UK Charts: No 3DS Or Wii U Games In Top 40

This week’s UK charts are now in courtesy of GFK chart-track. It’s more than a poor show for Nintendo offerings this week as no Wii U or 3DS games manage to hit the individual top 40. Not even a Middle-earth adventure could fly into the chart for 3DS or Wii U with the arrival of LEGO The Hobbit. However, the Warner Bros. title entered the chart highest for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, while this week’s top spot is claimed by Titanfall. Below you’ll find the individual top 40.

  1. (NE) [360] Titanfall
  2. (2) [XBO] Titanfall
  3. (4) [360] Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  4. (7) [360] South Park: The Stick of Truth
  5. (NE) [360] LEGO The Hobbit
  6. (15) [PS3] South Park: The Stick of Truth
  7. (6) [360] Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
  8. (3) [PS4] Infamous: Second Son
  9. (11) [360] Call of Duty: Ghosts
  10. (NE) [XBO] Kinect Sports Rivals
  11. (9) [360] FIFA 14
  12. (5) [PS4] FIFA 14
  13. (NE) [PS3] LEGO The Hobbit
  14. (10) [360] The LEGO Movie Videogame
  15. (1) [PC] The Elder Scrolls Online
  16. (NE) [PS4] LEGO The Hobbit
  17. (12) [PS3] FIFA 14
  18. (19) [PS3] Call of Duty: Ghosts
  19. (17) [360] Grand Theft Auto V
  20. (14) [XBO] FIFA 14
  21. (NE) [PSV] Football Manager 2014
  22. (8) [PS4] Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  23. (NE) [XBO] LEGO The Hobbit
  24. (26) [360] Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  25. (13) [PS4] Call of Duty: Ghosts
  26. (35) [360] WWE 2K14
  27. (20) [360] Dark Souls II
  28. (25) [PS3] Gran Turismo 6
  29. (18) [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V
  30. (36) [PS4] Thief
  31. (28) [PS3] The LEGO Movie Videogame
  32. (RE) [PS3] Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  33. (38) [360] Battlefield 4
  34. (27) [XBO] Forza Motorsport 5
  35. (32) [PS3] Dark Souls II
  36. (RE) [360] Skate 3
  37. (33) [360] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  38. (29) [XBO] Call of Duty: Ghosts
  39. (24) [PS4] Battlefield 4
  40. (39) [XBO] Thief


      1. More like they’re not buying good games, so they’re dumb. I live in the UK. Trust me, 95% of British people are dumb.

        1. How are they dumb for not having the same taste as you again? “Good” and “Bad” are subjective you know.

            1. You assume a lot about people you’ve never met.

              Insulting the tastes of other people is stupid.

              1. Totally! I’m really sick of people flaming around on the internet. How about being calmer and nicer? ;)

    1. you are talking shit where is there a nintendo game on this worldwide game chart? that says the wiiu has a game? from nintendo the wiiu has no games not even supermario3dworld is on there and its from nintendo that works on them wiiu has no games compairing the worldwide game chart nintendo has no games for its wiiu that came out in 2012 in november 2012

      1. just what the fuck are you even talking about..
        didn’t understand a word of that train wreck sentence structure…

        1. So what if i am, i can play what i want. Just because you don’t see no Mario or Zelda, doesn’t mean gamers have poor taste. And tbh what has been released for the Wii U recently anyways. Gosh Nintendo fanboys are meant to be the reasonable ones.

    UK were snapped like popcorn, these players are not for gamepley, but for something that has nothing to do with good games! Englishmen are strange plants! :O ;-)

  2. why the heck is there no darksouls 2 for wii u? why are soo many games skippin wii u? what is nintendo even doing? its like nintendo doesn’t give a shit about devs because if they did we could have gotten gta v or saints row 4. nintendo is soo retarded and ignorant. they desever to lose money for all there stupid decisions.

    1. nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope.

  3. real wiiu games from nintendo to be shown at e3 this year we have had no real wiiu games from nintendo that conpair to titanfall or killzone jet

    1. nintendo needs to make an fps first party title like how microsoft made halo and sony made killzone. these mario and zedla games need to end.

      1. lol.. some would consider what you just said worthy of a death sentence

        zelda and mario need to end


      2. I agree, Fps exclusive game wouldnt do any harm for Nintendo, but theres not need to end Mario and Zelda. More the merrier right?

      3. You do realize that Mario and Zelda are two of the biggest franchises ever, with Mario being the biggest ever.

  4. Gaytendo should just keep their trash in Japan and not poison the gamers in other regions… Japan people are already degenrates after all

    1. And you are still fat and sweaty typical “hc gamer” playin those typical games online while eatin pizza and sweatin(seriously all of your kind sweat over a videogame). Can you move? Barely i assume fatty! Im sure you swear to other people through online games like your kind always does while you feel insecurity thanks to your manboobs. Keep playin with your personal “joystick” you are the only one to give it any kind of pleasure……………………biatch

        1. Aww you just described your own reply perfectly, and i thought you dont fit in front of your mirror..fatboy

          1. It’s okay if your ass is hurt, that’s what happens when you damage control. Nothing to be afraid of!

          1. Its funny to see you talk about yourself, i mean you are the biggest one even with you videos, i mean REALLY?

    2. Don’t talk too much, specially considering how much of a “queer-bait” you are…

      You’re not my type though, I don’t like shallow apes…

        1. Typical of the primitive fauna to insult others in such a primitive way because they know they are inferior…

  5. Its rainin upon Nintendo and while it may look dark, the rain is gonna clean them in the end from filth and they will be clean when the sun starts shinin again. So yeah little bit of rain isnt for bad……..

    1. It’s utterly disgusting…

      I hope Mother Nature teaches these Xbots a serious lesson soon…

      And High Command better launch all our available super weapons at E3 or else the Wii U is done for and we should retreat for a while and only focus our powers on the 3DS until High Command is ready to launch our new creation…

      But obviously Mario Kart 8 is here to encourage our forces all over the world…

  6. In my Nintendo should abolish its products to the EU, UK!
    For 10.godina will pray that Nintendo released their games and console in the EU and UK! ;-)

    1. The Wii U has games and it’s far better than the PS4, Xbox1! These are facts, not stupidity.. ;-) Bf, Fifa and other crap we now lumped under bad game as a finished product or does not need the Wii U! ;-)

  7. Uh-oh. This is going to be filled with “weakU” or “failU” and hashtags because they are completely “original” with their jokes and think they are funny when the real funny part is that they get all their games and systems from their parents paycheck and love to be inconsiderate douchebags because they get no attention that they deserve and want to make people feel bad over the internet.

  8. Whaat Nintendo COULD do is buy up some studios (or at least partner with them) to make games for the franchises they neglect.

    1. Aslong as it’s not one of these species on my list then sure, just pick one…

      Preferably the Segans, Capconians or Konamis…

      1. I hate to say it but Sega is nothin more than name, those fuckers should be doin their Dreamcast3 or whatever if they wouldnt had fucked and sold themselfs to some stupid pachinko company.

        1. Their problems started around the second half of the Genesis era…

          They just wasted resources on different versions of Saturn consoles and so on that even cost way too much which then not many bought…

          Though the Dreamcast began pretty decent, they lost a big portion of their forces to the Sonyans as at the same time didn’t have much more resources to spend…

          1. Yeah and on top of that some pachinko company owns them. Basically Sega doesnt exist except for their logo, they are now Sega Sammy holdings. Have you ever wondered why things started to suck from Sega after that acquisition?

            1. But like goten1896 said, they might have not existed at all or they would have lost so much of their power that they would probably be an Indie Tribe at best today…

              1. So be it, imo they should had gone down with the glory instead of sellin them to Sammy and ended up to make games like Sonic06 among others of shit games. The only good thing what Sega did and im thankful is that they helped PlatinumGames when they started.

                1. True…

                  Maybe the remaining talented Segans that still inhabits the old kingdom should convert to the cause of the Platinum and help them expand…

        2. If SEGA hadn’t sold themselves to Sammy (which was a merger, BTW, completely different), they wouldn’t even exist. Besides, some of their old talent remains in tact, while others have been remade into something almost as good.

          NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and a few other post-Dreamcast games have been good, which is why old SEGA hats like myself have still been following them.

          1. Well ok VF5, Sonic Colors and generations were good. But they arent the same company as they used to be and it shows. Atleast Xbox keeps Dreamcasts legacy goin..

            1. After everything that went on within the company, that’s to be expected. I miss the days of the Sega Saturn myself (Best sega console right there). It’s like a metaphor for life I guess, the only constant is change.

  9. Why are only the uk or japanese charts posted? The UK is the absolute worst region when it comes to quality games in the charts…Why not the French charts?

  10. The UK just is not into Nintendo. The Wii U only sold 200k-300k systems there. I bet that’s mostly the people that come to this website.
    No offense my UK friends, but your country just doesn’t like Nintendo very much….. I think Nintendo should shower the two territories in generous Nintendo gifts that actually do buy Nintendo products.

  11. Actually, I don’t see this as a problem at all!! No offence but having no games at all is better than having shitty games like those on the list.

    1. Agreed. Better to have a lack of Nintendo 1st party games than buggy, glitchy, and/or unfinished games.

  12. The UK has an abysmal taste in games. Sure, these franchises also frequently chart in the Americas, but so do a lot of other type of games, including Nintendo games.

  13. I wonder what makes them buy so much shooters in high quantities, maybe men there are very insecure and need to shot shit all the time…

  14. Oh wait you are arguing about the fact that nintendo don’t sell games in uk ? who cares seriously ? In fact in asia, it’s microsoft that sells nothing. The only one who’s quite strong everywhere is Sony. Yeah yeah maybe the WiiU doesn’t have strong “new games” but the 3DS ? no games ? Well in fact i can’t even buy all the games that are on 3DS not because they are expensive (nearly never above 40€) but because there are too many good games ^^. And nintendo is going to be strong in May and i can’t wait to see their E3 this year. And i’m not a nintendo FAN, and it’s strange but i think that the WiiU is the best console they ever made (don’t ask me why but maybe because it’s the heaviest pad i ever held XD ) and don’t forget, Nintendo always made and will always make theire hardware for them not even thinking about second party games and it’s like that from the very beginning of the society.

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