The Under Performing GameCube Sold Double The Amount Of Units Wii U Has In The Same Time Frame

Nintendo World Report has put together an interesting feature comparing Nintendo home console sales from their second March on the market. It makes dismissal reading for the Wii U which saw the under performing GameCube sell double the amount of units that Wii U has during the same time frame.

Sales from the Wii U, Wii, and GameCube from their second March on the market:

  • Wii U (March 2014) – 70,000
  • Wii (March 2008) – 721,000
  • GameCube (March 2003) – 165,000

Taking it a step further, here’s where each of those three systems were at sales-wise overall at those same points:

  • Wii U – Between 5 and 6 million units worldwide as of March 2014
  • Wii – About 25 million units worldwide as of March 2008
  • GameCube – About 9.5 million units worldwide as of March 2003 (Update from NWR: We originally had 14.5 million units for GameCube but we were mistaken. Thanks to all who pointed out the correction.)


    1. I say everyone is just waiting for MK8… mostly everyone, including me,passed on DK, Mario,etc (& even nintendo themselves may have just passed on them too) because we all knew that better games were to come.
      i know it seems like an over used fan theory but im pretty sure this is the game people have been waiting for…
      No doubt that WiiU is looking far worse than other consoles but and it surly is pathetic but hopefully it will recover after May 30th. or even after E3.

      1. I think your post hit the nail on the head. Is there a single game yet that keeps you so involved it stops you from going to bed? No! The 3ds has several, fire emblem and a link between worlds kept me up till 3-4 am. Wake up wii u!!

      2. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, & Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze have kept me up all night. Just because you have not found a Wii U exclusive game that keeps you up all night doesn’t mean everyone else is having the same problem as you.

    2. Nintendo is planning on how to send the wii u into the sea. it’s over wii u, you are officially nintendo’s worst failure since the virtual boy. no mario kart or smash bros can save the amount of fuck up wii u is. with nearly zero developer support, it’s over.

  1. Wow I’m speechless. Not even mario kart can save the Wii U. At this point it’s lucky to sell 10M by the end of its life and will have the name of Nintendos worst selling home system. If anything it will damage the Nintendo brand.

    1. Damage the brand, probably not, the virtual boy didn’t, but yah, probably going to see the new console in 2015 E3

    2. The system could sneeze and sell that much in lifetime. Expect it to pass that sometime this year.

    3. Well, MK8 and Smash combined could save it if they make the Wii U version better than the 3DS by alot more then it currently is.

  2. The GCN had Melee during that time frame. The Wii U’s Smash Bros. game hasn’t come out yet. Just give it some time.

    1. a) You were extremely negative in the previous post
      b) The Wii U is still a failure
      c) Make your own blog and
      d) shut the fuck up

    2. I’m sorry, but negative Nintendo News is still Nintendo news. It would be extremely biased for them to only post positive news.

      1. The last one (Dreamcast) they posted wasn’t factually correct, which is why most sites decided to not cover it. This one barely scratches the surface what is going on and its numbers are also incorrect, for it to be between 5-6 million, they would not only have to not sell any units but they would also have to have mass returns, since they were at 5.85 million as of December 31st 2013.

    3. My Nintendo News working against Nintendo! They’re trying to draw trolls, giving them irrelevant arguments to bicker with Nindendo team and maintain their portal. Nintendo Game Do not come over here and comment and this madness will die, and the end, and like the Nintendo am enjoying your clicks and money …

  3. At this point I don’t expect the Wii U to survive past 2015. I won’t be surprised if Nintendo does announce a new machine around E3 2015 for release at the end of the year.

    Nor does it mean I think the Wii U isn’t worth it. I’m satisfied already and will be even moreso when X, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros and Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei hit the system. Will be playing most of its games on the Gamepad screen as it is a great feature none of its competitors have.

    But let’s be honest, there’s no way the Wii U’s fate can turn around anymore at this point. It reached the point where games don’t sell as well because few people have the system (see Super Mario 3D World, should’ve sold many times more than it did considering its quality), and nobody has the system because the games came too late. And as a result, almost nobody but Nintendo makes games for it anymore.

    Even if Nintendo did slash the cost to less than US$ 200, I’d imagine it’s too late.

      1. And Ubisoft get’s shit from Nintendo Fans. If I were Ubisoft, I’d give Nintendo fans the Finger and tell us to fuck off, then pull support. Fortunately Ubi is more patient with Nintendo fans than I am.

      2. Ubisoft released delayed game that was supposed to exclusive and delayed other third party games to rerelease it on weaker systems. They are guilty of treating Nintendo fans like shit.

      3. Yes because their support right now is so awesome! *sarcasm* I sometimes hope Ubisoft did delay the Wii U port of Watch_Dogs so they can have an excuse later to say “Wii U users don’t support us so we’re pulling support.” And I’ll wave bye to them & say “Good riddance! Take your “support” and go fuck yourself! Have a nice day!” A shame, too, since I’ve actually gotten into Assassin’s Creed because of 3 & 4. But I’d rather get no support from them than to be treated like shit.

      1. Not a valid comparison.

        First, the PS3 never dipped this low in sales, even at the beginning. It lagged behind, but it was still stronger than the Wii U and still had plenty of 3rd party support.

        Second and most importantly, the 3DS did turn around, but it was waaaay before the point the Wii U is now. It had exactly what the Wii U didn’t: a release schedule with a big game every month and a substancial price slash.

        If anything, the 3DS is exactly THE example why the Wii U missed its chance. Consider that Nintendo had to take these measures on the 3DS even *without strong direct competition* (phones I’d consider *indirect*, as they affect everyone in the dedicated gaming market and not just Nintendo). It wasn’t like they were losing sales for the Vita.

        Considering that, it’s safe to say that Nintendo would have to do substantially more to pull the same stunt with the Wii U against such strong competition as the PS4 and the Xbone – both of which had already sold similar or superior numbers in one third the time in the market. Do you see the Wii U gaining two big games a month for the rest of the year and a 50% price cut? I don’t. So it’s over, unfortunately. It will be quietly phased out until 2015, and become the new Dreamcast.

        Hey, there are worse fates. I do love it and will remember it fondly.

    1. Internet killed Wii U. Games and console itself is good but when you go to youtube there is always someone (sponsored by Sony) making videos why Wii U is crab and for kids. Same with Xbox One, you see there is lots of fanboy videos why PS4 is better than it but they never talk about DRM of PS4, bad netcode (killzone), games crashing to main menu, etc.. PS4 actually has less exclusives than Wii U or Xbox One but hype and those paid videos of people talking shit about rival consoles keeps it alive.

      You see those sony fanboys in every blog talking shit about other systems because they know that is only way their favorite console can even sell. There is no games selling PS4 this moment.

      1. Ahahaha, I laughed so hard reading this comment.

        PS4 > Wii U any day of the week. Even Ray Charles would pick the PS 4 without even knowing his options. Can’t blame him, no one wants to play upressed Wii games (DK, Pikmin 3, Super Mario U) or GC games. Wii U easily has the most unoriginal games of all three options. Then again it is a last gen system, so I guess that you can’t expect too much.

      2. Pikmin 3 and DKTF were very good games, even 3D world. No one wants to play these games? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH
        Okay, thanks for that.
        Free internet, no DRM, backwards compatability, cheaper, indie games.

        But nah man have your 400$ PS3 with better graphics for all I care.

      3. That’s why the games are selling so well and have a high attach rate . . . oh wait . . .

      4. Just because the games aren’t selling well (according to you) doesn’t mean there aren’t people willing to play it.

        In fact, every game has some players who might enjoy it, whenever said games are a commercial flop or not, and whenever said games are actually good. (In the latter case, they may play it for a different reason than why people would play the more popular ones).

      5. Don’t use a dead man’s name to try & make your opinion appear as some widely accepted fact. Just go stand over there with sasorideidaraobi since you apparently like making shit up to suit your delusion into thinking Nintendo is irrelevant & doesn’t matter. Some kids today become such narcissistic idiots. I feel sorry for you.

      6. I hate to burst your bubble, Kevin, but the PS4 left DRM in the control of the individual 3rd parties. So technically, the PS4 does have DRM.

    2. I think Nintendo releasing a new console so soon is completely ridiculous. No one is buying the Wii U really as it is and do you think that is going to make current Wii U owners want to run out and buy their new system when their current one barely lasted two years? (if that was the case.)

      Really makes no sense at all for them to release a new console so soon, it would actually probably be even worse for them. I can promise you it would piss off everyone who has supported the Wii U, I know I would be very upset and I would not support their next console because of that. Their investors surely would not be happy either and it would hurt the company even further.

      As bad as it may sound, the only solution would be for them to discontinue the Wii U and just not have a console for a couple years. No doubt they have been working on a new handheld for sometime now and it probably will be announced sometime next year or in 2016. They would be better off just focusing on what is working for them right now instead of trying to make a brand new console so early after just releasing one.

      Even if they did just release a new console, that could potentially sell even worse, then they wasted even more time and money on something that isn’t selling any better than the Wii U was and given how much of a slap in the face to current Wii U supporters that would be, I can see just that happening.

      Nintendo is a great gaming company but if they did something like that I don’t think even the most die hard Nintendo fans would be alright with them making a new console so early. As I said their best option, if it becomes that dire, would be just to hold off on console related business for a little bit, instead just focus on the 3DS and no doubt their new handheld that has been in the works. Given the popularity of the 3DS, one can assume their next handheld will be just as popular.

      Then again I can’t guarantee their next handheld will be as popular, I only assume it will be because it appears more casual gamers prefer handhelds now and just more portable gaming devices in general. It seems to be the trend in Japan also because I don’t think consoles have ever done so poorly in Japan since recently, all I see them using now is handhelds, phones, and tablets (more portable gaming devices.)

      1. Yeah, dump the Wii U and don’t offer a alternative. Great way to bring people to the PS4 and XBONE…

        The thing they should do is remaking more old school games and sell them for cheap so the people that bought the console have at least something to buy and play between new game releases.

      1. The gamecube was really good. I enjoyed my Dreamcast more though. For me it has to be between Dreamcast or the 64. Maybe the NES too

      2. I meant to say
        the gamecube is probably the best console nintendo has ever made

  4. Wow, Im Soo dissapointed in the Wii U. I’m exited for smash 4 but man that sucks for Nintendo. Step up your game, make a console devs and buyers will like. HERE IS THE REASON WHY WII U HASN’T SOLD……..THE NAME!!

  5. Well before the trolls come out and say the same old unoriginal “weakU” or “peeU” or “failU” or “seeyalaterhomesU” stuff, I will have a few words that is relevant to this article.

    We have to see it in a different perspective. The Gamecube came out after the N64 which was sucessful. Got sales from real hardcore games (not the supposed hardcore gamers in this day and age), and kids. They hear about the gamecube and they jump shift to it. The Wii is right after. It got some hardcore gamers in the beginning of it’s time since there were good launch titles but then the rest were kids and moms that need to do something with their fat lives. Throughout Wii’s time, those hardcore gamers has left which made this console named the Wii U go downhill. The fat moms that don’t transition on because they’re fine by the Wii. Then the kids that want it, can’t get it because their parents complain that they don’t have money when in reality they are spending their money on toys that kids won’t play with after their first time with playing it, $80,000 tvs (exaggerative) and pills to keep them sexual active.

  6. Stuff like this won’t help the Wii U, all the negative press scares potential buyers.

    1. The Wii U is in a bad spot in the market , people over hyped nextgen consoles and think the Wii U is a joke. Its all about the reception and the name….if the console was called ex Fusion I bet it would of sold more that the GameCube.

      1. “Its all about the reception and the name.” Thank you! Finally someone gets it. “Wii” has such a negative connotation in the industry and among gamers, both core and casual. I’d bet my life that if Nintendo named their console something that didn’t contain “Wii,” it would be selling at least twice as well as it is now.

      2. “Wii” doesn’t have a negative connotation. There’s a reason the “Wii” was the best selling console last gen. It was popular. Innovative.

        The problem came when the company decided on calling the next system a “Wii U”, not clearly differentiating the two systems and identifying what the benefits are of upgrading from a “Wii” to a “Wii U” for the general consumer population.

        Nintendo didn’t do a good job marketing the system to consumers and didn’t work well with third parties prior to the system’s release. This all brewed an impending bad storm which would greatly hinder the system’s potential.

        Bad press wasn’t the only determining factor in the Wii U’s success. In fact, it’s the lesser of the various evils.

      3. & that Wii U sold as much as it did w/ all the negativity is a triumph. It also sold more in its launch window than 360 & PS3 did in their respective windows, & the twins had better marketing. Wii U is still in 2nd place regarding 8th gen consoles, too.

        3DS struggled & so did PS3, but they eventually rose pretty high. Wii U still has time to see a significant sales increase.

      4. It was popular for the first couple of years, but then many gamers shifted away. I can’t tell you how many people I know who think the Wii was a joke (I don’t believe that, however), or even how many people left their Wii gathering dust while using their PS3/360 to play third-party games like Assassin’s Creed.

        People look at Nintendo and think they’re kiddy. Not everyone by any means, but a significant amount, and they don’t want anything to do with anything Wii related.

      5. Agree and disagree. They did not differentiate, true.
        But Nintendo drug the Wii far too long, and in the end it was the laughing stock of the gaming community, and all the people who bought it weren’t gamers, and had no interest in upgrading.

        Using “Wii” is definitely hurting them. Wii = underpowered casual machine, and that’s what everyone believes the WiiU is, despite it’s muscle.

        Nintendo let the Wii die a sloooww painful death, and should have let it rest in piece instead of trying to recreate the “Wii-Wave” by tagging the name again. It was a horrible fucking Idea, and I’m embarrassed to even tell people the name of my console. (WiiU) They always laugh, always lose respect immediately. WiiU was a fucking bad decision.

      6. Nintendo should have named it something that implies “successor.” Hell, while I don’t like the name as a whole, Wii 2 would have been a better name than Wii U. By doing that at least, you let people know that this is the successor to the Wii and not an add-on to the Wii.

      7. Same. I hate saying the name of the console to people. Anything I said prior to the name loses all credibility in their eyes once they hear “Wii U.”

      8. I don’t let what others might think of the name bother me. If they laugh at the name because they think it’s gay or funny & diss me for having it over a name, fuck them. Those are not friends that I want. Although, I have to admit I wish Nintendo would have given the Wii U a cooler name.

  7. Here’s an idea make a console that’s specs match up to the competitors, have a normal controller (maybe the pro controller) and lastly have a great line up of games at launch, 3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Kirby, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, animal crossing, F-Zero etc and try and get 3rd parties to develop for it

    1. I don’t think Nintendo will announce a new console till 2016 , but thats a Nintendo fan’s dream launch line-up. One sad thing is that IF ONLY THE 3D$ OWNERS BOUGHT A WII U LOL

      1. Well I’m saying at that time that’s what they should do and after the wii u I think they will, people will by the sytem for those IPs and there are so many genre’s that it can appeal to everyone, platformers, action/adventure, RPGs, FPS’s, racers and who doesn’t love animal crossing

      2. Do you really want Ninty to always launch last (just to trump the raw power of the others, which could lead ti a stalemate)?

        Do you really want Ninty to sell hardware @ a profit (since they can’t rely on other business sectors)? & due to the price point, snub youngsters w/ frugal parents & gamers who could get essentially the same power cheaper from a competing console?

        Do you really want Ninty to use off-the-shelf architecture began in 1978 (x86)?

        Do you really want Ninty to only offer the same control scheme as the twins, instead of a choice between gamepad, Pro Controller, & Wiimotes (which enhance FPSes, the most popular genre now, some might argue those controls are just as good as a mouse if not better)?

        Do you really want multiplats that are mostly designed w/ the twins in mind? Because Ninty fans expect exclusives & certain æsthetics & genres.

        Do you really want a Nintendo social media box & for them to spend time & money on offering lame achievments?

        Talk about rehashing & an over-emphasis on hardcore audiovisuals.

        Yeah, there are multiple reasons why Nintendo isn’t in direct competition w/ Sony & MS. There’s also their strong belief in diminishing returns (REbirth is still quite beautiful & that’s a 6th gen game), yet Wii U has the newer tech (PowerPC), highly cusomized for gaming, & untapped potential. Meanwhile, the 8th gen twins work harder just to reach a certain performance level.

        & your launch line-up is a mighty tall order to fill. Plus, Ninty would crush its 3rd party support & have little left later on. I do wish they’d give us a new F-Zero & Wave Race, though. Eternal Daekness would be really great (save Shadow of the Eternals, Ninty!), but the new Fatal Frame will help fill that void. But I want 3rd parties to return w/ their seemingly forgotten IPs, genres, & Ninty exclusives. Everyy Nintendo console I own (from SNES to Wii U) has always had more 3rd party games than 1st/2nd. But w/ Wii U, I rely mostly on indies who still make real games, & aren’t dictated by shareholders & the same rehashed genres. But I still have more retail 3rd part than 1st/2nd on Wii U thanks to Sega, Tecmo Koei, & the wishy-washy Ubisoft.

  8. The Gamecube was SO much better than the Wii (in my opinion). Yet everybody wanted the Wii for it’s ultra-gimmicky control and nunchuck.

    The Wii U……uh….well, so far I don’t have a very high opinion of it. Even the Pro Controller is annoying. I was trying to play New Super Luigi U, and I quickly realized 2 things.
    1. Luigi feels handicapped. He jumps like he’s super nervous from having to go to the bathroom. I keep constantly getting killed because of his retarded way of jumping and wiggling. He’s hard to control. Even in Super Mario Bros. 2, I rarely picked Luigi, due to this idiotic way of jumping.
    And 2. The D-Pad on the Pro Controller is too freakin’ close to the A,B,Y and X buttons. Which causes uncomfortable confusion trying to use it. And I don’t like using the analog stick to play a game like this. Still better than the Wii U Game Pad and it’s over-sized bulkiness, but still…..

    If the Wii U keeps up this slow pace of good games, it’s gonna go down in history as my least favorite Nintendo console (which currently, the Wii holds that title). I have a bad feeling that Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 will be the last great games that the WIi U ever gets. Well, maybe one good Zelda game too. And hopefully a new Animal Crossing (as long as it’s not just a remake of New Leaf. The way that City Folk felt like a remake of Wild World).

      1. My point exactly. That’s why I never liked picking Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 2. It makes the game harder than it really is just trying to control him.

    1. Can’t neglect X in that good games list. Unless you just hate JRPGs, that game should be fairly amazing. Even if it’s half the game Xenoblade was, which it looks way more promising than that, it will be a stellar game

  9. No word on competitors performance.

    No word on economic situation at that point.

    No word on other available formats of digital entertainment nowadays.

    Sickr is trying so hard to doom and gloom the Wii U.

    Sickr seems to be far of being at least a mediocre journalist.

    Way to go, Sickr!

      1. They updated the link. It is now 9.5 million worldwide for the gamecube in march and not 14.5.

      2. You were being abusive. I don’t have a problem correcting something if there’s an error, but there’s no need to be rude.

        @jester. Thanks. Updated :)

      3. There was no need to delete my last post. I was trying to justify why my previous posts were as they were. I wasn’t abusing you in it.

      4. There is no need to be rude. You can say something that you want to say without being rude. Please keep in mind that people of all ages visit this website daily and to show a proper manner for your online peers please! :)

      5. Come on, Sickr. The fact that it is an article on NWR does not have anything to do with your predilection in picking up bad, biased news. Please elaborate a better excuse to justify your questionable criteria in selecting subjects to post here.

      6. If there was news of “Wii U outsells iPhones!” Sickr would post it. The fact is, the majority of Nintendo news is bad news. The point of this blog (to my understanding) is to show ALL Nintendo news. Good or bad. If you want to see only good, peppy, fanboy news, go to a fansite. This is a Nintendo blog. If ANYTHING, it’s biased for Nintendo, not against it.

  10. LOL just fired up my Gamecube today with Skies of Arcadia: Legends before this article showed up. Never knew it was a bad selling console, but I still love it.

  11. I love that we have to invent new metrics to explain just how badly the Wii U has failed.

    They shouldn’t just fire Iwata, they should fire him out of a cannon into North Korea with no parachute. I want my old NIntendo back.

  12. I’m curious to the 360 and PS3 sales in the same time frame, the WiiU will pick up momentum this year.

  13. Ahhh more irreputable bonafide proof that the Wii U is the absolute worst thing since the Holocaust to grace the world with its presence.

    The Wii U is awesome, people. Just play it

  14. Hah, I guess whoever wrote and read comments from the last article yapping about Wii U compared to some other Ninty system (or whatever system it was) decided to return with another comparison, thus proving he knows how to properly math, LOL

  15. Most of us (not living in denial) already knew this, but the fantards would just label anyone who mentioned this as ‘trolls’ or ‘haters’, yet claim to hate biased opinions, LMFAO. The GameCube also sold way more software than the Wii U, even when the online purchase (which the GameCube lacked) were included. PATHETIC.

    That’s not to say the GameCube was without flaws either. Mainly what sealed its fate were the size of its discs.

    Ha-ha-ha-ah-ha-ha… HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

  16. Yeah it is a shame. The console is good. It has better games than my dusty ps4. But you have to remember hardcore gamers want M rated FPS/Sandbox games with realistic graphics and online. That’s about it. I miss the good old days where we wanted innovation and gameplay. Worst generation ever with Sony almost bankrupt and focusing in VR and letting die it’s handheld. Well on their defense it’s not like they have the money to save it. Nintendo losing money and 3rd party support with a console with no online. Which is really my only problem with the Wii u. Besides that, it’s a good console. And even thought I don’t have a Xbox one … I mean just look at that… titanfall was a disappointment. They even want to sell the Xbox brand. Also Capcom doing like shit and killing their franchises. Konami doing pledgerism and disappointment. Ea…. -sigh- Activision milking the shit out of FPS (Just like ninty is doing it with Mario.) And other developmers gloryfing FPS and graphics. I guess all in all it’s just about the money and not the games or gamer. And yes that was a another brick in the wall reference.

      1. You missed my point -.- Y que tiene mi nombre? Es Elber y me apellido Gudo >_>

      2. “…But you have to remember hardcore gamers want M rated FPS/Sandbox games with realistic graphics and online. That’s about it…” Those aren’t hardcore gamers, & you basically described what a poser is.

      3. Nah, that’s the hardcoore gamer now days. The gamer who loves games of this gen only wants that. The hardcore one who says Zelda is so repetitive they won’t buy it but own every single copy of COD

  17. I doubt it will reach 30 million lifetime sale of Wii-U, which Michael Pachter stated. Just can’t imagine above 15 million sold within ten or twenty years.

    I’m surprised, there’s third parties still supporting the failing console and yet fanboys are still so ungrateful and so rude to them.

    1. You actually believe Michael Pachter? And you’re defending 3rd parties that “support” the Wii U? lmao You’re funny.

  18. I still liked the GameCube. Wii U is good too. I like the games, but I can’t buy every game and be able to play all of them. But I still like my Wii U. It’s a good system.

    1. I own 16 Wii U games, seriously lol, and still haven’t got time to finish them all due to 3DS games to complete too! :P And when Mario Kart 8 comes, who knows what will happen! lol

      1. I’ve got 14 Wii U games and I also don’t have time to finish them all, When Mario Kart 8 arrives I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything at all!!

  19. well gamecube had games so… It impresses me especially since wii u lacks tons of software, gamecube had a better stream, these articles articles are kinda pointless,I’m not saying DEATH TO BAD NEWS NEVER show or any thing but these types articles don’t have much purpose if we know the system is struggling. PS2 and wii are out pacing the ps4, wii u, and one ect..

    1. PS4 has already sold through over 7 million systems in 5 months.

      I had to look the rest of this information up because my original thougts were slightly incorrect, but the PS2 shipped 10 million by the end of its first year. Wii had something like 6 million shipped within the same 5 month period.

      So the Wii is closer, but it seems that the PS4 is actually outpacing both for now.

      1. Are you counting pre-order sales in those 5 months you mentioned? Seems like every time PS4 & X1’s record launch sales come up, there’s no mention of the pre-order sales they gradually accumulated beforehand.

      2. Pre-order sales are never guaranteed sales as the stores did not have the product in stock yet, the customer doesn’t have the product, and they can cancel those pre-orders any time prior. So no, I did not include pre-order sales because they’re irrelevant.

        Over 7 million consoles have been shipped and sold out during the period between the system’s official launch and about mid April.

      3. To my knowledge didn’t the wii manage to sell 5 million in single month?(during dec i belive). My ps2 knowledge ia rusty i just remember not seeing the system in stores that much. Though my curiosity rises when i see ps4 sells asking a few question.
        Is the ps4’s “limited” supply just a slight marketing idea to get attention(ign report, gamers repost friends and family see post and consider a purchase) I think they just give store 2-4 systems nintendo did something similar to VB to bst about sells. Not saying the system is good I think its a fantastic system( though I hate the damn thumb sticks). I just really have seen many games to fully justify a purchase(I got my wii u around pikmin 3 and wonderful 101). I might be getting my ps4 for batman but If I can push for kh3(u never know if they make special edition ps4 then who is laughing). I’ve also seen the ps4 in several stores lately, A few out of states friends have also reported a ps4s in stores( some living in big ass cities).But just because u something doesn’t mean its not selling.

  20. Between 5-6million is NOT half of 9.5 million. In fact, 4.75 millions is half. NWR needs to fucking check their mathematics before trying to post negative news.

    1. That’s true, gamecube had smash bros. Melee, almost since the launch of the console. One of the most selling games of the GC.

    2. GC had so much great games from different genres. I really hope they will get some of the best Gamecube games in Wii U’s eshop this year.

      I haven’t bought anything from eshop since DKTF was released so i hope Nintendo has some big news about Wii U coming in E3 or before that.

  21. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Only babies want the Baby U. None of the games babies were claiming would save the Baby U worked lolololol! Babies claimed that when Pikmin 3 would release the Baby U would sell like hotcakes, nope nothing. Babies claimed that when The Wonderful 101 would release the Baby U would sell more than their diapers, nope nothing. Babies claimed that when Zelda Wind Waker would release the Baby U would sell more than babies pacifiers, nope nothing. Then babies claimed that Super Mario World 3D would be the Baby U’s savior, still nothing!!!! lolololol. Now babies claim Baby Kart 8 will save the Baby U LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! No need to worry though, Iwata will save the Baby U with his “new” QOL and non wearable devices approach. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    1. I don’t know which troll is worse: sasorideidaraobi or you. Meh. Whatever since you both are immature children trying to act like you’re mature adults by hating on the so called “kiddy” Nintendo.

  22. this comparisons are rather useless and ridiculous, cause the gc/ps2/xbox-era was completly diffrent than today. wiiu-sales comparing to dc/gc-sales is arkward because both gc and dc had very good initial sales numbers but they fastly declined after ps2 began to soar. in the end the only thing that counts is lifetime-sales, and nobody knows know how this game will end this time ;) at the moment everything is sill open. and don’t forget that the complete sales-numbers of the ps4 are also in the blue – the console had fantastic initial numbers, but nobody knows if it’s embraced by the big mass audience in the future. and the mass audiences will decide this game. so calm down guys!

  23. It would be cool to have a sales-map over what age groups buys what kind of consoles and games…

    Highest rated games:

    Wii U – Super Mario 3D World (93)
    PS4 – flower (91)
    Xbox One – Rayman Legends (91)

    [source 1=”metacritic” language=”:”][/source]

  24. First, Nintendo News , do not create tension with Nintendo Players and stop with this news because they make no sense ! ! ! !

    Second !

    What’s wrong with the Wii U console ? ? ? ? ? ? This is a question for all games !

    The Wii console comes into the fight with PS4 , Xbox1 , has now for second place!
    1st – 7th PS4 million
    The second Wii – 6.5 million
    3rd – 4th Xbox1 million

    Realistically Wii U has the most game of all third console ! ! ! ! !
    This year only the best games coming to Wii U, Mario Kart along with Zelda the strongest Nintendo game system , and those coming this year , and there is a SSB !

    Means the Wii U is in a good position , do not watch how the market since the Wii U’s started the fight for survival until the 2014th year of the PS4 , and Xbox1 ! ! ! What you do not understand , the Wii U was released a year earlier but in that year was the announcement of new consoles Sony and Mic .. that was thought to have 4K graphics to be monsters as opposed to the Wii U, but look at it today is only slightly better , totally irrelevant .. the battle will begin after E3 2014 , and in early 2015 will be able to talk about the collapse of the console was that the Wii U or any other ..

    All what it says is irrelevant , but it destroys the Wii U, in such public portals where the problem lies not in the Wii U console because of this kind of crap players do not want to buy an excellent console , because Wii is a great console with 100 + features and has best internet browsers..

    This year for the Wii U is important to get the best games!

    Wii U and now has the best games, the only no BF4, Fife, but the two games do not act the best system on the market!!!!

    What now that is not clear??
    I think everything is clear, UBI supports Nintendo, and it is currently the 3rd most powerful on the market!

    This year it MK8, X, SSB, FF, B2, COD, PES, Zelda, Sonic Boom, and many other games, this will be the year Nintendo! Wait for E3 and then you can slowly but write about the fate of Nintendo, but NOT before, isatoic please shut up all of you!!!!!


    What has happened to the Nintendo community on YouTube? Overzealous and over-bloated so-called Nintendo supports who are so aggressive against Sony it truly makes me wonder how honest these guys are truly being or if they are solely doing this for the views. Nintendo doesn’t need to be defended by these type of people who are saying anything they can negative about the competition.

    If you are a fan/supporter of something shouldn’t you be focused on that one thing and not bashing (unrealistically mind you) the competition? All the consoles in this generation are going to have great games, which one has more of them for your taste is up to you to decide.


    Here is an in-depth side by side comparison of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for Wii vs PC. Normally I would compare it to PS4 or Xbox One, but after seeing this comparison I wanted to spotlight the PC version. The Wii U version is very close to the PC game, all the detail minus some rain particle effects, a bit lower texture resolution and shadows. I have not personally seen a better job of porting to the Wii U yet. If you haven’t picked up ACIV on the Wii U yet.

  27. No matter how bad the Wii U does in sales, Nintendo will never discontinue it. It’s not like it’s another Virtual Boy. It’s a great console. And I feel ashamed of most gamers today, who only care about Xbox and Playstation. What happened to the “real” gamers? SO many people these days likes CRAP games. Playstation and Xbox consoles have never had a game that made me want to buy them. I just don’t get it?

  28. I think the Baby Katamari is the worst Troll here

    Mainly because he has a brain the size of a peanut,he keeps saying the same thing from 2013 over and over again

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Only babies want the Baby U. None of the games babies were claiming would save the Baby U worked lolololol! Babies claimed that when Pikmin 3 would release the Baby U would sell like hotcakes, nope nothing. Babies claimed that when The Wonderful 101 would release the Baby U would sell more than their diapers, nope nothing. Babies claimed that when Zelda Wind Waker would release the Baby U would sell more than babies pacifiers, nope nothing. Then babies claimed that Super Mario World 3D would be the Baby U’s savior, still nothing!!!! lolololol. Now babies claim Baby Kart 8 will save the Baby U LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! No need to worry though, Iwata will save the Baby U with his “new” QOL and non wearable devices approach. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!”


    1. I have to agree. Poor sasorideidaraobi. If he can beat katamari as the worst troll on My Nintendo News, he can unlock the “Worst Troll of My Nintendo News” achievement. After all, an achievement system is so important to his gaming.

  29. At this point in time, I honestly do not think that there is anything that can save the Wii U. I would say that Smash Bros. will help sell the Wii U, but Nintendo made the decision to make a 3DS version as well, which will definitely detract sales from the Wii U version (it also doesn’t help that the 3DS version is releasing first). While it has been said a million times before, at the moment the Wii U’s best hope is Mario Kart, but Nintendo needs to have a full-blown, aggressive marketing campaign in order for it to work. However, even if Mario Kart sells, in order to keep the momentum going, the Wii U would need a steady stream of quality releases with wide appeal.

  30. Nice, just don’t forget to state that these numbers are not accurate at all. It states ‘on the market’ and in fact it means ‘US only market’…. just check VGchartz sales numbers… it’s pretty clear. Again this site does not care about validity of published information.

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