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New Mario Kart 7 Copies Apparently Sport A Red Case For North America

mario_kart_7_redMario Kart 8’s release date is just around the corner and comes with a lovely red case for those in North America, but apparently so does Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. Spotted by an eagle-eyed member on NeoGaf, new copies of Mario Kart 7 will be sold to the gaming public with a matching red case. Though there’s been no official confirmation from Nintendo of America for a cross-promotion, Mario Kart 7’s red casing suits it to a tee. We’ll keep our eyes out for more information from Nintendo in the mean time.


  1. Oh Boy a red case! This will so make Nintendo not go bankrupt, poor nintendo, you need to get rid of the gay monkey you call Iwata

      1. all is the gay little Nintendrone sad that the only thing he get is a gay old red case. GOod Job Nintendo you made the case red! Now can you make the game not suck please?

      2. And those stuid Xbones and Sonyans who buy each new console. and all thats new is the version number..

      3. Every time it breaks down in 2-5 weeks after purchase. How sad these morons keep buying tech that can’t remain sustainable for years compare to Nintendo’s console (if taken care of really well) yet wanna bash it only by judging pixels on screen. Pathetic and hilarious.

      4. I already have the game, why would I get some useless case for?…

        Exposed for being an idiot…

      5. Look who’s talking buying a fucking Titanfall (COD knockoff) bundle as Microsoft means to sell you a DRM lemon box that’s clearly losing to the likes of Wii U and will never pass PS4 period.

  2. Sweet! This makes me glad I haven’t bought Mario Kart 7 yet. Looks like the time is nigh. At least, almost.

  3. NO! Please don’t man! I was really hoping MK8 had the sexy blue Wii U case! Red is one of my least favorite colors.. Plus, blue is Wii U’s “U” color! C’mon with this man!

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