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Nintendo Digital Games Available To Purchase At Independent Game Retailers By Mid-July

Independent game stores are now able to sell digital-only and digital copies of full retail games for both Nintendo’s home console and handheld system. According to an email seen by MCV, CentreSoft subsidiary DLCSoft will provide the service to indie retailers, with games for 3DS and Wii U available from mid-July.

Last year, the UK-based company established its popular digital system by selling codes for Sony games throughout a wide range of indie outlets across the region. DLCSoft said the addition of Nintendo eShop games will allow retailers “to establish their stores as a true digital destination on the High Street.”

The full line-up of Nintendo games, both digital-only eShop titles and full digital retail games, will launch later this month. However,  DLCSoft mentioned VC games such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. would be included.

23 thoughts on “Nintendo Digital Games Available To Purchase At Independent Game Retailers By Mid-July”

  1. I think this is great news! But for now, It’s still Physical > Digital, unless its digital only/in bundle.

    At least until you can have ALLLLL your digital games on ONE system and EASILY have them on the NEXT.

    1. Ok let me explain we can buy games digital on a card kind of like points lets say you wanted to buy zelda link between world’s on a card pretty soon you will be able to do that aso indie games digital from eshop like mutant muds and other games on a card

    2. They sell these cards with download codes for digital games. Say you wanted Shovel Knight, they would have a card that said “Shovel Knight” on it, and would have a code to scratch off with a coin that you enter in the eShop to get the game. Just like using an eShop card, but takes a few steps away and you automatically start downloading the game.

        1. Not to mention that he’s shitting all over his own gaming company too…including PC, so the jokes on him. He is the perfect example of the word term “idiot” while sasori is the perfect word term “dumbfuck”.

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  3. no it means that stores that are independent (like a personal own store or small store) can be able sell digital download codes from Nintendo e shop. The only ones that were available from are big companies like Gamestop Wal-Mart ect.

  4. Sweet! as long as my store can make more than 50c on a digital game! BTW 50c is about the profit made on a $20 eshop card

  5. So pretty soon I can buy zelda and Mario on a card I just put the code in my 3ds and downloads its kind of like points but instead you buy the game digitally on a card

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