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Pikmin 3 Now Includes Stylus Control Option In Recent Update

You can now use stylus based controls in Pikmin 3 following a recent update to the adorable title. The new control scheme enables you to throw those ultra cute Pikmin using the GamePad touchscreen with the stylus. Users that wish to use the new control option can do so in the main menu. You can go and update your copy now.

Thanks, George


80 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Now Includes Stylus Control Option In Recent Update”

    1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      Pikmin 3 is actually the BEST GAME on Wii U currently and the #1 reason is: BATTLE MODE.

      My wife and I have played hundreds of bakes and is always exciting and fun. So many variations on levels and what you can do to strategize. If you’re not playing BATTLE MODE on Pikmin 3, then you ate not playing the BEST game on Wii U. Simple as that.

  1. Sounds cool, but no thanks. Pikmin isn’t my type of game. I’m getting Wind Waker HD with the free promotion.

    1. Before I bought pikmin 3 I didn’t know what I was going to expect. I never played any of the previous entries I only knew about olimar because of smash bros. So I took a chance. The game is now one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

      1. Wow. You sound EXACTLY like me. I only knew Olimar because of Smash and I haven’t played previous entries. I might take a chance, but I really want Wind Waker HD for free.

          1. It’s not risky at all. The previous 2 Pikmins were amazing and this will be too. I have Wind Waker HD and yeah sure the graphics are nice but I’ve played it before so I tired of it quickly. Pikmin 3, however, is new and will be terrific. That’s the game I’m getting. Who knows I might get the DLC as well or they might make that free too to entice more players.

        1. Pikmin 3 costs more in store than WW HD. With that said Pikmin is the better free value ($60) versus WW HD ($50), Both are awesome, so get what you want but I thought I would point that out.

          1. That makes much more sense. I should get that golden Zelda case. I could buy the physical version of Pikmin 3 as well, but that would leave me with Wii Party U. And I could just get the physical copy with Wiimote plus. But… I really want something for free! Lol.

        1. I actually did find a used copy of the original I played some of it then idk what happened I think I started playing some other game so I have to go back and finish it later.

          1. Pikmin 3 > Pikmin > Pikmin 2 IMO (Pikmin 2 had to many “filler” dungeons for me, they basically artificially lengthened the game with that… Pikmin 1, however, had diverse and awesome environments, and Pikmin 3 improved on Pikmin 1, made it less stressful *looks at water wraith* and made the game beautiful, made Pikmin A.I. near perfection, and made boss battles much much better!)

            1. I loved all Pikmin games. But I still feel like Pikmin 2 was the best. It was longer, had a better story, and collecting the treasures was MUCH more fun than fruit, fruit, and more fruit. And I loved how the underground areas had no time limit. My biggest complaint was the multiple, identical treasures. Couldn’t Nintendo have thought of anything other than marbles and rings etc.? Still, best Pikmin game.

              Pikmin 3 was fun. But it failed to become my favorite due to the fruit collecting, and the fact that the game felt way too short. I never did play the event battles though. I was going to, but started playing other games.

              1. The mission modes are the stuff that make this game as addicting as is, you should give them a try.

                And your biggest complaint is the fact you collect fruit… Really? It’s almost the same thing with different look you know.

                1. Well, I loved the real life products (treasures) that you could collect in Pikmin 2. It made it more interesting, and sometimes funny. Even in Pikmin 2, the fruit was a little boring to me. And that’s all there is in Pikmin 3. Collect fruit, drink the juice, read the same thing after they get done drinking it, then start another day.

                  Sure, it’s a minor thing to complain about, but sometimes even a minor complaint can cause a game to fall short from glory. My REAL biggest complaint is probably that the game felt too short. I loved it, but there just wasn’t enough. OH!…..the controls weren’t as smooth as in Pikmin 2 either. Certain things was more difficult and frustrating. But it’s been a while since I played it, so I can’t remember everything. I do plan to return to it some day and play those mission modes.

    2. I’m selling the free promotion code and buying a physical copy of Wind Waker HD. Already have Pikmin 3.

  2. Oh cool a reason to play pikmin 3 again sadly mario kart is gonna take up all y gaming time for a while

  3. having a hard time on battlefield 3. you drones should try it. dont waste your money on mario kart 8.

      1. Sasori is a big time nintendo hater. For months I see him always on an nintendo post dissing the the system talking about how underpowered it is and it’s last gen hardware and wanna compare 3d world to call of duty. He just trying to make something out of nothing trying to piss yall off. I really think he doesn’t have a life. He needs a woman, or a man

    1. You are one SAD mother-fucker.
      I bitch about Nintendo ALL THE TIME and even I concede that Mario Kart is unarguably epic, even if Nintendo fucked it up.

      You are the most ignorant gamer that has ever breathed the air of this dying planet.

      wow, just take the month off and come back later.

      1. sad for what…i was talking about battlefield 3. are you mad because battlefield 4 is not on wii u….
        am no ignorant gamer neither do i call myself gamer
        am sasori obi or sasorideidaraobi my art it my beauty and your my puppets (‘-‘)

        1. Sasori, they do not understand your a “gaming messiah”… Please guide them with the light of true current Gen tech and remove their minds from the blinding poison Nintendo and specifically Iwata-San and the notorious child molester Reggie Fils-aime has placed amoung them. Forgive Nintendo Commander and Valve Glados (stranga not so much because he is not really relevant) for their gaming sins…

          1. you take video games way to serious, go out and breath some fresh air and maybe pick up on a few sports while youre at it….

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I just can’t believe te amount of people in here and out there that takes games so seriously…

              And those are often the ones bashing me…

              Maybe they need to grow up and enjoy themselves…

              What this world needs is more fun…

        2. Battlefield will NEVER be better than MarioKart FACT
          -Battlefield 3
          Gamerankings-PlayStation 3 (84.71%) – PC (86.82%)- Xbox360 (85.01%)
          -MarioKart 8
          Gamerankings- (88.43%)
          so by your logic since mk8 is a bit better then battlefield 3, all these sites are “Nintendrones” but since you’re a stupid. uneducated 15yr old troll, no one cares about your idiotic opinion and will enjoy mk8 years from now..

        3. Sad about BF4 not coming to Wii U… Dude, the fucking game is bugged to hell and is one of the WORST games last year…. so no, not mad at all but it seem you care a lot though ;)

          1. I played it and I feel that wasted my money and one thing about nintendo they put out quality games that put smiles on people at least there games don’t have glitches in them.

        4. Dude you are a cancer, if you don’t like nintendo than stay off these pages. That’s all you do is hate, I seen you do this shit for months and it’s getting old . You can battlefield your ass off of nintendo pages cause for now on I’m going to harass your ass until you either say something positive about nintendo our stay the fuck off our page. I’m serious

    2. Yet you waste your money on a game that is will one day lose support over a game that will still be playable even after the servers are down? Wow…. you are damage controlling hard XD

  4. Played the first one back in the Gamecube days but never beat it. Recently bought this one but haven’t had the time to get started. This installment won’t get away from me this time!

  5. I’ll stick with Wiimote and Nunchuck, that way I have the map on the GamePad. Going to try this, though

    1. You should play with the Gamepad. I use that first for all of my games. It seems to be the best controller ever for me.

      1. I use it a lot in most games, but I just feel Wiimote + Nunchuck is the best for Pikmin. And I just the GamePad for a map even then!

        In Wind Waker HD, GamePad is the way to go! I tried using the Pro Controller for that game, but having to pause all the time ruined the experience. I use both Pro and GamePad in Assassin’s Creed, as both are just as good, though Pro Controller is more comfortable. Most Indie games uses only GamePad, but I use Pro for VC games. Just bough a new Pro Controller for MK8, so I have 2 now, that makes three controllers with the GamePad!

        Can’t wait to see what Nintendo is going to show at e3, when it comes to new ways to use the GamePad!

  6. nice I can use that method while my gf uses the wiimote nunchuck combo. I HATE using joysticks to aim. only if I could use the wiimote with new age shooters…sigh..

  7. Haha, that’s really awesome! I was actually hoping Pikmin 3 to have this type of control scheme back when I got it last year, as I enjoyed playing Pikmin Adventure from Nintendo Land a lot!
    By the way, Pikmin 3 is an excellent game of it’s own kind, and it sure is a wise option for anyone who is willing to pick it up for free alongside Mario Kart 8. ;)

    1. Almost every popular XBONE game is a rehashed/copycat shooter or a sports game that adds NOTHING 100% unique. Almost every PS4 game is a rehashed/copycat shooter (third-person and first-person included) or sports game that adds VERY LITTLE to the gameplay of other games…
      Lemme list some games that aren’t complete repackaged sequels on the Wii U: Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Nintendo Land, Sonic Lost World (albeit just an okay game),
      and Game & Wario… That’s just what I can think of right now…

  8. Oh wow this is the perfect time for them to do this! I’ll definitely be getting Pikmin 3 when I get my copy of Mario Kart 8 tomorrow. Might be a while before a get into it though since MK8 will be a summer-long treasure trove for me to dive into.

  9. Battlefield will NEVER be better than MarioKart FACT
    -Battlefield 3
    Gamerankings-PlayStation 3 (84.71%) – PC (86.82%)- Xbox360 (85.01%)
    -MarioKart 8
    Gamerankings- (88.43%)
    so by your logic since mk8 is a bit better then battlefield 3, all these sites are “Nintendrones” but since you’re a stupid. uneducated 15yr old troll, no one cares about your idiotic opinion and will enjoy mk8 years from now..

    Damn that Bitch sasori got OWNED

  10. My children will be so happy to here this as they love Pikmin in Nintendo Land where the stylus controls allow them to play the game quite easily, which Pikmin 3 never allowed them to do.

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