the word “Gimmick.” again!

      2. It’s designed for kids…well then you should love it, you juveniele dipshit. Do us all a favour and just piss off! Your comments are not funny or appreciated. No one wants your type here!

    1. Ok anubis , you should know pulling the plug on the system is worst idea. Its better to deal with it for aleast 4 more years. What if the ps4 was unplug within two years would u buy a ps5?

      1. ps4 is a sucess and the xbox one is have good fight against ps4. as of wiiu is just a barebone gaming console desgined for kids of the age 3-8. lol even kids are leaving nintendo.

      2. No, don’t dodge the question with average nintendo school hate, if the ps4 was failing and within a year or so sony replaced it with ps5 would u buy the ps5 after spending over 500$ on ps4.

      3. See? Blind hate towards one place when other companies have proven to do the same but worse but let it slide.

        That proves you’re just a single minded fool.

      4. He did, he simply disproved your fantasy. You just are not using your head.

    2. Then why Microsoft with Smartglass and Sony using PSVita and the Dualshock 4 to mimic it? Mistake still?

  2. Iwata I opened up your wife’s gap and beat those guts. “Please Undastaand”.. When I would go fast her hello kitTy would make Mario coin block noises……

    1. Please, please just go away. You’re not funny, and if you’re just going to hate on Nintendo what’s your reason to be on this site? To troll?

  3. this is exactly why this is needed

    Have you ever imagined playing an old classic that you loved and wanted it to be online to show off your skills or even play with friends and family that live to far away to play the game with them. Imagine Super Mario World with online and voice chat, Mario kart with online and voice chat or even super smash bros! from N64 with online multiplayer and voice chat the list can go on and on this can be something that I know will be a hit! We together can make this happen if we show nintendo that we really want this! This would be amazing!

    1. Not this again! You’re worse than ‘trolls!’ Make better a better solution, like make Nintendo sold themselves to other competitions!

  4. Emulators support it. Im always playing n64 online and i did read gba has network play as well.

    1. Okay. How many emulators actually supported multiplayer on mobile ROMs without the shit having to glitch or not showing proper picture or sound 100 percent of the time?

      From my experience with my Android phone, its called “hacks” and they put too much free time doing so and yet, still can’t get it right. So your point is invalid.

  5. What Nintendo is doing: “Yeah, we just ported some old games. We couldn’t be fucked adding multiplayer, go buy them.”

    What they could be doing: “We’ve provided multiplayer for these games, so you and your friends can enjoy such classics as The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Pokemon, Advance Wars and many others with your friends whether they be next to you or online. We hope you enjoy these games.”

      1. GBA Emulators offer better features than what Nintendo does. Like those troll are saying. Perhaps, Nintendo should offer better than those emulators had? Only blinded zealots and honorable consumers buy victual console games again.

      2. Fool, why multiplayer won’t come because Gameboy used Link Cables which is a different multiplayer method used back then and it no longer exists nor supported today so what do you expect?

      3. It doesn’t change the fact, that, emulators offer online experiences, multi-save states, portable and etc. Which Nintendo fails to do so.
        Resulting, major people rather play GBA games in thier phones or pc.
        If you fail to understand again, then I shouldn’t bother those who can’t help themselves.

      4. Well here’s an idea. Don’t buy it, if you fail to understand that, then why did you come here to argue? Because you too had doubts, therefore giving us a reason to build our case against your’s.

  6. If you guys want multiplayer you can get this crazy thing called a Game Boy Advance. They aren’t expensive nowadays.

    1. Yeah but the games are, which is why I’m happy that Nintendo are putting out GBA goodness once again (I was forced to sell all my games as a kid -don’t ask why) I could care less about multiplayer just bring out the pokemon. For those who are complaining- guess what? You don’t have to buy the games!

  7. for those complaining
    is like adapting Win 95 to do Aero
    The rom is merely run on the WiiU, you cant expect it to be “remake” so it can adapt to the new technology

      1. not really
        GBA=Win 95

        Im saying they are not going to alter the rom, specially since it is just a Virtual Console
        If it was like the “3D series” the 3DS brought, it would be different

      2. Thanks, truly it is. Still, i think Nintendo should offer something better than those emulators in pc and phones.

  8. Another missed opportunity by Nintendo due to their slightly odd aversion to online multiplayer and their refusal to tweak VC games at all. They seem to have no problem charging us multiple times for the same games (or in the case of SMB3, different releases of the same game) but refuse to actually change something in them for the better. If they simply allowed online friends to play multiplayer in the place of games where the multiplayer was achieved by link cables they’d sell so much more. People would kill to be able to play games from their childhood with friends far away. And the slightly too expensive price points would be justified. Hell, they might’ve even been able to get away with charging $10 for them if they had online mp.

    But it’s Nintendo. They do AMAZING things and then sometimes do things and intentionally stop short of amazing for reasons that only make sense to them in their community/culture showing their shortsightedness. And in those cases we just have to be grateful for what they did right and not dwell on how they could have easily made it that much better or you’ll go insane. So I guess we just have to be grateful that they’re giving us something like GBA on Wii U at all. Even if it is late, it’s better than never.

    1. OH WAAAAAAAAAH BITCH WHINE AND COMPLAIN over a system you might not even own so shut up, get off…and stick to what you got. I foyu hate Nintendo do damn MUCH that you can’t stand it, THEN GET THE FUCK OFF AND STOP WHINING.

      Want some cheese and crackers to go with that whine?

      1. I love Nintendo. Look at my username dumbass.

        And lol I got my Wii U day one. Preordered it the first day preorders were available and paid $50 more than they cost now plus I also bought NSMBU which now comes bundled. If anyone can complain (which anyone can by the way, I live in a fucking free country and last I checked the internet was basically an open forum in which to voice opinions) it’s me. YET I still am a HUGE Nintendo supporter and just want them to stop passing up opportunities to be great and settling for good enough. Sure they’ve done legendary things no one else can, but they’ve also fucked up and hit some derp sprees that lasted way too long and lost them many loyal fans.

        Most “mature” and adult gamers are old enough to have started on Nintendo platforms.That alone gave them a nostalgic edge in which they could’ve easily kept the majority of their gamers away from Xbox and PlayStation by playing the western game a little better like Sony did and making smarter moves in general. But they’ve got this blind ignorance/foreign arrogance thing that plagues them sometimes. Like not including online multiplayer in many of their AAA titles just because they want/think people will come over and play on the same couch. Well sure you could probably get SOMEONE to play with you, but outside of Japan going over your friends house and playing games isn’t the most common thing once you get out of High School, and that’s pushing it. You end up going to different colleges, moving to different cities, etc. Shit happens. And then we’ve been modernizing and becoming accustomed to the internet and online play in everything over the last 10 years, so when you jump from playing your Xbox/PS games online to your Nintendo console you want to play that online too. If you decided “Let’s switch from this to SM3DW really quick” they’d have to drive all the way to your house just to play that with you. It’s inconvenient but wouldn’t be too big of a deal if it didn’t happen SO frequently with them.

        So yes, there are a group of Nintendo fans who unlike you, DON’T agree with EVERY FUCKING THING they do and choke on them blindly praising every decision they make, including their bad ones, so we’ll occasionally voice our opinions. If all they hear are people like you sucking them off then they’ll never see what a large chunk of consumers want and ultimately they’ll lose more and more fans. You may not care about those fans, but after a while they’ll add up and Nintendo will have a low install base which means less third party confidence, less investors, money, etc. And I for one would actually LIKE FOR NINTENDO TO BE NUMBER ONE IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY. They’re my favorite company believe it or not.

        As far as online in VC games go, I never expected it, but as poorly as the Wii U is performing it would’ve been a very nice touch and a simple way to tug on the heartstrings of people who grew up with Nintendo, remember playing with Link Cables, etc. and would love to play these games again with their friends wherever they are in the world. Could’ve possibly been one of the many things (along with the upcoming first party titles) that enticed them to buy a Wii U if they didn’t have one and come back to Nintendo.

        Learn the difference between hate and simple frustration from a concerned fan. You can like something/someone and still feel they missed out on an opportunity,

        P.S. Also learn to not to rage and type simultaneously. “I foyu hate Nintendo do damn MUCH” lol. You kind of make good word jumbles though.

    1. See blinded drones! Can you see why we complain? We want Nintendo as a better competition. Sure Nintendo can continuing losing money up to 50 years or so, but do you want that?
      Or much worse, Nintendo might cease to business. Simply because almost no one wants buy their hardware anymore.

  9. What ticks me off is that in the case of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, they already have a working port of the game with multiplayer on the 3ds. But you had to be an ambassador to get it. Instead of releasing the game on the Wii U without multiplayer, why not just release the copy you already have on the 3ds for the general public. They could release the other games on the Wii U, but the multiplayer ones could be on the 3ds so we could enjoy it in it’s full glory.

  10. Not surprised, but they really did miss a perfect opportunity to have online. If emulators can, curious why Nintendo couldn’t pull it off. At least with their 1st party titles. Oh well.

  11. The reason I’m so mad right now is that for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, they already have a working port of the game on 3ds. Also if they can make a special edition of four swords with multiplayer support why not do the same for amazing mirror. Four swords was just an add on to a port of a game. Amazing Mirror was a full fledged game. The amount of missed opportunities Nintendo has always frustrates and amazes me.

  12. Every article’s comment section becomes some silly agreement :P

    Every time you post, the page refreshes and an ad displays, thus making your “arguments” worth cash to the owners. Keep up the good “work”! ;)

  13. Yeah they should have added online for free just like XB1 an PS4…oh wait…

  14. people really get upset over no multiplayer? can people get over it and also for trolls to get over with your retarded comments about nintendo. all they ever do is come to a site just to cause hate or just for ridicule which they suck at.

  15. I scoff at the good ol days when we needed game link cables for multiplayer before the DS introduced true wireless multiplayer for handhelds.

    1. And those blinded zealots will keep this practice alive. Just wait more years, then some products will offer better options than what Nintendo currently offering.

  16. lol I just LMAO at all of these whining bitches over multiplayer which in the end of the day, nobody is gonna care because how many current friends you have has time to stop by and play a classic game on a Wii U console that everybody has a dumbass reason to hate over and not a $500 Betamax tryhard that forced a failed gimmick and lied about DRM being gone?

    Let me school you morons this lesson based from my experience of Gameboy that I bet 80 percent of you whiners haven’t touched in your lives:

    All Gameboy consoles back then used what was called a Link Cable and what that is its a wire with two ends that connects 2 devices (4 when you have a splitter adapter but thats only for GBA) and clearly since Wii U nor 3DS DO NOT SUPPORT THIS METHOD because its DISCONTINUED, it’ll take Nintendo some time to recode the old games to support wifi or online features which they WEREN’T DESIGNED FOR and there’s like how many Gameboy titles in all…like THOUSANDS.

    So if any of you braindead, douchebag anti-Nintendo crusaders got some dumbass nay saying over this, let me you this one thing that’s real about you: You’re just a single minded hater looking for yet another stupid reason to bash a company about something that other companies have proven to do the same and worse. But guess what? You’re too retarded to notice the difference and you wanna know why? You lack common sense and open mindedness due to either being dropped or too vulnerable by another kind of stupid to get brainwashed so pathetically easy.

    If you don’t like Nintendo because you think some of their decisions don’t make sense or cater to your liking (which half of that I can agree and I’m a fan myself), then that’s your problem and loss. Feel free to run towards another company and product but coming over to a form just to talk casual dumb shit that we all heard before is not going to work or make anything better so STFU please, grow a conscious and do research before opening your foul mouths.

    I know some decisions Nintendo made over the years are kinda stranger, even stupid but they are a company afterall. All industries does the same shit when coming up with ways to make a profit to keep their businesses afloat and expanding. That’s their nature and you defending a company only makes you look like an idiot thinking they have a heart for you.

    Hope my lesson sinks into your thick skulls by now. Otherwise, refuse to learn, you refuse to survive in this life properly.

    1. We don’t need to read your ‘fanboyism.’ We need state men who want Nintendo to move forward and prospect.

      1. The word is prosper..
        Nobody complained about this on the wii… Just fussy.

      2. Wow. There you go with the “double standard” if you’re even smart enough to know what it means.

        This isn’t anywhere near fanboyism if you read my shit carefully and slowly as I mentioned I noticed some shit Nintendo has done thats strange and illogical.

        Nice try. But only idiots can fool idiots.

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