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Bandai Namco Releasing Free DLC In Europe For One Piece Unlimited World Red

Bandai Namco has announced free DLC will be available in the European eShop for both 3DS and Wii U versions of One Piece Unlimited World Red. The action adventure title – which is based on the popular manga series – was released just last week for Nintendo platforms and, in order to celebrate the game’s launch, Bandai Namco will release the “Red Stands Alone” quest as free downloadable content.

The publisher has not specified how long the DLC will remain as free, but presumably fans will be able to download the quest when the Nintendo eShop updates with another round of new content on Thursday, July 3.  One Piece Unlimited World Red will arrive in North America next week, though Bandai Namco has yet to confirm the free DLC. For a run down of what to expect in Red Stands Alone, you can check out a part of the press release below.

Engage in combat once again against Red! Players will face some of the most familiar and toughest enemies in a completely new setup with a higher difficulty threshold!

14 thoughts on “Bandai Namco Releasing Free DLC In Europe For One Piece Unlimited World Red”

  1. off topic… i’ll will admit nintendo land is awesome and its the only game almost close to next gen graphics.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Back to topic…

      This game is atleast on our current generation unlike you that is several generations backwardsfrom modern humans…

    2. “next gen” so you’re meaning that it has graphics of consoles from beyonds or you’re talking about current gen (wii u, ps 4 and xbone)

    3. what? you have been using narcotics, right?
      oh, i don’t mind, nintendo land is a good game and the graphics are amazing. the best attraction is metroid blast.

    4. “next gen” are you talking about the furture? i know that there’s a current gen and those consoles are the wii u, the ps4 and the betamaxbox one, so you’re saying that nintendo land has graphics from a future console.
      Also nintendo land has georgeous graphics, but mario kart 8 has better graphics.

  2. Bandai Namco: Gives free DLC for it’s game.
    Konami: Releases game with missing features. Doesn’t fix it.

  3. This game is gonna be awesome and I hope to but it and shovel knight soon as I get some cash lol. Been playing Kirby TDD. One of the best looking games on the 3ds.

  4. Call me A for Awesome!

    Such a shame they refuse to add a English audio option like in fire emblem awakening which was amazing but no they have to cater to the fucking weeaboos! only games we get dubbed are the Lame Naruto games

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