Adorable Toon Link Nendoroid Figure Available In Japan This August

Fans of the Zelda series in Japan will be ready to take on the Great Sea as soon as Toon Link’s Nendoroid figure hits virtual shelves this summer. The Good Smile Company has released a few pictures of Toon Link from the Wind Waker HD – which you can see in the gallery below – and can now be pre-ordered via their online store for 4,000 yen (equal to around $40 / £24).

Toon Link reaches 10cm in height and comes packaged with the Hero’s sword, shield and a beautiful heart container. Nendoroid figures are usually synonymous with a variety of facial expressions, and Toon Link is no different – serious, courageous, smiling and nervous expressions will accompany the figure, along with a special spin attack add-on attachment.

Unfortunately, the cutesy-pie figure is only due for an August release in Japan, but he’s much more affordable in comparison with First 4 Figures’ Zelda from Twilight Princess.


  1. Why the hell does Japan always get the good things? Gosh!! Nintendo of America does nothing for us.

    1. What should I say about NoE? =(
      At least you had something for Kirby’s 20th anniversary ='(
      Anyway, compared to Japan, we don’t get anything ;_;

    1. No, but I understand what you mean in your language…

      Me getting this so called -Boner- would only occur if it was a Ridley figure…

        1. I don’t think NC will find that offensive

          and NC, you are just digging your grave if you give them a response like that

          1. It’s the virtual world, I might not even be talking the truth about anything when it comes to myself…

            Except about our empire obviously…

          2. If I spend all day on a Nintendo News site and fight for something that’s already lost I would also be not familiar with this so called -Boner-

    1. Xbot, go home and crawl back into the nothingness that awaits you and the rest of your degenerated species…

  2. $40? yeesh although I suppose it could’ve been more pricey, so i’ll consider this for my office

    1. Here I can give you credit, All Nintendrones taking about “grapics does not matter it’s about the gameplay” and then they are buying toys insteed of playing video games.

      1. i find it funny when say graphics dont matter. they claim the new crytec engine could run on wiiu. lol

      2. Lots of gamers buy “toys” (action figures) for the sake of customizing their collection. I’ve seen Xboxers have Master Chief figurines that can be deemed as “toys”

    2. You spend all day whining about Nintendo, bitching about Nintendo, crying about Nintendo

      social introvert confirmed

      1. I am not whining about Nintendo, I just whining at those stupid nerds who don’t understand what’s playing games is about. You wasting more time writing on this site about how your not having a boner about anything. that’s pretty pathetic.

        1. And yet you waste your time talking about it more than I ever did…


    3. I could smell your comment from a mile away before I evened went to the comments… And also, “kiddy” shouldn’t be a term of disapproval or “adult” a term of approval; otherwise, you’re just acting like a little kid.

  3. Nevertheless you seem to enjoy answering to my posts. And that is because it’s the only thing distracting from the truth about your failing kingdom.

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