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Game Informer August Cover Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

Andrew Reiner, executive editor of Game Informer, has teased on Twitter that we should expect the cover reveal for August to be posted online tomorrow. There’s plenty of speculation going around regarding what to expect. Quite a few people have pledged their bets on Gears of War creator Cliffy B’s new project, which he has come out of retirement for. What would you like to see revealed by Game Informer tomorrow?

120 thoughts on “Game Informer August Cover Will Be Revealed Tomorrow”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Sorry but this will be most likely be an Xbox Done exclusive which means nothing to me…

      1. Not really. If its Smash Bros., awesome and you can go cry in a dusty corner of your closet bedroom.

    1. This is just my guess, but it’s probably gonna be the Crew. If you ask me THAT GAME SHOULD BE ON WII U! *cries*

      1. If it’s for Xbox One, then that’s fine with me. It gets too much hate anyway. More exclusives is a good thing for it.

        1. Yeah, I don’t dislike the Xbox, but putting one of their exclusives on the cover just wouldn’t be terribly interesting for me. At least make it EA so then both consoles (Not Wii U probably) can share the glory and power

    1. In other words, you strive for repetitive 3rd party trash which consists with only boring ass shooter after another.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            I never said that you are “Retard for being a gamer.”
            I said “Retarded gamer.”
            You are a silly one.

                  1. Dark Horse Rider

                    Well mainly the fact you take time out of your life to actually attack people online with your keyboard and fedora.

                    1. I’m not attacking anyone. Just because I use the internet doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. And I don’t own a fedora. Fool, quit assuming.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Why have explain when your own ego will swat it down even when its true?

                  1. Lying to yourself and others doesn’t make it any better.

                    Guess you came from a shitty foster home to not learn what lying is and does when caught.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                That’s ironic coming from someone who’s been doing the same thing way before I have been insulting “true gamers”.

              2. who isn’t a true gamer? you add the adjective true to gamer that means you are not a false gamer. gamer means someone who play games (for this conversation video games). The only way someone cannot be a true gamer is to not be a gamer at all. Do people think before they add an adjective.

                1. I’m a true gamer. These fucks are fanboys. The other way to not be a true gamer is by being a fanboy. Which you guys obviously are, other wise you people wouldn’t be so butthurt.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Yet you get butthurt when someone disagrees.

                    You should learn the difference between “disagree” and “fanboyism”.

        1. Define “true gamers” because that term doesnt even exists when its all shooters after shooters, likw practically only genre idiots care about. How stale.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              You maybe a “true gamer” but you are so insecure about you own opinion. I can detect a fanboy, be it Sonyan, Xbot, or Nintendrone, you can only accuse people of being fanboys without even giving a single effort of deductive reasoning. Foolish ape.

            1. Dark Horse Rider

              Seems like you don’t know it either kid.

              Shooters are overrated now, that is actual fact because look at how many people are losing interest in the genre thanks to Call of Duty, Battlefield and so on. More people are more excited for First Person Action games like Mirrors Edge and some of the Medieval Based Sword fighting games like War of the Roses.

              Face it kid, it’s fact.

                1. Dark Horse Rider

                  Still confusing facts for opinions I see, I guess you need some lessons in the word “Overrated”, it means for genre, product, person or so on has been over used in media but can still be enjoyed or hated by many. Take Call of Duty for example, it’s overrated as hell, but I can admit it’s actually got some good gameplay elements, however, I would prefer them to just stop making CoD for 5 years and bring out a whole new one rather than having CoD every year.

                  Kid you gotta face facts, FPS genre has been over used and is overrated.

                  1. Wether you like something or not, is an opinion. If you dislike things because many other people dislike or like whatever it is, then you’re a fool.

                    ” I can admit it’s actually got some good gameplay elements, however, I would prefer them to just stop making CoD for 5 years and bring out a whole new one rather than having CoD every year.”-opinion

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Yet you call everyone a “Fanboy” just because they don’t prefer what you prefer, meaning that you believe that your opinion is fact when it never was fact, which contradicts what you are saying now.

                      1. They’re fanboys because they attack everything they don’t like or aren’t apart of a certain label, and anyone who goes against them. Why do you think fanboys like and attack the same thing? They just follow eachother to label themselves. Like those people who cut for attention.

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Just because they don’t agree with your preference does not mean they are fanboys. You are an idiot.
                          You have to understand, the entire world won’t agree you, especially if you are as stupid as you are now. Some may agree with you, but you don’t live in a world where your preferences are law. Now stop being butthurt about those who don’t agree with your equally insignificant opinion.

        1. Dark Horse Rider

          Well seeing how Nintendo were born in the 1800s… I’d say older than Baby Microsoft and Kiddy Sony.

              1. Dark Horse Rider

                Yeah, I know Nintendo are doing good but why are you talking about Microsoft? We all know their 4.5 Million units is small compared to Nintendo’s 7 Million and Sony’s 9 Million.

                  1. Dark Horse Rider

                    Actually they still did better than the Xbox One…. Xbox One was released in November yet it’s still at 4 Million, Wii U got up to 5 million by this time.

                      1. “Xbox One is better than Wii U because it sold the same amount in half the time the Wii U sold.” Translation: I’m damage controlling for the Xbox One not being able to outsell the Wii U.

                    1. By her logic, the Wii U is a failure because Xbox One got up to the numbers it has now in a few months while Wii U took at least half a year to a year to get it’s numbers. It’s the epitome of damage controlling for the Xbox One’s shortcomings.

      1. I generally like My Nintendo News, but I just don’t see how “There will be news tomorrow” is worth posting.

      2. Wal-Mart Shopper

        Normally I don’t say this, but this has nothing to do with Nintendo news. It’s most likely going to be some idiotic Xbox One or PS4 game. I used to like GameInformer until they became mostly Playstation and Xbox. There was only a few times when a Nintendo game made the front cover. Most game magazines are Playstation and Xbox kiss-asses. God how I miss Nintendo Power. Best magazine EVER!

            1. I know dipshit. He’s saying this magazine is garbage since it doesn’t have much nintendo content. Yet it’s fine to him if a magazine is all about nintendo. Retard fanboy.

              1. *facepalm* There is a huge difference between Nintendo Power & GameInformer, dumbass. With a name like GameInformer, there should be a balance of news for each system that can play video games since it’s called GAMEInformer. For a “true” gamer, you sure do like to let your fanboyism show.

          1. Wal-Mart Shopper

            Duh! Nintendo is the best company with the best consoles and games. Yet magazines like GameInformer and EGM fail to aknowledge that most of the time. That’s why Nintendo Power was (and always will be) my favorite game magazine. I didn’t have to read about any Playstation or Xbox crap.

        1. You are correct. I unsubscribed from those guys a long time ago. Most of the news it keeps telling me is about shooters and boring 3 page articles about how some company or whatever is making another shooter. Lol. There’s barely ever any Nintendo news. I mean, I’m not looking just for Nintendo news though. I actually stopped to read articles about the other awesome games in there. But it’s kind of weird when there’s only like 3 pages out of the whole book that’s Nintendo related. I’m like, screw this. Lol I’ll just use the internet.

          1. Wal-Mart Shopper

            Exactly! I used to subscribe to EGM and GameInformer. But their lack of Nintendo news/coverage made me feel like I was wasting my money subscribing. They (especially EGM) were always praising the Playstation and Xbox consoles, and saying little about Nintendo. As if Nintendo is irrelevant. It never made much sense to me since Nintendo always brought the most fun into my life. The “competition” just feels so blah to me.

      3. Probably another Call of duty cover…
        Seriously, there are like a ton of other games that are better than COD… I don’t hate it, I actually enjoy them from time to time… but releasing them on a yearly basis (treyarch and infinity ward release too many of them) gets really tiring. People bash nintendo for their New Super Mario games, but if you people would do some actual research you would know that they only appear once every new system (been true since the DS). Each Nintendo Mario game (either be super mario, mario kart, smash or party) comes only once every new system, and yes I know we need new IP’s from them… but when we do then people start bitching about when are we getting a new Zelda or Metroid game… even a new successor to a Mario game…
        I wouldn’t call FPS fans hardcore gamers, because what is hardcore about it? If you are a real gamer you will play any genre on any console without hating on the others, which by the way, it’s idiotic and childish…
        You wanna do something that is really hardcore? Then go outside, and find something worth accomplishing or go buy a polaris or a rhino and race me at the sand dunes ;)

          1. Dumbass. >.< When a guy makes a good point without sounding like a fanboy, you call them a hypocrite. You, sasori, & Donko must all have a common ancestor somewhere up your family tree.

            1. So you want Anubis’ s period with AIDS shoved up yours?

              …You’re seriously messed up to think that.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I wouldn’t want any Sonyan Virus within my system because they would only copy my own advanced Pikotites and imitate me just like any Sonyan does…

      4. Church of Sasori

        The Nintendrones are holding on by a string losing the war miserably only to see 2015 provide the final destruction to the evil empire. The battlefield will be a graveyard of Jaggies, low resolution and 8 yearly hardware sold at a premium scattered about only to denounce and make irrelevant the contributions made during the Ancient War. In the distance in front of a orange sunset backdrop there will be a silhouette of a man nailed to a cross and as you walk ever so close to it so will soon realize it is Reggie Fils-Aime looking at you with a hint of fear in his eyes in agony all though he is able to mutter out the words in a painful whisper “Sasori was right, god dammit he was right”.. At that very moment Lord Sasori will appear and end Reggie for all his gaming darkness sins for what he did was unforgiven. Lord Sasori will then raise up on to a large hill and hold up the putrefied remains of Iwata which was ravaged and eaten by cancer 4 months prior and as you pan away from the seen it will be revealed that thousands of Xbox and playstation fans were watching these events as they unfolded and they will all give cheer with thunderous applause for gaming light had finally come to fruition..

        These are the prophecies of Sasori.. Heed his direction, meditate on his Word and maybe you will be concealed from his day…

        Church of Sasori

        1. I was amused by this comment until the whole lwata cancer thing. A bit tasteless dude, even as a joke.

        2. This definitely isn’t Sasori. This is probably Nostalgia_w or Donko since they were the most vocal with wishing death on Iwata.

      5. I’m sure that whatever is going to be revealed tomorrow won’t include Nintendo so I won’t get my hopes up.

      6. And not a single fuck was given to Game Informer.

        They havent shown anything intereating beside trash for years now. Gameinformer is practically a waste of time anyway.

      7. Lord Sasori will rise from the ashes, don’t yhink yuo nintendornes have finished him, he will punish you for your low resolution games taste and will show his xbox 360 and with it he will hit you with all his strenght, sasori master of masters, toilet of will, pray for the nintendrones and bless their chocolate donuts, amen,

        Church of Sasori

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