Sonic Lost World Producer Was Initially Worried About Using Link’s Tunic For Sonic DLC

Sonic Lost World producer Takashi Iizuka has shared his initial design worries for the game’s free Zelda DLC. In an interview with 4Gamer, Iizuka said that the team wanted to distinguish the differences in the Zelda level in comparison to the normal Lost World zones.

Though the appearance of rupees and enemies in Hyrule field would be enough to set any Zelda fan’s heartbeat racing, Iizuka said that those who are less familiar with the franchise may not spot the differences from the off-set. So the team designed Sonic in Link’s famed green tunic, but the producer still had design woes over how to implement these features to great effect.

“While talking with the designers, we were wondering how we could have Sonic wear these clothes and look normal while covering his spikes. In any case, I was definitely worried at the time of designing.”


  1. It sucks. Sonic touching Link’s clothes is an embarrassment to the Zelda franchise. The next Zelda game, Link should have brand new clothes now that Sega’s hedgehog has soiled them into mediocrity and failure. Pathetic. Simply pathetic. Sonic fans get off to this stuff and it’s sick — it’s Sega riding on Nintendo’s coat tails because they failed so badly with Dreamcast. FAGGOTS.

  2. this game was soo bad when my bro played it just less than 15 mins and returned it back to gamestop. the gamepad ruined sonic lost worlds.

  3. If Sonic has an alternate costume in SSB4, it would be cool if it was Link’s tunic. And no, not Shadow.

  4. The DLC for this game is great even though i didn’t enjoy much of what i played in the main game. Im a big Sonic fan but honestly i haven’t felt like they’ve done better than SA2 yet. Generations was good but now im just waiting on Boom.

  5. I dont want to say too much cos I dont actually own the game. ……
    And in my eyes sonic adventures on the dreamcast was the last even half good sonic game.
    But it breaks my heart a bit to see the little blue critter sullying links clothing !

  6. Perhaps he was ACTUALLY worried, because he thought Nintendo fanboys would freak out at the fight of a SEGA character wearing Link’s outfit.

    The logic with some Ninty fans are surprisingly out of focus. It wouldn’t have surprised me to see some backlash against Sonic’s attire.

  7. Sonic was never supposed to live past the nineties. Instead, they brought him back kicking and screaming into the 2000’s.

    Why not kill him off? The fanbase is beyond retarded, the games are mediocre/shit, and the characters are pathetic.

  8. Are you lot done insulting an innocent gaming icon? Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the greatest characters in video games ever made, and so is Link. The two can exist among each other, and can learn from each other.

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