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Miyamoto Says He Doesn’t Like To Call Zelda Wii U ‘Open World’

Speaking to investors, legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto says that he doesn’t feel comfortable calling the next Zelda title for Wii U open world. He said he used that term to make it easier for consumers to understand what they were trying to achieve.

“I prefer not to use the generally used term “open world” when developing software, but we used this term [at E3] in order to make it easier for consumers to understand. This term means that there is a large world in which players can do numerous things daily.”

“In the traditional “The Legend of Zelda” series, the player would play one dungeon at a time. For example, if there are eight dungeons, at the fourth dungeon, some players may think, “I’m already halfway through the game,” while other players may think, “I still have half of the game to play.” We are trying to gradually break down such mechanism and develop a game style in which you can enjoy “The Legend of Zelda” freely in a vast world, whenever you find the time to do so.”

Thanks, Adam

143 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says He Doesn’t Like To Call Zelda Wii U ‘Open World’”

    1. Well zelda hasn’t been anything special since twilight princess, and that came out 8 years ago, on the last good nintendo console

          1. Wii IS great console! Did you miss the great titles it had to offer such as: Mario galaxy, DKC returns, Skyward Sword, Kirby’s return to dreamland and more????? Wii sports is fun too!

            1. Wii clearly had a far better software library than GC by comparison with the exception of few sequels being a setback from GC predecessor like Smash Bros. Brawl.

              Morons over there are hating on Wii for succeeding where GC failed and trounced PS3/360 like if they were nothing.

              1. In my opinion, GC had better software. Twilight, Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron, P03, Windwaker, this list goes on. It wasn’t a Mario, Casual Kiddy machine. (I know that’s not entirely fair to say, but I’m making a point.) It was a Hardcore console that wasn’t afraid to make a mature game…GOOD mature games.

                Wii had some good games later in it’s life, but basically it was flooded with lazy shovelware and fucking HORRIBLE online capabilities that pretty much eclipsed most of the good it had going for it.

            2. Mario Galaxy: Linear shit, bad camera control
              DKCR: Doesn’t live up to expectations, just a mediocre cash grab
              Skyward Sword: ANOTHER shitty linear game with gimmick Will Motionplus control
              Return to Dreamland: Extremely easy, even for a Kirby game

              1. Mario Galaxy: Beautiful visuals with beautiful orchestra soundtrack and NOT so shitty fixed camera like Sunshine being shifted all over the place and even glitchy enough to have you suck in a level and give you a headache.
                DKCR: Far better than that 4 hour long joke that is Jungle Beat with that stupid bango crap. Bet you only hate it because you’re scared of a challenging game and therefore, like to excuse yourself from trying to beat the game. End of story. You simply suck at playing DKC, period.
                Skyward Sword: As far as I know, its a game specially built around the Wii Remote Plus for real time sword controls and it works plus the game did get positive reception anyway (scored over 9.0) and its better than whatever BS Sony tried to do with its dildo looking Wii Remote ripoff that requires a camera which does the same shit with your body (Oh, Xbox ripped that off too)
                Return to Dreamland: No shit it seems easy because Kirby is catered for easier platforming gamers dipshit with Mario being in between and Donkey Kong being the hardest. Plus, GameCube never had a real Kirby game besides Air Ride which is a Kirby themed Mario Kart Battle Mode.

                Nice try. You lose.

                1. gcn was great, wii was fine, nothing special, but fine, it had mario galaxy, donkey kong, twiligt princess, and my favourite mario game, galaxy 2… i didn’t play that kirby, i played epic yarn, it was ok…

                  now, wii u is just wii in hd, nothing they couldn’t have done with the wii in terms of scale of games, the only thing they have is the gamepad and all of you need to remember this very well, I HATE GIMMICKS, fucking hate them, they needed to have online, mario level designer in nsmbu, not as a new fucking game with mario maker, that is just retarded

                  1. Yeah and GCN was an n64 with 64 bits attached on… Your point fucken being, oh I have a lunch box as a console #hipster #yoloswag #SMSis bettertheSMG

                2. Stranga, Galaxy was complete linear shit. Galaxy 2 was imo the best Mario game since 64.
                  DKCR… one of the worst games I’ve ever played, I’ll go at this game from 2 different angles, one, it was very generic feeling, Rayman Orgins felt like it had more work out into it than DKCR. Two, in terms of Donkey Kong Country games, the only thing this game had that the old games also had was the name. The game didn’t look, play, or feel like Donkey Kong country, it was a generic platformer and as an afterthought they added Diddy and DK. Skyward Sword remains as the only Zelda I didn’t see through until the end.

                  On a side note, epic yarn was one of the better games of the millenium..

                  1. You know, just because a f America is linear doesn’t make it bad. Some of the best games ever made are quite linear. Skyward sword had a very good story because it was a linear game. But if you need other examples, take a look at LA Noire, Heavy Rain, or really any other game that has a strong narrative.

                    1. it seems you didn’t play earlier zelda games, am i right?also skyward sword is a piece of shit

                3. Stranga you never have gotten laid before have you? You seem to be a 30 year old virgin bitch. You’re one of the biggest losers i have ever heard. Faggot loser whining like a cunt all the time for nintendo, get laid loser.

                  1. So sex is everything now I thought this was about video games and if you perfer one console over another ok thats fine I don’t see why we have to start fights over everything on here if you don’t like nintendo there’s no need to bash and be hateful on here. Its not right.

                    1. I love all Nintendo Consoles ! and im a Western gamer and i dont see the need for sex kind of boring in my honest opinion plus this being a site for “Nintendo fans ” it seems more of a site for Xbone And PS4 Drones to rip Nintendo fans apart which is no more than playground banter! Trolls need to GROW THE FUCK UP!!

              2. I feel kinda sorry for you that you can’t seem to enjoy good games anymore. Galaxy was amazing! One of the funnest games I’ve ever played. Skyward Sword was also awesome. “Gimmicky” controls were nowhere to be found in that game. Idk what game you played, but SS had awesome motion controls. But I guess you would call it gimmicky if you never gave it a chance, or never really tried to learn it. Haven’t played the others much, but I’ve heard lots of good things about DKCR.

              3. Sir, I believe you need to grab sasori’s wrench and smack yourself with it.

                Mario Galaxy: one of the best-rated fairly recent nintendo games, with platforming remniscient of mario 64.

                DKCR: Then again, nothing hyped as much as that really ever lives up to expectations, does it? I mean, look at GTA5 or Watchdogs. Games that got good reviews as a standalone game, but which players were irritated with due to disappointment.

                Skyward sword: Smooth, precise controls, with the only large downside being the dust-blower (you always have to re-sync it) and a great storyline that links all the zelda games together. Similar to Windwaker in mechanics, and rated rather highly by most.

                Return to Dreamland: Can’t argue with you there. You got me.

                Sounds like about half those games you never even finished or even started playing. It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. I have played every single one of those games through (except DKCR and Return to Dreamland, where I simply saw walkthroughs out of mild curiosity). I even beat hero mode on skyward.

                Why don’t you go back to licking your XBone?

          2. So it makes sense to you for calling GC a better console than Wii when Wii can clearly do and feature a hell of a lot more than GC anyway?

            People are so damn backwards…

                    1. my ego is large, but these aren’t all opinions, and most of you retards are arguing FACTS

                    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      Don’t bother. Donko’s another narcissist that thinks everything he spews is facts because he’s the God of all existence. He’s also one of the losers that wants Iwata to die.

        1. NGC a better console? What’s the difference beside Wii offering a hell of a lot more than NGC plus NGC compatibility?

          Idiots got no taste.

          1. Yet the PS3 will always be remembered as the console which had the best 7th gen games. Quantity > Quality. Isn’t that what you always say about COD? Hypocrite is obvious

      1. Skyward Sword & A Link Between Worlds > Twilight Princess.

        Wind Waker & Minish Cap > Twilight Princess.

        1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time > The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask > The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker >The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past > ALBW> The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword > Spirit Tracks > Phantom Hourglass

            1. twilight princess had good characters, and an interesting story without too much gimmicky shits like skyward sword, albw is a link to the past 2

              1. have you even played the game? Odds says you haven’t.

                If you have played the game all the way through, you would realize that EVERYONE has a personality in skyward. In twilight princess, zelda is as boring and pointless as your arguments. In skyward sword, zelda is brimming with life, quirkiness, and teases link and kids around…like a normal person. Romance actually seems to make sense between the two, and even the goddamn NPCs in the bazaar have personalities. Loads of sidequests, ways to upgrade pretty much all your equipment, a hero mode which takes enemies and doubles their attack, makes them smarter, and takes away your ability to find hearts (till you find the heart pendant about a quarter through the game), and generally makes the game much more interesting, along with a very simple fast travel system, and I seriously don’t understand just why the hell you hate this game.

                The only things you say you hate is that it’s “gimmicky”. If that’s the case, then Twilight Princess is FAR more “gimmicky”, with its awkward crossbow shooting controller and its inflexibility of movement due to lack of the wii motion plus being better developed for more varied movement.

                Altogether, as always, you have been EXPOSED, Yes, you, donko, God of all Pretention and Unwarranted Self-Importance, have been EXPOSED, Congratulations, good sir, you have nearly caught up to Sasori in how much you fail.

                Please, prove it further by replying. It greatly amuses me to see you squirm under the reason you claim to possess as you contradict yourself time and time again.

          1. A Link to the Past THAT low?
            A Link Between Worlds THAT low?
            You can’t really be serious. Go play them again, now.
            Also, regarding my opinion on Twilight Princess, it had great artsyle and dungeons, but very forgettable bosses and the worst pacing of any Zelda game. Also, I don’t think many of you remember how easy that game is. Both The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are harder.

            1. ALTTP was good, but there were better Zelda games
              Modern Zelda games have been trash
              I’ve played every Zelda games save for Four Swords Adventures since the original.

              Also, I forgot Zelda II. That was the worst one, actually

              1. Zelda 2 was really only hated because it was different, just like skyward sword is hated because it was different than it’s predecessor, and windwaker because of the same reason.

                Also, because it was really, really unforgiving, in every way possible.

                Basically, if you beat zelda 2, you win at video games, end of story.

      2. You do know that there has only been 1 console Zelda game since TP right? It´s like saying i haven´t enjoyed christmas since 2012…

        Twilight princess was anything but special. Solid game but not specia

          1. I played an hour of it, and put down the controller, shaking my head.

            The game is incredibly overhyped to the point of ridiculousness just because it had a dark artstyle that was more realistic, which attracted the obnoxious plague known as dudebros. They slobbered all over the graphics, noticed how detailed it was for a nintendo game, and promptly rated the best evarr!!1!

            …even though the game itself was probably one of the most boring zelda games I’ve played. Seriously, terrible pacing and even worse bosses.

            I could play it in my sleep.

            Which is speaking from experience, because I fell asleep while playing it.

      3. I beg to differ. The DS offerings wee very good. Everyone hates on Spirit Tracks due to the overworld travel removal for trains but it had some of the most complex/interesting dungeon puzzles out of any of them.

      4. nothing good since twilight princess? Spoken like a true noob to the franchise. How about link between worlds, or Skyward Sword, both of which were highly reviewed by both audience and critics alike?

        Seriously, getting sick of so many people thinking twilight princess was something special just because the graphics looked more gritty and realistic. Just goes to show that much of this generation of gamers are graphics whores, who pay more attention to bosoms and gore than actual good gameplay.

        Not to say twilight princess was bad, but skyward sword was better in its own way.

        1. good gameplay is the best thing to come from a game, You see now people, this is a gamer…but I did like twilight princess, mainly for the story. Specially with midna’s death was the first time I’m actually been pissed off at ganondorf, that’s how powerful the story was to me. I played many games and I got to say from my real actual experience of playing games that this is the first actual time I’ve ever been so moved by an ending of a partner that was awesome, I loved how you controlled link too, specially with the ending blow.

    2. Consider The Follow

      So he basically wants randomly generated dungeons or additional side dungeons that spawn in at random?

      1. Consider The Follow

        They might as well go Borderlands on this game and add in like a random item generator.

  1. If the phrase was correct enough to use at E3, but doesn’t feel right to him, I wonder how it will differ? Unless he means that open world games tend to be about running drugs and shooting people, of course, obviously it’s not THAT kind

    1. I feel that open world is also a horrible term for any game like GTA or Watch Dogs. They arent really open worlds but less limited and larger. There are still boundaries in GTA. They are more of free roam games. What I think Miyamoto thinks of Zelda U is that it is a Free Roam game but large in scale and less limited.

      1. Read it again (if you can read). “As long as the game is great”. Unless of course you’re saying anything nintendo does is great.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Clearly your intelligence is just barely above your Xbot friend Sasori if you keep believing in your delusional ramblings…

        1. at least i can remember that you said that you got yourself a wii u, but now it doesn’t work.even though i don’t even believe you got can’t remember that i have it after 4,5 times????who’s the stupid one?i said that you’d be content with anything nintendo does, judging from your posts

          1. He has a Wii U and it works dipshit. He’s on my friends list and I see him on occasions so WTF are you talking about? Oh yeah. Repeating the same BS I already read from Sasori, the self-racist fucktard who called his own Civil Rights hero Martin Luther King “overrated” which he ain’t got no balls to literally say it outside without getting his ribs shattered or shot in the face.

                  1. And my IQ is 196. Give me a break, you can’t even realize how much of an egotistic shit you are acting like, if you had 150 IQ then you would’ve realized to respect the opinions of others than blind call everyone that disagrees with you a fanboy. Just shut up.

                    1. yes, maybe i’m acting like it, but it doesn’t matter, fanboys will be fanboys, and i have been around long enough to know these guys are content with 99% shit nintendo puts out, ubisoft was GREAT, until recently, ea is garbage because they don’t put games on nintendo consoles, not because they have dlc, if they had that and were making games for the wii u, people here would defend them, now they’ll say they wouldn’t , but they would… wii u is the best because it’s about games, but it gets games every 3,4 months, but no, that ‘s not the only reason, the biggest reason to them now is the gamepad, it’s not about the games like they used to scream and shout and let it all out, it’s not about online, until SMASH BROS AND MARIO KART HAVE THE BEST ONLINE EVARRR

                      i know these retards, i know them better then they know themselves, and i know for a fact they’ll say that nothing i said now is true

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Not to take parts but I have mentioned it a few times before…

                  My Gamepad just disconnected from the console every 3-5 minutes, it’s on repairs now…

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And just like the common Nintendo hater, you obviously chose to ignore my many critics and arguments against our empire…

            1. i am not a hater, like i’ve also told you before, i just want nintendo to improve, and that will not happen if fanboys like yourself approve of everything they do

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Once again your comment is invalid…

                You only bash our empire and you still assume that I approve everything they do because you choose to ignore my criticism…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I think it’s a shame that there are many defective Gamepads out there including my own, their lack of Wii U advertisement, their sometimes stupid decisions made for the Gamepad like having Splitscreen on the Gamepad while playing Mario Kart multiplayer…

                    And many other things…

                    1. i’ve only seen the gamepad one, but you don’t ever criticise the games as far as i can see, mario kart one being the only one, you defend them in 99.9% cases

        1. i only own a wii u in this generation, i was a console gamer, but now i’m a pc gamer, wii u and pc, maybe along the line i buy the one doesn’t interest me

          1. Try again. Skyward Sword received positive feedback from critics and only got negatively criticized by idiots who never played the damn game..which is you.

          2. Skyward Sword was an awesome game. I’ll never understand why people like you put it down? I had SO much fun playing that.

          3. Sorry but you’re part of the very loud minority on the internet that is calling Skyward Sword trash. Deal with it, Mr 150 IQ. *snicker*

      3. oh, poor little clickbait, would be happy with any attention he receives to revive his broken, broken ego

  2. i like the idea that you can play it even after the story is over. actually nintendo needs some MMO. just a game that you can play on wiiu constantly.

    1. They have tons. Nintendo has the most franchises with replay value. To name a few exclusive to the Wii U; Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Xenoblade (MMO aspect this time around). Then of course you have games like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed online multiplayer that you can play for FREE. No paywall is sweet. I recommend you trying Assassin’s Creed online. It’s actually quite addicting.

  3. I hope this game is better than the N64 Zelda’s. Ocarina Of Time is still the best game ever made. :P

    1. it cannot be, aonuma is working on this, he’s been fucking up zelda games left and right for a long time

      1. me thinks other wise but that’s my option and this is yours, however, Wind waker was the best to me. But you claiming and that fake Shuhei Yoshida up there are talking waaaaay out of your asses about what system was the best and what is not. I bet if I said anything good about playstation or xbox, you both will agree like I’m serving hotcakes.

        In other words, shut the fuck up and play the fucking systems and games, you don’t like Nintendo, then get the fuck off and stay off. Enough said.

      2. He was just put in charge of Zelda when Link Between Worlds was designed and that game became another 3DS/Zelda success. He only directed one Zelda while being part of all Zelda developments which every last one of them were highly acclaimed throughout the years. So again, who’s fucking up Zelda you retard? He’s not like Don Mattrick depressingly trying to shove DRM gaming dictatorship up your ass.

        1. like i said albw is link to the past 2, 80% of the game resides on the fundation that is a link to the past, and that was not made by him

              1. Well look it up, think its stupidity? I think not when his fucking name is all over the dam miiverse saying “Hi, I’m Aonuma, creator of the legend of Zelda series”. Want the actual proof so I can shut you up all over again countless times? Or, are you actually going to believe me this time?

                It makes no difference to me, I always back up my shit. Now how are you going to back yourself up if I actually show you the link?

                1. Shigeru Miyamoto is the original creator of the Legend of Zelda series. He passed the reigns of the series onto Aonuma who is now the new creator of Zelda games with Miyamoto assisting on occasion. So you’re both half right.

        1. That’s because you’re an idiot monkey repeating shit to look cool and the same goes for the rest of these idiots; Shuhei, Sasori, Nostalgia, Pinwheel, Aeolus, so on. How fucking sad you “people” are.

          1. ROFL Uncharted is the same overrated bullshit every game. 3 rehashed games in the same generation and all of them are linear as fuck. Stop milking such a shitty franchise. At least pick a good one. Oh wait, Indiestation has none.

          1. A Theif’s End is the one I’m talking about and who even talks about Golden Abyss or Vita anyway? Its a dead system. 8 million sold in more than 3 years? That’s worse than GameCube and Wii U combined.

  4. It’s good to see Miyamoto-san using terms that make things easier for people to understand.
    Sometimes the unique ways that Nintendo thinks and acts when making games and describing them in their own terms can become a bit confusing; using terms like these gives them some base-line context that people outside of Nintendo can understand and work off of when trying to make sense of Nintendo’s way of doing things.

  5. In a way, they do this with metroid prime, first everyone calles a FPS, but then nintendo said that it was more of a First person Adventure…. Maybe it is because Nintendo has its own genres, you can’t call Mario kart as a racing game only, in the same way you can’t call metroid a shooter… I have high hopes for this game.

    1. This is how a new blood should change Nintendo games. Make cosmetic changes that’ll make the games new again while also familiar. That’s how its done.

  6. These comments are some of the worst i’ve ever seen. IGN hass better comment chains than this. Can we just enjoy our games and not make people feel worse for enjoying them?

      1. Barely by much. Like sasori, he thinks everything he says is the Word of God & no one can dispute it. In that regard, they are both not very smart.

  7. I have been playing games since the original NES and I have seen both sides of the spectrum over the years. Every console generation sees it’s up and downs. And every franchise the same. Look at NES. Zelda 1 was unique and a founding father of the free roam game. Zelda 2 not so much sure it was hard but they tried to combine platforming action into an already successful top down game. Next up they had ALttP(only doing console zeldas not handheld) they went back to the top down style of the original because they knew zelda 2 didn’t work as well. It’s about evolving a franchise. Nintendo is known for always trying something new. Sometimes it works (skyward sword was a good example of bringing something new and fun into a game that was slowly getting too repetitive) and sometimes it doesn’t (super Mario sunshine, albeit I enjoyed this game but it was just…..weird)

    So if Nintendos history has anything to say about their future, they learn and capitalise on their mistakes to try to make better and free games in their own franchises, and I am really excited about the new direction they are taking Zelda.

    This same statement can not be said about the cash cow franchises of EA and others. There hasn’t been an original idea in call of duty since modern warfare one. Companies like this are too afraid of trying something new and different regardless if it succeeds or not and honestly that’s what makes Nintendo such a great developer in my opinion. You just never know what to expect and it’s exciting.

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