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That Pokemon Twitter Sneak Peek Was For Pokemon Gifts And News That Opening In August


You may remember that the Pokemon Company had begun sending out direct messages on Twitter to some of their followers asking them for their address so they could send them something special. Well, it turns out that those who provided their address were fortunate enough to get some free Pokemon toys and merchandise. As well as the gifts, the Pokemon Company also revealed that the will be reopening on August 6th.


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65 thoughts on “That Pokemon Twitter Sneak Peek Was For Pokemon Gifts And News That Opening In August”

      1. No! I will not get over it! XP Lol. I don’t know man, but I really used to like Pikachu. I actually still do. But after playing my first Pokémon games, I started seeing alot more Pokémon I liked and I don’t think Pikachu’s that great anymore. I prefer Raichu over him! >:)

  1. I know it’s been said a million times, but I just cannot get used to skinny pikachu… The artwork seriously looks like fan art to me lol

  2. ewwww pikacho or pikachu whatever it’s a big shiiiiit all pokemon games stop making the same shity game Ninty ohh poor nintyfans always with the same shity game i cry for you, sons.

    1. …What? Try to learn english before you even attempt to troll, you give the good trolls a bad reputation

    2. Kid, go to sleep, eat your veggies, do your homework and stop acting a damn fool trying so pathetically hard to make someone cring.

      Its embarrassing for a kid in your age (12) to pretend you’re grown up not knowing the first thing about adulthood except your forever dysfunctional gentials.

  3. Never thought I’d see the day when the online store came back for the U.S.! I was too young to order anything when it was up originally. Now all we need is the brick-and-mortar to open back up in Rockefeller Plaza!!

  4. Pikachu is the mascot because he gets love from young boy’s and girl’s not many others do and plus pikachu also don’t look like his could kill someone lol

  5. when will this franchise die. at least cod is try something completely new or reboot itself to stay revelant.

    1. Got an Xbox 360 yet? No? Dude, it was $130! How could you have not gotten it yet?! God damn, you are broke as hell. XD If you can’t afford that, there’s no way in hell you’ll ever even touch the X1’s controller! Lol!

      1. Edit: Ok, I see. I think you do have one now, so I take back what I said. But dude seriously, why do you hate Nintendo so much? Gotta lay off them man. They don’t deserve that much hate. :\

        1. Don’t ask that self-racist retard the simplest questions he refuse nor want to answer. He got no brains, balls or a soul to even be considered to have casual conversation with. Would Martin Luther King do to house his ass as his shield to protect him from getting shot for his ass to be free.

    2. How many spin-offs does CoD have? W/ Pokémom, there’s of course the mainline series, but also Snap, Stadium, Card Game (as a video game), Mystery Dungeon, & Conquest; possibly others. I played Blue, Yellow, then Conquest. Luckily, nobody forced me to buy & play ones I wasn’t interested in myself. Who’s making you buy/play Pokémon? You need to escape from them because you shouldn’t be forced into that. Anyway, I guess when it stops making profit, they’ll stop making Pokémon. Simple.

    3. when will sasori will die. you should reboot your brain to stay relevant. wait you don’t have a brain

    4. Until the day you die and I hope its tomorrow.

      Speaking of COD, stop kissing ass to a reskin trash. It doesn’t innovate and hasn’t been since COD4. Grow that fucking brain back so you can stop talking dumb shit like calling your civil rights hero “overrated”. Such an autistic-imposing jackass.

    5. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      >.< Dumbass. So dumb in fact you'd say shit was the best thing EVER if EA & Activision told you.

  6. What the hell? You do NOT put a Pikachu that stares into your soul on the front of the page when a guy is in desperate need of sleep! Now I’ll never be able to sleep again!

  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    The reason to why Pikachu is the mascot is because our Japanese brethren voted for it the most adorable back in the time before time…

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Pikachu is cute dammit
      plus he started a tradition of pseudo-Pikcahus in each generation
      and gen 6 one looks more like the original Pikachu

  8. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    That Pikachu plushie! D: I should check this site out STAT. I hope that Pikachu wasn’t just a reward for the people that gave their addresses.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Too bad the site most likely doesn’t have rare legendaries that can’t be caught in the games on sale. I’d gladly buy a code for Arceus for the right price.

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