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Philips Wins Patent Case Against Nintendo In UK

Philips Electronics has announced today that it has won a case against Nintendo in the United Kingdom. The lawsuit is part of four against the Japanese company. Philips says that the patent is related to motion and gesture tracking systems used in the Wii. Philips has filed lawsuits against Nintendo Germany, France and the United States. It’s unknown how much money Philips were entitled to.

129 thoughts on “Philips Wins Patent Case Against Nintendo In UK”

    1. Light Yagami AKA Đonko AKA Kira AKA Justice AKA God of the new world AKA The Second L

      seems your precious innovative nintendo is gettting sued all over the place for copying shit, hahahahaha

      1. Idgbdihrebfiuerbcruib

        Okay…. I know this is hard to handle… This is serious…. Prepare yourself for May be a big blow to your heart… But in its entire history, Nintendo only lost a patent case twice

      2. Speaking of which, how is your PSMove doing?

        And BTW, if this BS troll lawsuit fails everywhere else but UK, that only shows how much UK hates Nintendo regardless by passing this nonsense without much further investigation.

        And they’re only sued all over because people either want their money or just to see Nintendo fall and burn for nothing but, like yours, self gratification of seeing a “kiddy” gaming giant fail.

        1. Each and every one of you console warriors are pathetic. Keep fighting your sad little war of words while the rest of us just play games on whatever platform we feel like.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Wait, he got one? I thought we all agreed that he shouldn’t, or they made it regardless because he had too much lulz?

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        Lol wow. I’m tempted to read it now, but I’ll save that for another time.

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Not sure, I’m not really a contributor to the site, I just read articles, recently I heard that ED’s page was down, its probably back on considering that sasori has a page now, so I could check, but I don’t want to be spammed with 20000000 porn ads in my face when I go to the site.

                      2. that’s why i don’t like that site, maybe i don’t want to know if he has one and let’s forget about it and if ha has one the link could appear sooner or later

                  2. that was a kick to his ego, lol. I wonder why sasori does not mention the revolutionary kinect sports rivals??… oh wait!!!

                    1. kinect sports rivals was boring as hell and is funny how the kinnect was exposed as a crappy gimmick.
                      SASORI IS CHRIS CHAN 2 lol

          1. The majority are patent trolls from Texas who “come up with an idea” but don’t actually patent it, and use that as an excuse to sue Nintendo. This has been the first one Nintendo has lost, but at least Philips is a legitimate company.

          2. People are always jealous of what will become successful and try to make it so they can feed off of it. After all, Microsoft and Sony were shown the technology later used in the Wii Remotes far ahead of Nintendo, but they turned it down because they thought it wouldn’t sell. When the Wii was demolishing the 360 and PS3, they moved in with their own gesture tracking technologies.

          3. Actually they copied nothing. They are suing for infared in wii mote. I don’t know if Phillips realizes this but, infared is also in every tv remote known to man and in playstation move and they are attacking nintendo in all of it?

          4. Actually they copied nothing. They are suing for infared in wii mote. I don’t know if Phillips realizes this but, infared is also in every tv remote known to man and in playstation move and they are attacking nintendo in all of it?

          1. Why?
            Philips only won one case… Nintendo already won like 2 Cases so far… so really you should be sad.

            1. Actually, Nintendo has won every case, with the exception of this and the 3DS. But at least those patents were legitimate.

              1. That’s the key difference between those other cases though. The 3D stereoscopic tech and this other one had actual patents. The others were just those trolls trying to feed off of their success. It’s extremely infuriating to me when people do these stupid things. At least Philips kinda has an excuse.

                Although I still won’t forgive them for the CD-i

        2. lolol wow…. reading all the comments here is like listening to a cult full of conspiracy theories. damn you guys are hardcore kool-aid drinkers. you know nothing about the actually court case, yet all scream that the lawsuit is a scheme to destroy nintendo. you’re all pretty much saying the government law system is so corrupt that an unbiased, third-party jury somehow has an agenda against nintendo. fucking ridiculous.

      3. Philips should take the high road and agree to only a minimal settlement to make amends for birthing those piece of crap CD-i games.

          1. I blame David Cameron…. the asshole probably though Philips was nicer because they said “Please”… fucking dick is putting the whole country down under.

      4. Reminds me of when Apple sued Samsung cause “mooom they ripped off our design!” BS they got on with.

        1. Actually they did and yes, I’ve seen their earlier phone models that looks identical. Hell, I even found an Android tablet made by Acer in Best Buy the other day that looks EXACTLY like the iPad mini. I expect Acer and Samsung to get sued over that reall soon.

        1. All but this one failed so I wouldn’t worry and how ironic is it that this BS lawsuit somehow won in UK, a country that despises Nintendo when you look at the sales charts and such which they rarely exist on.

      5. Phillips should give Nintendo money for making those god awful CD-i games which should of never existed.

      6. If Philips had this patent, why didn’t anyone know about it? Or are they just trying to get some extra bucks?

        1. That’s because they never disclosed nor possess or created such technology and the fact that they somehow won in UK but if lost everywhere else, that’s saying UK obviously has issues with Nintendo.

          1. lol they obviously disclosed the technology because they filed a patent for the technology. you can even look up the original patent. and it doesn’t have to do with the uk, it has to do with the company. patent trolls have vague patents and that’s why they lose. phillips had a legitimate lawsuit or they wouldn’t have won.

        1. It’ll take a LOT more than this to take down Nintendo kiddo… Maybe you should grow up and mature a little eh?

        2. You can tell you’re a fail of a troll. Hoping a dying, money thirsty company to take down a gaming giant and can’t even spell “company” right. I pity a fool like Mr. T.

      7. obviously Philips has a case and may explain why Nintendo value more the tablet gamepad like. The problem with patent and law is how the judge interpret it. Like Samsung and apple patent case. I am sure they will win their case in Germany (Phillips being a dutch company), now it will be interesting how Nintendo will defend themselves in France and US.

      8. if you wondering if Philips needs cash (info from wiki):

        In January 2011 Philips agreed to acquire the assets of Preethi, a leading India-based kitchen appliances company.

        Due to the fact that net profit slumped 85 percent in Q3 2011, Philips announced a cut of 4,500 jobs to match part of an €800 million ($1.1 billion) cost-cutting scheme to boost profits and meet its financial target.[20]

        In March 2012 Philips announced its intention to sell, or demerge its television manufacturing operations to TPV Technology. [21]

        In 2011, the company posted a loss of €1.3 billion, but earned a net profit in Q1 and Q2 2012, however the management wanted €1.1 billion cost-cutting which was an increase from €800 million and may cut another 2,200 jobs until end of 2014.[22]

        On 5 December 2012, the antitrust regulators of the European Union fined Philips and several other major companies for fixing prices of TV cathode-ray tubes in two cartels lasting nearly a decade.[23]

        On 29 January 2013, it was announced that Philips had agreed to sell its audio and video operations to the Japan-based Funai Electric for €150 million, with the audio business planned to transfer to Funai in the latter half of 2013, and the video business in 2017.[24][25] As part of the transaction, Funai paid a regular licensing fee to Philips for the use of the Philips brand.[24] The purchase agreement was terminated by Philips in October because of breach of contract.[26]

        In April 2013, Philips announced a collaboration with Paradox Engineering for the realization and implementation of a “pilot project” on network-connected street-lighting management solutions. This project was endorsed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).[27]

        In 2013, Philips omitted the word “Electronics” from its name, which is now Royal Philips N.V.[28]

        On November 13, 2013 Philips unveiled its new brand line “Innovation and You” and a new design of its shield mark. The new brand positioning is cited by Philips to signify company’s evolution and emphasize that innovation is only meaningful if it is based on an understanding of people’s needs and desires.[29]

        On April 28, 2014 Philips agreed to sell their Woox Innovations subsidiary (consumer electronics) to Gibson Brands for $US135 million.

        1. Wow. Phillips is really selling its soul away. How pitiful and now targeting Nintendo? Disgraceful.

          If this lawsuit somehow won in UK but not everywhere else, I guess that’s saying that UK doesn’t like Nintendo period.

            1. What makes you say that they stole? Give me 5 different and strong points, and then your opinion is accepted.

              1. Again, fix your grammar. Also if all you really do is this, get a life. Go out and find a species called homo sapiens.

            2. Stolen what? Learn how to speak proper English. I’m allergic to stupid people.

              And BTW, stole what exactly and what motion based tech did Philips created that was never publicly disclosed before anyway? They they’ll in for is light bulbs and fucking house appliances.

              1. Why are you guys even getting mad? What do you people have to do with any of these companies? How are all these tech and video game companies affecting your lives? Losers.

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  Says the loser that is doing nothing but mostly insulting people. Oh & not to mention the fact you wished death on Iwata & his family over a video game console. Now who is the loser again?

        2. Shocking! Naaa just kidding. Thanks for the facts bro, we all knew beforehand Philips is now the ravenous little corpse of a company… Seeing it all explained like this is heart-breaking though. Let Nintendo throw some millions their way.

      9. I’m beginning to believe that UK hates Nintendo. Sales sucks over there and now this BS lawsuit somehow won by Phillips? If this lawsuit fails everywhere else, then this only proves my point. UK seriously doesn’t like Nintendo regardless of what they do.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Agreed. Or maybe the jurors that were picked were idiots, hate Nintendo themselves, or even possibly paid off. A couple thousand dollars compared to millions is nothing, after all.

        1. They can simply appeal the case by investigating themselves and prove the courts that they missed something. I bet Philips only won in UK solely because UK hates Nintendo.

          1. Agreed, the ruling can still be overturned. Nintendo UK needs better lawyers who won their cases than what they have now.

            As for Philips, I personally am boycotting any product with their brand on it. I can get my LEDs from GE.

      10. Look how nostalgia_w resorting to “why you hate my grammar,” becoming defensive and insulting. Instead of trying to give evidence of all what “it” is saying. It must really doesn’t know what Nintendo is or even Philips. It must be from UK.

        1. It seems to know so much about me. It must be living in the corner of his boarded up room. It is so sensitive about issues that do not concern him.

        1. Someone should sue nintendo for all the kids they raped. All the hymens they’ve ripped. All the hymens they’ve eaten. All the assholes they’ve torn… Poor children…

      11. Yes, Philips, it’s not like you did anything bad to Nintendo… Apart from Zelda: The Faces of Evil. Zelda: The Wand of Gamolon, Mario Hotel and that god awful Zelda game that I can’t remember…. So yeah, Nintendo should be suing YOU but they didn’t, they realized it was a mistake to give retards their licenses and only trust real developers.

      12. Well, I am done with Philips. Never again shall I buy anything from that company… Not that I (or most of the people I know) had actually bought anything from them in the last 25 years… Damn,that would be my entire lifetime without Philips. Mmm seeing my SNESS, Game Boy Advance, N64, NGC, 3DS, Wii, Wii U and a bazillion gamed sitting on shelves everywhere on my household I kind of see through Philips’s eyes… If I was so unemployed for so long I too would become greedy… Go for it Philips!

      13. I gotta laught at all the idiots posting here saying nonentdo lost because the whole of the uk is against them…

        I guess I never knew thats how the worlds oldest legal system in the world works!

        Also better tell me where the concentration camp for nintendo fans is in the uk because I own a wii u and cleary judging by these comments thats the attitude my goverment has towards a game developer and there is no way bigger things going on in the world for us to deal with only baghdad getting taken over but we wont fuss ourselves over that we would rather bully mario!

      14. Didn’t expect them to win, this isn’t good when they want to ban the system from being sold. What will that mean if they win the cases everywhere else? Does this mean the system will be banned in the UK?

        Wouldn’t this be some shit if they actually do ban the Wii U from being sold? I am going to be so pissed if that happens.

      15. I’d boycot Phillips if I could, what do they make these days again?
        They should burn for attacking the entertainment industry.
        All this over some petty ideas they filed patents on (and probably have never used).
        This is why I hate patents. How do we progress technology effectively if every manufacturer has to step on financially suicidal egg-shells when designing ideas.
        There must be a billion patents out there owned by countless companies. How can anyone design anything without facing law suits anymore?

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          I know, right. It’s shit like this that certain businesses had to fight in America after the Industrial Revolution like Ford.

      16. Has anyone heard that basis for this alleged infringement? It’s absolutely ridiculous. Apparently the claim comes down to “protection for an interactive system for which a user can remotely control devices in an intuitive manner,” and Philip’s patents supposedly prevent the production, use, sale or import of “human-computer interaction systems”. Those are the most vague claims I have ever seen, and I feel ashamed that a court in my own country has actually given them credence.

        1. However, the Phillips patent discusses using a camera which detects objects and markings to determine those interactions. While the Wiimote uses a sensor to detect infrared light to calculate its position in 3d space. It does not use images to detect objects or red dots on the screen. The technologies are different.

      17. They haven’t completely won yet, Nintendo still gets to appeal. If they win that, then they have won, and it’s going to cost nintendo a whole shit load of money…

      18. It is so unbelievable that Philips won one case. I hope that Nintendo better strongly appeal that case in order to win the case and to continue selling the Wii Us.

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