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The Splatoon Team Consisted Of First Person Shooter Fans Who Enjoy Call Of Duty And Battlefield

The Splatoon team recently took part in a huge interview with online gaming publication Kotaku. One of the things to note is that this is a younger team compared to other teams that work on Nintendo franchises. Tsubasa Sakaguchi and Hisashi admitted that they and the team play first person shooters and games on other company’s hardware. They said that they do this as part of their job and also because they love video games in general.

For example, when I asked Nogami and Sakaguchi about other shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, Nogami said, “We definitely play those types of games,” adding “There’s definitely guys on our staff who are super into shooters. We definitely play other games and other company’s hardware. We do that as part of our jobs and we also do that because we’re gamers and love to play games.”


73 thoughts on “The Splatoon Team Consisted Of First Person Shooter Fans Who Enjoy Call Of Duty And Battlefield”

  1. “They play on non nintendo consoles, and play third party games? I’m not buying this game!!!>:c” – nintendo fanboys.

      1. ah but in this instance we have to assume the word(s) fanboys is a way to describe the bad kind of fan who is blind to anything else thats good out there.

            1. pink0crystal0midbus

              lol! It won’t be like CoD or BF…. this is a Nintendo team that’s making the game, not Activision or EA.

    1. Although there is a difference between a fan and a fanboy, I’m pretty sure that even fanboys will use this as “Nintendo is made up of GAMERS and not fanboys”. :P

      regardless, this is good news for me, maybe we’ll actually get proper voice chat with —-*wishful thinking coming up*—- a bundle containing the game and a Nintendo branded wireless headset! :D

    2. If your version of “fanboy” didn’t falsely extend to cover everyone that likes Nintendo, I would say you have a point.

    3. ANY game is coming exclusivley for Wii U? Fuck them, I’m not buying this shit!!!! – other-console-fanboys.

    1. What kinda hypocrite are you. On so many other articles, you’re bashing people who are into FPS games or games about war in general, especially people who’re into CoD, and now you’re saying something like this? Because it’s coming from Nintendo’s people? lmao, epitome of fanboy right here.

        1. I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, what I said was directed towards nintendo commander, not the author of the article.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Clearly you don’t know what I meant, ipso facto, your argument is invalid…

  2. That’s awesome so they could get a little insight on what makes a stable game, and what makes a broken game (battlefield 4…)

  3. “We want the Call of Duty audience”. Hopefully this game doesn’t have voice chat because if it does I’m not buying it.

  4. The only way that ima be a fanboy is if a company pays me to only buy and play their games but in the mean time I’m going to enjoy my XBOX1, 3ds, and wii u and when the last of us comes out on the ps4, I’m buying that too. I’m a gamer not a ridiculous immurtue childish fanboy

  5. Based on what u all just said, i am a fanboy… i don´t spend much time on videogames but when i do i just play

  6. a call of duty and battlefield fan like me knows am not buying this shitty game. wtf…. no body but you chimps and drones gives a shit about using paints and paint crap. these developers are complete idiots beside i already knew the ips nintendo was braging about would be crap anyway. really project guard, robot and a paint shooter?

    nintendo didn’t win no e3 at all.

    1. of course you won’t buy that game, the main reason is that your dear daddy won’t give you the money and NOPE the developers aren’t idiots, the idiot is you.

    2. a fan who doesn’t buy those games and instead download them from torrent websites, you’re a big fan, congratulations narutard

        1. Cheapskate brokeback gorilla here is too dumbass poor to afford the gum under the bus seats.

          Go hack your gorilla mom in your closet and keep saying how MLK is overrated you self-racist prick.

        2. Sure, that explains why you kept looking for videos to torrent games…. face it, you’re broke, you have no money because your daddy won’t give you any money.

          My son is only 6 years old and yet he has more money than you XD

  7. “. . .We definitely play other games and other company’s hardware. We do that as part of our jobs and we also do that because we’re gamers and love to play games.”


    Thy play games, because they are gamers -not fanboys – gamers. A gamer is someone who can appreciate every console and company even if its not their preference. There’s no reason for a console war, but console harmony would be nice. This doesn’t apply to everyone, but we don’t have to bash other systems for no reason.

    1. Yes! -Thankyou- I get sick and tired of people bashing other systems and it gets annoying to see people so one-sided. (I’ve been there before, but I realized my ways) Enjoy casual games. Enjoy hardcore games. Just enjoy games in general!

  8. Man. Everything in this comment section is negative. Who cares what the definition of fanboy is, or if a nintendo fan owns more than one platform. Owning a single console or multiple consoles does not define a person as a “true gamer”. A true gamer is someone who thinks about videogames all the time. Cant wait for the next big release, is always following the news, and sold out to their favorites games and gaming machines. Lets not argue over who is and who isnt at start assuming we all are, if were on a gaming news website reading articles about a game that doesnt come out for presumably over a year.


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    2. Sure, keep thinking that, sonny. Now drink your grape cool-aid and eat your watermelon…need something to wash all that menthol and KFC down.

  10. This fan art actually looks cooler than the official art… I guess the lowest bidder has to get it right some of the time, yeah?

  11. Splatoon becomes more and more appealing to me for some reason. I want Samus to just blast the CoD soldiers in the face! I’m not referring to the people that play that series mind you. Just a bizarre thought. Hugs!

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      People have….just in the last post about Splatoon, because the same cover art was posted then as well.

    1. Shitty rushed BF3.1 over an unreleased and hyped Splatoon.

      Funny thing is that you took years..again, YEARS of playing BF3 and only made it to level 14. Pathteic. XD

      And if you can’t even beat anyone in Splatoon, then you’re just trash in any game. Scratch that, you’re trash in society.

    2. Splatoon > CoD: Advance Warfare > Bad Company 2 > Duke Nukem 3D > Doom 3 > Duke Nukem Forever, Battlefield… 2 > Dog shit > Battlefield 4 & Hardline *

      Fixed it ^^

  12. Lord Sasori speaks gaming truths. You Nintendo fanboy fools must be so disappointed inside thinking your new IP was going to be something of legend such as their IP’s of old and you get a what?!? A paint shooter LOL not even a game base on “real” combat but a family safe ” I will tell you how and what the game because daddy knows” paint shooter. Man of man did I have a good laugh. It’s interesting how all of Sasori’s prophecies are coming true and yet you drones turn you eye from it. Enjoy and eternity in “E for Everybody” purgatory..

  13. XD Not even the most shittiest and “skilled” COD/Battlefield players can beat anybody in this game now that they can use the ink and map to find their asses camping. XD

    Still, can’t wait for this game. :3

  14. Hahahahahahahaha Told you guys Gay Commander is a freaking hypocrite lol he bashes true gamers who play on all consoles, calling people who play on Xbox, disgusting and saying they are a abomination, but you get developers at nintendo who, probably play more Xbox and ps4 then Wii U like i do, and praises them lol you are WORSE then Sadsorry lol hypocritical Faggot

    1. Are you forgetting something?
      Phil Spencer of the Xbox Division actually plays on the Wii U as well as the PS4 and Xbox One.

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