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Tomodachi Life Demo Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop Today

A new Tomodachi Life demo is set to launch in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS today, July 2nd. The imminent release is virtually identical to the Move In version that is bundled with the full game; however, it doesn’t contain the bonus Panda Suit and has a play limit of 20 times. Tomodachi Life was released last month for 3DS.

28 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life Demo Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop Today”

  1. ill give it a shot but i have far too many 3ds games to focus on like kirby luigis mansion and still pick up zelda albw

    1. Played them all, have them all, have about 22 3ds games that I play every day and still playing tomodachi life

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  3. I was going to buy this for my niece today. But it wasn’t at Target or my two local Wal-Mart stores. It must be sold out everywhere or something. I have to rely on eBay for SO much these days.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        What’s bad about it?…

        I don’t have any intention of buying it anyway, just asking though…

        1. You can’t make anything happen. It’s literally:

          “I’m hungry”
          Give them food.

          “I want clothes”
          Give them clothes.

          The end.

          1. You forgot the, “You still have the price tag on your shirt”, lol. I think the game’s alright. It’s very funny and random at times, but it’s definitely not as good as ACNL. ACNL had much more replay value because it gave out certain gifts according to the seasons and certain events throughout the whole year. ACNL just felt more vibrant overall.

          2. I do like the amount of neighbors you can have in the apartment. I think there were over 50 possible neighbors you could add. I’m not sure if that’s the exact amount though.

      2. He said neice, so it’s for a girl. If he had said nephew instead, it would mean he was talking about a boy. I think he should buy it for her. She’d enjoy it.

    1. It’s awesome! So much randomness, quirky random fun! It’s a life sim! It’s a really in depth game, and you can tell that there’s been so much thought put into it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised :)

      1. Yeah, I do use Amazon sometimes. For NEW stuff. But it kinda sucks for older games etc, because there’s no descriptions (or photos) on anything explaining whether they’re complete or not. I always look at both eBay and Amazon to see which is the cheapest prices.

    2. It is quirky and entertaining. If she likes SIMs this is a much simpler version/type of game. I bought the cartage and I wish I would have gotten the download instead because this is like something you play “in-between games” and just drop in to check on them not something you play hours on end. Its like those digi pets from about geez 10+ yrs ago but more in depth. You customize your characters and help them form relationships with each other. There are a lot of repetitive things that happen but its still entertaining. I like this “game” for when I want to unwind (not really think or try hard to play something just be entertained). Overall I like it but the $40 price tag may be a bit high.

    3. ok alot of people are saying its a horrible game and so on, but hello not a single person who bought it sent it back or traded it in, I think its a pretty fun game, its a life game, never ends and you can make people and/or characters, there are millions, of clothing items, so dressing up you characters are avalible and also little mini games, you feed them and they can cook and make clothing if you give them, a frying pan and or a sewing machine, they can fall in love, and so on. every one I know loves it and so do I. Trying the demo does not give the game any real justice because i played the demo still own it and when I got the actual game, it was even better.

  4. I decided $30 was better spent buying Shovel Knight twice. 3DS and WiiU. I loved the game so much.

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