Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite Devs Troll Tweets

Peter Moore, the Chief Operating Officer at EA, has taken to Twitter to apologise for the troll tweets published today from an anonymous developer on the Frostbite engine Twitter account. Moore says the tweets were not condoned by EA and presumably the person involved has had a stern talking too. You can read the deleted tweets below.

Frostbite now runs on the #WiiU since it is the most powerful Gen4 platform, our renderer is now optimized for Mario and Zelda.

Frostbite will power #HalfLife3, coming out summer 2014! #WiiU exclusive.

Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU.


  1. Hello! That’s good to here that they are apologizing for their poor actions. Thanks for the news!

    Uhh goodbye!

    1. Lol they should try to bring it over any ways, and work on bringing their IP to Nintendo, why not port sim city, Sims 4 (with game pad support!!! Imagine) plants vs zombies? They would be great for Wii U. Battlefield not really a good fit, maybe when Nintendo customers warm up to that kind of thing, but to expect 5 years of mario kart, galaxy, and the like and wonder why a port of mass effect dues not sell (almost a year after every one played it on Xbox) no wonder, maybe if you had a better strategy about it loll……ughhhh

      1. The reason why EA doesn’t want to release any games on Wii U even though majority of their games are great for the 2 screens is because they don’t want poor sales. It kinda sucks, but that EA for ya

      2. Yes I can see why they would fear getting poor sales with their history of game breaking bugs, micro transactions, shitty ports, and generally not giving a fuck about their customers except for taking their money. Better to stay away from Wii U and produce quality games on other plat forms. Because it’s the Wii U and not their shit products that effects their sales.

    1. probably not a (legal) reason for a layoff unless that person has been reprimanded before.
      where i live at least it would be fairly difficult to legally fire someone for that without precedent.

      1. Adam Orth got fired for his stupid xbox one ‘always on, deal with it’ bullshit stuff he posted on twitter.

        So it’s not without precedent.

      2. When someone ‘resigns’ shortly after they’re involved in a massive fuck up, they were fired/forced out.

      3. Do you really think he would be so willing to leave such a cushy job?Trust me, forced resignation is definitely a thing. If they fired him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything because they have a huge legal team and he pretty much defaced their company. He didn’t have many options.

      4. can’t be a very cushy job if he’s so unbalanced that he feels the need to utter such statements in public

        he didn’t “deface” their company, he made inappropriate statements that didn’t sit well with the management
        he didn’t insult anyone and he didn’t badmouth his company.. it would be *very* debatable if this behaviour was damaging to business at all

        people are still allowed to give their personal opinion in the public regardless of where they’re employed
        the fact that it got viral real fast changes nothing about that.. people can’t really be expected to anticipate when or if their comments will go viral
        that’s a pretty weak case for a legal layoff there

        also i do hope for your and everyone’s sake that employment rights aren’t as poor as you’re indicating here

        now he may have been forced out of course, that’s something else

    2. That’s just ea saving face, which is stupid because if they tried they could port it, and if they tried they could bring sim city, Sims4 and plants vs zombies to Wii U and even bring special game pad support

  2. The person involved had a “stern talking”?

    I’m surprised they let the guy keep his job after tweets like that. Regardless of your opinion, or even facts, that’s just terrible PR on EA.

    1. Honestly, its like after 5 years of casual and games for children games on the Wii, they shouldn’t have jumped the gun porting mass Effect a year after Xbox already had it, then expect it to sell…..ughhhh if they brought sim city, sims4, and plants vs zombies with game pad support. That would sell, then when their is enough systems in homes, then bring the more softcore mass market games like battlefield. That’s what’s stupid about EA

  3. It’s good to see a professional attitude and behavior from from some of the EA members . Apologies accepted :)

    1. Not even a good joke or apology for that matter. Don’t forget, they still refuse to publish Wii U/3DS games over Nintendo rejecting that BS Origin service remember?

      This weak ass apology won’t change anything.

      1. Honestly, sim city and Sims 4 should be on Wii U, and their mobile games should be on 3DS…….the company has good IP, but just like valve the people running the company are stupid

      2. Sim City no but Sims 4 I could see…

        But I still don’t want any Electron garbage, specially not since they pulled the plug on Spore, that was the last straw for me buying their crap…

      3. What the hell are you talkkng about? Valve is not even close to being as stupid or worse as EA.

  4. Making fun (not even funny) of product of a potential business partner? Nice, who was thew genius behind that brilliant idea.

  5. Not good enough. Nintendo should take them to court and never allow another EA on Wii U or future platforms.

      1. Your rediculous. Nintendo should do it to put them out of buisness and teach them a lesson.

    1. Why do we need to waste time in court when High Command can just cut any relationship they have left with them in one second?…

  6. You wanna know how to apologize properly to the entire Wii U fanbase and Nintendo Peter Moore and all of EA?

    Apologize for all the false BS sabotage attacks against Wii U and Nintendo’s reputation like calling the system “crap” over Nintendo rejecting that devilish spawn Origin “Spyware” service and actually START MAKING/RELEASING WII U GAMES that are far overdue!!!

    And then maybe we might talk business again and forgive only half of the BS you’ve done in the past.

    But as for me, its far too late to fool me to forgive such company of greedy dumbasses.

    1. I’m with you comrade, they have gone so past the line of any apology…

      Not even if they kneeled…

    1. And you can’t take the fact that Xbox One is a BS DRM Betamax cable box and PS4 is an overrated peanut gallery lacking games to sell it.

      1. First off I well say I am a proud owner of the Wii U. How ever you do realize that Nintendo has stricter DRM rules then Xbox right? If my Xbox brakes or if I just happen to buy a second Xbox I can have my digital games on both systems, with cloud saves…free of charge, which is not possible with Wii U. (or 3DS) second if your bettamax comment refers to the look of the Xbox, id like to point out that at least Xbox cared to make the system look pleasing to the eye, Wii U is really boring to loom at and is a step down from the original Wii. Also if I’m buying any thing for 500$ I would hope that the OS would be able to do more then just play games, even Wii U has Netflix (seams to have lost its video and photo app)

        ps4 is tottal crap though

      2. I actually do understand that, but in the Xbox One and PS4 defense, they’re still fairly new. It’s gonna take some time before they get some good games. The Wii U had 1 and half years and still has nothing worth buying for it.

  7. Please continue to not support Nintendo thank you sincerely gamers that enjoy fine polished software that doesn’t need 100 patches and ask you pay $50 for more broken maps.

  8. Man you guys are sore losers…

    Can’t even take a friggen joke knowing it’s April 1st lMAO!!

    1. Its not even a joke when its been the same stupid Wii U bashing routine coming from EA. Why do you think they were quick to delete the tweets? Because they want to continue damage controlling themselves to death after openly screwing with people just because they think they can fool the public. Not me. They can shove that weak ass apology straight up their ass.

    1. Good April fools joke is believable, and certainly is not something a “trolling” teen would muster.

  9. One thing is to make an enjoyable joke, and other thing is to be a complete douchebag… on Twitter.

  10. well if nintendo didn’t make such a laughable system, no one would be making fun of it.

    1. And if the minds of humanity weren’t such hypocritical, graphic/power craving asshats of monkeys and learn how to appreciate something that’s no worse than the next gen which is the same shit as the last but only minor improvements and its like comparing iPhone 5 to 5S. Next gen is no different. Not even by a mile.

      1. The power of the “next Gen” Xbox and PeiceofShit are the same, only Sony did not bother to do any thing at all, Microsoft is going through a full overall and even gave the system a version of windows with a over halled HD Kinect. Also Microsoft has the edge due to asure and their cloud graphics, so 4 years from now Microsoft well be able to still have top of the line graphics as PS well be aged, mean while Nintendo well have a new system out by then (every 5 years) I’m not saying the Wii U is bad (I have one) but understand that the point of technology is to make things better, so when Nintendo comes out with something that to little to late, and not making the games that customers want, then understand that Nintendo is a company selling a product. If its not selling then get mad at them for bad marketing and not delivering.

        that said this year they made it pretty clear that there changing things up with the company. Lets how they really do step their game up. Mario kart well be their first test

  11. Lol obvious damage control is obvious. But most “hardcore” gamers and devs make these kinds of jokes behind closed doors all the time. Nothing new. It’d be super ironic though if this damaged their relationship with Nintendo and then when the Wii U’s install base picked up and 3rd parties started fairing a little better EA still couldn’t sell either due to angry fans or Nintendo being offended.

    That being said it would’ve been funny if Nintendo had joked back. Reggie should’ve tweeted “Hey EA how’s Battlefield 4 doing? #CallofDuty #MasterPrestige” even if he hated CoD.

  12. Sony and EA are just jelous haters. I hope they both do bankrup and live on the streets!

    1. When it comes to the Electron Army then yes but we need the Sonyans for target practice…

      I’d rather see the Xbots live on the streets…

  13. I wish this website has a “hide hater comments” feature. It’s painful to see people fighting their opinions. I just want to hear some goon news…

    1. The news is on top why do you scroll any further down?…

      No news there…

  14. Hmph. It was really immature from then alright. Shows the brain capacity of Devs who works for EA; really disappointing with EA Devs thinking they were innocent of all the company’s corruption.

  15. i swear EA said that Frostbite 3 is possible on Wii U? LOL. if it can be done on 360/PS3 then it can be done on Wii U

    1. If anything can be done on PS3/360, which is inferior to Wii U, then so can Wii U. GTA5 is possible, Battlefield 3/4 is possible. Hell, even that overpriced COD clone Titanfall since 360 is having it.

    1. Its not a joke when EA has been doing this same shit since Nintendo said NO to Origin before Wii U was even released so the jokes on EA when Wii U popularity and sales pick up again and 3rd party start returning but EA will be left in the dark after pissing off the entire Nintendo fanbase.

  16. Once again proves what unprofessional chimps work at EA.
    That was closer to poor trolling than Aprils fool joke.

  17. EA proves once again they are PURE EVIL. They are the worst of the worst. They are just jelous of Nintendo. So sad.

    1. I feel more sorry for Wii U owner having to go through this similar BS again like in Wii’s days even though its a great console.

      But don’t you worry. Wii U will have its day and all haters especially EA will eat their own shit when something amazing lands on Wii U.

  18. The guy (and his/her manager) should have a serious written warning for that. 2 reasons:
    1- the twit was from anonymous developer from EA. he/she did not speak on his/her name but on EA’s name (even if the CEO say something else). I don’t think the management team as not aware of it.

    2 – He/she insult a business partner (and its consumer) by display his hatred which further damage that relationship which is not good (to say the least) and making EA look s like a very bad company (like they really need it in the first place). How you are see in the business has some financial impact. Consumer who felt insulted will ignore their products (for those who already do it .it’s just a confirmation for the rest it could be the final straw).

    Saying that they did the right thing by removing the twit and apologise. If I was EA I would really make some games for the Wii U even if it mean losing money cause not doing so will have a much greater impact on the company and its finances.

    Perso I don’t care about EA and never been bothered about EA and Nintendo relationship. I also never bought any of EA games since game cube area cause I don’t find them entertainning. I would not mind the odds FIFA thou.

  19. thanks for correcting me. I just like hearing people’s opinion in the comments section, like how people doesn’t want to have snake on the next smash bros. that was my first comment ever posted on Internet anyway, pardon my inexperience

  20. 3rd party software makers complaining about Nintendo franchises are try-hards. Because every Nintendo mascot represents a videogame genre.

    However the third parties do not have any genres that Nintendo dont have. Only instead of a rich and deep universe of characters, they only have replaceable corny and cheap ‘skins’.

    Nintendo even have genres that nobody else has as well.

    People who dont ‘get’ Nintendo are not true gamers. Nintendo is the true hard core. They are so good they can even turn your granny into a gamer.

    The rest are soft

    I know my Nintendo games are priceless,
    EA is disposable shit.

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