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Hyrule Warriors Will Apparently Include Online And Offline Co-op Modes, Plus More Classic Characters

Tumblr blogger What Is Twilight recently had the opportunity to play Hyrule Warriors at the Japan Expo which is taking place in Paris. One of the key bits of information gathered from a representative at the event is news that the game will feature both online and offline co-op modes. The representative also divulged that there will be more playable characters in the game who haven’t yet been announced.

The lady next to me confirmed to me two things:

  1. There will be both ONLINE and offline coop.
  2. Apparently, more classic characters are going to appear (she smiled when I asked if OoT chars were going to come but didn’t answer me because she couldn’t, interpret that however you want).
  3. By leveling up you character you’ll unlock stuff? She couldn’t really answer this either but I’m guessing weapons/heart/combos/cancels?

Thanks, Takamaru64 and Retrogaminglord

97 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Will Apparently Include Online And Offline Co-op Modes, Plus More Classic Characters”

    1. Nintendo always includes so much more content into their games compared to Sony and Microsoft. When they announced that Infamous would be single player only, Sony fanboys were saying that they don’t give a shit about adding any online mode even though they fucking ask for online in every game. And Titanfall was the same shit, Xbots were like fuck single player. These fucking fanboys.

  1. At least it has online, holy shit, i can’t believe this… but judging by what people said about it, it is just a copy of dynasty warriors with zelda characters, and dynasty warriors for those who don’t know are just games where you fight hundreds of mindless eneimes that die in one hit and others that are somewhat stronger, all in all, it is not a very good franchise… but come on fanboys, tell me that it’s going to be the best thing since sliced bread

    1. Well, I had an insane amount of fun playing Dynasty Warriors 2 on PS2. And I’m glad that Hyrule Warriors is happening. I wanted a Warriors game to come to the Wii U, but now that it’s in the form of Zelda makes it even better.

      1. It’s better than sliced bread actually. Why do people say “its like Dynasty Warriors” as if that’s a bad thing? Do you realize how popular and how well the franchise sells? It’s clearly a polished game. Don’t hate on it before even trying it. This game is going to be HUGE (that’s what she said)!

      2. There already is one on Wii U. WARRIORS OROCHI 3 HYPER. Same thing as DW But With samurai warriors and ninja gaiden characters in it. Its really good. Look it up.

    2. It look that way because It is exactly that: A dinasty warriors with a Zelda twist. Maybe you don’t like it, it’s not my favorite series but I know a lot of people that likes dinasty warriors AND Zelda, so this is a mash up that came from heaven for those who like both series.

    3. IDK what is up with these dumbass fandorks thinking its cool to shit on anything great coming from Nintendo because they have the feel to hate it for what they do.

      Whatever. They all can go jerkoff to their precious gimped PC boxes with constant downgraded crap loaded with ripoff DLCs and DRMs while we real gamers enjoy clever and creatively fun games such as this.

      Calling this a Dynasty Warriors Zelda skin edition is just plain stupid. It has familiar gameplay of Dynasty Warriors but adding the Zelda Characters with each unique abilities, gameplay is changed to cater the Zelda feel, its own story centering the Zelda universe, different powers and utilizing all controller options from Wii Remote to Wii U Pro to Gamepad and not just one single twin sticks that’ll make gameplay feel stale in an hour.

        1. Nah. You’re hating on just about everything Nintendo related for some reason. Having a Wii U doesn’t give you any credibility either. You know who else has one? Sasori. Your argument is invalid. XD If you don’t like this game, don’t buy it. Better yet, sell your Wii U. I really don’t get you people. You keep something you don’t like for no reason. No one is preventing you from selling it. Makes me question why you got it in the first place.

          1. because i’m waiting for zelda, and i like some nintendo games, but want more from them, unlike you retards that are content with anything, 60$ for a 2d mario game with recycled music, characters, enemies, no online, not even 1080p?ok, no big deal, it’s the best game EVAR

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I don’t even like the NSMB series much at all and I certainly do not think they are worth even half of that and yet you assume we all love it…

              Further proof of your Xbot history and ongoing Nintendo bashing…


              1. i don’t recall talking about you, ya fucking imbecile…i have had disscusions with fanboys over the last year or so enough to know what they think

                please don’t respond to my comments, i do not like stupid people

            2. Who said I was content with NSMBU? I have both 3D World and NSMBU and I play 3D World way more. And I’m not sure how long you’ve been on this website, but you should already know that I am far from a Nintendo fanboy. And please just stop with the 1080P argument. It’s getting old and stupid. Why does the resolution matter that much? Nobody cared about HD before the 7th gen. Do you care if the next Zelda game isn’t 1080P? Are you not going to buy it just because it doesn’t have a slightly higher resolution? Because that’s retarted. And what form of ONLINE could NSMBU have exactly? Go ahead and tell me. If Nintendo couldn’t think of it, then you obviously can though! The damn game is already frustrating enough as it is with local play. Sure, you can wait for Zelda, but that still does not explain why you’re bashing on Nintendo. You may as well sell it right after you beat that Zelda game too, because like I said before, know one is preventing you from selling it. You’re only hurting yourself.

              1. what type of online?how retarded are people on this site?how stupid is enough stupid?online like offline, 4,5 people playing the game, level editor, 1080p cannot be done on a 2d platformer?WHAT??rayman legends is 1080p, plus it has better graphics, better music, challenges every week, every day, plus collectables, where is your “innovative” nintendo now??you, my dear, are stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID!i don’t know why i’m bothering explaining to you anything here, zelda is a game with good graphics, 3d game, so 1080p is not that easy to achive, how old are you?10?

                1. So basically what you’re trying to say is that you want online in a game of which it is clearly not needed in. If you already hated the game in it’s offline form, what good would online do? Didn’t you just say that NSMBU is basically a rehash with copy/paste music, characters, enemies, etc? You need to make up your mind. Do you hate the game or not? And I don’t know about you, but a LEVEL EDITOR is definitely NOT worth sixty dollars. If you’re buying the game, get it for the full experience. That’s like saying you want to pay $60 for CoD only to play zombies mode. And again, you’re still mad about the fact that a 2D Mario game doesn’t have 1080P which is incredibly stupid. First off, this was literally the first Mario game in history to be in HD. You should be grateful. Do you complain about every 2D game that isn’t 2D? Nope. You probably don’t. But because it’s NINTENDO, it’s ok to complain all of a sudden. Rayman Legends is a complete different game than NSMBU, so that argument is invalid. You already said NSMBU was a rehash so what good would extra resolution be? You need to get a PC if you’re so worried about these things. Some of the so called best games last gen like Bioshock Infinite, GTA V, TLOU, etc, were NOT in 1080P. But nobody cared. They played them because they were good games and nobody cared about the resolution. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Zelda isn’t 1080P either knowing how Nintendo wants it to be 60FPS, so if you care that much, you may as well pack up that Wii U and sell it now.

                  1. Your stupidity is legendary, i’m saying that since it is a 2d game it is easy to make it 1080p, ya dumb, retarded piece of goatshit.i never said i hated the game, where did you pull that out, you miserable little idiot. I’m talking about things that should’ve been done, and level editor is needed in a game so small in production, so short, it should’ve had these things is what i’m saying. I wont respond to your next comment if it’s near stupid as this one was.bioshock infinite was on pc, and both other games were big 3d games, zelda isn’t going to be 1080p, nor will it be 60 fps, retard

                    1. Oh, I’m sorry that you don’t have any friends to play NSMBU. It’s not my fault that Nintendo wanted to make it more of a local co-op experience. And you still fail to give me a reason why someone should care about a 2D platformer not being 1080P. The game has already launched and there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop being butthurt. And once again I’m telling you, I have the game and it wouldn’t even make that much of a difference. NSMB Wii was 480P for god’s sake and that’s just as good as the one on Wii U. Again, you fail. And you can’t predict the future, so how do you know what the specs of Zelda U will be? OOT IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE SERIES AND IT IS NOWHERE NEAR HD. Idiot.

                    2. WHAT????did you just use the fact that a fucking 16 year old game isn’t in hd to back up your point?WOW, oh it hurts, oh my GOD, you’re STUPID AS SHIT!how old are you you dumb little shit?are you 12, 14, 10?how old are you?Because you obviously, OBVIOUSLY do NOT get that a 20 year old can’t call his friends that he sees every weekend to play wii u in his apartment.please, SHUT THE FUCK UP…I’m not talking about reasons for 1080p, because it is possible to do, but nintendo is led by an incompetent retard, and people there are incompetent retards.Why is wind waker in 1080p if it is not necessary, when you dumb retards see that your games run at 1080p, you’re like “PS4 can’t even run that shit at 1080p, WII U NEXT GEEEEEEN”, or like with mario kart 8 and it’s 60 fps.

                      also, little retard, have you ever heard about something called “console specs”, because it seems you haven’t, wind waker, wii u couldn’t run mario 3d world at 1080p 60 fps, it couldn’t run wind waker at 1080p 60 fps, it couldn’t run pikmin 3 at 1080p 60 fps, nintendoland, donkeykong tropical freeze, mario bros u… all those simple games, now tell me, does it make sense for it to run a fucking open world game at 60 fps 1080p????

                    3. LOL! Butthurt to the max! You get angry about me talking about Zelda even though what I’m saying is fact. You DON’T know if Zelda will be 60 FPS! And I just love how you keep avoiding my question! Why should people care if the game isn’t 1080P? You’re the only one who does! And when I was talking about OOT, I was trying to say that gameplay>graphics. But you got so butthurt that you resorted to calling me in insults. You can’t even have a decent argument so why should Nintendo listen to you? Get outta here. XD

                    4. Actually, ocarina of time was one of the best looking games of it’s time.sorry to destroy your little bubble.also why would people care?why wouldn’t they?why wouldn’t people want better graphics?,why wouldn’t people get a better looking game?why does technology get better?why is 4k a thing right now?I’ll remember this and show it to you, once zelda is revaled to be 720p 30 fps

                    5. What? Dude, no Nintendo console before the Wii U even supported HD. 1080P isn’t a big freaking deal. Yeah, I do like higher resolution, but I don’t go out and outrage about it just because it isn’t in a few games. Why don’t you go take a look at all the 2D platformers on PSN or Xbox and tell me why those aren’t in 1080P. They even TELL you the resolution right smack in the face in the description. 720P. But nobody cares. I don’t give a crap if a 2D platformer or an open world 3D game supports 1080P. I will buy it if it interests me and is a good game. If the next Zelda game is 720P, why should I care? It’s the first HD Zelda in history… I’d be more concerned about the gameplay than anything else. And really, if you don’t like it, there are other games you can play. I have a huge list of Wii U games to get and none of them are even 1080P. Because I don’t care. I care about the games. Which is why I have a Wii U and will be buying a PS3. So just stop! You are making us gamers look bad. Don’t be a graphics whore. Buy the games you like and stop complaining! >_‹

                    6. your stupidity is endless, 2d is easier to make 1080p, and it seems that you have fallen back to tha “gameplay over graphics” argument, like you have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other, wow, that sure makes sense

            3. *Wah wah, cries and bitch about not getting what I want from.* People who choose to spend their money in the way they want in-order to enjoy a game they like must make them retarded. I make the standards of what a good game is, anyone who thinks otherwise are r-tards.

                1. I agree with Donko, *rage rabble rabble*
                  If I don’t like what other people like, they must be dumb shit!!!!!!!!!and more!!!!!!
                  CAPS ON!!!!!! WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHO, AND THE???more???

    4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      We can keep saying things but you Xbots will still worship criminal acts and rehashed FPS gameplay…

      1. Let em go be boring and stupid on buying COD every 11 months plus $70 on knockoff map packs that’ll suck anyway. They haven’t made any good map packs since MW2.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          You started worshipping Xboxes and bashing our empire at any chance when you first arrived to this site, ipso facto, an Xbot…

          Plus you like a few trolls started bashing me from nowhere so in that sense, your comments are automatically rendered invalid…

          Everything else from that point is irrelevant…

          1. ok, i’m done with your stupidity, i hate stupid people, how old are you?if you’re over 16, you are retarded, i’m sorry, but no one mentally healthy role plays and thinks “xbot” will offend somebody, and don’t give me crap such as “xbot” isn’t supposed to offend anyone, i’m just saying what you are, because i obviously own a wii u, and said a couple times that i don’t own xbox stupid do you get?is this even your final form?

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              You can fool anyone else but my memory concerning Nintendo haters and bashers never fades away…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  The last fourd “words” clearly proves your trolling history…

                  IQ 150, in retard levels maybe…

                  1. yes, what a proof you have there, i cannot deny that you’re an expert detective, maybe we should call you L

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              And the very first comment you ever did on this site was to bash me, so keep believing in your delusions…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  As “Donko” you did, whatever you were called previous to that is irrelevant…

                    1. i didn’t even talk to you in my first comment i just said that, you’re the one who responded, and i didn’t even attack you, i congratulated you on admitting that you’re a fanboy, that’s it

            3. For someone so tired of his stupidity, you can’t seem to run along & leave him be, can you? lol If you’re so smart, Donko “Almighty” & we’re so stupid/dumb and is tired of our stupidity, why are you still here? Oh right! Your just a little bitch ass titty baby troll pissed off Nintendo won’t cater to you, the center of the universe, & that we Nintendo fans won’t agree with your “facts.” lol The moment you wished death on Iwata was the moment you became a pathetic little bitch on the internet. Now go run along & 69 your butt buddy sasori.

        2. My ass and no you didn’t. Like Sasori, all I see from you is dumbass posts, none mention “Hey I have a Wii U but still hate for stupid cliché reasons to make more idiot friends like me cause I’m a damaged bastard in RL”

    5. Honestly, the game is about slashing through tons of minions, but the higher difficulties will make it challenging if you need that. No, there won’t be much of a chellenge in the first few levels, if that’s all you’ve ever played, cause they do those to get you into the game, but when you have to protect weak AI characters or have bosses spread across the map where if you don’t kill them all you’ll lose the battle, it gets fairly challenging managing it all. And since all the characters move differently you can find one you like. Hack and slash isn’t everyone’s style, but these are actually fairly good at giving people who like hack and slash exactly what they want. That’s why this series is effectively Japan’s COD, only with a lot more crossovers, like one piece or Gundam, now Zelda

    6. Boohoo, I don’t like it, which means this game must universally suck donkey balls. People who like it must be fanboy sheeps, because no one could possibly have personal preferences.

    7. since this is the first dynasty game im going to play, what better way to start with one of my favorite game series zelda. im glad to take a break from the same zelda gameplay so this will be very fresh for me. i do think the game will get stale quick because all you do seems to be is fight an insane amount of enemies. i hope nintendo pitches in some ideas to have different modes in the game.

  2. Meh to online coop. I’m glad if there are people who would use it, but I certainly won’t. OoT and levelling up characters would be excellent

      1. Actually, people were a bit questioned about the reveal kinda like when Super Mario 3D World was first shown and only until later with more unveiling of the game, fans became more interested. :)

        But yeah, now I’m curious to buy this, Smash Bros. 4, Project Cars, Splatoon, Oddworld remake and so forth. :3

  3. When September 26 comes, I’m gonna have to get this game and play it IMMEDIATELY if I want anything done. Smash Bros 3DS is exactly one week away from release and I am definitely not putting that down!

  4. This holiday season is looking fantastic for Nintendo. :3 They’ll surely take Christmas by storm and Smash Bros. 4 is definitely gonna help with that.

    1. Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U along with this, Pokémon, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, TONS of freaking Amiibos, Sonic Boom for Wii U and 3DS, etc, will definitely hold me off until 2015 games. And while I wait, it’ll be time to get all my 3DS games like Zelda OOT 3D, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Super Mario 3D Land. Nintendo is awesome! Can’t wait!

      1. Dude, fire emblem awakening can take hundreds of hours of gaming, especially if you get all the dlc, because it makes reserving non-legendary weapons pointless as everything you can buy becomes affordable, meaning training your characters has no down sides, and clearing the dlc missions to get skills for each of your characters, which you can only get one at a time, adds an insane amount of hours to the game. I have around 90 right now just getting all my characters trained in the dlc, and I’m far from done. That said, if you set the game to skip battle animations and all enemy movement, it can go a lot faster, but still, that kinda takes away half the fun, even if it also saves half the time :P

        1. Wow, are you serious? I have to get it now then. I’ve got all the time in the world right now and something as good as a time waster that is would be amazing. I love those! I’ve also heard that Bravely Default can take a pretty long time too, and I’ll have to get around to that as well. It’s going to be hard trying to balance all this stuff though. Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing New Leaf are destroying about 60% of my time and I can barely play other games! I don’t even think I’m halfway through Wind Waker HD right now and I’ve still got to get around to Mario Golf World Tour! D:

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Yes, prepare to be killed by “accident” too in it…

        Now please create your profile, shoo shoo…

  5. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    Haters just jealous they don’t have any IP that can turn like warriors orochi

    1. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Nintendo didn’t say anything about it at E3. I’m guessing we will get the first glimpse in a later Nintendo Direct.

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Oh fuck yes, that would make me fangirl all the fuck over that. Instant buy day fucking one, even faster than I could buy Half-Life 3 and Portal 3.

  6. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    This guy don’t know what his talking about I guess he never played any dynasty, samurai gundam orochi etc. the game is hard on hard and chaos difficulty, I have a hard time beating the game on chaos mode

  7. I wouldn’t consider some booth lady a credible source of information, especially on something that contradicts Nintendo’s E3 presskit from just a few weeks ago. Which had no word of online, only local.

  8. LEVELING UP? This game just does not stop peaking my interests. I would absolutely love being able to upgrade all the baddies lol, Gannondorf, Zant, Vaati, and if they make it possible it would be awesome playing with the entity Majora.

  9. Wal-Mart Shopper

    This game makes me wish there was a real Zelda game that brought characters from every Zelda game together into one.

    On a similar topic, I think it would be cool if a Zelda game featured every Link from every Zelda game, and they all joined forces. Kinda like the DVD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Forever, and how every generation of Ninja Turtles all met up in the same world together.

  10. So this game is going to have leveling up and online co-op? I’d say everyone should pretty much have a reason to get this game by now.

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  12. I just love how haters are so stupid. You know why haters are stupid? because they come to places they only hate and give hating comments that NOBODY gives a shit about. That’s how stupid haters are. Ok bye.

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