Black Wii U Console And Other Wii U Bundles Being Phased Out In Japan

Nintendo of Japan has confirmed via its official website that the original black Wii U console is being phased out in Japan along with other Wii U bundles. As it stands consumers can now only purchase two models: the original 8GB and the 32GB Wii Sports Club Bundle which featuring tennis, bowling and golf. Other bundles that are being discontinued include Wii Party U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Dragon Quest X and the Monster Hunter 3G: HD Version.


    1. They’re too poor to afford to make more consoles obviously… A big sign of how much of a loser they really are

      Yes and I put an email down to get the dumbass fanboys using my name to fuck off

      1. Aww. You poor thing. Are they getting to you, big guy? And by the way, they are just getting ready for the Legend of Zelda U & Super Smash Bros bundles most likely. But by all means, keep believing Nintendo is dieing if it you makes you feel any better.

      2. If there was a smash bundle, than it wouldn’t arrive till winter, when smash is released, you dip dip potato chip.

      3. Does it matter? There are people that prepared a year to get a ps4.

      4. Listen, troll, I know that but it doesn’t matter because it’s a good idea to cease production of the current bundles & get ready for the Smash Bros bundle for Wii U, as soon as possible. And we don’t know when it’s going to release. All we know is a timeframe. It could easily come in November during the fall. And it’s June now. It’s the middle of the year. Now run along with your weak insult.

      5. But why get rid of all bundles when they game isn’t coming till months?

      6. They either ran out of those bundles & don’t want to spend money on making & shipping more, or they aren’t selling well so ceasing production of them. That’s two reasons.

      7. Still doesn’t change the fact that I got butthurt and my arguments are still invalid.

    2. Now only someone silly would think that because if what you say is really true, then I’m surprised they still have billions of yen in the bank and haven’t gone out of business since those idiots took office.

      1. Having billions of dollars in the bank means nothing – how many billionaires have gone bankrupt over night. Nintendo has lost hundreds of billions in the course of three years and are still struggling to replenish that lost money. Them lasting 50 years+ is merely an estimate with many faults.

      2. Really 50 years of faults? Now that’s just silly, like I said if they really are run by idiots, then why are they not out of business, and where did you get the idea of them losing billions? What you mean is they gained billions, so stop being such a tease, it tickles me with laughter.

      3. Means nothing? Hah! It means they do a damn good job at saving up their money. An idiot would never be able to accomplish a feat like that. Not without an entire board full of smart men & women helping them, anyway. So yes. It does mean something. Don’t be foolish.

  1. 1) Get rid of bundlez
    2) Announce SMASH BROS BUNDLE
    3) Comes with Wii U Deluxe, SSB4, SSB4 GC control AND SSB4 GamePad, also free download code like MK8
    4) Make it like $399
    5) Sit back and ready your body for the flow of money, Nintendo lol perfect plan

      1. Don’t be delusional, bub. Nintendo is obviously getting ready for future bundles. But like Joe P, keep believing otherwise if it helps you believe the Xbomb is going to rise above it & leave it in the dust along with the Playstation 4.

      2. Uhh… I really have no idea why you felt the need to reply to me with a comment like that. I told the other anon to keep dreaming because there is no chance for a bundle like that to be priced at only $299.
        Thanks for your input, even though it was rather uncalled for. Talking down other companies just because you don’t enjoy their products is not cool. And other people having a different opinion than you doesn’t make them uncool either.

      3. Sorry about that. I thought you were just another troll. As for the bundle, I can see Nintendo selling it for at least 329-359. They make a good habit of selling bundles like those at a good discount.

    1. 1) Get rid of all horses
      2) Announce Nintendo Burger Restaurant
      3) Comes with Shy Guy Fries, Pickle and choice of Beverage
      4) Make it like $3.99
      5) Put on Obama mask, look in mirror and repeat “THANKS OBAMA” until sanity crumbles.

    2. Yea, so there will be no bundles until the end of the year, because that’s when SSB for WiiU is gonna be out. Seems like a smart move.

  2. It’s a good idea. Considering how low sales are with those bundles, it’s only natural to move on and try new stuff. Nintendo needs new bundles and/or redesigns.

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      2. If you know Sasori in real life, could you please tell us his real first name?

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      4. Anyways!! Twerkie (Sasori), um Karen yes hi and tell Jayron to call her

    1. Probably running around with woks on their heads, trying to find a way to make a console run on rice.

  3. Well that I know of, they’re getting rid of the black Wii U bundles and sticking with white Wii U’s – 8GB and 32GB bundles. I think the fans in Japan prefer the White system to a Black game system…and no, that’s not being racist if someone tries to bring the race card up haha

      1. I think he was referring to the Japanese choosing the white WiiU over the black WiiU when he said “That’s not being racist”.

      2. I don’t know, even if it was a race thing, I wouldn’t blame them……….. Lol jk:D

      3. It’s a nationality AND a race. Don’t be racist, troll.

  4. They must be pretty confident that after E3 everyone will want Wii U… and they don’t wanna lose money offering silly bundles.
    ^ only reason I can think of for this move :-*

  5. Let’s hope that Nintendo of Japan release the Wii U Zelda Musou (Hyrule Warriors) Premium bundle.

  6. Im ready for new colors.

    Clear green
    Clear purple

    Just rad stand out color schemes

  7. Is this another sign that Nintendo is scrapping the Wii U and releasing a new console?

    Not sure what to make of this…

    1. No. They are getting ready for future bundles. Don’t buy into the foolish “Wii U is doomed” talk.

      1. Yep. They got Mario Kart out the way and probably getting ready for Zelda.

    1. Expect Nintendo to roll out their new Hand-made Furniture Line at E3. The new U-Rock Rocking chair will blow your mind. It’s bringing motion control back into the Industry of sitting down and is sure to entice casual as well as hardcore sitters to take the reigns and try out the next-gen chair. U-Rock peripherals are also set to make a debut, including the Nyko cup holder which does not hold a cup and is made out of old newspaper and dead leaves.

      1. That’s more like something Sony would make, to be honest. It sounds cool, though.

  8. WTF? Nintendo you realize your selling more Wii U’s then PS4’s in Japan right? Yet your like NO we must fail miserably. Seriously what has happened to Nintendo.

    1. Phasing out the old, less successful bundles for the new, more successful bundles like the Wii U + Mario Kart 8 bundle, Wii U + Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U bundle, & possibly the Wii U + Legend of Zelda U bundle. They might even be getting ready for a Wii U bundle with Hyrule Warriors. So don’t worry.

      1. He’s not the troll, he has good points man and I barely see him troll at all…now you want a dumb troll, look at sasori, icejudgeeatter, nogostic_w (however its spelled, don’t give a flying 2 shits really) there are your trolls.

      2. But then again, Nostalgia_w does say something good once in a good while so I’m not sure if he’s one of them or not if he’s doing it for the fuck of it…so I’ll take back what I said on him a little.

      3. Same as Ice, when he was around he either had some quite funny comments or talked in a trolling manner but showed some actual brain. Compared to the other Sasori is terrible, no thought and pointless.

  9. They obviously have a good reson for doing so… we just don’t know what that reason is yet.

    1. As I just told originalbloodace, they are just phasing out the old, less successful bundles for the new ones that will most likely be way more successful.

      1. Yeah, that’s probably what it is. I don’t know why people need to criticize something they don’t understand fully. If it “sounds” bad then it must be bad to people…. good grief.

  10. Obviously they are getting ready for new bundles that will be alot more successful. But as I’ve already seen, the trolls are just using it as another “fact” that the Wii U, or Nintendo itself, is doomed. I’m not really surprised, either. They’ll use anything “negative” as a fact. Poor things are obviously terrified that the Wii U is going to possibly crush the PS4 & Xbox One.

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  13. Out with the old, in with the new. Another site tells that the bundles are all sold out and what these all mean is Nintendo will not be releasing the same bundles as they are “phased out” of inventory. It just made those bundles worth more than they should.

    When new big titles come out, Japan will always have the best bundles first anyway…

    Zelda U could have the first all Gold Wii U console bundle similar to its 3DS releases… SSB Wii U bundle could have the metallic blue with a hint of the logo…

      1. I don’t know that’s why I pointed at the 3DS bundle or should I say DS bundles…

        It was just a wish that could probably come true. Just like what others were hoping the Mario Kart 8 bundle has a stylelized kart color or design.

        It’s like the Wind Waker Wii U Remaster bundle is the 3DS’s Ocarina of Time bundle. A Zelda U gold bundle could be likened to the A Link Between Worlds bundle. Anyway it’s just my wish, otherwise I will just have Gold mod my console with the Triforce on top… he he he

    1. I like this idea. I really do hope Nintendo has the ability to transfer our NNID & data to another Wii U console if this ends up being the case. Otherwise, I’ll have to buy the damn thing & put it up in storage til Nintendo does allow us to transfer NNIDs, the saved data tied to it, & the downloads we bought for the console.

  14. So this means Nintendo is making new bundles for new games ! Could this mean that there is a possible chance for Nintendo to make a bundle for S.T.E.A.M (Miyamotos new IP). Which they may surprise everyone with on E3 and release it this year.
    I shouldn’t be keeping my hopes up this high for something that I only wish to be true. :p.

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