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Aonuma Says He Was Very Nervous Before The Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Reveal

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has said that he was very nervous before Hyrule Warriors was showcased to the world during the Nintendo Direct reveal. Aonuma says he was glued to his computer checking out the fans reactions to the ambitious title. He said that fan reaction to the game was more positive than he had initially anticipated.

What are your reactions to the feedback on the announcement of Hyrule Warriors?

“We definitely check fan feedback. We were most nervous right before the Nintendo Direct reveal. We were all watching live as well and checking to see what fan reaction was. It was actually more positive than we had anticipated. We were able to relax a little bit and confirm that we were going in the right direction with the ideas we had for the game. It was something that was resonating with fans that they would appreciate, and we started seeing a lot of comments from fans saying, “We think this should be in there!” or “This element should be in there!” and “They should do things like this!” and a lot of those kinds of ideas starting popping up and there are actually several of those ideas that we took and put into the game. We’ll talk more about that at a later date, but there are definitely those elements that we put in because of fan reaction and fan comments to what they saw. It’s been reassuring to see there a lot of people who have said, “We wanted to play a Zelda game like this too!”


29 thoughts on “Aonuma Says He Was Very Nervous Before The Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Reveal”

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    3. This game reeks of last gen sins and regrets. Nintendo is fucking pathetic to allow their most precious franchise fall part like this. All hail Sasori for his light of guidance and exposing the evil or the yellow empire. For you are a kind and understanding lord and is slow to anger with the lost ones and the dealings with the foretold “Mongolians of unnatural decent”.. Please give Nintendo Commander Quadraxis more time for she is in gaming darkness..

    4. Graphics are a childs problem. If the whole game was in 8bit and fantastic as we all hope its gonna be i couldn’t care less about how it looks or what u think. Go back to your little fony forums and masterbate over little big planet.

  1. Are people really only excited for this because it has Zelda characters? Because if so, I’m disappointed in you. I’ve enjoyed playing Dynasty Warriors 2, and you should really try it. I’ve wanted a DW game to come to Wii U, but this is even better. You need to play these games! DW is awesome! >:/

    1. I’ve never played any Dynasty Warriors games. So yes, having Zelda characters is the only reason I’m interested in this.

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      Well I certainly wouldn’t be buying a Dynasty Warriors game if it didn’t have Nintendo characters in it, but overall, no, I’m not buying the game because it has Zelda characters in it. I only KNOW about the game because it has Zelda characters in it lol!

      I am very interested in the story and how the gameplay will be. I’m just excited for the game, because it looks like it will be frantic fun.

      1. Well, I guess I really can’t blame you. Zelda’s characters are way more known. Heck, I can’t even remember anyone from DW. XD I’m excited for this game mainly because it’s got these characters. And because you can play AS ZELDA. FINALLY!!! GOD! I hope you can play as her in the next Zelda game, but if not, I’ll just come back to this every now and then. Lol.

  2. Ive never played a DW game before, I’ve really took interest in ’em(as I’m a huge fan of the theme) but I’ve read that its a button masher, which I do not like. I might need to try a demo first before a purchase. I don’t think I’ll blindly purchase this based on the Zelda universe.
    Kind of disappointing bayonetta is also a button masher, tried the first one, and nothing, I really would’ve loved to support non Nintendo IP’s, but these two I’m on the fence. Darksiders part one, on the other hand, that’s action adventure done the right way! Haven’t gotten around to buying part 2.

    1. Hey hey, DW series is not that bad like you heard from another hater. Just try DW4 on PS2 then DW8 on PS3 then you will love it at first sight. And this game will worth for purchase if you play it with 2 players. Trust me, DW is so good

  3. it doesn’t seem that bad. so long as they don’t find a way to fit this in the timeline it’s all good.

    1. Um, why would that even matter? The Zelda games span centuries and millennia. Even if Hyrule Warriors has a spot in the timeline, it doesn’t mean other Zelda games would have to reference it or anything. It’s kind of it’s own thing anyway, kind of like how the Metroid Prime games are kind of their own thing in the Metroid timeline.

      1. Actually, Metroid Prime did reference other games specifically the first one of Planet Zebes, Metroids and Space Pirates.

        It did however make the story feel like its being driven to another direction.

        1. That is true, though that was pretty much the only reference. I think I was trying to say that the main Metroid games (Metroid, Return of Samus, Super Metroid, etc) don’t reference the Prime games at all.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      lol! That’s not how news works. Sickr can’t just make something happen. He has to wait for it to occur.

  4. so many awesome wii u games coming this year, i mean im holding off on watch_dogs wii u so that is a start and cant wait for some 3ds games coming this year, hope i have enough money even if i did start saving up cuz you never know. hope hyrule warriors does well, maybe not record breaking but close to the target sales range or half.

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