Ubisoft Engineer Appears To Be Teasing The Next Entry In Prince Of Persia Series


Drew James, one of the engineers at Ubisoft Reflections, has added further speculation that a new Prince of Persia title is in the works. We heard last week that Ubisoft is apparently preparing to show off a new 2D Prince of Persia game using the UbiArt Framework which powers Rayman Legends and the forthcoming, Child of Light. Interestingly the account seems to have disappeared from Twitter.

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  1. I bet they’ve already got plans on a PS4/XB1 and PC release excluding us once again. Watch, just watch. ._.

  2. Never played any Prince of Persia games, but that look awesome. I hope this comes to Wii U. Otherwise, I’ll have to get it on XO which I don’t really want to do. :/

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  4. So, Ubi-Soft IS the ones who made the Prince Of Persia games? I was thinking of Prince Of Persia when I was playing Assassin’s Creed III.

  5. They’ve made this engine and god-damn they’re going to milk it for all its worth, because it’s Ubisoft, and they exist to make money – certainly not to make original games. On the bright side, if this is a 2D game it probably will come to Wii U, because they know the type of person who owns a Wii U.

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  7. 2d Prince of Persia ヽ(^。^)ノmy dream is coming true finally.. I hope it’s good as 90s Prince of Persia 2 and please don’t outsource it like the mob version or otherwise you will kill it.

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