Shigeru Miyamoto Will Show Off New Projects On Nintendo Treehouse Tomorrow

Nintendo of America has revealed on Twitter that legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto will be showing off some of his new projects on Nintendo Treehouse at E3 tomorrow. Presumably this means we’ll get some information on the new IP he’s working on, as well as other little surprises.

Nintendo Treehouse will begin live-streaming tomorrow from 11.35am PT and will continue throughout the event, excluding when the Smash Bros. Invitational Tournament is in play.


  1. Hi guys, quick question! But what is the wii u? Is it a controller add on for the wii, that boosts the graphics? Any help will be welcomed.

    1. I know what a Peteriuss is. A pussyless troll who’s a social reject with no friends ;)

      1. On the off chance that you aren’t trolling, the Wii U is Nintendo’s eighth generation console. The Wii was Nintendo’s seventh generation console. You’re welcome.

    2. The Wii U is a Wii that you hit with a TF2 wrench multiple times until you upgrade it.

    3. It’s an entirely different console… is what you call the second Wii console.

    1. First is was Selina Ruiz, now its Alexis Garcia? Wow, sasori must get rejected often.

        1. Selina Ruiz, a girl from Sasori’s high school that he asked out on a date but rejected him, where he then got butthurt later to impersonate her under the very same name and pretend that she is his girlfriend, sadly the real Selina Ruiz found out about the ape’s stupidity through a friend from Facebook, with she got annoyed by, to then came on here to explain said ape’s butthurt exposing him explaining that he actually doesn’t have friends at school and no one likes him, and says that his nickname is “Twerkie” because he twerks like Miley Cyrus when he walks occasionally.

          So it think is safe to assume Alexis Garcia is another girl he asked out but got rejected by and the real Alexis may so come on here to expose the de-evolving life form like Selina did.

  2. Peteriuss, from what it was explained to me the Wii U is a optional gamepad controller that attaches to your wii but you can play virtual console games on the pad. And that’s about it, graphics are basically the same.

  3. The Xbots just finished their invasion, respect for them that they dedicated 95% of their conference to real games…

    Too bad that most were FPS and “fantasia” games only…

    I hope our empire really has big weapons to shiw…

    And a note, Platinumgames are a bunch of traitors…

    1. Yeah I was pretty pissed that Kamiya is making Scalebound. Guess we won’t be getting a Star Fox game from them after all.

        1. Well it doesn’t stop them from being good developers because they went over to Microsoft. But Nintendo needs to outsource their projects to talented developers like them. Nintendo has already dropped the ball by losing them. They could have really made some good games for Wii U after Bayonetta 2 such as Star Fox, Madworld 2, Okami 2, or a Wonderful 101 sequel. Guess not. We just lost our best third party developer. Sunnavabitch!!!!!!! Why cruel world, why?

          1. He seemed really irritated though…

            Maybe they forced him to make a game against his will…

            1. Haha doubt that. I think he new the internet reaction of him moving over to Microsoft. Nintendo fanboys are going to raid his twitter account and he was probably thinking about that. Haha

      1. They made an exclusive game for the Xbots called Scalebound…

        It’s basically a MH rip off mixed with mainstream society teenager humor…

  4. Was it just me or was Microsoft’s conference completely lackluster? The only games that intrigued me for their system was Halo 5+ Master Chief Collection, Crackdown, Scalebound, Phantom Dust, and Quantum Break. The rest I could get on a PS4/PC. Oh I guess Conker in Project Spark was cool but I’d rather just have a full Conker game. I think Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one. At least I was fairly accurate in my predictions:

      1. I honestly thought it was going to be them making Dragon’s Dogma 2 but yeah it reminds me of a Monster Hunter clone mixed with How To Train Your Dragon. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing since I love both Monster Hunter and How To Train Your Dragon. Honestly, I saw nothing that makes me want to go run out and buy a Xbox One. I’ll wait and see how Sony does tonight though.

        1. The only game that made me interested so far was Inside…

          Everything else has been done before…

          The multiplayer on Fable Legends I think it was, is a multiplayer feature that should be mandatory on Wii U games if required…

          1. Inside looked good but has a terrible name. I saw a lot of anal jokes during a stream about it. Halo 5 would be the only game shown off that convinces me to buy an Xbox One. Maybe Phantom Dust, I don’t know. Does anyone think that another Tomb Raider is too soon? No? Okay.

  5. Everyone, listen very, carefully.

    Keep your expectations very, very, very, VERY low… Just KNOW, all we are getting is Cranky Kong for MK8…and either 1.) You will not suffer epic disappointment when Nintendo epically fucks us all over again. Or 2.) If Nintendo pulls it’s head out of it’s ass and rises to some shadow of it’s former glory, somehow managing to utterly sweep E3, You will feel on top of the world.

    I am just trying to help you. One Nintendo fan to another. :)

      1. You sir, have hit the nail on the head. Very good audio commentary. I’m pretty much right there with you on all points.

        1. You should join my youtube team man! Talk to me over twitter sometime and I’ll give you the username and password to the account and you can join if you want. Just let me know if you are interested.

    1. I don’t think High Command is that retarded…

      And if by some chance they are, I’m going rogue…

      1. I really, really hope not… I’m just refusing to get overhyped, because I’m going to crack if they crack me hard with that disappointment stick again when I’m not ready for it…

  6. rip nintendo at e3 microbots have so many new games at this e3 what nintendo have to bring new..zelda only…i can imagine super SB last e3 bayo last e3 X last e3… :( i realy want to be suprised tomorrow (rip english)

      1. Agreed. Halo 5 has potential (although I’ll never play it because I don’t own the console) but otherwise, it seemed pretty bland. Very little that got me excited. Just same-old same-old meh.

        1. And as always, mostly cinematics that fools the weak minded…

          I’m not tempted by their cheap tactics…

          1. Yep. Cinematic are only cool when complimenting great game play, not a substitution for it.

            If you put chocolate Icing on dog shit, it still tastes like shit, and by fooling you for a moment, … Bad things happen

  7. Wii Music 2
    Wii U Resort
    Mario Fishing U
    Dr Mario U
    Luigi Chess U

    Those are the games Mr Miyamoto has been working on

      1. Didn’t mean a new Pikmin, but a new IP as great as Miyamoto’s Pikmin series is!

    1. I don’t think Pikmin 3 did as well as they were hoping, we may not see another for a while.. :/

      1. As I said to Tyler, I meant a new IP as great as Pikmin was/is, or a bad IP as Wii Music was. Guess I was a little unspesific.

        Loved Pikmin 3, my Wii U goty last year, and overall goty behind Link Between Worlds. Still plays mission mode with my sister!

  8. OMG! His new IP?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hope the game is fantastic and we get a new character or characters that become Nintendo classics!

    Super exciting.

  9. I blame Iwata for Platinum Games doing a Microsoft Exclusive game,Wii U needs more exclusives right now then both sony and Microsoft due to the fact that it’s heavily lacking in 3rd party support

    It truly baffles me as to why Nintendo didn’t buy PG and make them a 1st party developer,especially since these guys have great experience with HD development then the whole of Nintendo

    Iwata what happened to your Mergers and Acquisitions announcement?

    Iwata did a interview with Kamiya last year and Kamiya is at a Microsoft press conference

    It’s truly sad

    1. Platinum probably needs money. And Microsoft is probably going to give it to them. It’s sad, I agree, but they gotta eat!

        1. IDK, but unlike Nintendo, they know how to $weeten the deal! I understand where Nintendo is coming from, but they need to pull their wallet out and take one for the team to get these developers back. If they don’t get their shit sorted, NEXT Gen, I’m just not buying a Nintendo console until I can Buy Zelda or Metroid the same day.

  10. i would be surprised if smash bros had either solid snake or gabriel belmont as a smash character, maybe snake on wii u and gabriel on 3ds, at least have one exclusive character to have people interested in both versions

  11. The secret is to not expect anything specific, and just enjoy whatever IS announced. That’s the key to not getting disappointed.

  12. The part I dont get from you guys is that some of you are acting like Platinum games making games elsewhere was unexpected? Unless I missed some news, they are third party, and can make games for whoever they choose, this doesnt mean the end of games from platinum (Unless someone has proof that they said fuck nintendo and they wont be coming back)
    And also some people are quick to dismiss Nintendo nowadays, I’m not saying it wont be crap but at the same time I actually enjoyed their E3 last year, as it showed me why me having a Wii U was so worth it, and I’m sure I will get that this year, I dont expect a storm of new titles, I expect to be reminded why getting the console will make things fun for me, and for me personally the Wii U has offered me more than the competition, I’m not saying the PS4 and Xbox one arent good, just I prefer the little Wii U just a little bit more.
    Once again, Nintendo’s thing this e3 could be crap, and could just be shit. But we wont know that until tomorrow.
    (Also they arent going to reveal another Pikmin that quickly :P)

  13. Whoot! I can’t wait for whatever new IP Shigeru Miyamoto has planned. I hope it’s another hit like Pikmin and not a facepalm like Wii Music.

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