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Nintendo’s Taiwan Subsidiary Nintendo Phuten Will Close At End Of May

Online gaming publication Polygon is reporting that Nintendo’s Taiwan subsidiary, Nintendo Phuten, will close at the end of May. The site says that all of the staff will leave by the end of this month. Nintendo Phuten is responsible for sales of Nintendo hardware and software in Taiwan. Polygon says that future business for the region will be handled by Nintendo Hong Kong.

31 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Taiwan Subsidiary Nintendo Phuten Will Close At End Of May”

    1. They are about to release the WiiU/3DS in a major way in CHINA. It is a 200 million consoles sold situation about to happen.

          1. I actually have all three of them, and do prefer the one over the ps4, why? I love the metro style on pcs, I think the controller is way better and lasts longer than 4 hours, plus titanfall. Also ps3/wii we’re my console of choice last gen, I refused to get a. 360 because of the horrible controller and user interface.

        1. I agreed with this guy. I’m a Huge Nintendrone, I have bought every Nintendo system ( except for Game cube ) And have over 100+ games of them, But The PlayStation 4 simply more attractive to me. The price is awesome, the PS+ is also awesome and most importantly some of their games are pretty interested to me :D. Such like The Last Guardian.
          Don’t get me wrong fellow Nintendo, I will eventually get a Wii U, no doubt. When Zelda U and Smash Bros coming out, I’m gonna buy it in the heart beat!

  1. Nintendo Commander Phazon

    Since Japan censors a lot of content they find unsuitable, Nintendo will see the most success in China…

  2. Of course Nintendo will dominate Japan. It’s their primary dominance spot. Their reign has simply not spread to a worldwide center yet. But it can… oh it can…

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  4. I realize this may be because of economic reasons but it makes it seem like Nintendo supports China’s control over Taiwan. :/

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