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One Nintendo Investor Was ‘Flabbergasted’ That Iwata Has Not Resigned

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata didn’t attend the latest AGM meeting due to health reasons, but that didn’t stop his overall rating go up to 80.64%. However it appears as though not all the investors were happy as one said he was flabbergasted that Iwata is still in charge of the company.

“I, for one, was flabbergasted that Mr. Iwata continues to hold his position although he had said that he would resign if the company’s performance were bad.”

194 thoughts on “One Nintendo Investor Was ‘Flabbergasted’ That Iwata Has Not Resigned”

    1. “Nintendo president Satoru Iwata didn’t attend the latest AGM meeting due to health reasons, but that didn’t stop his overall rating go up to 80.64%”

      His ratings went up because of said health reason. He had a piece removed! Changing the very concentration level of approval. Less Iwata = higher concentration of approval rating. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

      It is time for him to leave while he’s still respectable…and that goes for miyamoto as well.

      1. Or maybe, just hear me out on this, it went up because of how well E3 went for Nintendo & the hype that was built up because of it? Anyway, I can understand why you think Iwata should go but Miyamoto? lol He definitely doesn’t need to resign. He does great a majority of the time. So far, Wii Music is the only game of his that hasn’t been well received.

          1. I think he said he prefers to be called Ridley. Idk man, I always say Tallon cuz it reminds me of that Pokémon from X and Y called Talonflame. :P

          2. What Hollow said. Tallon was just a reference to the planet Tallon IV which the character was born on. Like with the Tallon Metroids in later Prime games.

      2. Don’t go tell your bs that he should move away here. Those people obviously know stuff we don’t know and the fact that Iwata’s approval rating went up shows there are more good stuff coming up if you ask me.

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  1. “his overall rating go up to 80.64%. However it appears as though not all the investors were happy”

    well it looks like 19.36% of the investors weren’t happy

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  2. The first one doesn’t know anything about videogames. The second one is “flabbergasted”. How about the third, fourth, fifth….?

  3. This is the same person as in the previous article who doesn’t understand video games. While I agree with his original point that discussion of dividends is important, so is the topic of Nintendo’s focus in games, as that’s what generated profit. If you don’t understand games, you don’t understand what would hypothetically make Nintendo profitable, and that leaves this person as an unwise investor. That’s why I don’t pay this any heed.

    1. Making a fool of this joke on the internet is fun and all but I really wish they’d just ignore this kind of garbage.
      He’s basically the real life equivalent of a youtube poster.

    2. Eh, if I worked in finance, and my firm invested in a fried rice cooker company, I’d want to hear more about the company’s profits and how they’re trying to get more sales, rather than about the product itself. I don’t think I should need to know or have interest in fried rice as a type of food to do my job.

      The investor was clearly too blunt about this point, and there’s certainly overlap (like you mentioned) between the product and how that product affects the company, but reading through the rest of the Q&A I can see how one might think this was more of a press briefing than a shareholders meeting.

      1. As an investor, he should know something about the products he is investing in.
        And how the market, that the company he is investing in works.

        If a toy company keeps a briefing, of course they are going to talk about the toys, what their future plans with the said toys are, and how they plan to engage the market.
        Of course you do not have to know every toy by name, but if you’re big time investor, you need to know about the basics of the product, and the market.

        My guess is, this douche inherited his shares somewhere around the Wii/DS era.

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    2. I think he should resign. I think Miyamoto should retire a.s.a.p, at leat before he completely ruins his reputation and sinks Nintendo at the same time.

      1. lol.. nintendo DS? 3DS? Wii? all iwatas achievements

        iwata is the best that could have happened to nintendo after yamauchi was steering nintendo into a dead end at the end of the 90ies/beginning of the 2000s

        get your facts straight before making idiot claims

        1. I guess if your a child then Iwata is doing a fine job. Silly adults, handheld consoles are for kids. The Wii fucking sucked so hard that they have lost 75% of thier former fans (permenantly) because of it, stupid little noob. Lacking online coop in your games? Miyamoto is responsible for that. Lacking depth and mature themes? Miyamoto is responsible for that as well. No party system/mic jack pro controller/usb2.0/tiny hdd/weak console etc.. Iwata is to blame for that. You have just been informed.

          1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

            Um…the wii was a HUGE success. You must be thinking about the gamecube.

            Lol, silly dumbass, commenting is for SMART people.

    3. Not only did Iwata never say he would resign, but how stupid would it have been if Iwata said okay bye I resign WITHOUT HAVING SOMEONE WAITING TO REPLACE HIM? Fucking investors are dumbasses sometimes.

      1. Actually I did remember him saying that one time. But since everything else expect Wii U from last year went fine, Iwata was never needed to be replaced since 1. Nintendo’s financial and market situation is adequate ATM. 2. Wii U is showing signs of improvement. And 3. There’s no one else suitable to take his position now.

      1. lol It all makes sense now! No wonder he doesn’t understand video games & is flabbergasted that Iwata didn’t resign!

    4. ahhh i feel the same. too bad the wii u a crappy console that has eshop age restricted content. there’s no fu#king way to change your age and date of birth on the terrible nnid system.

      1. OMG, no one cares! Go play something you enjoy then. Not one of us here could care less about you and your problems with Nintendo . Act like normal human being, you’re a freaking child if this is really how you spend your time.

      2. Do you ever stop crying? What a fucking baby. Relax, man. Go hang out with friends, kick a ball around outside, get a girlfriend. You take games way too seriously..

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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      3. Age restriction? The only age restriction on Wii U and eShop is the parental controls and birthday to watch mature content like Devil’s Third and yes you can change info on your NNID account dumbass. Its the most basic function of all and if it locks the birthday, then type in the correct one or fake it. End of story. Like WTF did you get this BS from? Your Brokeback gorilla ass?

      4. Good. We don’t need little brats like you getting a hold of games you DON’T need. Stay aware from the mature titles. You’re too stupid & immature to play them.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        He already did with the Wii. Nintendo has never been more successful as a company then when the Wii was alive and well. He had one blunder with the Wii U, but that doesn’t mean he has to prove himself all over again.

        1. At least he’s cleaning up after himself of Wii U’s fumble from last year and also voluntarily took a pay cut and kept his employees from being laid off. That’s how a responsible CEO is suppose to react in situations like this. He only made one flop and that’s the Wii U marketing. Other than that, its all on 3rd parties putting a bad reputation by giving piss poor ports, excuses and lies about Wii U games and system itself.

    5. After I hear from an investor that he doesn’t undertands nothing about games, I’m not surprise.

    6. Hardly news, own one share and you’re an “investor”. Its like saying “internet troll dislikes Nintendo.” Not news.

    7. Iwata never said “I will resign if Nintendo’s performances are bad.”

      He said he MIGHT consider it, but only if he felt that he was unable to turn things around. Iwata wants what is best for the company and right now he feels he is the best suited. You know what? HE’S RIGHT!

      Who else can replace Iwata? I dare someone to name a name. I bet you the only people that come to mind are like Miyamoto and Sakurai, well they have both stated that they don’t want the president’s position so you’ll have to try harder.

      Can’t think of anyone? That’s probably because there is no one that is qualified or ready to do the job AND wants to do it. Iwata is still president and chooses to be president, because he has yet to find a suitable successor.

      1. And they turned it down because their heart is in developing for video games and helping others develop video games. Becoming the CEO of a company means less time spent developing.

    8. No matter the investor’s gaming knowledge..the fact is Iwata did say he would resign if things stayed bad…and they did. He isn’t wrong wanting Iwata to go. The guy has made blunder after blunder for three years running. We all know the about the awful earnings, bad 3DS and Wii U launches, the Wii Mini, no blu ray on Wii U, loss of 3rd party support, turning down Skylanders, not getting MIcecraft, lack of software in first year for 3ds and Wii U. So why he is getting so much support for things he did 7 years ago is beyond me.

      1. Okay. 1. You’re right that 3DS/Wii U had its bad launch but like 3DS, Iwata is turning things around for Wii U, slowly but surely. 2. WTF would want a Blu-Ray on Wii U when we got PS3/4, separate Blu-Ray players and most of all, Netflix/Hulu/Youtube together to fill that multi-media need? 3. Wii Mini was in fact a stupid idea and I though 2DS was worse which I was dead wrong about that one. 4. Minecraft will come eventually so I wouldn’t worry about it. 5. Loss of 3rd party? No. Nintendo didn’t reject them. They’re all pissy over little BS nonsense like EA with Origin being rejected which most hate Origin anyway and Wii U having a different coding/architecture build which is familiar to PS3/360 that they’re still making games for. The Wii U was and is always open for 3rd party but they chose x86 as their means to get lazy (Easy Way Out) and make annual spams for snatch&grab money schemes from idiots buying other consoles for flashy graphics and power which is all a lie, a PR stunt bait that 12+ million morons fell for. Not to mention 3rd parties have always been feeding Wii U gimped crap at ripoff prices and edition like Mass Effect 3 on Wii U at full price instead of the trilogy collection everywhere else for cheaper, Ubisoft pointlessly delaying 2-3 games for other systems that screwed the Wii U launch (Rayman) and they wonder why Wii U fans are pissed off to not buy their games, what about Bethseda talking shit about Wii U CPU when I remember them building a Wii U version of Metro: Last Light running at real time just fine at E3 2012, let’s not also forget that retarded con stunt of Sniper Elite 2, a two year old game, stripping 90% of the game features and charge it at full price. You’re tell me that this in your head is acceptable and that Nintendo fans are the ones being ridiculous to not fall for these kinds of BS?! 6. WTF cares about Skylanders? Have you seen the prices of the figures and the game builds? Its a fucking NFC ripoff version of COD. Disney’s Infinity is way more justified than that and Nintendo is doing their own NFC anyway so why do a partnership of an overrated NFC con by Activision that only dumbass parents with brain dead kids keep buying? 7. 3DS games were late? You forget one little detail, its both the pricing and the launch title lineup is what screwed 3DS for only a few months. Iwata quickly changed that by dropping the price and brought the Ambassador program to compensate the early adopters followed by better games launching like Zelda: Orcarina of Time, Starfox 64 3D, Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, the list keeps growing and it substantially help the 3DS sales get back on its feet and became the top selling console of the 8th gen beating PS4..fucking PS4 and even beat DS’s fastest selling record.

        So tell me again where did Iwata go terribly wrong with these moderate mistakes he’s already fixing compare to Sony going broke and fucking up the Vita or Microsoft entrusting that dumbass Don Mattrick to make Xbox One the dictatorship of gaming with its hellish DRM ideas not once but twice at E3, refusing to learn from that backlash which got his ass fired?

        1. I don’t know why third parties hate Nintendo so much. It makes me sad… :( All I asked for was to be able to play Super Smash Bros and GTA V on the same platform. Why do they do this? ;_;

          1. Seriously?

            The 3rd Parties that actually count can’t get their games to run on WiiU. Not unless they build from scratch. Xbox/PS4/PC are all built at the same time using basically the same resources and code. Basically they don’t make games for WiiU because they can’t afford it. Who would they sell GTA to anyways? Target the 5% of WiiU owners that are actually mature enough to handle such a game?

            I’ll Inform you.

            The games for the WiiU are made for kids. The majority of kids play on the 3DS. The kids that own a WiiU are the ones that have parents that wont let them have a PS4 or Xbox One. The adults that own a WiiU also own a PS4 or Xbox One or all 3 like I do. The 3rd parties know this so they don’t waste their time putting on WiiU. I’m sure they like the gamepad but the sacrifices they would have to make are too great.

            The WiiU is a huge inconvenience to 3rd parties, so they will ignore it and then learn to live without it.

            Thank Iwata and Miyamoto for this metamorphosis.

            You have been informed.

            1. I disagree about the part with not being able to run the games on Wii U. The games can run. The developers aren’t taking their time to try to get it to work. There are games that are on last gen and current gen for example like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 that can run on the Wii U. The reason I’m assuming is because 3rd party games aren’t selling well enough on Nintendo systems. They have to put the games on there and the system will grow a bigger fanbase over time and if people see that you can purchase all the latest third party games on Wii U, they are more than likely to do so. The only thing the other consoles would have going for them then would be graphics. And even though the Wii U may not have the power of the other consoles, the Gamepad more than makes up for that along with the tons of other exclusive 1st party games.

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            They obviously hate our empire because we dominated everything during the Age of Creation and they got butthurt…

      2. You lost me at “no blu ray for Wii U.” The inability to watch movies & TV shows has no effect AT ALL on playing video games. So that’s NOT a failure AT ALL. I want a gaming console, not a multimedia device. If I want a bluray player for my video game console, I’ll go buy the Playstation 4.

        1. I think a lot of people overlook the fact that Wii U has Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube. More people get their media fix online than actually buying anything from retail stores anyway.However, I do find it rather odd that they didn’t include Blu-Ray. I was planning on buying some TV shows, but I guess I’m gonna have to wait until I get a PS3. XD I’ll be using my Wii U and 3DS for Hulu though.

    9. This is just a reprinting of the earlier MNN article about the investor who didn’t understand video games. The focus is different, but it’s really the same thing…

    10. Yeah it was pretty dumb to start Wii U in 2008 knowing Sony had a PS4 in their R&D yet focus on just making it more powerful than PS3. That was stupid and look at the out come. In addition knowing that in 08′ the Wii U was being made and lack of software tittles at launch which was stupid too. All that time you had plan to work on HD gaming and still waiting which was stupid. Plus was stu@id at not focusing on multiple gamepads. And was stupid in not advertising. All of that was stupid.

    11. What a fucking joke that particular investor was over this issue and its the same moron who didnt understand Nintendo was a video game company…like are you fucking kidding me? They’ve been a gaming company for more than 33 years already.

      That investor is as retarded as Sasori is butt fucking ugly.

    12. Besides, he complained about Iwata saying he’ll resign if things got worse. As you can see, the situation, even from last year, isn’t even close to being as dire as Sony’s losing money and having to sale off divisions left and right.

      Wii U is improving, 3DS is kicking ass, 2014 software line up is far better than 2013 with 2015 looking just as good and Nintendo’s E3 2014 was a success. So, that investor is dead wrong and stupid just like Sasori and Michael Patcher having a hot one night stand.

    13. The cookoo birds are flying tonight!! Better let them have their innernets rather than a rifle in a clock tower….

    14. I have intimate relations with middle aged helpless Down syndrome men because they cannot do anything about it. I masturbate them to climax and ensure they make themselves dirty just to make them feel lesser than me and then I tell them they disgust me and their loved ones only to make them clean theirselves up and think about what they did.

      – Stranga

        1. If you see some sick fucker using my name speaking perverted shit that I have never done before when I first came here, that’s obviously not me and I so bet you its Sasori, pathetically tried to ruin me which it ain’t working. lol

    15. Wow, talk about milking the same topic. The other one got 111 replies, so bring it up again to garner site ttaffic? Wow!

      It’s like Sickr’s that irate investor and wants Iwata out really bad. We know it’s a slow news day or sometimes even week, but repeating old news?

      It’s still a stupid investor who thinks his share is big enough to make drastic changes when he speak. He’s probably one of those investors who pushed Nintendo to release the Wii U when it’s obviously isn’t ready thinking the sales will earn him big dividends. He knows what Nintendo’s business is, he just want to make sure his paltry share will not go away until he can pull them out.

    16. “Flabbergasted”, like Dawn Jacobson would say about Ms. Chrysanthemum.

      In order to get my comment, I recommend reading John Bintz’s webcomic, “Dawn’s Dictionary Drama”. It’s a webcomic for those who want to read comics to learn more sophisticated words.

      here is the link:

    17. Someone already reported this here…

      Oh, wait, that was YOU.

      Seriously dude, do you just run around and copy/paste what you find on other sites? At least read what you’re copying, on the off chance you report THE SAME FUCKING STORY IN ONE DAY.

    18. It doesn’t make sense to fire him now, he’s the only thing preserving Nintendo’s true nature, nobody is gonna risk handing the post over to someone who might ruin the company by making it compete directly with Sony and Microsoft by becoming yet another console made for thir party games.

    19. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Another Titan that is clueless about how our empire actually works…

      We are not a simple minded resource greedy empire that only seeks to exploit everything…

      Quality and entertainment comes first…

      And they want to remove our Lord when he is turning the tide this year…

      Replace those Titans by others who knows how our empire works…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Whatever, if you think our empire is for children only then what are you doing here?…

              Don’t you have a more “mature” sexual infested base to go to?…

              1. I said they target children, didn’t say children only buy it. If you are shocked by that statement or surprised by those results…

                I will inform you…

                Once a company has a specific target audience in mind, they begin to market the product to said target.The product that they market is then usually bought by their target audience(imagine that). Thus, Nintendo targeted audience is children(they will tell you that themselves) and the rest is history.

                You have been informed.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      You have to take into account all of us that are still with our empire ever since the late 80’s…

                      Take 1986-1996, that’s a lot of veterans…

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Also, I’m not deying that High Command mostly caters to Nintendolings but they have started to open ther eyes alot more in recent times and now caters to older gamers too like with Bayonetta 2, Devil’s Third and so on…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Although they have always done so anyway, it’s just their advertisements that needs some work…

    20. people that use big words like “flabbergasted” are usually people that are stuck up assholes..

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