First 4 Figures Reveals New Princess Zelda Statue, Available For Pre-Order

princess_zelda_statue_fullFirst 4 Figures has revealed the Princess Zelda statue as part of the fifth figure in the Twilight Princess Master Arts collection. The limited edition Princess Zelda statue is to quarter scale and stands at 17 inches in height, with the base included. First 4 Figures has managed to capture her elegance and beauty with a stunning hand-painted design and a high-quality polystone cast.

Limited to only 2,500 pieces worldwide, Princess Zelda is now available to pre-order for $349.99 – with an initial $10 deposit. First 4 Figures is expected to ship the regal figure during the last quarter of 2014. All purchases will be delivered in full colour packaging, with a numbered base and an authenticity card. If you just can’t get enough of Princess Zelda’s allure, you can find a host of images at First 4 Figures website, here.


    1. Lol I know right.. She looks really freaking good. XD And don’t call me a perv guys. I’m just admiring her beauty. XD

    2. Good god I was just drop a hot thick load of spunk on this dolls face. Drain my balls bottom to the barrel on this.

      1. But they’re basically just fan made models. Without being official merchandise they’re never gonna reach that ultra-rare collectible status. Anyone could design a figurine and pay to have a manufacturer mock it up.

      2. I bought Ryo Hazuki and the Mario Tanooki from there. This Zelda, while more intricate than Mario, doesn’t look as good. If you look at their Link on Epona the quality is really good. So is Samus in her suit. Zero suit samus looks like shit though, it doesn’t fit it.

      3. I point you to First 4 Figures’ Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, and Phazon Suit Samus figures on Ebay. They were once no more than $225, and are now well into the upper hundreds at least. However, I’m not an experienced collector, so maybe I’ve misread what you mean by “ultra-rare collectible status”.

  1. If I knew about this site a lot earlier, I would have bought either Samus Phazon Suit or Dark Link…

    1. Lol, I know what you mean. Look on the bright side: Ganondorf and the Metroid Prime 1 gunship are still available! :D

  2. I do want it, ever so much.

    2,500 pieces is not really that limited for something like this. Some of their other statues are limited to 500 units or less.

    My only hope is that I take so long deciding whether I can afford one, that they sell out and the decision is made for me.

  3. Its nice but here are reasons why I will never buy it:

    1. It’s not an official model, basically it’s just a fan made thing and I could pay a guy 50 bucks to do it just as good or better

    2. 2500 is not a “limited edition” when the fanbase is not colossal to begin with, here in South Africa, I bet there are only 500 Zelda fans

    3. $350!? here in SA that works out to over R3800, more than most people here earn in a month, for that money I could buy a 8GB Wii U or 2 3DSXLs

    1. For #2, yea there might not be much fanbase there but you have to compete with the rest of the world so it’s pretty limited.

  4. they haven’t even got her face right so they can shove their $350 up their ass. the windwaker ganondorf statue is better than this

    1. Idk why but the statue doesn’t look that good to me. Their ganondorf or link on epona look much better for some reason. Maybe it’s the way she’s painted idk but there’s something off about it.

  5. I’m a little disappointed by her face. Most of the figures from F4F have justified their price tag with immense attention to detail, (look at Ganondorf) but not so with this one. She looks far too much like a celluloid doll. I might have been able to excuse it as an artistic direction if the previous figures of their Twilight Princess line weren’t made with a realistic aesthetic. This Zelda figure not only looks a little wrong, but is inconsistent with it’s own line of figures, and is a poor representation of what F4F has produced in the past.

  6. At those prices, they can keep their figures. INSANE! No way would I pay that price for a freakin’ toy.

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