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Tengami Developer Focuses On Finishing Wii U Version

Tengami developer Nyamyam has revealed that it is focusing its current efforts on finishing the Wii U version of the atmospheric adventure title. Featuring a soundtrack composed by David Wise, the game is scheduled to arrive this month on the Nintendo eShop. It will implement several features specific to Nintendo’s hardware, including Miiverse integration and support for stamps.

17 thoughts on “Tengami Developer Focuses On Finishing Wii U Version”

  1. STAMPS? That’ll be a real feat, considering how little those gorgeous visuals lend themselves to monochrome pixel art…

  2. Nice. I’ll buy this game for sure. Not because of David Wise, but because I like to play indie games.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Actually, there was an article about this game awhile back. It was the one with the pop up book graphics & gameplay.

    2. It’s been advertised since the beginning of Nintendo’s big Indie-push. I’ve been waiting for what seems forever for this game.

  3. It sounds shallow to say this but I think I would get this game just because of David Wise. Hugs!

  4. I was into this game until I saw how short it was (2-4 hours) for the price. Seems like so far it’s flopped for that reason and for the puzzles being repetative.

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