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Nintendo America Confirms A Free Disc Of Bayonetta HD Will Come With Bayonetta 2

Nintendo of America has explained how they will be distributing copies of Bayonetta HD with Bayonetta 2. If you decide to purchase Bayonetta 2 at retail then it will come with a free Bayonetta HD disc. If you want to purchase Bayonetta 2 digitally then you’ll receive a free download for Bayonetta HD at no extra cost.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

167 thoughts on “Nintendo America Confirms A Free Disc Of Bayonetta HD Will Come With Bayonetta 2”

  1. Why is it called Bayonetta HD? The original Xbox and Playstation versions were already HD, weren’t they?

        1. 1080p*
          You’re confusing it for the Xbox One version they had running before they realised that the Xbox One was a waste of time and resources.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I just exposed the Xbots for having a pathetic current generation console at the bottom of the page…

        2. what is this?, are you wearing a Mario shirt?. I am sure you said you hate Nintendo. and what with the Zelda posters?.
          sasori the attention whore exposed!!

          1. a boring life indeed, he exposed himself, rmemeber boys when you think about sasori’s life just remember this:

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Don’t mind Sasori much considering I just exposed his entire species below…

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      And here we thought he complained about women being the plague or something! LOL
                      Flip flopping again!!!! XD

                1. Let me watch it…OMFG!!! now we know what he likes to do when he’s not trolling. seriously i don’t want to shake hands with him.

            1. Right? I mean its like he doesn’t even notice how stupid he is sounding to other people. Its like he’s arguing to a brick wall with us on the other side saying, “what? Your not making much sense to us. Come over here and talk”.

        3. Native on Wii U while your favorite Red Ring box does subpar 550p UPSCALED and then breaks down from Red Ring shortly after.

    1. Maybe because the original version was 720p (HD), and the Wii U version will be 1080p (FullHD).

      But seriously, I don’t know…

    2. Either xbox and playstation versions were not truly HD. They were sub HD versions (maybe 550p) upscaled to HD.

    3. Improved version of the subpar HD from PS3/360.

      Everyone like Sasori has forgotten; Wii U > PS3/360 combined in terms of power and efficiency.

    4. Technically this will be like a true HD since it will have higher resolution and higher frame-rates compared to the 480p version

    5. They were, this well have slightly better performance and possibly higher rez. As well it well have bonus content. Personally I’m just glad that it includes both games. Never played the first one.

  2. Why does Nintendo Commander Quadraxis and Sasori use “Grape Ape” to describe each other?

    That’s a compliment!

    This show was quite funny in the 70’s, I’ll have you know!

    1. So that explains all the Xbox Fanboys and Sony Fanboys drawing fan art of her in skimpy outfits… Wow you are weak

      1. nah I’ve been here since ’13, way before sasori came around. I just miss seeing the funny comments people made.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Then I guess you experienced the age of TheBenSanders and Iceazeama too…

          And maybe the enemies from even earlier…

          1. If you read the very first article ever written on this website, aka sickr’s introduction, you would have realized sasori went there and commented something like “the birth on nintendrones”

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Who knows, I wasn’t around back in the MNN beginnings…

                      I joined like in 2011 but not as Commander…

                      I became Commander in early 2013…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Anyway, have fun reading the article I posted at the bottom…

                          Sasori and his mongrel species of Xbots exposed…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Anyway dear Admiral, I’m off to watch something else so I’m off for a bit…

                              Enjoy the continuing Xbot exposing…

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Iceazeama is no threat anymore
                      I think he finally got that we did not like him, sasori unfortunately, is mentally handicapped, maybe we shouldn’t insult him
                      he may really have a problem
                      I mean, who else would spend 40 minutes on a rant video, that is obviously the work of someone who is mentally retarded

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        But seriously, sasori does look like he is, medically speaking, someone who suffers from a mental disability

                        No troll goes to these lengths for something so trivial. He has posted videos lasting as long as 20 to 40 minutes to just rant, no sane person would do that unless they have something meaningful to say

                        sasori may even have a form of of Stockholm syndrome, in which although he has a hatred for Nintendo, he cannot ignore Nintendo because he is actually obsessed with Nintendo

                        his obsession with being a “hardcore” wannabe gamer is his way of crying out for friends, although his parents must institutionalize him before he becomes a suicide risk..

                        1. Well if suicide is possible, I am sorry that I laughed at this. I hope he is going to be fine though…

                          1. Nintendo is my Blood

                            I cannot say for certain, as this is just a person on the internet, but it’s clear from what we see, he is not normal

                            1. Nintendo is my Blood

                              shhh, sasori, it is not your fault your parents are cousins and you are the victim in this case

                        2. i moved away from buying nintendo games. not interested in play their half assed boring games. i was even ac4 and that game was way better than any nintendon’t game i ever played in 2012-2014.

                            1. AND…??? destroy your wii u if you don’t want it, you can’t sell it because nobody wants a console which has been touched by a fap addict lol
                              enjoy this:

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            About 90% you can do in AC4, you can do in real life which applies to most games today…

                            Not interested…

                          2. Yet you’d play Battlefield 3 and many other half assed games…. Also, AC4 is on Wii U dumbass

                          3. xD You have Nintendo’s games confused with EA’s shit. Carry on with sucking EA’s dick, puppet boy.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                Only fake Aeolus was obsessed with zorbo1234567, ipso facto:

                Nostalgia_w = Fake Aeolus, HBO Exposed!

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    -Says worshipping a company is bad.
                    -Yet you worship yourself.


                    P.S. zobro1234567 saw the error of his ways and strayed away from your pack of stupidity.

              2. Yet Sony and Microsoft fanboys do the same with Phil Spencer and the head of Sony… just saying

              3. And again, thinking about dude sucking limp sausages. You seriously require 30 months of intense Therapy and then legit Internet dating.

              4. You have us confused with yourself, loser. Now go back to wishing death on people since that’s the only thing you seem to be good at.

                1. My point still stands. The original game barely scratched 1 million in sales in consoles with a combined install base of 160 million. How do you expect it to sell on the Wii U?

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I Think that it has a fair chance considering you get 2 games for the price of one, our empire only needs to advertise it like crazy,,,

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  No it won’t because some of us have brains enough not to fall for Ubisoftian garbage…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          It’s called “having principals”, ipso facto, Ubisoftians are targeted for termination…

                          I buy games that appeal to me and that I will play, I do not waste a penny on games just for “support”…

                          1. I pity Hollow bwing their sheep to worship and beg for something that never existed. Ubisoft “supported” Wii U? XD Since when? After Rayman being pushed away for nearly a year for other systems? Watchdogs being delayed to the depths unknown “to focus on other platforms” and hold out or not making games for Wii U as means to extort gamers to buy their shit so that they can continue gimping, delaying and false promises like if we are too stupid to not realize it?

                            Kiss my ass Ubifuckheads.

                        2. What support? And are you that blind? Ubisoft never supported shit for Nintendo. May I remind you of Rayman, what about holding up some games over their excuse needing Wii U to see more when its 1.5 million ahead of Xbox One and MK8 help pushed the sales up and now holding Watchdogs Wii U when its already completed but said to only care about polishing other version when truth is they also lied about the game being next gen when its not and how about Uplay being required as a second in-system account/DRM to play their games online with the potential of losing save, disconnections and such?

                          And you honestly think they deserve our support or that they would continue “supporting” us? Eother you’re on crack or having Ubisoft Stockholm Syndrome because you really must see the bigger picture of their lies and greed thats been happening right before your eyes and ears.

                          Ubisoft shouldn’t be sewing our money anymore after all the stunts they pulled for the last w years. Stop supporting their BS like a fool. Let Watchdogs Wii U crash and burn. Like if we need another trash 3rd party software fail like that. Project Cars on the other hand has proved to deserve our support as Wii U gamers.

            1. No, I really have doubts. It worries me why some Nintendo fans don’t buy these types of games. I haven’t seen ANY hype for this game at all. Not even after E3! People overlooked it and kept talking about Splatoon and Smash Bros! If this bombs on Wii U, I’m going to be very disappointed. The trend of M rated games not selling well on Nintendo products has got to stop. I’m worried about upcoming games Bayo 2, Watch Dogs, Devil’s Third not selling well… I’m buying all 3 of them. Nintendo fans NEED to buy Watch Dogs. It’s like the only 3rd party game we have now! Even if you guys don’t like it, you just have to, please! Ubisoft is almost finished with it and they are hoping that Mario Kart 8 boosted the sales enough for it to succeed. We must buy third party games… :(

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’m 100% commited to Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third probably later when I have more resources…

                But Ubisoftian products are now off limits for me…

                1. I’m committed to get Hyrule Warriors, Project Cars, Shovel Knight, Smash Bros. 4, Devil’s Third, etc. I’m still undecided for Bayonetta 2 since I never played it. Hoping for a demo soon.

                  Ubisoft and all of their pathetic trash can go to hell. They fucked up their last chance for forgiveness with Watchdogs and they made it clear: They have always lied about supporting Wii U and are only after our money by serving half ass gimps several months later with no optional DLCs and patches.

                  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’m trying to play through Assassin’s Creed 4 on the Wii U right now but it’s extremely buggy and the controls a straight clunky. I’m really trying to give it a chance but it’s such a chore just to play it. Either that or I really suck at playing it…

                    Along with Rayman, Splinter Cell, and Watch Dogs there’s Child of Light.This was a great little title that had a lot of promise and Ubisoft rushed that little team to death. The game is great for the most part but it isn’t free of bugs and the story feels haphazardly told. So much so I didn’t even realize that I had one of the 3 objects the character is looking for. I thought I had two and was ready to search for the third and final object when the game shot me straight to the final boss. The game didn’t even have a final level to explore or anything, bam! Straight to the final boss. And he ending, while decent in my opinion, still felt rushed and unfinished.

                    I don’t know how the folks in charge at Ubisoft can sleep at night when the lot of their games are buggy, unfinished messes.

                    1. Whoa, wait…what? AC4 extremely buggy on Wii U? *cries* smh Looks like I’m gonna have to save up for that PS3 quicker than usual. :( Was hoping to get on Wii U. That sucks. Well, at least there’s more content on PS3 anyways with the DLC. That’s crazy that I have to buy a whole new console just because some devs don’t put their games on the U.

                      1. Honestly, I got my AC4 copy from GameStop for 7 bucks! I’ve never played an AC game so being my first one I just might suck at playing it. I’m not going to give it up, I’ll keep playing and hopefully get better but as of now it’s not fun gameplay-wise for me.

                        However! Don’t take my experience as any indication of how your experience with the game might be. You might love it and have no issues what so ever! Plus if you can snag it for $7 on the Wii U then I wouldn’t want to hold you back!

                  2. Shovel Knight is fantastic and I would also recommend Guacamelee for the Wii U if you’ve never played it. It’s a lot of fun. Hyrule Warriors is a definite along with Bayonetta 2 for me.

              2. No. We don’t need to waste $60 on a 3rd party POS thats full of “next gen” lies coming from a publisher who also lied about supporting Wii U since the beginning, just so they can continue screwing us again the same way for no reason with delays, gimps (Splinter Cell Blacklist), no DLC and also no other big titles like FarCry or The Division. We ain’t or shouldn’t be THAT stupid to see they’re using us..well, only big suckers, for quick cash grabs. Ubisoft shouldn’t earn shit.

                Devil’s Third, Bayonetta 1/2 and even Project Cars, yes.

                1. Huh? o.O I don’t pay attention to all that stuff. I’m just looking at the games. I want Watch Dogs, AC4, The Division, The Crew, and especially Far Cry 4. Those look awesome! I’m gonna buy a game I like regardless of the company. Like, I bought NFS MW U even though I knew it was from EA cuz I like NFS. And it turns out it’s one of my favorite Wii U games! :) I’m hoping Ubisoft doesn’t give up on Wii U. I won’t be getting PS3 till I get all my Wii U and 3DS games, so I gotta hold on until then!

                  1. Yeah, it’s tough… I was saying that about Arkham Origins Blackgate. If we just buy the game then maybe the Wii U will get more support. Maybe we’ll finally get the DLC for Origins if we all buy Blackgate! Maybe WB will reconsider releasing future Arkham titles on the Wii U if this game sells!

                    I really enjoyed Arkham City on the Wii U and I played both Origins and Blackgate, they’re all really fun and despite some of the minor setbacks in Origin I really did enjoy playing it. I agree that the Wii U needs 3rd party support and the only way to get it is if we, as Wii U owners, buy the games. However with Ubisoft… They’ve burned us too many times. I still won’t buy either of the Rayman games because of the multi-console delay stunt. I enjoyed ZombiU and I’m really trying to play Assassin’s Creed 4 but as I mentioned in another comment it’s so clunky it’s almost a chore just to play it. I’m really interested in Watch Dog but I’ve heard a lot of negative reviews so I think I’m going to wait, unless they really wow me with GamePad integration which isn’t too likely. I’ve really tried to give Ubisoft a chance but I think I might just sit back and see what happens before I give them any more of my cash.

                    However, I will be grabbing Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2, and I’ve already snagged Shovel Knight and Guacamelee. I’m certainly willing to support 3rd party and indie but if Ubisoft continues to burn the Wii U… I probably won’t look back. Same goes for WB. If they want to continue to release unfinished Arkham games I’ll just watch someone else play the game on YouTube…

              1. Why are you confusing your monitor with the Wii U gamepad? Wii U gamepad can actually do 720p whilst your monitor can’t even do 550p… My monitor does 4K…
                So really I’m more superior than you.

                1. It actually is 480p, not that it maters because with the size of the screen it doesn’t really blow up at all.

                  Were did you get 720p from?

            1. lol You practically contradicted your entire comment, dumbass. But you are probably one of those people mad the Wii U is getting the Bayonetta sequel while the twins aren’t. Blame Microsoft & Sony for not supporting Platinum Games.

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          3. Chozodian Emissary

            Nice! I was hoping for a disc, it’d be weird to have the disc for 2 but have to download 1, trivial I know but I like to organize all of my downloadable titles a certain way. It’s my OCD..

          4. just another general anime japanese hentai game. i can’t believe people were mad this wasn’t comming to other consoles.

            1. Dude stop making up excuses, So what does that DMC franchise, for fangirls? U have never played game, knowing the feel is gameplay is like DMC, but more over the top.

            2. If you didn’t own a Wii U, you’d be among those people bitching it’s going to be Wii U only. Don’t act like you aren’t interested in Bayonetta for the fanservice. We all know you’ll be full of shit if you say otherwise. You’ll be buying the game along with Devil’s Third. You NEED these mature games to feel like you’re a big boy. lol

          5. Lol Xbox one not next gen?! Hahahaha what’s going to happen GTA 5 HD on the weak One? 720p HD only? Hahahaha!! PS4 And Wii U next gen confirmed!! Dumb ass Sashitory go to Sasohellry sasfuclory bitch!! Xbot disgrace kid!! Go back where u came from the xbot hole! PS4/WiiU/PS3 are better!

          6. The greatest shame is that I suspect this game/s is gonna suck! The trailers never impressed me in the least bit. I’d love for this to be a game that I actually consider fun. But I have major doubts. Even if I buy it, I’ll wait until the price goes down.

            1. The game looks like a bit like Devil May Cry. DMC is awesome and I’m definitely interested in this game. It’d be a shame if this doesn’t do well on Wii U. I’m hoping there’s enough Wii U owners that have my tastes who can bring out their cash and buy this game. And there is a demo of Bayonetta on XBL, probably PSN too. Go get it. Go get it now fellow gamer!

              1. Got it preordered and paid in full! I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time, I really hope it does well too.

            2. The first one was a great game, so even if you don’t enjoy the second, you have the first one to enjoy! Oh, boy, I am hyped.

            1. You can’t predict things, ritsuka6. Furthermore, Bayonetta 2 HAVEN’T BEEN RELEASED YET!!!!!! You’re more than just wrong.

              1. He’s most likely correct, the first one was on 2 consoles that had over a 15 Million User install base at the time of launch and the game flopped. Now its stting pretty at 2 million at the moment with a combine user base of 160 million consoles.

                You can’t really think its going to do spectacular numbers on a console that has less than 10 million units out there, do you?

          7. I’m glad that Nintendo of America have gave us the final answer that the Bayonetta 2 collection will contain 2 discs. One is B2 and the second disc is the enhanced original in true HD. Joygasm = Meg Ryan’s Yesgasm!

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