Lack Of Mac And Cheese Shocks Shaq In Tomodachi Life Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Tomodachi Life. The one-minute promo focuses on some of the bizarre dreams players can encounter in the upcoming simulation game. For example, it shows the shocked reaction of former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal after hearing about the lack of mac and cheese. Tomodachi Life launches June 6th on Nintendo 3DS.


      1. People like you and the child are what make me not want this game. The game is gay.

  1. the 3ds is such an overrated handle in my opinion. the 3ds games are been underwhelming and boring. after 2012 the 3ds become a undervalued boring console. the last good game i played on the 3ds was kngdom hearts ddd. the only game i play these days animal crossing new leaf.

    1. According to sales data in Japan, Tomodachi Life (known as Tomodachi Collection: New Life) had sold 3.2 million copies in total. Thus, it’s the fourth best selling game in their native country.

    2. 3DS has awesome games. I just wish the system wasn’t so severely underpowered… I’m hoping for an HDS or that rumored Nintendo Fusion DS…

    3. You’re negative all the time. What a miserable cunt you must be in real life. I’d hate to be around you. /:

    4. No, its a damn fine handheld, I just got fire emblem awakening, best game on the system. Its probably the game that shuts up people calling nintendo kiddy. Not just in terms actions dialog, but in terms of story. The game has a bisexual character which surprised the crap out of me. Not to mention the DLC that gives fan service. The game even has suicide moments. Over all the game is one of the most adult things not in terms of esrb rating(teen rating I believe) but in terms of story and character.

      1. The game is great as well, This is the first time I’ve ever liked a FE game, and i’ve tried twice in the past to give them a try. It has so much depth that every move counts in that game or ur unit is dead forever. s Picking each couple to have kids, to have traits and stats be passed down. I also really love the music and cut scenes (They need to make a another FE anime after watching them)

      2. Agreed!! So good! Best 3ds game, maybe best game period in the last few years

      3. Who’s bisexual in Awakening? I’ve been playing it and I haven’t come across anyone like that….

      4. Kjelle. In the DLC she drinks a truth potion and hits on Severa, or something like that.

      5. Oh. The first thing that came to mind for me was Tharja and the fact that she stalks you no matter which gender you pick lol–

    5. I put 10 hours in kingdom hearts, but levels were so boring, the game relies way too much on it’s good combat, there’s nothing else to it. PS2 kingdom hearts games were a lot better.

      1. I hate the Sims tbh. Only Sims I enjoyed is Sims 2. 3 was just filled with useless expansion packs and felt boring. I see this game more like Animal Crossing than Sims.

  2. Tomodachi Life finally puts Miis to good use… Now if only you could actually use them outside of games kinda like PS Home… :/

  3. This game is soooo weird… I really don’t like the voices of the characters, but We’ll see when it launches

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    1. Side note: Loves to contradict itself and become the world’s biggest lolcow.

      1. agreed…the poor fool. But today he has surprised me a little, it actually had some intelligents, it spoke loud and clear…”great proformance” as if it was trying to say “great performance”.

      2. Objective solution: Tell his parents and watch his blackass get spanked till kingdom come, than we enjoy sipping a nice cold glass of his tears while we play the “overrated” 3DS

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