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Here’s The Results From The E3 Game Critic Awards 2014

The results are now in from the E3 Games Critics Awards 2014. There were plenty of interesting nominations this year, which some agreed with and some strongly disagreed with. However, the results are here. The game of the show went to Turtle Rock Studios latest project Evolve for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo won a couple of awards with Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Here’s the results for E3 2014.

Best of Show

  • Evolve

Best Original Game

  • No Man’s Sky

Best Console Game

  • Evolve

Best Handheld/Mobile Game

  • Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Best PC Game

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Best Hardware/Peripheral

  • Oculus Rift

Best Action Game

  • Evolve

Best Action/Adventure Game

  • Batman: Arkham Knight

Best Role Playing Game

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best Fighting Game

  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Best Racing Game

  • The Crew

Best Sports Game

  • NHL 15

Best Strategy Game

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth

Best Social/Casual/Family Game

  • Mario Maker

Best Online Multiplayer

  • Evolve

Best Independent Game

  • No Man’s Sky

Special Commendation for Innovation

  • No Man’s Sky


179 thoughts on “Here’s The Results From The E3 Game Critic Awards 2014”

    1. Let me guess, because the graphics aren’t realistic? Because it favors a cartoon-type (very subtle) graphic style? of course that’s why… that’s what everyone cares about these days, cause you know, fuck gameplay (joke)

      NMSky is the BEST game that I have ever seen! The graphics are beautiful as is, the concept is beyond anything I could imagine put into a game, the gameplay is everything that I dreamed to be in a game, and the fact that it is a reality just makes it more grand.

      I have 0 doubts that this game will be GotY with how immersive and advanced it is.

          1. It is certainly repetitive, but I wouldn’t say that it is more so than any of the other sport titles. I really like them all, but I can definitely see why it’s not for everyone. Although, with the World Cup USA match in 20 minutes, a little FIFA will help me get psyched!

    1. Dude, NONE of EA are even passable for a mediocre award. FIFA? Are you on crack? Its like COD of Soccor or “Football”, which ever you call it.

        1. The words “ass kisser” comes to mind.

          How disappointing. Origin, Microtransactions, destroying every franchise they touch, spam release, rushed incomplete products and you dare tell me they’re a great company. Yeah they’re a great company for one thing only: Robbing idiots blind.

          1. I don’t like your tone……Sarcasm isn’t the end to everything you know. Paid DLC can be great and incomplete products are all right as long as they get around to fixing it someday…..

            1. DLCs, as far as I know and see from douche 3rd parties, are just selfish cash ins. Sorry to say this but if you’re one of those people overpaying/supporting for “should’ve been included” contents like all COD map packs, Dead Space 3 true ending, Mass Effect 3 “better multi ending” DLCs, then I feel sorry for you.

            2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              *facepalm* And this is why NIntendo fans barely buy EA’s shit. We want complete games. We don’t want rushed out games for 60 bucks if it’s going to be glitched to hell & back. NO thanks. We’ll either wait til we hear the glitches have all been fixed or we won’t buy it til the price drops or til it get sold as used for 20 bucks.

              1. I’ll take rushed games if it means more for me. It’s like the new TMNT game that they’re pushing out in a few months. It won’t have a lot of quality, but it’ll be nice and fun

              1. I can only agree with the lonely part ;) Still, I think the hate against EA is overrated. Battlefield had a lot of bugs, but it was still an awesome experience for FPS fans. Look at how much it sold…

          2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Don’t forget buying small developers then burying them to cut down on the competition.

      1. Calm down, Stranga. It’s just his opinion. What he likes may not be the same stuff you do. If it’s a good game, then it doesn’t matter who the developer is. :3 Also, *puts up shield* Don’t hurt me. XD

        1. 1. I won’t hurt you so no protection needed until “fun time”. XD And two, none of EA games hasn’t been great for several years. Just all shallow cash grab crap.

  1. Come on. Evolve is just like No.9. A copy and paste of their original creations but worse because it will never get the same prestige of the originals.

  2. At least there’s three Nintendo related software on that list. I would like to see Splatoon there too, though!

    1. Its award for the show, like who was the most interesting idea, so yeah they are not getting award as “games”, they are getting awards as show sellers

    1. I basically ignored Evolve while I was at E3. I passed by the booth while going here and there and took a picture of the huge monster statue, but that’s about it.

    2. Remember, we’re in an era of shallow FPS reign. Most “gamers” only play FPS and developers only make shooters. Nothing fun or original anymore besides Nintendo and no, Ubisoft doesn’t innovate for shit. Look at Watchdogs. You can’t fucking punch a guy. WTF kind of “next gen” nonsense is that? Mario 64 did punches in 1996 so what’s Watchdog’s excuse beside downgrading?

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Wait. We get throw punches & kicks in Watch_Dogs!? o.O Well that’s lame. What if I run out of bullets!?

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Let me just run at my enemies that have guns & not do anything to stop them from shooting me. I’ll just… Yeah. That’s not gonna fly. Thank god the game isn’t real life or we’d be fucking screwed.

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                        2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                          *skips over Stapler’s comments & just reads GLaDOS’s comments* >.< I hope he continues with you, admiral. This is great.

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            2. Martin Luther King won Nobel Prize of all E3 conventions of human/civil rights.

              Self-racist jerkoff.

              Microsoft/Ubisoft didnt win shit because mainly, ALL of their so called “next gen” games were already know. No unique or new surprises. Nintendo delivered several and new IPs so suck on it instead of your gorilla mother’s tainted ass all the time.

            3. Seriously? MICROSOFT? They screwed us on multiple levels. They basically told us to fuck off with Conker, successfully killing Rare. They also promised a peek at Halo 5, which they barely did with an awful multiplayer trailer and a reveal of Arbiter’s return and some guy’s name. YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH YOUR BEST SELLING FRANCHISE.

              So no, Microsoft lost.

            1. IGN is another biased fucktard loving to shoot down anything good and praise nothing but crap that they’re bribed to love.

              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                Looks like I finally found a game worth getting the PS4 for without the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV.

          1. It was fun. I got a little competitive in the Ubisoft UPlay Lounge at E3. I enjoyed it more than Far Cry 4. Controls are pretty tight and responsive and the maps where you can drive are pretty diverse and fun. Different game modes seem pretty cool so far too. I’m looking forward to it. It almost has a Burnout feel to it.

              1. Every piece of media sold has a form of DRM. Ubisoft no longer has the always-on for the few games that did nor codes for online play anymore. Pretty much everyone has dropped that nonsense now.

                But the UPlay Lounge was pretty sweet.

                1. Look at Watchdogs and pretty much all Ubisoft/EA trash on PCs that do dedicated servers and Steam support. Those versions are also forced to use their DRM services even though the PC players already have other servers to play online and thanks to Uplay on Watchdogs, the connection sucks, save states are lost/corrupted and glitches…glitches everywhere.

                  Still wanna try to fool me that these POS services have any pint of relevance? PSN back when it was hacked, had better relevance than this shit.

                  1. Anyway… The UPlay Lounge was an actual lounge, at a hotel in LA. It had nothing to do with the UPlay network, which you seem to be fairly misinformed about.

        1. I guess I’m the minority in thinking that Evolve really didn’t look that great. It looked fun, but it certainly wasn’t the best thing at E3 this year.

          1. I really don’t think you’re in the minority. I’m a little surprised at it. There were much better looking games at E3 this year. But whatevs. Everyone has their own opinions, I suppose.

        2. not exactly sure what’s supposed to be so innovative about no man’s sky

          i mean.. yeah it’s real time procedural generation which is not often used in games.. but it is by no means new or innovative

          and the rest of the game is pretty much standard space sim

          make no mistake i think it could turn out to be a great game.. i just don’t see the innovation

          1. It’s a game with a lot of potential, but absolutely nothing to show right now other than it being pretty to look at. It shouldn’t be winning any kind of rewards other than “most hype with zero to show for it”

          2. How many games are there that give you complete freedom of the land, air, and space? How many games have a map so big that you have to search for your friends or life? How many games have a map that you can roam ANYWHERE in? How many games give you the chance to explore every planet you see? How many games give you the option to dogfight AI while exploring or retreat? How many games are precedural generated (some, but not many i think). How many First Person (not sure if there is a Third Person option) shooters allow you to roam like this? Exactly, hardly anything out there does this. I’m not trying to make you look bad, I’m just saying this game is beyond innovative and unique. If everything is put together, this is the ONLY game like this.

            Trust me, this game will be the best game to buy when (and hopefully does) release.

            1. What’s interesting to you (and many, many others to be fair) might not be interesting to some folks. That’s the thing about art/entertainment, whether it’s good, great or a complete turd is all a matter of opinion.

              1. and you’re absolutely right. Entertainment is a difficult industry because not everyone has the same sense of humor or sense of fun. I’m just saying this game is incredibly innovative and will likely do well when release (or if it is)

            2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Or it could be a disappointment. You never know because the game is not even released yet.

              1. true that, but again we have tons of gameplay footage and tons of information about it. It’s anyones guess, but i’m sure this game will be a HUGE hit because of what it offers the gamer.

          1. If only it has multiplayer, both online and off, then Mario Maker will be a game changer for all platforming fans and even cater to some PC Mario Hackers to buy Wii U for this.

            1. Being able to exchange level creations online is confirmed I believe, similar to Pushmo. But being able to play with 4 others on and offline in a created level would be interesting but as chaotic as the multiplayer in NSMB.

              I hear they’re playing with ideas from other franchises too, nothing major but maybe enemies or artwork from other games. Hoping they do this right for the right price.

              1. I want to be able to play online at least two players if so. Hopefully they’ll add more styles like Mario Land 1&2, Mario World and both old & remake Mario Bros. 2&3 with ALL old and new power ups.

                1. I’m gonna skip Mario Maker for awhile. I’ve already played NSMB Wii and have been playing the heck out of NSMBU. There’s only so much 2D Mario I can take. Lol, I want the 3D back. (Don’t count 3D World) :P

                  1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                    If only the bloody movements weren’t so damn slippery in NSMBU. But it does add a bit of a challenge to the game.

        3. glad evolve and rainbow six seiges are up there. i got naruto generation and batman arkham asylum and city yesterday. to bad i can’t get the m rated stuff yet due to the retarded half assed gamestop eployess . i guess digital gaming or walmart is my solution. :'(

          1. Dude, just get one of your parents to do it. That always works for me. Like this fall, I’m giving my mom my money so she can go to Target or Gamestop and get me Watch Dogs! Lol. Physical is way better. Not worth it downloading man.

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                  As for the desktops, laptops, and tablets that has top secret information that needs to be deleted, I’m also responsible for deleting that info.

                  And you know what I do after I delete them? I help donate them for people who really needs them, mainly schools.

                  I do all of this in one of the biggest banks in America ;)

                  I could go on and on btw.

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              1. Both of those games actually suck and thus prove you have the consumer intelligence of a child paying $2 for a small bag of Doritos.

                GTA4 gets stale as fuck within 10 minutes and WTF buys a DS Call of Duty anymore or ever? Why not COD4 for 360 you retard?

          3. lol and you keep bashing nintendo because “they don’t have M rated games” and you’re underaged to play those games, you exposed your ass.

          4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Aw, the little boy can’t get his games for the Xbox he still doesn’t have. How sad, can I play you a sad song on the world’s smallest violin?

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              1. My ass. Why buy games sooner without a system with your mother’s purse change? Doesn’t make as much sense as a dumb, self-racist black retard calling Martin Luther King overrated.

          5. Good for you. Thats saying you’re never mature enough to buy your own shit and BE A REAL MAN.

            So go ahead and cry you little racist pussy. You ain’t gonna get what you want since you never deserve shit in life besides literal shit.

              1. Do I give a rat’s ass what you got for a system you clearly don’t have nor ever afford?

                And GTA4? You suck at choosing good games. GTA4 is boring as hell and even makes Vice City x2 as fun as its trying to be even with all DLCs.

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                And even if you had that system nobody would still care you primitive life form…

          6. hey narutard you should do this, at least show you’re a man and destroy your wii u, because you’re showing that you can’t live without your parents support

            1. ^_^ Its been my life’s dream to watch the damn Xbox One burn. Thanks for making it a reality. X3

              I think I can hear that bitch Sasori weeping right about now. XD

                1. Bigger than Microsoftdick (Sasori)

                  Besides, Xbox One with DRM/NSA/Kinect and Don Mattrick can all burn together for damaging the gaming market with unnecessary gimped PC box hype and plague of endless stale shooters.

                    1. This is the only instance where I’ve seen sasori in a more docile state and he has not posed any sort of threat thus far, why be an asshole when it is completely unnecessary. What he has done in the past doesn’t justify shit either. Only be an asshole when someone else is being one. And today sasori has not been an assailed. #isaidassholetoomuch lol

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        It doesn’t matter how nice someone is if they have proven themselves to be utterly retarded beyond reason unlimited times…

                        1. I’m not saying he is being nice,I’m saying he done nothing wrong TODAY and if he has done nothing wrong TODAY there is absolutely no reason to give him any kind of shit TODAY, do you get my point?

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Yesterday, today or tomorrow, I don’t care, he made his own bed, now he has to lay on it…

          7. Those “Retarded half assed gamestop eployess” are doing their job and keep games meant for the grown ups out of the hands of children like yourself.

          8. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Good. You don’t need to be playing these mature games. You’re not mature enough.

        4. Very nice list. Glad to see everyone got a piece of the pie (cause you know, I’m not one of those idiot “gamers” that side with one company).

          I agree with it and feel this E3 was one of the best one’s I’ve seen. The games were great and I hope to purchase them all sooner or later.

          1. It’s weird. I have been hearing that quite a bit – this E3 being one of the best. I had a great time there, but I was a little disappointed with the games shown. Not as many for me to get excited about as there have been in the past.

            1. I was excited when I saw Star Fox and even more so with the other games. There were a few that were like “eh” but this E3 was very fun

        5. So they still rank Smash Bros as a fighting game despite the insistance of the series creator that it’s a “party” game? That’s just funny.

          1. Well it is a party game. But it’s a fighter. It’s a fighter that people will play at parties, because it’s fun that everyone can get in on, hence why it’s a “party” game. If you want a full genre description, it’d be a 2D-party-platforming-fighter. If collecting things had it’s own genre, you’d have to add collector to that list too. Smash is a fighter, it’s just a lot more than just a fighter

            1. Party game..Smash Bros.? WTF is wrong with you? lol XD Smash Bros has always been a kick ass game that overshadowed many to all fighting games in existence from the second title.

              1. To my knowledge, in terms of technical depth, only Melee fits that description (can’t really comment on Smash 64, having not researched or played it, though the lack of 64 tournaments is perhaps telling). Brawl was literally intended to not be a competitive game. Much of the things that made Melee competitive were changed/removed in Brawl such as l-canceling (which permits faster recovery from the lag of performing a lengthy aerial as you hit the ground), the dodge mechanic that allowed wavedashing, and the hitstun and gravity that permitted exciting, versatile combos. Sakurai has stated many times that he wants Smash to be a party game. The unfortunate reality is that Melee’s competitive merits were only an accident in Sakurai’s efforts to make a party game.

          2. pink0crystal0midbus

            It “IS” a fighting game whether Sakurai says so or not lol!

            If an author writes a book about two teenagers going back in time and they stop the dinosaurs from ever becoming extinct, the book is science fiction even if the author says he wants it to be realistic fiction….

        6. What do people see in Evolve? Everyone thinks it looks amazing but it looks mediocre to me.

          Good to see Nintendo one 3 categories at least. Smash Bros being the game that won two of the categories.

        7. Glad to see Nintendo made some nominations like Smash Bros. and Mario Maker, as expected. :3 Wii U is really shaping up positively again and can’t wait to beat everybody’s ass in Smash again.

        8. That Evolve game seems pretty cool, specially when ti breaks the FPS formula with its unique mechanics, but I don’t think it is that much of a big deal, not enough to awards outside the FPS category, where it competes with other titles like Xenoblade X or even No Man Sky. Definitely not the Best of the Show.

        9. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Congrats to the games that won. Super Smash Bros should have won Best of Show, though, since it had a freaking tournament going on.

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