Here’s What N64 Star Wars Pod Racing Looks Like Recreated In Unreal Engine 4


Some of you may have fond memories of Star Wars Episode I: Racer on the Nintendo 64. We aren’t likely to get a remake, but one ambitious fan has recreated the game using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. You can check out some of the screens of the project, here.


      1. Do you honestly believe journalism should only cover official statements released from organisations? There’s a job for that already, it’s called public relations. If that’s what you think news is, you’ve got a pretty warped view of the world.

  1. I’m sorry but I really don’t care what people say. The Phantom Menace is my favourite Star Wars film. The games based on the first episode are amazing. Great times playing Pod Racer on my PC :)

    1. While my absolute favorite Star Wars film is Episode IV, I could say Episode I is actually my favorite one amongst the first three episodes (though Ep. III comes pretty close if not equally). =)

      1. I think the biggest thing I love about the Phantom Menace is Darth Maul. He’s the coolest Star Wars character ever! lol And then it’s Jabba The Hut ;) haha

      2. Too bad they just threw in Maul just so they could have a villain to kill off. He should have had a bigger part in the prequel trilogy IMO.

      3. By the way, I loved SW: Episode I: Racer back in the day, as well as Battle for Naboo. Those were some of the most enjoyable games on the N64!

  2. Will this run on my wii? Or do I have to get the wii u controller, to upgrade my wii to hd to play this?

  3. Among my favorite N64 games, racers, & licensed IPs (though I hate most licensed games). Spent quite a bit of time w/ it. I’m tempted to play it again. Pity my N64 & N64 games are in storage.

    1. Not really, I got it running on the Wii U with medium to high setting in 720p at 30 fps (A steady 30 fps I might say) for my game coming to the Wii U.

      Xbox One can run this game but it just feels boring, too easy, the Wii U actually gave me a challenge.

      1. You gotta love it how you damage control ;)
        Indie developer doesn’t mean fake, as a matter of fact that image there… yeah I did it ;)

      2. And your a real one? Spare me the lulz kid, oh wait, too late, because no one still takes you seriously.

      3. There is no such thing as a fake developer unless its just some random person claiming to develop games. If you make a game, then you are a video game developer, famous or not.

    2. Naive fool, or in denial fool. Did you even read the article that sickr posted about Unreal Engine 4 awhile back? It can be made to work on the Wii U if a developer takes their own time & money to make it work for the system.

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    1. Sadly, EA owns the game rights to Star Wars which means they would use their shitty Frostbite engine which is buggy as all hell and is horrible for console.

      1. It’s horrible for any platform they decide to defile with it.

      2. Ugh! Why, Disney, why!? And they were doing so well with Marvel, too. Let’s hope this is the ONLY stupid move Disney makes with owning Star Wars.

  5. Ah, good times. My little brother and I spent so much time playing this and the Episode 1: Battle for Naboo also for N64.

  6. This has nothing to do with the n64 game he hasn’t recreated the game. He has modelled a very nice scene and complex pod racer, and yes he has used used unreal engine 4 to build his scenes and render it, presumably due the its very pretty shaders and lighting. But he is just doing that one scene as fan art. Im not bashing what he has done, I think its great and worth checking out but it makes me wonder whether the OP should read their sources correctly.

  7. I’d love to see Rogue Squadron 2 in this engine since it’s my favorite Star Wars game. I still play it to this day and it still looks really good.

  8. If EA ever pulls their head out of their ass and pays attention to the wii u, a remake of this and the first two Rogue Squadron games, as exclusives instead of badly done ports, would be an excellent way to smooth relations.

    1. Yes! Let’s hope EA stops acting like a spoiled princess that just got told no for the first time in her life & actually makes games for Wii U. If not them, I hope at least Disney twists their damn arm into making some Star Wars games for Wii U. Here’s to hoping!

  9. I miss Rogue Squadron 1 & 2, Battle for Naboo, & Star Wars: Pod Racers! If only we could have gotten them as N64 virtual console! Let’s hope, as me & smashbrolink pretty much said above, EA stops acting like a little bitch.

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