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Nintendo Says Super Nintendo Remix Depends On Fan Support

NES Remix director Koichi Hayashida was asked by IGN whether he had thought about bringing a Super Nintendo Remix to the Wii U. Hayashida says that he would love to embark on that project, but says it’s really dependant on the fans. He was also asked by the publication as to whether he had considered including non-Nintendo games like Mega Man, Castlevania, and Contra. Here’s his response.

 “Well personally I’m a fan of those games, and I like them a lot,” Hayashida said. “If there’s a big enough outpouring of support for these titles, it’s something I’d like to take a look at.”

Well, personally, I have a large desire to explore that very idea,” he explained. “But it really harkens back to the answer I just gave. Does the marketplace want it or need it?”

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Super Nintendo Remix Depends On Fan Support”

          1. Here’s a Shiny new NOTHING!! :D
            And about the fan support… lol Nintendo ignores us & never even listens to us anyways… were lucky if they even notice our support.

            1. Iwata: “FUCK YOU. I gave you Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. I gave you Wii Fit U. I gave you Mario and this is how you repay me? Please understand that I will kick your fucking ass. You will buy Wii Fit U and you will LIKE IT.”

              1. Yes master…
                is what a wuss would say…
                “We want a Metroid game nintendo!”
                NO! :D HERES DONKEY KONG! :D
                “We want a cool Mario game!”
                NO! HERES MARIO IN A CAT SUIT! :D
                “We want you to be more hardcore & market good!”
                “We want Starfox!”
                NO! HERES NOTHING! :P
                “We want you to listen to us! D:< "
                ………..SORRY… WHAT?? WE WERN'T LISTENING…


            2. It takes games a couple years to make. The only reason games like cod and assassins creed comes out so fast is they work on them years ahead of time. Nintendo well have its big guns as times goes on. Their listening it just takes a long time for quality.

        1. Never owned a super nintendo. I missed out on a lot of great games that I barely played a few years ago. To best snes games I played so far Mario RPG and Super Metroid.

  1. Yeah, FUCK YOU, NINTENDO. Every time a fan asked for something, you said “Oh no, we don’t give a flying fuck about what you wish. We do what we want, take it or leave it” and now you want fan support? Sorry, but nope.

    Where were Iwata and Reggie every time a fan asked for a new Starfox, F-Zero or 2D Metroid?

    1. Holy crap, so much THIS. You are one of the most realist Nintendo fans I’ve ever met. You, sir, have gained my respect. WHERE’S THAT NEW STARFOX, NINTENDO?!?!?

      1. its so true though….as much as fans want to support their company, The damn company has to at least sometimes listen to fans in return of fan support…
        Pretty much every company’s philosophy is:
        “At first, it’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU, then later, It’s all about ME, ME, ME…”

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Considering our new machine is called the Wii U…

          It’s all about U (the fans) in most of the cases…

    1. Those things take time and they are coming. Personally I love this stuff but I rather the price go down to maybe 10$. I’d love to see a SNES remix. And I would love to see GB remix, GBC remix, GBA remix, and GC remix.

      A small staff works in these games so I’m fine with them making this sort of thing ever few months.

  2. How about no? Nintendo give me my Starfox! God damn I’m tired of this shit. I’m getting Mario Kart 8 and I’m getting Super Smash Bros, but if this keeps up, I’m done being a Nintendo fan. You keep making Mario games and neglecting your other franchises… I want a glorious HD Starfox game to play with my Gamepad. And if I don’t see it at E3, then screw it. I’ll just go to Sony… They’re exclusives aren’t as good, but at least they actually listen to fans… =_=

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Your delusional, nobody listens to they’re fans anymore, not even Sony, they just do a really good job at making you think that, when it’s actually what they want, not you.

      1. Yeah, I know man. But this is just frustrating… When Wii U was announced, I thought it was gonna be this AWESOME new game console with incredible graphics and tons of 3rd party games. And then PS4 came out and it became basically what I wanted the Wii U to be… I keep seeing games get passed up on Wii U and practically handed to Sony. Like a fucking cookie reward or something. Lol. But man damn.. I’m seriously considering trading it in.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          If your considering trading it in, then I suggest you keep it a while longer, because that means you have doubts about the console, but not completely all doubt, so I suggest keeping it until you definitely believe there is nothing left for you.

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Even though there is some lack of our own games, what do you people even play?…

          If the people who complains all the time only plays through a game once and then never touches them again, then it’s their own funeral…

  3. Yeah… that’s it. That’s the last straw. I’ve had enough of this shit. I’m trading in my Wii U to gamestop tomorrow for a PS4. I just can’t fucking do it. I’m not waiting 7 fucking months for smash 4.

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      All because of NES games? I don’t know who’s worse now fans or the company.

      When I look the entire thing it’s…

      Fans: We want stuff, and we refuse to see the entire thing through and why they can’t get it out. We don’t care if it takes time to get an idea, we will rush you so you can do this.
      Nintendo: Making up ideas, a storyline, everything that a game needs isn’t something done overnight.
      Fan: We don’t care we demand too much.
      Nintendo: You know what, shut the fuck up, I can’t change your panties every 10 fucking seconds. Your going to get it, just not NOW.

      When Sony or Mircosoft does the same thing…
      Fans: oh that’s alright.

      That’s how I’m seeing it.

      1. It’s not just over a bunch of NES games… It’s because of Nintendo’s attitude. I want new awesome games. Not the same thing! I want to experience a whole new breed of Nintendo games and series. Brand New Starfox and Metroid and more. But no. I have to sit here and wait 2-3 fucking years. It was living hell being early adopter. I bought 3D WORLD, but that didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m not saying Nintendo’s a bad company, but they ultimately piss me off with their decisions. I missed out on entire 7th gen because of the Wii didn’t have much 3rd party. And I sure as hell ain’t missing out on THIS one. I’ll rebuy a Wii U if they pick up steam and get back on their A game. But right now, I may as well just get a different game system.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          All I have to say is, your expectations for 3D World must’ve been way too high. Everything else is a legit explanation.

          1. No, he’s right. It really wasn’t that good. Not the type of game that keeps you up for one more level when you have to go to bed. They missed something and I can’t put my finger on it

        2. I understand why you’re upset.
          I’m also an early adopter, and had it not been for mass effect and ZombiU, and little inferno I’d have traded mine in.

          Do what you gotta do. I’m keeping mine, but it may be my last Nintendo Console if they don’t blow my fucking socks off.

          1. Thanks guys. At least you all understand where I’m coming from. Don’t count me out quite yet as a Nintendo fan. Think of me as the third party companies who are watching Nintendo to see what they do and when they have to get on board with Wii U. :)

            1. Good analogy;)
              And consider me to be the drug addict who wants to quit because they keep getting hurt, but just can’t stop. ;)

          2. I hope you are waiting for Nintendo’s first party games & 3rd party exclusives to blow your socks off. If you are talking about a ton of multiplat 3rd party games, you should know from the history of Gamecube & Wii that this probably won’t be the case. In fact, just look at Wii U’s first year. 3rd parties actually had a chance to sell like crazy on the Wii U and what did they do: EA got all butthurt that Nintendo wouldn’t let their precious Origin infect the Wii U & the other 3rd parties were too busy using the bullshit excuse “We’ll make games for Wii U when it has a bigger userbase.” when they know for a damn fact they could have helped make the userbase bigger by releasing some of their games on the system. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few, if not a lot, of the 3rd parties that said that do a 180 & not release games at all even when the userbase rises. I’d love it if I was proven wrong, but I won’t hold my breathe.

      2. That’s what I’m seeing from the people threatening to sell their Wii U. Especially the ones that prefer 3rd party games over Nintendo’s 1st party exclusives.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    How about you first take a look at all the things we wanted to begin with your highnesses?…

    GCN VC, Starfox, F-Zero and for the love of all gaming, games that uses the Gamepad in great ways!

    1. YES. GAMECUBE VC GAMES. Damn, I thought we were getting those. :( I’d have been happy playing old, reused GC games, but nope.

  5. If it’s just a digital game that never gets a retail release, then I don’t care if they EVER make it.

  6. I would love a SNES Remix. I didn’t get the NES Remix games because there aren’t that many games on the NES that I enjoyed. I guess I’m just spoiled by the SNES generation of Nintendo. lol

  7. i might just trade in my wiiu in 2015 if i see no progress as for now i will keep saving up for my 360 and 15 cheap games.

    1. Keeping your Wii U would be the smart idea. If Nintendo starts making tons of great games for the U then you’ll still have one. And if not then you can always play the 360.

  8. I haven’t played the NES remix yet because I’m still hoping they’ll release it on disc format outside of Japan. If not then I’d buy them if they were reduced by at least half on the eshop

  9. SNES Remix would be so big and awesome and super cool. SNES Remix would be much bigger hit than NES Remix.

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