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IGN Readers Say Nintendo Had The Best E3 Showing This Year

IGN asked its readers who they thought won last month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. The results are now in and they state that Nintendo had the best games, the best conference, and also won overall. IGN has awarded the company with their Peoples Choice Award. You can check out the amount of votes and participation in the video, above.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

152 thoughts on “IGN Readers Say Nintendo Had The Best E3 Showing This Year”

    1. Not really, too many of games Nintendo showed won’t be ready soon, despite their claims of not showing games that will release months later. Zelda per example, will be back for E3 2015. Not to mention silent delays like Xenoblade Chronicles X that was promised for 2014 and I told my friend: “No way that game is coming out this year”.

      I think all 3 were disappointing, but Sony showed a lot of new technology that can change the way of gaming, so I’d give it the benefit of doubt. We had things like PlayStation TV, PlayStation Now and Morpheus on the same conference. They didn’t sell their point, but it’s still a lot of potential.

      1. Eh, Morpheus is interesting, but I don’t really care for the other two. I actually liked all of them to an extent aside from Ubisoft’s presentation. Still, Nintendo had the biggest roster and the most games that I will definitely be purchasing

        1. Đonko is love, Đonko is life

          Yes, most of the games they’ve shown us this year are the same games they’ve been showing for at least a year.That includes X, Bayonetta, Yoshi, Smash, Pokemon Alpha and Omega… Fucking Bayonetta has been announced before the fucking Wii U was even out, and it still didn’t come out yet.Wow, Nintendo might as well show a teaser trailer for the Zelda Wii U 2, coming out 2020, fucking retards

          1. Đonko is love, Đonko is life

            Oh yes, i forgot the hyrule warriors, a game that is gonna flop so hard, it’s gonna reinvent the word “flop”

          2. Your sentences is just full of stupid, its not even worth debating to an idiot this time. Go ahead and be stupid on all levels. Hope you end up getting yourself get hit by a bus via jaywalking.

          3. Donko the Dumbfuck has spoken, guys! Let his “facts” purify us! Amen! lol (In case your even more stupid than I think, I’m mocking you, bitch.)

      2. PlayStation TV and PlayStation now are bullshit (imo). Morpheus is interesting, but is not ready at all either, they did not even talk about it during their conference. On top of this, Sony has shown only a few games (because in the end all we want are games), and most of them will not come before 2015 at least. And they generally did not even show any gameplay, but cutscenes that do not reveal anything about the game. Without mentionning that they completely dropped the Vita (I have one but it is quietly dying in its case).

        So no, sorry but I strongly disagree.

        1. Like you said, they didn’t show games or showed games that will release in 2015. Nintendo is also releasing all their games in 2015, but Nintendo had promised before that wouldn’t show games that would still take a while to release.

          They had to show a lot of games, even prototypes like Star Fox that doesn’t even have a final concept, because they have to rise demand for Wii U. Doesn’t matter how good the game is, you won’t put your hands on it for several months, it’s not something you should be excited about.

          Not saying PS TV, PS Now or Morpheus are going to cause a revolution in games, but they do have a lot of potential. Nintendo didn’t show anything like that. They haven’t even solved basic problems on their online services like cross-buy.

          1. Well, I’m hoping they can get that stuff solved eventually. I’m going to be disappointed if the only thing I see at E3 2015 is a majority of what they already showed this year. As for Starfox, I’ve never really cared for that series, so doesn’t bother me that they’re taking so long. Also, no Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. :/

              1. Only Starfox I’ve played is Adventures. That’s very different than the normal Starfox, so I’m not so sure. I already got Starfox 64 on my wishlist, but I can’t say if it’s really gonna get me into the series. I’m probably in the minority here, but I like what they did with Adventures and want more of that.

          2. What I have seen and what I retained from Nintendo is that they have been streaming gameplay (not cutscenes, but real gameplay) for three full days. I haven’t seen any gameplay for Sony games. On top of this, games are coming between next month and 2015 for Nintendo, they will not release everything at once right now, it would be stupid. But I cannot even mention one exclusive PS4 game that will come soon (I have carefully watched their conference though).

            On top of this, they have indeed shown prototypes (Project Guard, StarFox, Zelda, etc.). But this is in addition to all advanced games such that Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Captain Toad, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World, etc. that were playable and will release soon (except for X that will take a bit longer imo).
            Can you even mention 5 games that are exclusive to PS4 and that will release in the coming months ? I doubt so. And that’s for me a HUGE problem: showing hardware prototype to Stream games to another TV is funny, but if they do not show games nect to this, then it is silly (E3 is about games, but I almost did not see any for Sony). That’s just sad in my opinion, especially for someone like me who had all their consoles.

            You can add Amiibo to this, in which I am much more interested than PlayStation TV or PlayStation Now (without mentionning the announced prices for Now that are ridiculous – hope they will lower them by a lot). but only if they find nice ways to use them in several games, which could be really cool (otherwise if it is just Skylanders-like I will be disappointed).

            Finally except for Virtual Console, I do not see the point of cross-buy. It is not like if they were releasing the same games on 3DS and WiiU. Corss-buy exists between PS3 and Vita, but I have never used it so far…

            1. And I did not even mentionned Super Smash Bros U, for which they even did a turnament…
              Maybe the game is not coming next month, but you can see that they’re not releasing bullshit-cutscenes to just create a hype based on nothing concrete (WatchDogs-like), and this is one of the reasons of why I respect Nintendo.

              1. This is what Nintendo showed at their E3 Nintendo Direct

                – Smash Bros. (fall)
                – Captain Toad (fall)
                – Bayonetta 2 (october)
                – Hyrule Warriors (september)
                – Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (november)
                – Yoshi Woolly World (first half)
                – Xenoblade Chronicles (no date)
                – Mario Maker (no date)
                – Splatoon (no date)
                – Star Fox (no date)
                – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (no date)
                – The Legend of Zelda (no date)

                They just showed a lot of unfinished games and made everyone swallow as if that was good. Sony didn’t show games but at least they haven’t shown unfinished stuff. They could have throw The Last Guardian there but they didn’t because it wasn’t ready, that’s more decent.

                I’m not saying Sony delievered great games but that no company delivered. After considering no one brought great games, at least Sony had new tech, which Nintendo and Microsoft didn’t. Amiibo is just Skylanders with Nintendo characters. It’s cool, but it’s just “me too” stuff.

                1. I do not get what you’re trying to prove. Nintendo has shown quite a bunch of games for the end of 2014 until 2015 – and btw your list is incomplete (no S.T.E.A.M., Mario Party 10, Mario vs DK, etc.) and only includes first party games (no Fantasy Life, Devil’s Third, Monster Hunter 4, etc.).
                  Unfinished games ? They streamed gameplay for 3 full days dude ! If this is unfinished, what were they supposed to do ? Is E3 for you a conference in which you have to show games that are fully completed and will release the following week ? What is the point of it then, explain me ?

                  They have shown a full hour of gameplay for almost all of their announced titles, this is all we can expect from E3: a place where they show games, and clearly shown gameplay.
                  There’s a huge gap between showing a 30 seconds cutscene of Uncharted 4 and showing a 1-hour live gameplay of X. And this was the difference between Sony and Nintendo during this E3.

                  And just “lol” concerning TLG. We’ve been waiting for it for almost 10 years now. Saying that it is good that Sony did not show it is just silly.

                  You said it yourself, “Sony didn’t show games”. How can you then say that they did better than Nintendo and MS ? This is E3 dude ! They just failed this E3 by only showing a few cutscenes and spending half of their time on movies and TV stuff instead of fcking GAMES. And I was upset that they completely dropped the Vita. I am really starting to think that you are actually just a Sony fanboy when I see the emptyness of what you are saying… :(

                  1. The point is Nintendo didn’t show games either. Just because they streamed gameplay doesn’t mean these games are coming out at least in the next 6-12 months. A lot of these games will be back for E3 2015, they were actually E3 2015 show, they’re only being shown now because Nintendo is lacking games on 2014

                    The 30 second Uncharted 4 or the 30 second Halo 5 is no different than the 30 second The Legend of Zelda. I’m only talking about games shown in the conference. There’s a reason why Mario Party 10 wasn’t in the conference.

                    No company showed games that we’re gonna play soon. But only Nintendo promised that they wouldn’t show games unless they were coming out soon. You can’t “win” E3 with games that won’t come out for a whole year and will be back at the next E3. That’s Watch Dogs / The Division all over again.

                    I’d say all 3 companies lost E3 because together they made 2014 a very weak year in games, even though we have new consoles. But games aside, Sony brought new technology with disruptive potential

                    1. If you are only talking about the conference, then why are you talking about Morpheus that was NOT in Sony’s conference ?
                      And btw, E3 is not just a conference, it is a full 4-days event. Saying “I just look at the conference” is just completely stupid, sorry, and I do not see any reason to do so. So yes, Mario Party 10, S.T.E.A.M. and so on were part of E3 2014, whatever you may think or say.
                      Btw, I have played games such as Splatoon and Mario Party 10 last week, they were perfectly playable. The thing is that Nintendo does not release unfinished games with tons of DLCs as other may do, but they take time to insure their quality, and they do not throw blind dates to then delay them ten times.

                      And yes, Nintendo has shown Zelda that is clearly unfinished (please note that they did not talk about StarFox, they only said offline that they were working on it, they did not show a cutscene that would just have been bullshit). The thing is that next to this, they have also shown many games that were advanced in the development and *playable* (I will not repeat again, look above for details).
                      Sony did the opposite: they have shown gameplay for LBP3, but the rest was only cutscenes that did not say anything about the game. So no, do not say that “they haven’t shown unfinished stuff”, because it is completely wrong, they actually almost only did that (why not showing gameplay but only cutscenes otherwise ? this is E3, a gaming event, not a movie event) !

                      Showing games and gameplay is the point of E3 ! Is it so hard to understand ? As you said, Sony did not show games. They have shown MOVIES (Racthet&Clank, etc.), and useless stuff such as PS TV (you’re the very first perso I see calling this a “technology with disruptive potential”), or an overpriced Virtual console such as PS Now. They did not talk bout Morpheus during their conference (and the project is far from being finished, so please also ignore this technology since you seem to hate unfinished stuff). How the hell can you say that they did better than the others ?
                      So for you Morpheus that is clearly unfinished is amazing, but all the games that are advanced in their development that Nintendo has shown are just “unfinished stuff” and do not count ? The various 1-hour live gameplay sequences that we have seen are at the same level than a 30-second Uncharted cutscene ? Well, that’s just ridiculous.

                      And this is without mentioning games such as Kingdom Hearts III or The Last Guardian that have been announced for E3 during the release of the PS3, then for the release of PS4 and that we will probably see again during E3 2015 or 2016. And then you say Nintendo show unfinished games ? Uncharted and other games will follow the same path and will show up next time. Just as Zelda will, as you’re criticizing it – but surprisingly not criticizing Uncharted and cie. And the point is that Zelda is one game among many other that will release before next E3, while almost all games that are not remakes which Sony talked about this year will be seen again next year. And again, that’s the difference.

                      Anyway, I am now convinced that you are just a fanboy, such bad faith is ridiculous. So I do not see the point of continuing such a blind discussion.

                      1. The confereces are the most important part of E3, they’re the message these companies are giving to their partners and consumers. Morpheus was on the conference, badly presented but it was.

                        Showing unfinished technology is not a problem, Morpheus might release in 2015, 2016, if it does change things, it won’t matter. It’s way different with games, you don’t want to keep waiting for the same game and no game will change the whole market.

                        It doesn’t matter if Nintendo showed a whole hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X, the game still won’t be in our hands for another 6 to 12 months. It will be on E3 2015 with a new trailer. That’s not a good E3.

                        All companies did that by showing no great games for 2014. And when I say great, don’t say Mario Party 10 or Captain Toad is coming out. Destiny is also coming out this year, it’s not the kind of games we want, we want something that feels fresh, and these games will only come out in 2015.

                        Nintendo broke their own promise that they wouldn’t show games that were 6 to 12 months far from releasing. They also said Xenoblade Chronicles X was coming out 2014 prior to E3. Why say that if it’s so clear that the game wouldn’t come out this year?

                        1. Chozodian Emissary

                          How are you predicting Nintendo’s 2015 E3? You can’t say anything factual about next year’s E3. I’m sure Nintendo is just getting Started. Plus by Next E3 all they’ll have from this year is probably playable demos of Zelda and Star Fox but everything they showed this year will release before E3 next year and I don’t see anything wrong with that scenario at all.

                        2. You’ve got to be retarded if you honestly think Nintendo didn’t show games that we’re going to be playing in the coming months.

                        3. And what about Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 (+1), Super Smash Bros., Sonic Boom, Captain Toad, etc. ? Those games will not release in one year, not even in 6 moths, but this year. Now please tell me what PS4 exclusives will release in the next few months ? And other games such as Splatoon, Yohi’s WW, Mario Maker, etc. will release before next E3, that’s almost sure when you look at where they are in the development. For the other games such as X, Kirby, S.T.E.A.M., etc., we’ll see what happens but I’m confident for a release in the upcoming year.
                          Anyway the only titles you have in your mouth are Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X (that is still announced for 2015 btw), so I dunno why I keep talking to a wall that cannot open its eyes to see the bunch of other things that were presented.

                          And I don’t know where you saw a promise such as the fact that they would not talk at all about their future games, but no one would have wanted this, it would have been stupid. E3 is here to let people know what they can expect.

                          And feel free to think that E3 is just a conference to throw bullshit at investors with nice handmade cutscenes or nice numbers about console sales. Nintendo did not see it from this point of view, and said that their main focus was also to inform gamers (implying Treehouse live). And that’s a much better way of seeing things imo.
                          But just look at the conferences and ignore the rest of E3 if you want to, I won’t force you to open your eyes. But do not then come and say “I didn’t see anything” or do not think that you’re a gamer interested by what’s happening in the videogame domain, that would be ridiculous.

                          Finally, Morpheus is basically the exact same thing as Oculus Rift from the innovation point of view. It does not create anything new. So no, if it is unfinished, then it is not a revolution in any kind, especially since reviews said it was a non-working prototype far from OR. And all they did is showing a picture of it during their conference without saying anything about it. Then you complain about 1-hour gameplay footages that are unfinished ? You are both sadly and ridiculously funny, dude…

                          Anyway, keep thinking that Nintendo didn’t show any game this year, and that Sony has shown great stuff with their movies and revolutionnary TVs, I don’t even mind now that I’ve seen that you’re sadly a desperate case…

                          Yes, presenting tenth of games and showing hours of gameplay at E3 is bad. But not announcing games and showing pre-rendered stuff, cutscenes, movies or TV series is great. And talking about useless TV stuff, overpriced streaming scam, or showing a picture of a head-mounted display that is not finished (while OR2 releases this month) is even greater. Dropping Vita to make it an accessory for PS4 is so cool too. Sorry for not having understood this earlier !

                          1. Like I said, no great games this year. Sonic Boom, really? It’s like the worst Sonic ever. Nintendo announced Xenoblade Chronicles X for 2014 and they did promise they wouldn’t show games far from release, that’s pretty old, surprised you have no idea about it.

                            E3 is to show what your focus is, that’s why the conferences are the most relevant part, they are your message, the better message, presented in a clearer way, with the best games to illustrate it, wins.

                            Nintendo has been feeding their fans bullshit ever since they started doing Nintendo Directs. They don’t inform gamers, they brainwash them by being their only source of information. That’s why their conference is recorded and not live.

                            Technology can always be a revolution, even unfinished. IGN had access to the Wii Remote even before the Wii, as a GameCube accessory and they could tell it was going to be huge.

                            The best thing to show at E3 are games that clearly deliver your message about what you’re doing as a company that year. No company did that.

                            1. Chozodian Emissary

                              Nintendo clearly delivered in their presentation.

                              They are showing us that they are focusing on reviving the Wii U, with new IP’s, Smash Bros, Zelda, reviving franchises, along with all the traditional Nintendo greatness we all know and love. You seem to feel burned by Nintendo for some reason and that’s blinding you right now.

                              Also, do you have a source on Nintendo saying they promised not to show games off too early?

                            2. Are you selecting the less good games and ignoring the good ones on purpose, or are you just blind ? What will you say if I remove Sonic Boom from the list, to get Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 (+1), Super Smash Bros., Captain Toad, etc., which all seem to be great games ? Plus all the titles that will come in the following months ?
                              Will you ever stop your bad faith once, or continue denying the presence of good games at Nintendo’s E3 this year even when we throw bunches of concrete examples at you ? Ridiculous. I wonder what games you play if all those games do not interest you.

                              If you cannot see what Nintendo is doing as a company after this E3, then I guess we haven’t seen the same one. I cannot say which exclusive games we will get on PS4 though. And again, you didn’t answer my questions about what Sony has shown, since they’re as you said better than the others.

                              “That’s why their conference is recorded and not live.”. Oh because you think that live conferences from Sony are all improvised stuff ? That they come here and talk honestly to people ? Dude all is scripted, every word is measured, and you are truly naive if you don’t know it. The only difference between live and recorded conference is the fact that when you do it live, you will have your whole fanboys-public that will scream everytime you say something. In this way, making bullshit appear as revolution is much easier in a live conference.
                              If a conference was brain-washing this year, it is none but the one from Sony. They spent half their time talking about their sales and showing pre-rendered stuff. I felt like I was hearing a politician talking to us. But Nintendo did self-deprecating instead of saying bullshit or showing cutscenes. Again, it’s simply ridiculous to defend Sony on this point.
                              And on top of this Nintendo did stream live hours and hours of gameplay, which have truly shown the current states of the games, without a bullshit overlay. Gameplay do not lie, but cutscenes and marketing speeches clearly do.

                              Finally yes, technology can be a revolution, but in this case Oculus Rift already has an advance of a year. To follow up on your example, it’s like saying PS Move unifnished was a revolution when Wiimote already existed. So yes, Morpheus is nice and interesting, but since it does not invent anything, then it does not revolutionize anything if it is unfinished.

                              But keep ignoring the facts I’m stating to answer everytime next to them, that’s fine.

                            3. “The point is Nintendo didn’t show games either. Just because they streamed gameplay doesn’t mean these games are coming out at least in the next 6-12 months.”

                              So, showing 2 hours of gameplay of like 12 games that are coming to the Wii U in 2014 and 2015, is not showing games either? Showing gameplay and trailers IS SHOWING THE GAMES! WTF!? And E3 is for the future, not just for the next 3 fucking months! Also, we have a bunch of Nintendo Directs coming. One more month and Hyrule Warrios and then Bayonetta will be here! 2 months alter, SMASH!

                            4. Chozodian Emissary

                              Sony brought pointless tech that no one asked for.

                              Nintendo has at least 5 games;
                              – Smash Bros. (fall)
                              – Captain Toad (fall)
                              – Bayonetta 2 (october)
                              – Hyrule Warriors (september)
                              – Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (november)

                              Releasing this year and that’s not counting surprise releases like Pushmo World for the Wii U. We could see a lot more popping up this year that we don’t even know about. Nintendo delivered a ton of games this year, I have no idea where you’re coming from… You literally said Nintendo had no games shown that are coming out this year… You listed at least 5! And all 5 are diverse.

                        4. They’re still in development, no one shows “finished” games when they announce them! WTF!? Also, there are like 32423432423 indie games coming to Wii U and a bunch of third party stuff for the 3DS, calm your tits! But in content, they announce the best, doesn’t matter when the fuck it’s going to be released! Sorry, but the big games of Sony and Microsoft, aren’t coming to 2014 too and I don’t see you complaining like a little bitch about it!

                        5. Chozodian Emissary

                          – Smash Bros. (fall)
                          – Captain Toad (fall)
                          – Bayonetta 2 (october)
                          – Hyrule Warriors (september)
                          – Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (november)

                          That’s 5 vastly diverse games coming THIS year. I’d say Nintendo is doing a fine job.

                          And Amiibo is far better than Skylanders. With Amiibo you buy one “toy” that will work differently across a multitude of games. Much better value and less of a ripoff.

                    2. If you didn’t see any gameplay for Sony games, you weren’t looking at anything Sony was showing. Tons of gameplay was shown during the conference and throughout the E3 week.

                      1. For which games made by Sony (or at least exclusives) did we see gameplay footages ? Did they stream live gameplay for three days ? No, most videos were cutscenes all focusing on “graphics”, “60fps” and so on. But gameplay was totally absent.
                        And of course when I say “gameplay” I’m taking about seeing a guy actually playing the game, not about WatchDogs-like bullshit pre-rendered cutscenes or photoshopped sequences.

                        Their only game that I saw announced at E3 with real gameplay was LBP3. Top bad they announced just a bit later that it is not even exclusive to PS4.

                        1. Yes, they did stream gameplay throughout the week. You can see a lot of the streams here:


                          Day 1, 2, and 3 streams.

                          In addition, at the conference we saw gameplay from games such as:

                          The Order 1886
                          LittleBigPlanet 3
                          FarCry 4
                          No Man’s Sky
                          Mortal Kombat X
                          Batman Arkham Knight

                          You might have made the wrong assumption that because a lot of these games look amazing graphically, they were cutscenes and not actual gameplay.

                          But keep in mind, the conference is a small part of E3. Three days of show floor demos and behind closed doors previews and demos go on as well.

                          I saw a ton of awesome things from all of the big three (plus other publishers and devs in attendance) which were not shown during conferences or the Nintendo stream.

                        2. Side Note:

                          If you’re going to say the following,

                          “And of course when I say “gameplay” I’m taking about seeing a guy actually playing the game, not about WatchDogs-like bullshit pre-rendered cutscenes or photoshopped sequences.”

                          Then remember that the Nintendo show was completely pre-recorded and nothing was live at all. Edited up the yin-yang. Soooo… Yeah.

                          1. Nintendo’s show was prerecorded but when he says pre rendered game play he means that what they showed wasn’t actually game play, it was a CGI cut scene made to look like smooth game play.

                            Everything Nintendo showed off in the Digital Event was actual game play. So when you play the game it will look and run just like it did when you watched the video.

                            1. That’s the point, his requirement for “gameplay” was hypocritical because you couldn’t see anyone playing during Nintendo’s events.

                              As someone who played or saw someone playing 99% of the games shown during the Sony conference, I can confirm the gameplay was real.

                              1. Chozodian Emissary

                                Nintendo demonstrated almost all of the games from the Digital Event from the Treehouse Live Stream so we know 100% that the game play was real for Nintendo as well as what Sony had to show on the floor.

                                However, when he mentions Watch Dogs, allegedly (I’m not interested enough to go digging through articles) Ubisoft showed off “game play” that was actually a cleaned up CGI video. This made it seem like Watch Dogs was going to look and run incredibly smooth yet the final product, while not bad, doesn’t look as good as the “game play” they showed off. Obviously because it wasn’t in fact game play, it was a cleaned up CGI video made to look like game play. Again, not sure if this is legit but that is his point. A lot of the times you’ll see CGI trailers and they look fantastic yet the actual game play doesn’t look as good when you finally get your hands on it. Yet the few seconds of CGI still creates incredible hype. However with Nintendo’s E3 this year, everything was straight game play footage so you know exactly what it will look like when you finally get to play it.

                    3. They never said they weren’t going to show games coming out later -_-, besides it was the same with Sony and Microsoft showing a bunch of next year games, even a bunch that said 2014 got delayed to next year not too long after E3

                    4. They didnt show all their games though.

                      Fatal Frame, SMT X Fe and a few others werent there either, we didnt see Retro’s stuff, Next Level’s Games, or Intelligent Systems Paper Mario

                      1. Intelligent Systems are working on S.T.E.A.M. so I’m not sure their Paper Mario is much advanced in its development.
                        And in my opinion, if they did not show the other titles you mention (as well as Metroid that is Under development), it is simply because they had no gameplay to show: instead of Zelda, all games they have shown this year were playable.

                        But I was indeed expecting to see on what Retro was working, especially after the perfect games they released lately (all of their games actually) ! :/

                    5. Chozodian Emissary

                      Playstation TV and Playstation Now are not innovative or game changing. Playstation TV is simply a Vita that you can play on your TV. Nothing exciting there when you have a huge library to choose from in the PS3’s online store, and PS Now is a complete joke. Streaming games is going to be extremely hard for folks who have poor connections plus they’ll rotate games like Netflix rotates movies. There will be a nice library of games for sure but like Netflix, what you’re actually looking for probably won’t be there when you finally decide to look. And Morpheus is just an Oculus Rift ripoff like the Move was a Wiimote ripoff.

                      Nintendo won because of the games period. Sure, some aren’t coming until 2015 but that’s across all 3 companies. Nintendo showed us that they are not only branching out with games like Splatoon and STEAM but they’re also working hard on “dead” franchises like Star Fox. Plus Smash. As shallow as it is, Smash won because it’s Smash. But you have a nice line up for the end of this year, a lot of diversity considering the last few years on the Wii U. Nintendo won because they had great content and they had fun showing it to us. I’m sorry you don’t see that.

                2. Sony? You mean the same guys that shitted on MS for focusing on TV last E3? The same guys that dedicated 20 minutes to TV this year at E3? The same guys that showed diddley shit about the Vita, showed off new Vita TV Hardware but no games for said vita?

                  Those guys? LMFAO!

                3. You obviously haven’t heard that Playstation Now is going to be a rental service where you’ll be paying 30 bucks for a two-year-old game that you could get brand-new for 15 bucks in most any game store.
                  That’s dead-on-arrival status; Playstation Now sucks.

                  Morpheus has about as much chance of catching on as the Oculus Rift does, and that’s not much.
                  Gamers still love their TV’s and controllers too much to plop on a headset every time they play a game.

                  And Playstation TV…..just, no.

                  Overall, Sony hasn’t shown anything ground-breaking.

                4. devil’s third, splatoon, amiibo (announced, but absolutely no info was given), code name: s.t.e.a.m, mario maker, starfox, miyamoto’s other 2 projects, captain toad, mario vs donkey kong, kirby canvas curse, thorium wars, gunman clive 2, citizens of earth, siesta fiesta, and affordable space adventures were all not announced before nintendo’s e3.
                  Not to mention all the new announcements from smash, bayonetta 1 being releassed in HD with bayonetta 2, and a ton of other localization, demos, and other various crap happening

              1. I noticed that too… I wonder if anyone actually quality checks the videos before they upload them.

            2. DOMINATION! Lol.

              anyway, well desereved! however i wouldhave liked MS to go second, however IGN is very sony dominated sooo……yea.

              Was very surprised at the awesome MS conference but Nintendo……they just DELIVERED.(except Fire Emblem , but thats for another day.)

            3. What you think is the “best” is completely dependent on what you have. I mean, obviously someone with only a Wii U won’t get excited for stuff coming out on the PS4 and vice-versa. Sure, it could peak their interest for getting one, but the stuff coming out for the consoles they own are going to get them more excited.

              1. Wow, this is so true. Haha. I only own Wii U as a console, but I’m leaning more towards Sony’s E3. I really enjoyed LBP3, Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, and it’s awesome that there’s a white PS4! I also enjoyed seeing Halo Collection and Sunset Overdrive. Don’t care what anyone says, I enjoyed all 3.

                1. Sony has no games though

                  Just multiplats. EVEN multiplats with the PS3 with guilty gear and little big planet

                  1. And most of their new, better games are coming next year.

                    Its messed up that the same idiots that bashed Wii U over power, 3rd party and game shortage from last year are also buying a more expensive system that’s going through the same shit now like PS4.

                    Shows how hypocritically dumb gamers have become.

              2. I only own a Wii U, I’m not interested in anything MS and Sony showed at E3. The only way I’d be interested in Sony is if they showed games like Crash Bandicoot, Sly, Rachet and Clank..etc

              3. So the PS4 owners did not get excited from Sony’s e3 showings… Or else they would have won. That’s basically what you said.

                1. That’s not at all what I said. I said that the “winner” of E3 is purely based on opinion and what you are excited for. I agree, that Nintendo won for me, but that’s just because I am a Nintendo person. If you are a big Sony fan, than Sony probably would have “won” for you.

            4. Of course Nintendo won. But the Grim Fandango remaster was my favorite announcement. Even though there was no gameplay or anything. But it’s my favorite game of all time so it takes #1 by default. There wasn’t much else Sony showed that I cared for. No Man’s Sky looks pretty neat. But Nintendo unleashed this year. Amazing announcements, a stream where they showed gameplay from the various games that are coming soon, and the Smash Bros Invitational. Just overall amazing.

              1. sasori must be crying.
                Nintendo had the best show and the best games, i am not saying ps and betabox 1 games are shit, but Nintendo did pretty well. My favorite games are Bayo 1 + 2, Smash Bros 3ds and Wii U, Devil’s third, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors, ZELDA U and STARFOXn (i am dying for more details)!!!
                cannot wait \(^_^)/

                1. Yeah. He sees something like this from the article title and he goes whining in a dark corner. XD Oh how I love the sound of karma getting into idiots like him.

            5. Pingback: Ign readers say nintendo had the best e3 showing this year

            6. Yeah this year E3 wasn’t the best. I thought nitendo did the best overall. I felt Microsoft did better then sony this year, because they were more games, and talked more about exclusives then third party. Also there was to much CG and pre render crap. Also sony micro should avoid talking about third party unless its exclusive, because no one cares about that, they want to have exclusive reason to own a console. So far if i had to choose between Xbone, and ps4, I feel Xboxone has more to offer.
              My highlights this year are
              1. Smash bros
              2. MKX
              3. Sunset overdrive
              4. Xenoblade chronicles X
              5. Bayonetta
              6. evolve
              7.Yarn Yoshi
              8. Splatoon
              9. Code Name Steam
              10.Hyrule warriors
              11. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
              12 Halo collection
              13. No man sky

              ( list is not in order)

                1. I’m hyped for it, just needed to see more, I would have put star fox, Scale bound and few others, but I choosed the ones with mostly gameplay

              1. Eh, I’d say Xbone has better exclusives at this point though. Halo Collection alone is probably worth it along with the new one as well. I’d probably get a PS4 since I mainly play multiplats, but yeah. Exclusive wise, I’d say Xbox.

            7. Bracing myself for the feedback, but I actually liked EA’s presentation. They were really there for the gamers this year and the new FIFA looks intense. I’m sure that Madden is going to be great based off of the cover as well

              1. I never really got into sports games. Although, if I had to pick one, I’d go with Fifa. I never really play these games anyway, so I wouldn’t mind going back around to 13. :P

                1. I always wait two year before picking them up so then I can get it at Gamestop for 5 Dollars! That’s what I’ve been doing for just about all of the sports. Trust me, it’s a great deal from 60-5. :D

            8. Well, now that E3’s gone, there’s nothing to do now but sit back and wait until next year. Now the next generation is finally starting to pick up. I’m going back and picking up a PS3 to get all those games I missed and enjoy the last gen. By the time I get done though, there should be plenty of other games in this gen I can get around to. I just love gaming! I’m hoping I can get a PS3, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and hopefully a gaming PC one day. Can only dream of it now though. Haha. Right now, I’m just chillin with my 3DS and Wii U though. :)

                1. I don’t really remember fucking any mothers, but I have all the consoles but I barely played the PS4 and I played a bit Titan Falls on Xbox one and all the time on my WiiU, 3DS, PS Vita and PS3 :P

            9. Xbox one had a waaaaay better showing. Nintendo was being fuckers by taking unoriginal ideas and putting their shit characters in it. Dirty thieves deserve to be sued

              1. What do you mean? I thought they showed some pretty great stuff. I’m hyped for Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U, Pokémon, and Sonic Boom.

              2. By showing what? Typical Halo 5 that was already shown, porting all 4 Halo games to X1 as a desperate sale bait or what about butchering Conker as a finale?

                Nintendo has unoriginal ideas? XD Seems you got Sony twisted as Nintendo over that argument. That’s why Sony is losing money and Nintendo isn’t.

            10. Not too surprising. For me anyway, Smash Bros and Xenoblade Chronicles X were good enough for me to say they won. Sure, we won’t have XCX until next year, but oh well. Smash Bros will keep me entertained this year, both versions for that matter.

              1. And of course, FREAKING HYRULE WARRIORS!!!!

                That game looks insanely awesome now. I will finally be owning a Wii U once it comes out.

                1. Yes it does. Although, I’m kinda puzzled. Never really viewed that game as a system seller before. But anyways, you should get Smash Bros. It’s gonna be one of the best Wii U games this year! (Also, I might recommend waiting a bit longer. They may release a special bundle)

                  1. Yeah, HW and Smash Bros are the games that finally convinced me to get a Wii U. I planned to get one eventually but only when games I was interested in would come out, and now they are.

                    1. Lol right…
                      Sure it will be a good game but of the generation? Lets hope not otherwise gonna be a weak generation.

            11. When it comes to IGN, the users tend not to share the IGNorance of the people that post reviews and suches. A comparatively level-headed community.

            12. Yep they totally delivered. When you see people like iceazeama saying they won it really says something. Anybody saying they didn’t have the best overall are biased or idiots.

            13. Indeed. That may be because they actually showed the real games, not pre-rendered/scripted bullshit. Look, I love other publishers as well, but Nintendo are one of the few that knows why people play games.

            14. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Of course we won, we wil lalways win in the end…

              And the worst conference was made by the Electrons followed by the Sonyans…

              Both became snoozefests pretty fast, specially the Electron one with all their sport garbage…

            15. From a conference perspective, Microsoft had the best in my opinion.

              From a “show” performance, including conferences and Nintendo’s video, Nintendo had the best.

              From a show floor perspective, Sony had the most diverse and the most content on the show floor. I enjoyed Sony’s booths the most out of the “big three.”

              Everyone had good aspects this year but in the end, I really wasn’t overly impressed with any of them.

              My favorite takeaways from E3 this year were Batman Arkham Knight, Project Morpheus, and Assassin’s Creed Unity. This is something I never thought I would say prior to going to E3 this year.

              1. That’s good to hear. I’m glad to see that you aren’t one of those people picking sides. You picked them all and for that, I respect you. You’re one of the only true gamers on this website and that’s awesome. :)

              2. did sony, had more stuff in terms of exclusives, or multi. Forgot about arkham knight, looks fun. VR in general still not interested, I feel that stuff needs work. I’ve tried Rift(not morphus),and I don’t get it fully, but it has done some great things in a non gaming perspective. I just don’t want a piece of plastic blinding my vision.

                1. I think Nintendo had the most exclusives on display but Sony had the most variety including console exclusives (which are also found on PC). They did have quite a few first party exclusives on display too though.

            16. Man the haters are gonna pulls their hairs over this. XD

              Nintendo did easily won for originality, nice presentation and delivering some neat surprises. Compare to Xbox showing shit to butchering Conker and Sony having a long snorefest of already known games coming, Nintendo’s E3 was more than worth it.

            17. had a fun time playing batman arkham asylum today and it is way more innovative than nintendo. glad i moved from buying nintendo game. rocksteady are talented devs.

              1. DAMAGE CONTROL MUCH?!?!?111?!

                By the way, one of the Grand Theft Auto games was released on the DS, which was made by rockstar, and that game got very high reviews by GameStop customers.

                So what’s that I hear about Nintendo not innovative? Kinda hard to hear over the sound of your asshurt.

              2. And you, every iteration has gotten further away from the gem, that was Arkham Asylum.
                I’m not excited for Arkham Knight.

              3. its cool u like the game, but the game isn’t innovation. It is one of best super hero games of all time, hopefully Rocksteady will work on superman

              4. Oh yeah, AA is so innovative with the way that it mimics the metroidvania style gameplay that Nintendo created years ago.

                Note: I really did enjoy Arkham Asylum when I played it 5 YEARS AGO. How about you talk about something that’s actually relevant.

            18. What I don’t get is why everyone bags on Nintendo. They’re literally ALL ABOUT THE GAMES. I don’t need a bluray player or a fuckin printer, just games! And that’s what they showed at E3; GAMES. The reason why I believe they did the best is because they showed titles that you can’t find on other consoles the whole way through. Plus most of the games shown were also playable. But the cherry on top was that Smash Bros tournament… That looked so fun

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Why do you think I bash them both? Specially the Xbots…

                They implement useless media gimmicks that have nothing to do with games and these corrupted Xbots and Sonyans are so retarded that they think gaming gets better with non gaming gimmicks…

                Stupidity among humans is just increasing each day…

              2. Because they want to follow the “popular” kids of gaming. In other words, they are sheep. Baaaaa! lol

            19. People act shocked just because IGN said Nintendo had the best showing this E3. But for us Nintendo fans, it’s always that way. Though I do admit to being disappointed during a couple E3’s. It’s just that, I hate Playstation and Xbox SO much that Nintendo can pull out a glowing turd from Yoshi’s butt, and it will be more exciting than anything the “others” have to show.

                1. They just never have any games I care anything about. And even when there IS something interesting, it’s not enough to pay 400 or 500 dollars just for the consoles to play them. I gave the PS2 and original Xbox a chance back in the day. And neither one made me as happy as my Nintendo consoles. Though the PS2 was WAY better than the Xbox. The absolute only feature that the Xbox had that I liked was the CD Ripper and custom soundtrack support. But the games and controls were HORRIBLE! I swore I’d never waste money on a non-Nintendo product again.

            20. The sad thing is there are still people saying the Wii U is doomed or already dead. *cough*Shuheiinapreviousarticle*cough*

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