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Mario Kart 8 Now Available On Wii U

Mario Kart 8 has made its worldwide debut. The racing game is now available for $59.99 in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. A Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set Wii U bundle will also be released today, featuring a 32 GB Wii U system, GamePad controller, Mario Kart 8 game disc, Mario Wii Wheel accessory and Mario Wii Remote Plus controller, all at a suggested retail price of just $329.99. If you register Mario Kart 8 with Club Nintendo before July 31, you’ll receive an eShop download code for one of four other Wii U titles: New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD or Wii Party U.


      1. You need way more skills to even give me a challenge comrade…

      2. Oh trust me sir, now that I got the glimpse of the racing (the feel of the gameplay), its all me now…I’m gonna eat this game alive and then once I’m done with it, your gonna see my real power. >:D Better get ready before I become too strong to handle commander.

  1. I wiill download it as soon as my money is available. The moment of reckoning has finally come, though. In the next few weeks, we will finally see if the Wii U is truly doomed.

    1. With this game, news of GameCube’s return from the dead and E3 on the horizon, I say Wii U is officially far from the BS “doomed” catergory. ^_^ Lets see what the dumbass haters got something else clever to say about Wii U this time.

      1. off course you people would pay 60 for a mario games but cant even pay 20 for thied party game.

      2. Wrong! I WON’T pay even a single dollar for bad and/or old ports, you moron!

      3. hmmmm. there actually people not wasting money on a mario game, interesting.

      4. Yet you pay more money for the same Halo/Battlefield/Call Of Duty/Generic Shooter… hmmmm, interesting

      5. And an escaped monkey from the zoo like you wasted $60 for a 360 game yet you don’t have a 360!!! LOL

      6. And a Neo-Nazi retard double standard sides play is getting pathetic.

        You too are the same dumbass story as he is.

      7. Referring only yourself in the cracked mirror again. I pity this social reject with no remorse or bounds.

      8. He was referring to your precious 3rd party games, dumbass. Don’t twist his words to suit your own agenda, you damn dirty ape.

      9. good one @heyitsguy. sasori got burned again…poor guy. he needs aloe vera for his wounds

      10. What parents? His deadbeat incest gorilla mother can’t afford the gum off the seat. He’s living on barebone minimum wage aka scavengering loose pennies in Walmart grocery Isles.

      11. he can’t afford a xbox 360 as a matter of fact he can’t afford any console (including the pirate ones)

      12. I bet he can’t even afford an old DSLite from a pawn shop which costs $40-60. Poor ass, welfare leeching dickhead (Sasori)

      13. Not even close. I don’t waste money on gimped/incomplete trash either its 1st, 2nd or crappy 3rd parties.

        I actually start to feel relieved that Ubidorks delayed the Wii U Watchdogs because I would’ve ended up paying $60 for an overhyped GTA-ripoff garbage that’s as compact with glitches as Battlefield 4 and as potentially boring as GTA4 unlike MK8 that I haven’t occured a single problem yet. Everything works in MK8 as it should be.

        So try again on damage controlling on wasting money for unfinished products Brokeback.

  2. I’m getting my physical copy from Gamestop tomorrow. Hopefully, this game can move alot of Wii U’s and get more gamers into the next generation Nintendo games. Cheers to E3.

    1. Did your Wii U ever come back in? Or have you heard anything on it’s whereabouts?

      1. I contacted Nintendo and had them resend it. (UPS actually sent it back to Nintendo) It should be here hopefully in about a week or two. I told them word for word my exact address, so if this mistake happens again, I am going to be extremely angry. Especially if I miss out on those Club Nintendo offers! (Mario Kart 64) :(

      2. That’s good to hear. Let’s hope UPS doesn’t botch it up AGAIN.

      3. You can still get the MK64 code and hold it until Wii U comes back.

    2. why should gamers buy mario kart 8 while they can get watch dogs a real new innovative game ip.

      1. because Mario Kart 8 is more next-gen then watchdogs. Watchdogs last gen confirmed.

      2. Watchdogs is in fact a last gen game delayed twice to be ported for “next gen” which is just gimped PC in a black box.

      3. In his current mental state, I don’t think he’ll understand that question. You gotta speak it in Kindergarten language so this baby can at least know one word out of the sentence.

      4. Had more fun playing mario kart at target last week than playing watch dogs story mode. The watch dogs story is good, but not mario kart fun.

      5. Exactly, anybody who takes video games to that degree, needs a life an a half.

      6. Actually, Half-Life 3 has been confirmed already about a 1 week ago atleast…

      7. Well I just re read it know, not actually confirmed but some Valve employees said that it’s in development now…

      8. This gorilla’s life has no life and meaning. Its just spawned by his Satan mother as means for humanity’s legit amusement.

      9. do you mean that thing ubisoft is selling as the game of the century…the game who wasn’t critically acclaimed, the game who has lots of bugs and doesn’t have the futuristic graphics they promised back in 2012? ahhh taht game, right?
        keep on dreaming gorilla

      10. innovative? the only innovative thing in watch dogs is how ubisoft lied about their game. not only to nintendo fans also to all the gamers community that game doesn’t have the standards of a current gen (ps4. wii u. xdone) console

      11. Yeah, that Watch Dogs is soo next-gen that you can easily play it on a 10 year old game console.

      12. … From what I’ve heard from Reviewers, Watch_Dogs isn’t very innovative and not to mention, driving sucks in Watch_Dogs.

      13. I have both. Played watch dogs up until the launch of MK8. Watch Dogs is a great games, but it’s going to be collecting dust for a bit. MK8 is amazing! As a Nintendo hater, you’re missing out on a true gem here. You gotta go for the best of what each system had to offer. I had a Wii U first, but I just picked up a PS4 a few weeks ago. I’ll eventually grab an Xbox One when they finally get the new Halo and Gears of War out there. Instead of hating each system, we should all play the great games on each system that makes it unique.

        Nintendo will always win, in my opinion, because they have the best exclusive IPs. I would spend 400 dollars on a Nintendo system, even if that system only came out with a couple new Mario and Zelda games, along with smash and Kart. Once the new Zelda comes out, I will be 100% satisfied with the Wii U, despite what all the haters out there say about it.

      14. I agree with this. Once Hyrule Warriors & Zelda for Wii U comes, I’ll be 100% satisfied with my Wii U even before X & Bayonetta 2 comes. Hell! I’m already satisfied with my Wii U. There aren’t many games that interest me since my highest preferred games are ones that have a long history & I know won’t be snuffed out after only 1 or 2 bad selling games. It’s why I’ve stuck with Nintendo for so long. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem. These games won’t be canned unless they’ve suffered at least 10 bad sales.

      15. Innovative? lol Watchdogs = watered down GTA with hacking gimmick that dies out as fast as Kinect.

        That’s not innovation at best or worst because its not. And look at the reviews. The game is a half-baked POS and I’m already hearing so many complaints of glitches like BF4 had themselves.

        MK8 however, looks and works like a beautiful charm. You’re obviously a jealous retard. Nothing more but everything less.

      16. Because some people most likely don’t want to get another gimped 3rd party port for their Wii U. Rehash or not, I’ll take Nintendo’s high quality games with 1 glitch than Ubisoft’s with 3 to possibly 10 glitches. Nintendo games stay high in price BECAUSE of their high quality unlike many 3rd party titles that drop in price maybe a year or 2 later.

  3. Just bought my copy of MK8 from the eShop :D

    Since this is my first digital game purchase, Any pros over physical disc?

    Same gra

    1. Well, If you tend to lose your games alot, then it will never get lost. Unless something happens to your console. And there’s the digital promotion thing (if you have a deluxe) I usually switch between digital and physical for certain games. Like for Mario Kart 8, I’d go physical for the special red case. And for games I KNOW I’m gonna keep and don’t want to lose at all, I download. Like Super Mario 3D World. (Fantastic game by the way)

    2. Good move. MK8 will be a game you always want at your fingertips. Nicely played!!

    3. The way I see it, there are few games that should be bought digitally because you will never trade them in. Mario Kart definitely falls into that category. I love firing up the Wii U and not having to worry about changing discs if I was playing something else before.

    1. And people say Wii U back then was a ripoff. Not if you paid for the Deluxe with that promotion thing that came with few more accessories and a free game.

  4. Hmmm played the game and I have to say… It’s very bland at best. Can’t help but to feel disappointed I thought it was going to be much better.

    1. Then I guess I won’t buy a Wii U at all…
      I’m going PC Master Race…

      Said no one ever…

      1. Haha, Nintendo commander, you’re so funny!

        Said no one ever.

      2. Are you inlove with me or something?…

        You constanlty stalk me, ape…

      3. What?? I’ll just go ahead and assume that you’re saying that because you probably get other anons replying to you too. You do know that anyone who doesn’t enter a name/email gets the same icon & “Anonymous” name, right? And you don’t seem to know what stalking is either, hmm..

      4. Considering about 70% of all you “Anonymous” bash me in the same way, you’re nothing but clones and so I’ll treat you all as one and the same…

      5. See? You said it yourself, it’s 70%, not all of them.
        But well, I guess it’s completely up to you. :)

      6. Looks like somebody is playing copycat on me. XD I didn’t know someone envys me or that I have fans. lol

        You know damn well that’s not me commander. :) Me calling MK8 “bland”? Either that was me drunk or this is a dead giveaway of an imposter.

      7. I see…

        Maybe you should create a real account so no more further confusion occours in the future…

        Join the Squadron…

      8. IDK how and I heard one of my friends used Twitter. But I have no clue how to sign in with that.

      9. Personally I just googled “WordPress register” or something like that…

      10. It was pretty easy actually. There should be something that you can click on here that allows you to make a WordPress account. Or maybe I was using the subscription page for WordPress users that don’t own an account. Maybe you can try using Gravatar. It has a link to logging into WordPress

      11. Just because he doesn’t like 3rd parties & prefers Nintendo’s better quality games doesn’t make him a brown nose.

        What is with all these people sucking up to 3rd parties that love to screw over Nintendo Wii U owners, like EA & Ubisoft?

      12. The copycat also had you sort of agreeing with that little parasite sasori. I knew right then & there that was not the Stranga we know.

    2. Well, that’s not good. I was disappointed with Mario Kart 7 when I first got it (like two weeks ago) but I’m growing used to it now. It’s my favorite 3DS game. What kind of stuff did you find disappointing? Single player? Characters?

      1. The only thing I’m disappointed about this is that the imposter did a whack ass job posing as me. Calling MK8 bland and I don’t have the game yet? Ya should have saw that coming. XD

    3. Lol ive been playing for 5 hours str8 I have to say this is by far the best mario kart loving it

  5. About 30 minutes left for it to fully download. If Iggy Koopa is already unlocked, I’m going straight for him as my first racer for this game. Rainbow hair, here I come!

    1. You must have a different time zone than me, or are just plain super energetic. No way I could play games at almost 2 AM. Lol.

  6. I hope I can sell my eShop download code fast. I wanna buy the physical copy of Zelda: Wind Waker HD with the money. I hate digital games.

    1. By sell, you mean give away for free, right? :P I will gladly take that thing. I want Wind Waker for free badly. XD

      1. Edit: I see you put “with the money”. Oh well, I’ll just buy the physical copy. :p Also, why do ya hate digital?

  7. great advert.
    the game is fun, but way to easy.
    we played about 10 houres.
    after 2h we allready had every cup won.
    allmost by the first try.
    only the second retro cup we needed 3 times to win.
    they should make 200 or 250cc.
    the best course is the snes course.
    this one gives the real mk feeling.
    drive perfect pure :-)

    1. I see this as a plus, to be honest. It means I can get online in less than 24 hours with every character unlocked.

  8. i just ordered it so will get a day later. i have never liked racing games.. so i hope this is going to somehow be different.

  9. Quick question: There are 3 games that I’m trying to choose from right now. I can’t decide whether to get Sonic Lost World, Lego City Undercover, or Zelda WWHD. I know I can get WWHD free, but I’d want the physical copy If I’m getting it. What to get??? It would be greatly appreciated if you answer this as soon as possible as I plan on giving someone my money to get one tomorrow. (They leave before I even wake up, so I can’t choose wrong. XD) Alright, thanks. :)

    1. My answer and I think most would agree, Lego Undercover City…

    2. If you want the physical copy of WWHD (which I’d definitely do too), you should go for one of the other two. Maybe look at videos and even reviews to see how they are and what their “negative” and “positive” points are, so it will be easier to make a decision which one you like better. That’s how I would do it, at least. :)

      1. Saying Zelda isn’t worth purchasing is like saying a free box of pizza isn’t worth eating.

    3. Sonic will disappoint you. It will get stale VERY fast. If you go in with very low expectations, you might be ok…the Zelda DLC is pretty amazing though.

      Lego City was a little too slow for me, but most of my followers lived it, and it has a metric fuck-ton of content. You will get a lot of game play out of it, and it breaks the mold of typical Lego games.

      Windwaker — you just need to buy it. However. :)

      1. Yo dudes, I’m going with Zelda Wind Waker HD. I’ll download Pikmin 3 with the free promotion. And I’m buying Lego City Undercover next week. I also have Mario Kart 8 now and the case is indeed red (with the blue banner) :D I’m gonna have to get around to Sonic Lost World eventually before Sonic Boom comes out. I skipped it back in November because of 3D World. It’ll be awhile before I can get to it because my next purchases are Smash Bros 3DS, Tomodachi Life, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. God there’s too much to play..And I bet after E3 when they start announcing release dates and new games, I’m gonna have to delay Sonic Lost World AGAIN. XD

      2. This is why I prefer to buy Nintendo consoles within the first day, week, or month of it’s release. I won’t risk waiting to get it when a big name game I want comes out only to find out there are plenty of other games I could have gotten while waiting for the big name game. I got other things to bide my time with, anyway, so a lack of games is no biggie for me.

      3. Yep. You are right. There are still games I want, but so little time and money. I still need: Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4, Injustice Gods Among Us, Batman Arkham City and Origins, Splintercell Blacklist, Sonic Lost World, The Lego Movie Video Game, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wii Party U, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Call of Duty Ghosts (I wanna test out multiplayer :p) Nintendo Land, and a ton of missed Wii games. And oh god. Don’t even get me started on the eshop games… ._. And they say Wii U has no games? HA!

  10. I’ve just seen that in Argos you get Metroid Other M free when you buy Mario Kart 8… Bit random, but ok!

  11. Will this work on the original wii? Or do I have to buy the wii u controller add on for it to work?

    1. That’s a dumb question. Wii =/ Wii U and since MK8 is a Wii U game, it won’t work on Wii or in its Wii mode.

      *face palm* People can’t tell the damn difference after nearly 2 years…

      1. Don’t bother hi, he is just a troll that comes here sometimes since like ever…

        He was here even before I joined this site saying the same crap…

      2. He use to be MY rival, back in the day when trolls were clever, he is a clone of my real Facebook friend peteriuss. I just cant believe this clone still here. Hahaha :D

      3. It was the first war in this site, it was a massacre D: trolls and nintendo fanboys bodies everywhere many of my friends didn’t survive (they don’t come here anymore) of course am one of the few survivors, that war made me the man i am today son, u_u
        Yeah all this happened before you were here. The sad sad memories :(

      4. Well luckily the empire sent me just in time to save you and the newer recruits…

      5. I remember!! And we had the ultimate troll, the true Aelous!! ;D Good times.

      6. I know rigth, It took 10 of our best men to take him down let them play in peace

      7. Until I came, then it was basically only 3vs1, Me, N-Dub Nation and Nintedward…

      8. Hey. I know I may not wear the uniform, but I AM a Nintendo fan you know. And although I try to keep balance and hold Nintendo accountable, I was a troll fighter. I was good friends with Nintendward as well. Played Mass Effect with him in those days.

      9. Dude, what ever happened to Nintedward? The last I seen him was like March 2013. He used to be on Wii U Daily… :/

      10. Don’t know…

        Rumors is that he became a Sonyan…

        Or something…

      11. And then the CPU soldier Bill came and was my main enemy…

      12. Those names don’t come to mind. Those people must be older trolls. So the old trolls must be aelous, petreriuss and bill. Then the middle trolls must have been adarzz, iceazeama. nuetron and jellybean, the ones i know. Now there is none….. maybe sasori but it’s just full of angry annoying fanboys and honestly i think they are worse than when adarazz, ice, nuetron, and jellybean were here. They at least argued about fucking videogames and usually had good arguments while keeping things interesting, and funny.

        Now it’s even worse…….. rabid fanboys, there doesn’t even need to be trolls here anymore for it to be bad and it’s less interesting.

      13. Definitely true, I actually enjoyed arguing with jellybean and ice.

      14. I remember that epic battle you had with him back when I was just a civilian bystander.

      15. Nice…

        And now you’re an Admiral for the Valve Republic…

      16. Agreed! And it was an honor fighting in that first war with you!! ;D I’m glad Commander came along. I was getting to old for that shit. Lol.

      17. Am a lot like you, am a huge nintendo fanboy but i don’t let that get in the way of telling nintendo when they are taking a wrong path. I don’t defend them when they’re wrong or agree with every decision. But back to the war thing, you are certainly one of my fav soldiers along with the commander :D

  12. If someone could help answering this question, is the offer from club nintendo also available on the UK game? my Wii U is Pal and I’m not sure if I’ll get the offer or not. Thanks.

    1. Yes and both Nintendo UK and the rest of Europe can choose between these 4 games and an additional 4 more…

      You should search yourself for what games they are…

      1. The anon who replied to you after Nintendo Commander: I just checked and the promotion is indeed available in Europe too. And he’s right about the 8 games, you can choose one of the following games: Nintendoland, Super Mario Bros. U, Game & Wario, Pikmin, Windwaker HD, Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (or w.e. the game is called, I have no idea), Wii Party U and Monster Hunter.

      2. Looks like I can’t even count, of course I meant *10 games, not 8. :)

      3. It’s ok. You can rub it in. You still don’t get the special red Mario Kart 8 case. Ahaha. >:D

    2. I’m not quite sure, but I do believe that we have a similar promotion here in Europe. I can’t say if we can get the same games, but I’m almost sure I’ve heard of the promotion here too.

    3. Yes, it is vaild in the UK. In fact, the UK and European deal is better than the American one since you get a choice of ten games instead of the US’s four.

  13. I can’t wait to see how phenomenal this game will do in worldwide sales both game and Wii U sales that’ll make all 3rd parties cring and even make Ubisoft cry for fucking up Watchdogs and fall to its knees BEGGING to god that they shouldn’t have deserted Nintendo fans in every turn since day one of Wii U.

    When its known that MK8 beats Watchdogs, which I know damn well it will, I gonna be gloating the shit out of Ubisoft social pages. C:

    1. What made you mad about Ubisoft? The fact that it’s Wii U version of Watch dogs is delayed means that the Wii U version will be the best version.

      1. Also, keep your manners when going through Ubisoft forums, unless you want them to attack My Nintendo News.

      2. I will agree that the WiiU version will be superior. With all the MS and Sony gamers “testing” the game for us, they’ll have it debugged for the WiiU release! (I hope, Or no purchase for me!)

      3. Rayman Legends delay..twice, one for Rayman and the other for Watchdogs but I’m now glad they did it to Watchdogs since I learned that its crap. All that dumbass hype, damage control, white lies and for what? Another Battlefield 4 mess?

    2. I don’t know if it will hit as hard as Watchdogs did the first day, but it should be able to maintain much, much stronger momentum.

  14. while i play battlefield 3 for free you drones will be paying $60 for another mario game. even watch dogs is a better value than mario kart 8.

    1. Because you are taking advantage of your “friend”, otherwise you wouldn’t be playing it for “free”…

      Any Mario game except NSMB series > BF…

      1. Hard to compare Mario games to a first-person shooter. Not saying BF is better or anything, just depends on what genre you enjoy more, I’d suppose.

      2. True but Xbots bashing our empire has to be countered…

    2. I only payed £39 for my copy and it’s by far more interesting than an old ass game that will lose support. Plus, for a game in Native 720p it looks much better than Titanfall ;)

      Damage controller, damage controls

    3. Its a giveaway dumbass, a giveaway to get morons like you to like that inferior Spyware/Steam knockoff called Origin.

      And speaking of Watchdogs/BF3 being a better value, how is your welfare lifestyle? I know you ain’t got shit to buy with so don’t even start on things having better values because you got no value to afford even a dog’s piss stain on a fire hydrant.

    4. Your parents should have gotten a dog instead of having you. Least the dog would be far more smart than you will probably EVER be.

      1. Ah hell… I downloaded it last night. ;D
        I went digital so no matter what game I’m playing, I can swap in Mario kart whenever.
        I fell asleep though, so I haven’t played it and have to go to work! :(

      2. Mwahaha!! It’s going to be a looking day at work… Sitting here with nothing on my mind but going home and breaking in Mario Kart…. I may try to take half a vacation day and leave early.

      3. Phew. I was about to tear you a new one if you were gonna turn it down over one missing character. That’s like me saying “Ridley is a boss instead of a playable character for Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U & 3DS!? Screw this game! I’m not buying it til Ridley is playable!” Which is not gonna happen. Playable Ridley or boss Ridley, I’m STILL getting SSB 4 Wii U/3DS for Link, Samus, Zelda, Mario, Ganondorf, Bowser, Sonic, Marth, Ike, Megaman, Lil Mac, Charizard, Greninja, and the many other characters I look forward to reusing or using for the first time in… SUPER!!! SMASH!!! BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!!

  15. I played the game today and it’s amazing!
    The graphics are great and the resolution looks more like a 1080p game than the Native 720p :D

    Really does show, trolls know nothing ;)

    1. Online play can be a bit chaotic, in a good way compare to COD, but that’s the point of MK’s gameplay nature. You’ll never know what the game and player can throw at you and it can be challenging at best. :) I’m a bit disappointed over MK8 omitting Coin Battle mode for online. I use to enjoy it on 3DS. But knowing MK8 could possibly support DLC like the Mercedes kart in Japan, Nintendo can actually update and expand MK8 from here with tweaks, new modes/characters/karts-parts and new tracks like MKWii but permanent. :)

  16. Just purchased this game, but I haven’t played it yet. Wish me luck that I dont get hit by a blue shell on my first race!

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