First In-Game Character Model For The Next Call Of Duty Shown Off


Sledgehammer Games revealed the first image showing in-game character models for the next Call of Duty during their GDC 2014 panel, Quest for Quality: Maximizing the Relationship Between Creative and Production. The next game in the immensely popular Call of Duty series has been in development at Sledgehammer for three years and is expected to launch later this year. IGN says that the new Call of Duty will be a next-gen first.


      1. And im pretty sure there’s no milk left from the COD cow…
        but stupid try hard cool people will still buy it and the kids will beg for it.
        The company knows it and it is why they throw the same doggy treats for their bling dogs.

    1. Last time I checked, we live in a capitalist economy. If the game sells, why should Activision stop making more games while providing jobs to tons of developers?

      1. ^This. People shouldn’t blame Activision for making these games. Any sensible person would when you look at how much money they make.

  1. I hope it comes out on all platforms.

    They’ve got no excuse to not bring it out. It’s time for some proper video game development I think.

      1. They still make a profit though. Unless they’re porting it at a loss, I don’t see any reason to not port the game.

      2. Not to mention maybe this time they shouldn’t shrug and laugh when asked about the Wii U version. Nothing says “buy this product” like someone laughing and avoiding the topic.

      3. No, it’s not. Hell! They could just give a small, limited release for the Wii U version. When there is more demand for the game for Wii U, release more. Simple, easy, & cheap.

    1. It is coming to the WiiU. By this holiday season WiiU or PS4 will be in first place. Mario kart is seeing that happen.

  2. after the immensely popular CoD additions “doggy” and “moving fishies” we are happy to present to you “moustache” for the upcoming entry in the series

    1. More dumbass gimmick like Mario 64 Fish AI, Mario Mustache and the usual dogs we see in all COD games already. Plus slightly updated 11 year old gaming engine that showed its age since 2008.

  3. im not a shooter fan (except metroid prime, but this is not realy a shooter) but i must say this shit looks great.
    and i know as a big n fanboy this graphics would never comes to the U.
    because no one (even nintendo) how powerfull or weak the wii u is.

    1. Well to be honest, Nintendo, do have an idea. Look how good Mario Kart 8 looks. Surely that should give anyone a clue on how powerful the console is.

      But of course it’s not making the console pant exactly. It’s just the tip of the iceberg to be honest.

      1. Mario Kart 8 has wonderful, beautiful graphics based around its art style.

        When the art style is “as realistic as possible with as much stuff on screen as possible”, the Wii U does lag a bit behind.

      2. just look at toy story 1

        does it have a “realistic art style”? i doubt that very much

        yet if you were to try to render toy story 1 in real time on a powerful modern PC you would fail miserably

        for the 3D re-release of toy story 1 in 2009 3-4 minutes of rendering time were needed per frame and per CPU
        there’s just no way a modern PC could render a single frame in 30-40ms

        so don’t claim to know what art style requires which amount of processing power just because you assume it’s less detailed than a realistic art style

  4. dear lord that article image made me jump out of my seat :/ i don’t like the idea of having a gun pointed at me. A bit violent for a nintendo site!

  5. They do have me curious what they mean by next gen first, is they going to release only on next gen systems or will the next gen systems get the games first while the others at a later date

    1. Maybe. That’s what Titanfall did.

      But I wish people would call PS4/XBOne/WiiU current gen by now. It’s not next-gen anymore… Sure, it’s a marketing technique now to make something sound extra special and appealing, but it bothers my OCD…

      1. “next gen” has always been a marketing term, considering it has no particular meaning other than “the next iteration of consoles”

        it doesn’t imply high powered graphics or anything

  6. They make one every year, this is to be expected. There is quite a handful of Nintendo COD players so hopefully it comes to Wii U.

    1. You know the Wii U has failed if COD doesn’t come out for it, and that’s saying something.

      1. After Black Ops 2 DLC lie along with the general realization of Wii U COD DLC will skip and Ghosts being the worst COD to date since MW3, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wii U version sells like crap again or skips this time.

      1. yeah because i like to see my characters ass when shooting people in the head?

    1. COD in general is for noobs, nerds and sore losers who are scared shitless to take a virtual bullet.

      1. Wrong. Mario is too hard for kids under 5, & Pokemon is too complex for anyone under 5. As for Zelda, it’s rated T for 13 & up. Try again.

      2. I say this as a pokemon fan of 15 years and a competitive battler of 7 years. My daughter completed her first pokemon game at 4 years old.

        In game pokemon is not hard. Also she’s now finished ki:u a month before her 6th birthday.

      3. Aww! Quite the little gamer! I can only hope my child becomes a prodigy at video games. Sadly, this is going to give sasori the impression that all kids at 4 can do this. lol

  7. brainless kids.

    also……reflection nowhere near as good as metal Mario’s on retro rainbow road. *cup of coffee*

  8. Who really cares if this game doesn’t come to the wiiu Nintendo dosent need this shity game I wont lose sleep over it smash bros will blow this shit out of the water and mario kart 8 and bayoneta 2 and x and zelda wiiu

    1. That character model rendering is something I’ve seen already in Black Ops 2 cutscenes. Not an actual in game detail. Trust me. This is all BS PR trap.

  9. So it’s already time for the Crap of Poopy hype train I see. Hopefully not coming to Wii U, shitty games like this don’t deserve to run on such a quality console.

  10. Damn, this series is so milked!

    It’s like the iPhone. There’s a new one every year, it’s a slightly updated version than it’s predecessor(s)

    1. Technology and video games are two different stories. But video games milking this often is even worse than smartphones.

      1. Number one. The Mario franchise is highly diverse so they have a reason to milk the series imo.

        Number two. I’m not a drone.

  11. Lol it’s funny people think that if this game dosent come to wiiu the wiiu will fail you really think this game will help the wiiu sell better most people that own a wiiu they dont want this gay game they are waiting for smash bros zelda wiiu x mario kart 8 and bayoneta 2 they dont care less about this crap game

  12. Is it me or is this going to far with graphics. It kinda feels creepy to me. I’m not a fan of game games that try realism that much because something about them is just off. I don’t if console should push graphics as much in the next generation, maybe effects klike particles more memory ect. . I think there is a point were we need to stop, but thats just me

      1. god I’d probably focus more on cartoony looking games or something in that range, I just don’t think realism should be a focus. Wouldn’t u find it creepy to have GTA too realistic?

      2. Me too. I thought one of the main purposes of video games is to escape reality.

      3. Thats my thought as well, I have ideas of my own that want pitch when I become a game designer, and I don’t plan on making hyper realistic

    1. Wait until they reveal is from a cinematic, CoD is so shitty it doesn’t even have good graphics.

      1. What that franchise need is a long fuvking least 3 years and you’ll see some real progress in between those years instead of every 11 months which is just minor updates and copy/paste.

    1. Your opinion has no bearing on what other people think. If people like the game, they will buy it.

    1. …what masterpiece? I don’t see any in this story and if you’re talking about Call of Duty: King franchise of cash cow milking, then your eyes and brain needs serious scrubbing.

      COD is lightyears behind from being halfway close to masterpiece. The last best COD was 4 and that was 7 years again when the series died after that game.

      1. actually mario,zelda and pokemon are the king of rehashes. cod only started in 2003. EXPOSED

      2. Still lack evidence to your claim, your argument is still invalid.

      3. I would tell you to go back under your bridge, troll, but then a good portion of the entertainment in the comments section would be gone.

      4. Even tho mario games and zelda games and pokemon games are coming out as much as cod at least there game’s are different but cod is the same shit it never changedes same shit every year the game play is same nothing new but with Nintendo they try new things with old characters but cod it’s the same fucking crap run and gun zelda mario have different stories and levels different ways to play unlike cod same shit cod is more of a re has than Mario zelda and pokemon cod fails

  13. No matter how good the graphics get, their movements will always be creepy and easy to distinguish from real creatures. I’m not big on photo-realism. More… fantastic art styles, if you will, also have a tendency to age much more gracefully.

  14. This game will come to Wii U and be the definitive version…. Says the faggot kid that got a Wii U for Christmas instead of PS4 and is now trying to justify the gift though knowing in the back of his mind his game console is a virtual dick slap in the face by his parents. He friends make fun of him and his gf sucks all their dicks behind his back. This is your typical new Nintendo gamer. She will then give birth with a child of trisomy 21 (though not his) and he will be obligated to raise it. All because of a Wii U…. Sad

    1. You need to calm down. The very fact that you would type all of that in a Nintendo website is sad.

      1. And this game is obviously not coming to the Wii U. You’re right on that part.

      1. Knowing that troll and believe me if you knew that troll, you’ll agree that he called for and deserved it.

      2. retard defends nintendon’t when they shit out 6 mario games a year but when activision just shows of a cod you retards bash it.

  15. And yet Nintendo gets blamed for being the only one milking their franchises. Not even Mario Party has more games than COD and that’s freaking Mario Party.

    1. COD has spawned more than 20 games in shortest amount of time (like 8 years) and lets not forget EA Sports which was infamously the same case before COD and idiots say Nintendo is the worst when it comrs to milking games because they have several spin offs and make at least 1-2 games for each system every 5-7 years?

  16. As expected, another spam of garbage landfill coming to our retailers. COD seriously needs to die already.

  17. im reminded how good dark souls 2 looked before they showed us the finished game. lets see how that detail on his face impacts how good the gameplay looks in the finished product.

  18. great graphics. i hope its cod black ops 3 or mw4 or may be cod5. ghost wasn’t too fun from what i seen but still a great game in series. as usually these nintendrones will bash cod but when i say mario is a rehash you morons especially stranga would damage control. these graphics are way better than x,bayonetta or even any nintendo game. of course nintendo wont push graphics because there game are cater towards kids. i hope this may come to wii u. i hyped

  19. Games are much more detailed on a technical side, but the graphics have been getting worse. Games used to have worlds dreamed up by creative people, but now they only get as inventive as copy and pasting a real city that already exists. I just want to travel to worlds that don’t already exist. Call me when Call of Duty takes place on a dying world of devils and angels where weapons are synthesized from the material of your fallen foes, and real time character abilities like transformations that would allow you to change size, or fly. Just go crazy!

  20. Oh yes, I’ll pre-order ir right now!

    Said no real Nintendo fan ever…

    1. Oh yes, I’ll act like a bitch

      Said every Nintendo Fanboy.

      I know this game series is awful but some people still like the game and it helps support third parties on the Wii U, plus, we really haven’t seen Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty. Who knows, it might be the next Modern Warfare

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