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Japan’s Hyrule Warriors Twitter Account Teases New Character Reveal In Famitsu This Week

Japan’s official Twitter feed for Hyrule Warriors has teased that a new character will be revealed in this week’s edition of Famitsu. According to their tweet, which you can see above, the Zelda Musou account says there will be a 98 per cent chance we’ll see a new character drop for the Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors spin-off game.

Given Famitsu translations tend to pop up early in the week, we could see the new character either tomorrow or Wednesday. And with the amount of female fighters Hyrule Warriors currently has in its roster, we’re hopefully looking at a male character reveal – though, with the tweet’s language choice, Fi could be on the cards. Who’s your top choice – Groose, Dampé, or even the Happy Mask Salesman? Let us know in the comments below. Plus, check out the latest character trailer for Midna, here, if you haven’t already done so.


49 thoughts on “Japan’s Hyrule Warriors Twitter Account Teases New Character Reveal In Famitsu This Week”

    1. What about Ravio? Was there a major plot twist (don’t tell me what the twist is if there is one, I haven’t finished ALBW yet)

    2. What about the guy who was in love with Nayru? From Oracle of Ages. I’d love to see the animal buddies from the Oracle games. Epona from any game would be awesome too. :) Makar is a unique character since he’s a tree and not some human looking character. Plus he’s pint size, very different compared to the confirmed roster so far.

      1. Epona will probably be a horse that Link himself can call on in later stages. Horses are a traveling battlefield staple of the Musou/Warriors series, if I’m not mistaken.

  1. 98%!? Is that a hint? 1998? Ocarina of Time? Princess Ruto? A time travelling Young Link? A bunch of Kokiri Kids acting as one unit (even though they aren’t allowed to leave the forest)?

    1. I’m really hoping I’m not the only one to think of this, but remember the character that appeared and gave you percentages when you pressed the down button on the wii remote in skyward sword?

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        1. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be playable. If not during the story then at least as an unlockable after clearing the game’s story. He’ll definitely be an unlockable for clearing the story if he’s revealed as the main villain of the game.

      1. I mirror his sentiment. Skull Kid with the Majora’s Mask on would be awesome! Oh & Fierce Deity Link would be a shocker if he ends up being his very own character with no connection to the game’s main Link.

  3. I really want to see the sages from OoT playable…or at least some of them. Its the perfect game to have Saria as playable. Although, I don’t think they’re revealing OoT characters quite yet, it would still be pretty cool if they ended up being playable.

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  6. One of the Sages of Ocarina of Time, Groose, Ghirahim, Skull Kid (with Majora’s Mask,) or Fierce Deity Link if KT wants him to be his very own entity. I won’t expect anything too big like the ones I’m hoping for but it’d be nice.

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