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UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Mario Kart 8 For £30 Today

If you’re looking to grab yourself a bargain today then look no further than UK retailer GAME. The company is selling Mario Kart 8 for £30 as their deal of the day promotion. You’ll want to get in there quick to make sure you secure yourself a copy at that fantastic price point.

Thanks, Tominbound

17 thoughts on “UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Mario Kart 8 For £30 Today”

  1. This should have been the original MSRP in the first place. It’s pretty much worth that much

        1. 1.That’s a really sad number
          2.Not everyone who bought it MUST have liked MK8, including me. DD was better

          1. i dont know what the obsession with double dash is, its a decent game but i sorely missed the hop before the drift and to be honest the tracks are lacklustre compared to any other mario kart, few good uns like baby park and the cruise ship but overall its the weakest entry in my opinion

                    1. 1. Infamous was never made to be the next huge, mega OOT game, and yet it sold
                      2. MK8 was supposed to be a system seller, yet its numbers were pathetic

  2. It’s 50€ here, and it’s sold out again at my retailer, waiting for next shipment.
    Cant be sure how many they had and how many sold, since after 25, it just says “more than 25”.
    But it is 2nd after Watch Dogs PS4 on top 10 list and before Minecraft PS3.
    It is definitely selling better than any other Wii U game have, but that we already knew when they announced selling 1.2 million in 2 days.

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