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Here’s The New US Club Nintendo Reward Games

Nintendo of America has announced exactly which games you can get your hands on with your hard-earned coins. As per usual there’s four games on offer this month and they include the following.

  • 3D Classics – Kid Icarus: 200 coins
  • Wii – Paper Mario: 250 coins
  • 3DS – Metal Torrent: 200 coins
  • Wii U – Donkey Kong Jr: 200

Thanks, Hazzard and Miguel

54 thoughts on “Here’s The New US Club Nintendo Reward Games”

    1. that game is so damn hard. i got it for free when i bought uprising and tried so many times but couldn’t come close to beating it. i hope you get it. its actually fun

    2. Kid Icarus is old school tough but really rewarding if you stock up on points before you beat every level. I’m sure people know this now but I didn’t when I played it was a kid, you can level up if you obtain a certain amount of points at the end of almost every level.

      Once you get through the underworld, if you’ve leveled up enough, the game is a breeze from that point on. Still tough but a lot easier as you level up and it’s still really satisfying when you beat the game.

    1. I think everyone highly recommends it, I know I do strongly. It isn’t as good as it’s sequal, thousand year door, but it’s a must play.

  1. Paper Mario for me. Never played one before and I was considering getting Sticker Star or Super Paper Mario, but I guess this will get me into it.

      1. Ehh, I wouldn’t call the story amazing. Sure there’s a few neat parts/characters (Vivian, Doopliss, Koops’s Dad, Glitz Pit, and the island) but as a Paper Mario fan, I would still say Super Paper Mario has the most interesting story. The main antagonists are great, and Super Paper Mario didn’t have any [extremely] boring Peach scenes. But, yeah, the general concensus is the first two games are the only good ones. The series jumped the shark after The Thousand Year Door, unfortunately (the story of Super Paper Mario was not able to redeem the awful graphics, game design, partners, and music. Super Paper Mario was way too hip and innovative for its own good.)

        1. I disagree about the “awful” aspects you listed. I love the graphics and unique level deaign of Super Paper Mario. It’s got an art style similar to the 64 version, and it’s overall more fun to play imo.

          1. Really? Huh. I found the art style to be more tech, while looking less like a picture book. The pixels and scenery all had this non-papery look. Plus the level design was really open. I mean- change isn’t really a bad thing, but the graphics just didn’t read as paper. But, yeah, different strokes for different folks. If you prefer action platformers (over turn based RPGs), Super Paper Mario is the game for you. I’m just a little bummed that the music wasn’t as memorable, the partners had no personality/looked the same, and the game was strangely not very Paper-y.

            1. To me, Super Paper Mario isn’t really a paper mario game, but more like a spin-off… I really like the first 3 games of Paper Mario, but Sticker Star was just…. Blegh…

        2. I thought the Peach scenes were very cute haha. I’ve never played the first one, but I’ve played TTYD, SPM, and SS. I haven’t finished SPM yet, so I can’t say anything about it, but I think we can all agree that SS was horrid.

    1. I love Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD, and I like Super Paper Mario. I recommend you start with the first and continue on from there, but if you end up liking the first two I don’t think you’ll like Sticker Star. They removed necessary elements from the game like Partners and leveling up. Without staples such as those the game really suffers in my opinion. You could try it out and like it, this is just my opinion. I really wanted to like it but the differences and new combat system just weren’t fun for me.

    2. Start with this one and then go into Ten Thousand Year Door. The last 2 (Super Paper Mario, and Sticker Star) stray far from the series and that’s why a lot of the fans don’t like them. They are still quality titles but fall below from the first 2.

  2. Pretty shitty games. wtf with a Wii game? Faggots at Nintendo must be retarded.
    Icarus is some outdated game
    Paper Mario is a boring generic tog wannabe
    The other one is shit
    Donkey long is a repetive gay ass game that no one plays but foolish kids

    1. Well, Eminem is known as an avid Donkey Kong arcade player, so I don’t know what you mean by kids only. It may be “technically” repetitive, jump over the stuff and climb, but it gets hard and most games are repetitive if you step back and look at them. Every game has its formula. But these are all classic games given for essentially free, so no duh they’re old, they’re rewards games, not something like a ps+ membership subscription game. Ninendo makes no money off of these through any means, not even subscription, so I don’t see why you’re complaining about free software

    2. Not trying to sound rude, but you are lashing out on simple video games. On a Ninty news website. I don’t take kindly to your harsh words.

    3. Gaygon over here is so wise at gaming games that it doesnt have to touch it to thoroughly know half the shit it said.

      In short, you’re a childish moron who never played a single Nintendo game ever.

    4. Sounds like we got a Micro$haft lover here.

      Icarus is a retro game, and was a great title back in the day. “Classic” would be a better way to describe it.

      Paper Mario was renowned for being pretty different from normal mario games, so that’s also illogical.

      Metal Torrent…never played it, but it is probably pretty decent if they saw fit to bring it to virtual console, as only fairly popular games get brought to virtual console.

      If Donkey Kong is repetitive, then so is any other franchise game in existence, including Uncharted, Dead Rising, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Portal, Team Fortress, etc. etc.

      So, in conclusion, please get a life and DON’T come onto a Nintendo forum if all you’re going to do is bitch about how much you hate them. If you really want to do that, then walk your ass on over to the airport and fly over to Nintendo headquarters, and see if anyone will give two shits about what you have to say. Which they won’t, but at least you won’t be clogging up this forum with the shit pouring out of your mouth.

      Here’s an idea…why don’t you go have sexual intercourse with your XBox if you love it so much. That way, everyone is happy. Except your XBox, of course.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Plus some of these were already ClubNintendo rewards in the past, and not even that long ago too.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        In fact, weren’t the rewards always underwhelming? I believe that’s why never bother.

  3. Being from the UK we’re not fortunate enough to get the coins system. We get stars instead. They can be traded for Nintendo points (for the Wii/dsi) but you need a lot of them. A couple of physical ds games have turned up though. I’d personally like the coins system that my cousins across the pond have.

    1. Ehh, the game selection over here is pretty crappy, unfortunately. I used up some of my coins last month on ElecrtroPlanton, and honestly, it was perhaps the most disappointing games I’ve ever played. Sure Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, and Kirby gba were great when they first came out, but they all show their age. But, hey, the grass always greener eh right?

  4. Seriously? Why is Nintendo still giving away Wii VC games instead of supporting their new system’s VC. At this point it’s like giving away DSiWare games.

    1. Because you can play Wii VC games on the Wii U and they haven’t made the Wii U port yet. DSiWare also needs to be ported to work on the 3DS, but the 3DS doesn’t have a DSi mode to play all DSiWare games, so they can only use ports, mostly

    2. They do give out Wii U VC, but this is a N64 title, wihich Nintendo doesn’t have on Wii U now (and tbh it’s starting to piss me off).

  5. I’ll go ahead and get Paper Mario so I won’t have to pay the full price for when Wii U gets N64 Virtual Console. But of course I’ll still have to pay the fucking transfer fee.

    1. Its technically an upgrade, not transfer as it has more added controller options, improved visual ratio and save points feature plus its a fairly reasonable price but only if you want to spare a tiny drop for it at anytime.

      You don’t have to upgrade but approximately for $2 N64 upgrade from Wii U VC if it happens, its nothing. If you can find $2 off the streets easily, then theirs your Wii U upgrade right there.

  6. My gosh! Don’t add more digital game rewards. Put more freakin’ physical rewards to choose from. Seriously, the American Club Nintendo has hardly nothing to choose from at the moment. I wish they’d add some CD Soundtracks like the European Club Nintendo sometimes gets.

  7. So I cannot play with either the Wii u pro or gamepad controller then? I have to connect the Wii motion control?

  8. Why can’t we get N64 games on the fucking Gamepad already? 19 months since launch and not a single fucking N64 game.

    Take that “play in wii mode” reply and shove it up your ass.

    1. XD Don’t worry, man. We’ll get there. I’m guessing Nintendo has to do extra work with those. And I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but the button display for the VC games on Wii show the same as if you were playing it on it’s original console. Like Mario Party 2 tells me to press the yellow arrow button. Lol. But on my Wii U, Super Mario World says “press the X button” and stuff like that. Which leads me to the conclusion that they are completely reworking on the controls as well.

    2. It will come. If GC is on its way to Wii U VC with its GameCube controller support returning, then N64 is coming too.

  9. Me: *looks at rewards* *realizes he owns them all* kenrjclznanakkdjxlxnzndjeofkdk! *flips table* I WAITED A MONTH FOR DIS!

  10. Chozodian Emissary

    Hey! They’re looking a lot better! The blue glow around Rosalina looks pretty nice and the black outline around Mario isn’t bad either.

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