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Nintendo Patents Some Kind Of Smartphone To Nintendo 3DS Connectivity


Nintendo has recently patented some sort of smartphone to Nintendo 3DS connectivity. It’s unknown whether this is simply Smartphone WiFi to Nintendo 3DS tethering or something else entirely. Nintendo has recently been looking at ways to bring popular smart devices into its strategy. You never know, we may hear more about this at Nintendo’s E3 Digital Conference on Tuesday.


  1. All i wanna do on my phone thats 3DS related is buy games from work, leave my 3DS on and automatically DL the game so I can play SSB4 faster

    What else is there to even do??

    P.S. Mario Maker? Plz GTFO wit dat


    1. It would be awesome to have an actual Nintendo smartphone app that would combine the Wii u and 3ds miiverse and eshops and collect streetpass data . It would also let you buy stuff directly from the phone


      1. @Stevie wonder, that is exactly what i want, i do not need to play nintendo games on smartphones, that is blasphemous and it would divert sales from wii u and 3ds which would harm nintendo rather than help them


    2. A Nintendo TV app would be cool on a phone. I really want them to put a streaming media app / a app to view media off a SD card or USB drive. (videos, photos, music)

      (I guess just more apps in general would be nice)

      I guess the only other app connectivity I could think of is maybe some sort of progress building minie game on your phone, that say got you exp or money, and then you could transfer that over to your game on the 3DS.


    1. Would be better if our empire recruited the best hackers ever and took over the world…


    2. I’d like to see it use the Tegra K1 or one of AMD’s newer APU’s, that would be great if this means a Smartphone from Nintendo


      1. And the PS4 and Xbox One… you forgot about that part didn’t you ;)

        Also, look at the Vita… it’s stronger than the 3DS but the 3DS is already reaching sales of 44 Million units, Vita… about 8 Million ;)


      2. So in other words, I can just have my Nvidia Shield 2, 3DS, Wii U and PC and I’d be set for life because the PS4 and Xbox One are now irrelevant whilst Nintendo, Nvidia and Valve are all more relevant ;)


    3. If they did, they should make a windows phone with a Bluetooth controller add on. That way you could have exclusive Nintendo games, and apps (a VC like Netflix would be awesome)
      As well as the Xbox games, and windows apps (office, Skype, exe)

      Or maybe a android and windows phone.


  2. it’s absolutely NOT tethering … tethering is a root technology that doesn’t discriminate … it’s basically turning your device into a proxy router … you can connect a 3DS to an iPhone right now.

    this has to have some other functionality … i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s allowing you some pass-thru access to the 3DS with authentication … ie, you have certain features obtained to your smartphone by being close to your 3DS … a reason to bring your 3DS with your smartphone on the road.


    1. I would love it if it created a vr game like Google did on Google maps for April fools so the 3DS just uses the GPS in your phone.

      Or when it would collect Streetpass data so there are more traveling 3DSes.


      1. It’s a web app, so it works on any phone. You just have to add the mobile site to your start screen.


  3. “Introducing… the Smartphone U! Are U ready? Please understand.”

    If they really do make a smartphone, it’ll probably suck/have a dumb name/both.


  4. Nnid eshop thing were you can download eshop games from your phone to 3ds….the next time its on or ig it is on.


  5. Wow! This means that Nintendo could sell the their own smartphone that would link to Nintendo 3DS. That is a very smart move to bring the new gamers to Nintendo 3DS.


    1. But what if you brought both your phone AND your 3DS with you? Would you double up on the Streetpasses?


      1. That would be cool. But while I also hope for something like that, wouldn’t that drain my phone battery? And wouldn’t the distance between two phones/3DSes have to be much smaller than now? (For some reason I think it should or does the 3DS also uses a regular Bluetooth connection like phones?)


    1. Strange, because you seem to flip flop on Nintendo as well seeing how the Xbox One is still doing poorly and Mario Kart 8 is still selling.


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